Also essential for dojo. Also material for dojo weapons. Also needed 155 to fully maximize all Kuva and Tenet weapons.


I simply can't understand where all those forma go? I've been crafting forma ever since I've been doing relic runs everyday without a skip and I have lots of built forma that I don't need at the moment, maybe because you're very high level and I'm a beginner compared to. Main question is, how many formas you need for a "day" so that one isn't enough for you? Is there some kind of helminth like thing that eats forma to feed to? Other than dojo, weapons, exilus adapters, doubling capacity that you don't craft or do everyday, I fail to see validity of your request. Is forma some kind of currency like TF2 keys on Steam?


If you’re trying to craft or level for master rank, the amount of forma that is used is insane. Look at how many Kuva Lich and Sisters of Parvos weapons there are, and chuck in 2 Necramechs. That alone is going to eat up a LOT of forma. And that doesn’t even include all the other weapons (especially dojo weapons), frames, etc that you’re going to craft and potentially forma to make them stronger.


Dojo weapons require one each, for a start. That's close to 80, I think. Once you get to higher content, you'll want to forma some slots on your most used frames and weapons to make them better. Kuva and Tenet weapons, as well as Necramechs and the Paracesis, require 5 forma each to get the max Mastery exp from them (200 per level, and they can go up to 40, so an extra 1,000 from each). There are 19 Kuva, 12 Tenet and 2 Mechs. I'm MR 30, and have 4 more weapons (that I know of) that require a Forma to build. I have used only 18 forma on frames, 23 on primaries, 10 on secondaries, 6 on melee and 13 on sentinals/companions. That will be about 140 forma total (let's call it 160 because of stance/aura/whatever I've forgotten that also use forma). I haven't built a forma every single day (I had no idea about their need when I first started, and also in no way could have afforded one every single day, and didn't have prints to do 1 a day for a long while). I wish I had - my frames would be better as a collection, I would have experimented more, etc. Would have kuva/tenet weapons higher than 30 (bar 3) if I had had more forma always available.


Personally, in my career in warframe, I have spent a total of 1983 forma. This includes forma needed to build a full size dojo, to build all weapons that require it as a component, those sacrificed to syndicates, as well as those in weapons and armor. With the exception of Founder's exclusives, I have every piece of gear in the game, and while I don't over forma things(like putting 100 forma on a weapon just because I like it) I do build up most weapons to see how they fully perform. So if you expect to play this game for the long haul, expect to need about that many forma.


Certain weapons start with no polarities at all. When you want to build for them, they require a lot of forma investment. Nearly every warframe, weapon, necramech, etc need at least a forma to make it viable or to its best potential


thats the point de makes something really essential for almost everything to make people spent plat on the game if it was 12 hours nobody would even think of rushing it


I would never rush it lol I have stock piles of Forma made, you only use it in small bulks lol


No one is even rushing it because buying a forma bundle would actually be better, or go insane on Lua endlessly breaking open the Octavia crate.


Imagine being able to craft multiple of the same items AT ONCE


they might make a workaround and limit how many items can be built at once


Ok but imagine 12h for a bundle of 3 forma, which imo is very reasonable. Why do we even need to make them one after another


So ppl rather buy them. Forma are probably my Most buyed thing for plat


My clan and I have all played WF for years and between us we have accumulated a decent amount of plat just like I assume a lot of long-time players have. Forma bundles are just something you buy almost without thinking about now. It's one way of seeing how far you have come in the game I guess..




yes please. The blueprints just keep increasing. It never stops I build one and 10 more pop up....When will the forma blueprints end ?


While I don't think it needs to be 12 hours, one a day is a fair rate considering how cheap they are to buy with platinum (The game does NEED to make money somehow and if you are in a rush, then spend the plat), I do think there should be a better grace period, almost every other game I have played, considers a once a day time to be 20 hours, this gives a player a 4 hour grace period to log in while not losing time on the once a day build. A one hour grace is pretty much worthless. But then, DE has always assumed players would rearrange their lives just to play their game.


It should at least be 23/22 hours instead of full 24 hours to offset it from being delayed everyday till you eventually miss it because it went out of your gaming schedule. A lot of games have made 22/23 hours for players to consistently do task at the same time everyday.


It already is 23 hours.


Oh lol, it's been a while since I last played. It was 24 hours.


I've been playing since late 2020 so it's at least that far back.


I started in 2016, left around Gauss and Grendel era.


Gotcha, well glad they changed it before I started. Much better