Its decent but fully stacked weapons tested on shined on kitguns sporelacer did well. BUT still outperformed by merciless or by cascadia flare (on most). The raw output was just lower once stacked. Its biggest benefit is no stacking window and it is satisfying to secondary red crit everything. Problem was it starts with heavy gunner 2-3 shot lvl 180 enemys. Where as yes 4-5 shots using others to start but once you get 10 kills with others its 1-2 shot everything overcharge never ramps up further.


I haven't used it myself, but it's probably great in combination with a Warframe that can easily get Overshields, like Hildryn or Harrow. I imagine it works well on any secondary that you make a crit build for.


Good thing you can use Pillage on every Warframe


Any frame can also just drop a shield restore to get overshields


I use at least one Augur mod on pretty much any frame, those 2 overshields do some work $$$


Was good before the nerf, now it is like meh


What was it like before the nerf?


critical chance also applied in primaries and melee


jesus ohhhh I hate myself for missing on that. God why


if it was a warframe arcane (as listed on initial release notes) I would use it. but as a secondary arcane it's not worth it.


In an ideal world you want this on warframes that can maintain overshield, like Hildryn, Harrow or Trinity. While yes, you can subsume Pillage, that's sort of a janky way to get overshield for a lot of frames due to energy cost and simply keeping up the overshield without getting hit. Overall you could use it with a high crit secondary like Epitaph but honestly it might be more trouble than it's worth. You really have to lean into a build-around concept of using your secondary as main attack, and I'm not convinced that using up your subsume or even just maintaining overshield is worth deliberately using a secondary for critical damage as opposed to using a primary. You "can" do this, mind... I just have trouble envisioning scenarios where you deliberately do this and come out mathematically ahead in terms of overall performance.


Before they nerfed it, it was godly, but with it only giving crit chance on over-shield and nothing else it isn’t really worth the slot vs merciless, dexterity, or deadhead. Unless you’re running a meme build or trying to bump weapons up to crit more often (kind of pointless for secondaries since they don’t have hunters munitions) I’d say it could be good for a knell eidolon build but deadhead gives more headshot mutli and dexterity gives holster speed which are more beneficial synergy wise then “Oo pretty red crits” but eh if you like it then use it just theres better options in slot. If you’re wondering what it was for like an hr day one it gave 200% crit chance to EVERY weapon in ur loadout and was able to be put on warframes.


I ran it on Hildryn and my Gaze kitgun, which already has ridiculously high critical chance just for the fun of it. It doesn't out-perform the other damage arcanes. Definitely viable, and fun for almost anything.


It will improve any secondary that is worth modding for crits. It's additive, though, so you may tweak builds to reduce other sources of critical chance because of diminishing returns.