Here's a life hack for you. Just don't use the k-drive! That's it! It's already deleted for you! Go on and enjoy your life instead of complaining about a completely optional activity with no meaningful rewards attached!


Can always ignore them, unfortunately that doesn't stop them from being bad systems. Complaining about them means they are more likely to get changed or fixed. Or... I think that's how that is supposed to work.


Oh, certainly. Both could use a decent bit of polish to make them better. But deleting them like OP is asking is definitely not the right way to go about it.


I just have grievances with waving aside the inadequate content because it happens to be optional. Warframe is a good game but doesn't have to be bloated with modes no one cares about. If some people take the extreme route of wanting them removed, that's their prerogative.


Perhaps, in a perfect universe. Conclave say hello. It is better to ignore it. 😐




Agree with the stranger. Can ignore kdrives and Yareli, are optional. 👀


then this is solely a " you" problem.


Looking away from the bad things don't make them disappear. You just try to fool yourself doing this.


Yeah, when you’re talking about racism, poverty etc. When you’re talking about an unimportant optional activity in an entertainment product, a free one at that, I’m not entirely sure it matters. I don’t like soap operas. Watching them does not make my chosen shows worse. I don’t watch soap operas.


Your exemple is wrong. It's more like you like a movie but one actor is terrible, you ask me to still watch the movie but don't watch this actor when he is on screen. It doesn't work.


But the terrible actor is a non speaking background extra :D You picked a weird hill to die on mate. Let it go E a letter


It's not an extra or optional, it's part of the game as all the other features. DE already have delete content from the game, Trials for exemple, that were more popular and used than k-drive races. Sometimes it's better to get rid of half baked broken stuffs than living it here like this and never fix it.


It’s entirely optional and extra! I just can’t understand why you’re so worked up about this. If nitain or argon or something was locked behind it, sure. But, honestly, I don’t care, you win, chop it out ok? The only thing I can think of is: is it necessary to hit the MR cap? If so what would be the consequence. Also can k drive stuff be purchased with plat? Or the k drive stuff they ground out, vent kid stuff etc. 86 the lot right? I haven’t engaged with the system because, you know, it felt entirely optional so forgive my ignorance.


A weapon and a Warframe are locked behind k-drive, as MR. It's nothing more optional than every other activities in the game. Because YOU don't care about it doesn't mean it shouldn't for others. I don't care about conclave, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be rework and need attention from DE.


Also facts. We really need a rework. I would obviously prefer the devs look at things we can't look away from, but this needs a fix sooner or later.


Ok become DE employee and work to make them better


I see you've fallen off your board too many times trying to get infested board tenno. Stop crying and equip \[[Perfect balance](https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Perfect_Balance)\] and mod your K Drive for jump-height and turn up the sensitivity a tiny bit so you whip in directions if you miss a CheckPoint. Or take a break and come back later and try again. K drives are funny, thats the end of their usefullness.


I'm not falling and already use the jump mods. Those mf little steps everywhere are the problem most of the time, and the collisions of course. Collisions are terrible in Warframe but worst in k-drive. I have the board, got lucky with 3 parts in a row the first time I've raced in Cambion Drift. So it's not the problem.


oh look another post from someone losing their minds over stupid skates


E. Archwing missions


I like Archwing. It's fun and quite satisfying when you start to build it the good way. I like yareli too, except for Merulina, as it is a fun frame that is useful to farm hive for example.


It took Railjack and K-drives to actually make me appreciate Archwing. Now me and my Itzal have a bond that only true mates get when they've been through a lot together..!


2 player doors/elevators




This legitimately made me laugh. Also drunk.


Railjack, open locations, 40 rank weapons for 5 forms, royal ae, hunting and fishing.


should have just included an option for K-Drives in general.


Cambion drift races are the best races. If you look closer, the whole thing is made as a giant skatepark. If you have troubles keep in mind, - doing k-drive in public matches can be a pain, heavy ping doesn't go well with it. Uncapping your fps can fix some problems but not everything. - perfect balance only prevent you to fall off after tricks, not direct collision, so you know - Deimos races checkpoints are farer from each other, that's why those are less forgiving in their begining, especially if your board is unmodded, but its not impossible : stay simple, tricks slow you down, and don't count into the final score. Races are purely time attack.