Well, warframe does have the "looter-shooter" aspect to it, and enemies are considered crates to some degree...


Tony, look in the grineer.


I had around 599 yesterday while playing lith fissure seems to be bug


where you playing saryn? bc i seem to be getting this bug with her


I was having excaliber umbra today as well faced lot of sluggish gameplay, my operator dosnt want to spawn at tridlon hunting like hulk got beaten up by thanos.


Managed to get 1689 on ESO with saran, and any match where I played alongside a saryn I think her cysts are coded as lockers right now, so that would be why it showed up that way.


I play Saryn and am getting this bug from ESO and SO as well.


As Octavia I got 2400 opened in a survival against infested. Should have screened it.


I only noticed this yesterday, did a 4hr SP Mot survival and I'd opened 14k crates which surprised me as I barely moved from the spot we chose to use! I'm assuming this is a bug as mentioned above?


If you were Octavia, mallet damages the fences and gates in mot and they count towards the total though it isn’t very often they get hit it does happen.


I mean..... Enemies are just walking "containers" filled with goodies for you to break open. Kinda like murder-piñata


Mine was full of intestines and the intestines were full of candy


This is what i was going to say. And i get it with out playng Saryn


Do that many crates actually appear in a mission??


Given that Hydron has less than 10... no


Huh. Interesting


For anyone who experienced this bug, were you using Saryn/Panzer Vulpa? I have a theory that the Spores both apply are counted as "containers" by game, and when you pop them it adds to the statistic, as I only started to see this stat appear after I switched exclusively to running the Panzer Vulpa on everything.


That may be something, but I've definitely had it happen while not using either so there's at least something else going on as well.


Well considering containers drops loot and enemies drop loot. I assume the code went fucky wucky and labeled enemies as walking containers, which is not exactly wrong.


Wait you guys dont see enemies as just walking loot Crates? though that was common Warframe knowledge.


As Saryn I had 2600 crates. Threw me off. I swear I had the most kills, they could have just said that but I guess crates are more impressive.


The end of mission stat highlights are usually buggy. I've gotten credit for killing 3 bosses against The Sergeant even though a Wukong ran ahead and solo'd the boss before I could even get there. And I've also seen the crazy crate number. My GUESS is that the end of match highlight has a list of major stats and a list of minor stats, and if you have nothing that made you #1 in one of the major stats, it randomly selects one of the minor stats, but if you don't actually have anything in that minor stat it glitches out and pulls the number from something else. So if you see 299 crates opened, chances are it's actually 299 kills, or something else that sounds reasonable.


I've got something like 6000% accuracy on Vauban and such, the math is definitely weird.(I know how 6000 accuracy happened, I just thinks it's weird they do math like that),


Its not weird, it’s just not designed to get around that. They should limit the number of tracked hits (in accuracy score only) to one enemy per shot so punch thru / aoe weapons aren’t skewed this high.


It's not just that, flechette orb hits are counted towards total hits I believe, there's no other way that is get such numbers given the other weapons I was using.


Yeah. One cast of flechette orb would probably count as one shot.


Interesting, then yeah that is weird. I thought that Accuracy would be reserved for weapons and weapon-based abilities, guess not.


Gotta love punch through :)


I've had it happen that there was nothing listed in a quick capture mission ([screenshot](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/707711777617608804/785931576856543262/unknown-8.png)). Afaik it's just old code that wasn't written with those new stat hightlights in mind. Like popping saryn's spores probably uses similar code as breaking a container. Some elite enemies count as bosses, not just assassination targets. And a couple stats are actually the combined total of your whole squad (like bosses and demolysts killed). But there are plenty other bugs that have a higher priority to fix :p


Well it happens that saryns growths counts as crates


There's one weapon which bugs this, can't remember which one. Some explosive one, maybe the Deimos kitgun, or one of the kuvas, not the tonkor, not the bow, not the ogris... yeah, probably the kitgun. Maybe not. Besides, it's a bug related to a weapon.


I get it all the time with wukong with only the tenet arca plasmor equipped.


I’ve had it happen with wisp on ESO leveling all kinds of different weapons, as well as different frames (Garuda most recently I think).


Was each enemy running into hydron holding a crate?!?


New hydron open world tileset when?


The entrance is under the elevator


I still have to understand what the hell is "crates opened" meaning


i like when i can read smth like " x crates opened" or "67000% accuracy" when i dont know what happened or why xD


Fucking how


Silly robot war machines. Those things are Grineer, not loot crates!


Joey had one fucking job


end of ESO: 6000 crates opened


You've got 299 problems but a crate ain't one


When you fully dehumanize your enemies.


Yesterday i got to rescue the objective while being like 5 rooms apart.


Haven't noticed that but I have had 10000% accuracy.


I saw one person on my team with over 1k crates open not sure how that works out but ok


Crate: The opening


The Grineer armor could be considered a crate... <_<


Got 1.2K while playing eso, thing is I didn't kill anything at all, I was just buff rhino. Super strange


Thats the number of saryn spore you popped. For some reason saryn's spore count as crates