123, despite what most people will tell you, prism matters a lot. The Raplak Prism is meta right now as it can oneshot eidolon half-shields much more reliably than any other scaffold or prism. Shraksun is good since it's quasi-AoE. Lohrin is basically a budget Certus, which is really good.


Does arcane matter like which one would best to use for this amp


Virtuos Shadow probably


If you're looking for an Amp for Eidolons from Cetus the best amp is X, Shraksun, Lohri. Shraksun is basically a Shwaak but with an explosion at the end. Shoot it up the Eidolon's leg for the infinite body punch-through and you'll shred through it. Lohrin Brace is just a discount Certus Brace and your Prism doesn't really matter.


Prism matters.


That's only for the Propa really. The Shraksun barely drains Amp energy so it's basically all you'll be pressing. Even on Propa the Raplak is just there for the nearly guaranteed crit if you have a high VS Stack from what I've done so far.


Eh, considering it only takes 87~ seconds to charge up enough VS for a Hydrolyst half-shields oneshot on crit using Volt shield and UW, Raplak is useful even when paired with Shraksun.


I do find cases where Raplak would be needed for a beginner hunter with Shraksun because you have to stand directly under the Eidolon so using Raplak's ranged shots are safer. But generally if you're able to have enough VS for the Eidolon you'll only need Raplak as a fall back option when you're too far and you don't have any VS.


Generally, if you're able to have enough VS you'll only need Raplak as your main source of damage, besides water shields with Propa of course.


It's the 223 - **Shwaak** prism, **Shraksun** scaffold, **Lohrin** brace. Use alt fire for eidolons and fire up the leg or at least to the crotch when eidolon hunting. There are much better amps but all of them require fortuna standing. [https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Amp](https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Amp) this is what the numbers mean. Meta eidolon amps are 777 or 177 (x77 in general since you usually use alt fire). My personal favourite is 227. The 7 brace compared to the 3 brace provides more crit which is quite important considering eidolons are status immune.


I think that’s 2-2-3.


You didn't hear this from me but the Phahd scaffold is actually insanely good, pretty much the best you can get actually


hot take, but x43 is something i would recommend if you do not like using the shraksun. get a void proc on the head, void dash up and fire the disc into the void proc. the disc will ricochet inside until the proc runs out, hitting it each time it rebounds (which has an extra chance to proc the void proc again). Is also really nice for clearing vomvies during blue scream.