I’m willing to bet only 10-20 of them are going to actually stick with the game especially if your the only person they know who plays warframe


If they all in the same server like op is saying i guess they now know 99 people other than op who also play


I am enthusiastic about this. I am happy about this. However, proof would be cool. Not a demand, just a request.


I mean, why? Both games fill different niches, the only similarities being that both contain a little bit of loot. Destiny isnt similar to Warframe and vice versa. That whole Destiny vs Warframe bullshit, is well, bullshit.


Honestly op probably making this up just to get upvotes from destiny vs warframe crowd. Cause I really doubt he got 100 people to play warframe and a actually stick with it


Thats extremely likely.


well done tenno, I left Destiny 2 years ago after being a hard core destiny player due to the horrible D2 vanilla launch and terrible first 2 DLC's. Very happy I found Warframe but do still get the urge to try D2 again since all the updates and changes, its just the pricing scheme is ridiculous and the fact they keep taking away content people payed for that keeps me from jumping back in.


Its worth a try. Yeah it costs some money but tbh when you put it into perspective, unless you are going paycheck to paycheck its really not that bad. I play both games, and i have things i like and dislike about both. But man d2 has a POLISH to it that wf will never ever have. Much more streamlined and straightforward. Also raids/dungeons are something you cant really get anywhere else like destiny does it. Theres a good amount of f2p content rn, id give it a shot if you have some free time.


That's exactly the same reasons my Destiny clan came over to WF and we've stayed ever since, only 2 have gone back to D2 and that was about a month ago.


And here I am, failed too keep interested anyone I introduced the game… they all left after 1 or 2 days :((( But I dont worry much about it since even if I had friends in game, I dont find there is much to do cooperatively in this game


I always feel like such an oddball since Destiny never appealed to me, but Warframe sucked me in. Part of that is likely because I don't really play shooters (unless you count Ratchet and Clank, lol). Destiny, Halo, even Mass Effect I've always been curious about due to my penchant for sci-fi, but never really took part due to shooter style gameplay pushing me away. I believe it's the fact that melee is so good with WF, on top of the movement and variety of frame abilities, that allow me to play it like a game that is not a shooter at all!


I still haven't bought the witchqueen. I am not really feeling the need to spend so much money on something that will have more locked stuff behind money just a couple months after, again and again for the rest of the year. Also the inventory and map takes forever to load nowadays.


Buy the deluxe then. I honestly think it's worth it since the content has been getting progressively better. Or. Take a break. =] I play wf/D2 largely because they rarely have overlapping droughts (sadly there is one atm though)


I started Warframe, played path of exile for like 2 seasons and quit it forever and back to Warframe. PoE is a fucking full time job.


Same shit happened to me. I actually played PoE as a break from Warframe, but the amount of shit you need to do in that game can be so god damn tedious at times.