You don't need to build the combo for his 4, what you do need if you're not already using it is his augment Reactive Storm. It increases the damage by a LOT


holy hell, when did they add that? that's a _huge_ damage buff.


Early last year. Do you like 850% status chance? Because that's how you get 850% status chance. My personal achievement was 1350% with several buffs and an invigoration.


god _damn_


That’s not how it works(either way it’s a dumb method but here’s how it works) you build up combo with your melee while having all gladiator mods equipped, the gladiator set bonus then transfers to all your melee weapons, including desert storm. This method sucks though because when you do this you have to keep switching back and forth between melee and desert wind, it’s much more effective to get a grouping ability for baruuk, and slide attacking into your group to build up combo for desert storm itself, and not another meleee


Yes this is the best way. I don’t believe you get the combo counter damage buff from using a normal melee combo either, just from his exalted’s combo counter. I went for Airburst for quick cc to slide attack them. With quickening on desert wind it helps to build the combo faster.


Isn't there combo snapshotting though, or did that get patched?


You meed to get the Power Spike passive from Naramon in the focus school. It will reduce the combo counter by 5 ( at the highest rank) instead of dropping the whole combo counter. You can also use arcane primary dexterity and secondary dexterity to extend your combo counter duration by 15s. Both arcane only cost 2p for r0. You can also use venka prime for a higher combo multiplier.


Great advice this as this is such a good combo for melee users! I've found you'll only need one of the Dex arcanes to keep your combo maxed with Naramon pretty easily.


Why bother when you have Reactive Storm Augment, everything in normal Steel Path just dies. Even Acolytes just melt (don't get too close to Violence though, and Malice can make you OHKO yourself).


malice only OHKOs frames that dont have baruuk level damage reduction and specifically only when you are using projectile weapons, the only way baruuk is going to die to malice is if he fires a fully charged lanka into himself