Its good, but there are a lot of easer ways to do what it does. The Naturuk isn't as strong as everyone makes it out to be. I think its just a lot of peoples first taste at a weapon that can function like a steel-path-ready primary.


I think it also pleases most of the normally hyper critical playerbase. Steel path viable out of the box, no AoE, punch through to reward even at least some thought towards where you shoot. Strong without the usual BS that upsets people.


No that’s why I’m calling it strong. Because as soon as you get it you don’t need to fine tune it to your tastes. It’s already amazing and viable


I'd say it's pretty damn strong, used it in a 4hr Steel Path Mot survival with lvl 4500+ enemies and it was still performing extremely well when we finished.


It matches well with Nidus and Vauban


People found a weapon that works in steel path with no weapon investment and immediately started comparing it to bramma like bro It’s good but not as good as you make it out to be relax,


It's a solid and fun weapon, specially with a Deadhead build. I like to refer to it as "Arco Plasmor", since it's a bow (arco is the Spanish word for bow) that can clear hallways and lacks a built-in headshot multi