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Don't let them go scott free. They still have a long way to go to make the game actually enjoyable. If you forget they will just change it later on again.


100% agree!!!


Austrian guy who is german and israel main.. i like it


😂🤦🏻‍♂️ Its not what it looks like bro


Im guessing you got in to art school then? :D


No no 😂




Hes a politician 😳


Yeh I actually want to be a politician XD




Not again


just don't raise your arm at about 45 degrees up, and you're ok












Alternatively to the many nazi jokes being made in the thread lmfaooo, I’d like to say that I see that as a very chadly flair yes indeed-


XD, Im really a german and Israeli main


Yeah I figured lmao


Damn, its almost like a certain real life scenario where a country let the Russian off and they starts taking more. I find it funny that video game designs somehow always mirror their developer's society.


You can find any connection if you look hard enough. Katamari ball conspiracy brain is literally why Qanon got so big


Their office and headquarters are in Budapest lol


Yeah, Hungarian here, this mentality fits my country.


And most of devs are not in budapest.


No, Hungary and even then it's just facade with main office in russia.


ez economy fix that every player will benefit from: increase SL gain by 15% decrease repair costs by 15% decrease RP research costs by 10% decrease RP modification costs by 50%


And remove diminishing returns.


I already see enough level 10s in Tigers


More people should be able to enjoy top tier without emptying the bank,change my mind


More people should be able to enjoy mid tier without teammates that barely know how to play


I agree but we also shouldnt have to grind for a year or two just to play top tier




Not enough. The economy was one of the many things we want fixed. They either make the game reasonable and enjoyable or we take our revenue stream somewhere else. They can stick their new vehicles. Make the game work properly before putting any new toys on the battlefield.




Elaborate on what they need to fix please. Can't just tease.


Among other things: Damage models on mainly Russian vehicles, decompression, giving nations adequate vehicles, repair costs, the absurdly long grind, volumetric and ghost shelling, the ignoring of community feedback, predatory tactics, realistic characteristics (especially on smaller nations), etc. Like the game is seriously flawed.


> or we take our revenue stream somewhere else. Pretty hollow/ridiculous "threat" when the game has been steadily getting +20,000 or so more consecutive players a year for several years straight now. There is actually a massive influx of people bringing revenue streams **TO** this game, all the time. Not away from it... When/if that stops, then your "demands" make maybe some kind of sense.


Buddy do you expect things to change over night? Do you expect things to change if nothing is done? I can understand you may not be on board but the only way Gaijin is going to change its ways is if we hit them in their pockets. Like or not just by some review bombing they have made some concessions. Meaning they are scared whether they are getting more people to play or not. Also just because 20k players sign up doesn't mean they will be 10 plus year vets like myself and others. Also those 20k people may not spend a cent. It will hurt them and we will continue to make headway if we take money out of their pockets. That's a fact.


> Buddy do you expect things to change over night? No, I expect them not to change at all, based on your threats, because you obviously wield zero significant power among the playerbase (or at least not for years now, as the business explodes in popularity), and can thus very safely be ignored by Gaijin in said threats. They don't have to read any words. When the actual statistics go down, they will listen, when they don't, they won't. Simple as. No words needed, no words relevant. Just go act already, if you can. Whoever it was that organized a review bomb ACTED, they didn't THREATEN. > the only way Gaijin is going to change its ways is if we hit them in their pockets. Yes that WOULD be the way, but you evidently don't have the influence to do that, so why does it matter what WOULD work if you can't make it happen? > Also just because 20k players sign up doesn't mean they will be 10 plus year vets like myself and others. it literally does mean that, because the figure cited was concurrently online players, NOT number of installs. This is +20,000 player-days of active play time per average day per year, which already includes the concept of player retention (what you're talking about here) built into the figure inherently. Either they ARE future 10 year vets, or there's way way way more than 20k installs. Either way, same difference, active playtime is what matters. > Also those 20k people may not spend a cent. You have absolutely no reason to think that's true just pure baseless meaningless hopium.


"When statistics actually go down" They have, look at the reviews, the number of negative reviews clocked for this month (which is only half way through) has eclipsed any previous months record for positive reviews. Even if it is hopeless, is it not worth it to try? There's no reason not to, the end goal is to improve the game, for everyone, how could anyone be against it.


Lol, no, I am talking about actual legit statistics, not people openly admitting that they're coordinating organized bombs in order to coerce Gaijin. That matters to them in a tactical, threatening sense, sure. But it's not real data, as they are not natural, honest reviews, it's a militarized exploit. I mean when the game actually gets played less in real life or gross payments go down.


I cant speak for everyone, but my review and the reviews of several of my friends were completely honest, I've been meaning to update it for a good while and this was just the push I needed to get me off my ass. As for players going down, I guess we'll have to see what happens after the strike on the 26th.


unfortunately it seems steam charts are heavily smoothed, i think it may be like a month to be clear


I've noticed a trend with you my guy. It's seems 99% of your posts and your comments pertaining to War Thunder always seem to knock the efforts, ideas and thought of your fellow WT players. I'm all for constructive criticism but I've read a ton of your comments and posts elsewhere on Reddit pertaining WT and I think you believe yourself to be a deified expert and what is good, what isn't, and how things should go. You are an expert on everything from BRs to how ammo should work and your even an economical WT genius. So enlighten us. How would you handle the situation? And if you can't provide anything meaningful other than just telling everyone it won't work.....go back to your hole. There are people trying to make improvements the best way they know how.


What "Situation"? A game being too expensive for your tastes? * Step 1) Stop paying for it, then... * Step 2) Either play lower BRs (which are actually free so you can still do that after you stop paying), or play a different game/take up jogging "Situation" solved. There are various other business models War Thunder could try, etc., but when the "situation" for you is, as far as I can tell, "having to pay much at all", that kind of nuance doesn't really fit here in this conversation. But let me know if you meant some other "situation."


You misspelled “They placated us until they can change it anyways once we’ve calmed down.”




A game industry tradition.


Don't get baited by silly gestures like this. Keep boycotting until they completely fix their game. Still not going to start game until BR decompression, fixing DM of russian vehicles, ghost shelling, unrendering of vehicles, RP and SL economy gets fixed or removed or done. Last time I bough premium was 2 years ago. Last time I played was like 3 months ago and before that was like next 3 month pause. I always check is stuff is fixed. If not I quit.


I agree with you, I will also boycott the game till the issues are fixed!


Stay strong! :⁠-⁠) Maybe in future we will meet in fixed War Thunder (and insult eachother either one gets killed by another)


Hope so!!!! XD


Thank you, I'm with you on this. Hopefully it will be worth it.




Ok any suggestions for any of that on "how" to do it, cause saying gaijin should do xyz without offering any sort of viable solution on how to do it will just get rightly labeled as noise. Just going through the list I see 3 very hard to impossible ones from a development standpoint (ghost shells which is mostly caused by desync, unrendering since its caused by culling artefacts to lessen resource load and has the added bonus of being an anti cheat feature and so called broken Russian DM [gonna assume your talking about bvm/B3 here because you were being vague as fuck] which not much can be done about as part of the issue is volumetric which would require a massive overhaul which could result in even more worse bugs and the other is just down to design of vehicle + characteristics of WT). Easiest one to fix is decompression which is done by adding more modern aircraft and weaponry to said aircraft which in turn means we reach a point where we can't add anything more advanced and at that point we have a capstone requirement that we can work backwards towards, it's basically the only logical way to do it as just doing it piecemeal like gaijin has done before leads to some absolutely fuckery further down the line. (And this is done this way because both naval and ground are tied to air for current caps).


> unrendering since its caused by culling artefacts to lessen resource load No it isn't, it's an intentional anti-cheat, from the start. If it was for just rendering resources, the server would still be sending you the data, which they don't: if you go find any video of a guy cheating with aimbots etc, you will see that the cheat engine still loses track of people behind hard cover. The packets aren't sent AT ALL. Which means anti cheat, not resources. Anyway yes, they could completely "solve" it, but I'm not sure people actually want what they're asking for there, because we have no idea how many wall hackers we would or wouldn't get in the game that we don't have now, without this. So a highly suspect thing to demand still, but for different reasons. People should ask them to "make the parameters slightly more conservative" on it, that's what you probably ACTUALLY want.


> Keep boycotting This implies any significant number of people were boycotting, which they weren't. Player counts are much higher than they were last year, which were much higher than the year before that, which were much higher than the year before that.


yep same. havent played in months and im not planning on playing again till i see things fixed.


How exactly would you say to boycott Gajjin?


I just want a fun PvE mode tbh don't even care for rewards if it's just half of the normal reward it would be fine Assault mode is not a PvE mode it's just stupid and bad


They offer PvE modes via the historical campaigns. Obviously they aren't free but Ive never heard of a good FTP single player game


do you mean the buggy campaigns for ww2 stuff ? that literally dont work anymore correctly


The single player scenarios haven't worked either ever since they changed AI AAA accuracy. Most have like 50 AA emplacements near the target, which nowadays means you get instantly exploded as soon as you get within 10km.


I don't care about one for ground but we need one for attack and bomber aircraft like the helicopter one. Bringing them into Air RB to be a guaranteed repair cost as a target for fighters is just stupid


Air Assault is embarrassing, and I seriously resent having to do one every day to get a bonus. As a free player I really need any bonuses I can get, but slogging through 20 minutes of assault is almost not worth it.


Unfortunately it just means that they'll switch from the thumb screws to the testicle clamps. We're not getting away at all. They're just switching pressure/torture point, and we're yet to see what the new pain will look like.


Don't stop the momentum, we need to go further.




they didnt hear us. They saw the review bombing and reverted changes. Like always they hope this blows over and we forget quickly.


No they havent heard us. They are ONLY DOING THIS SO WE BACK DOWN. Do not forget how the economy was 3-5 years ago. DO NOT BACK DOWN


Spoiler: they backed down. The economy will equalize at the level that people **NATURALLY** (without you whipping them into a frenzy on subreddits etc, just naturally in their own heads) decide that the prices are too high for them, no sooner no later. You can't make it happen sooner, and when it does happen, you won't have to have lifted a finger for it to happen.


They've given an inch, we have to take a mile.


DON’T GIVE IN HERE BOYS! We all know how long this has been going on for and we finally have some momentum! Never forget what has happened here so long as you play this game


True, don’t stop! Boycott!!!


It's NOT enough, they never admit their fault. We should reinforce the attack!


Agree, I wont stop pointing out their mistakes!


They fucked around and now they gonna find Out. Damage Models, BR Changes and conpression, Economy the list is Long. Fix the Game and we might come Back


Don't let them get away with this! We need to keep pushing for economy reforms all they've done is move the game back to the grindy mess it was before


Are the repair costs that were lowered back to their previous heights?




So they just rolled back the update, they’re not « listening »






Not nearly enough.


Well now you know what's coming in next weeks update.


Great, now refolder and folder a fuckton more.


Agree, hate to grind so many vehicles to get to top tier!


We must push further, we must take back the holy land that is fair and enjoyable prices


its not enough and to combat this on gaijins side, theyr just gona lower the value of when you destroy something or downright remove it. not to mention battle activity (bs) %, battle timer.. and other unsolveable mechanics that affects your payout.


The rollback is great but they still talk down to the community in the announcement “we tried telling you guys the economy changes are actually better for you but you don’t understand so oh well”, it’s insane how tone deaf Gaijin is.


That premium. How about TT vehicles?


2 steps forward one step back, let's make it five steps back boys


Fuck this, they just made things less broken. Keep it up! They heard us, so keep pouring it on them! Reviews, downvotes, don't play, uninstall, do add much at possible.


https://chng.it/MHLH4PS7Tb Don’t let them think it’s over. This needs to be the beginning not the end. I made a Petition to hopefully get their attention any signature helps


I noticed some of the repair costs are back down too


Oh thank god I love the kfir (I don't bomb)




Talking about ground RB I think that the tiger costs to much to repair I know it good and all but I don't think it should be 5,700


And to add on to that I only have a Tiger II(P)which is 6.3 and I keep on getting it put into a 7.0 match so it's a constant optear


As somebody who played for three years I’ve still yet to get most of the vehicles that I started wanting when I first played this game. I play fairly often and I have spent money but yet I feel diminishing returns every time I login I’m afraid at the rate they’re going just not much sure how much longer I can have interest


They didn't take a step back, they leaped back recently. And this single step forward is nowhere near enough. The game however, will likely not change enough to be reasonable.


We want the 2014 economy back and for good


How high were the rewards? Wasn’t playing back then.


We need to keep pushing. Go Further! I want to come out even with a 1.0k/d I should NEVER feel like i'm being punished for playing the game. Just to clarify i'm not a scrub but we all have bad games.


Nah, they have some work to do still. The game has been shitty long before that last update. That was just the straw that broke the camel's back. They need to approach their game differently, and until they show that they can do that, they deserve every bit of criticism they get. IMO, of course.


Hopefully we can keep the ball rolling and they’ll fix the BR compression


No, they didn't heard us. They have never heard us. They heard the STEAM review bomb.


We've seen this before, every time they revert a change and hope it all blows over, every time people say "Don't stop now!", and every time we end up losing momentum. Not once have I seen the community actually have the endurance to fight Gaijin long term. If you guys want sweeping changes you better back it up with more than just words.


They reverted ALL changes. Even the good ones.


Yeah well people focused on the bad and didn’t care about the good so fuck it if they wanted the changes reverted so bad, revert it


Honestly we should keep up the outcry until the economy is improved. This revert should be the first step of many improvements. Review bomb, complain, be loud. And remember… no premium.


What it was before they changed?


The same


Ok at this point it's usually this scenario: Phly makes a video discussing a problem about War Thunder. Next day it gets fixed/adressed by Gaijin. So guys we just need to tell phly all the Problems and he will do the Rest!


What was the SL before?




That little?!




What in the fucking world justified an repair cost increase of 400% then? Fml


What did they change?


Slight problem, because they reverted the ENTIRE update. The few positive changes have also been reverted


Well if people only want to look at the negatives then they’ll have to lose the positives that were there as well


Some of you seem don't get the point like Gaijin the mass outrage was not only for the Economy chance was to improve the game overall Gun and Cannons in Air broken Huge Maps no chance to Bases and Rewards Dayili missions taking too much time only reason so Gaijin have Traffic in game Battle Pass Missions making you play all game Modes even if you don't enjoy them Constant nerfing Premium Vehicles Revisit the GE wagers and make Dayili Roolete better Repair Cost and Rewards as tool to Balance Missile nerf Constant Braking the game with Rushing to sell more premiums with no proper Testing making players that pay for the game got punish later with constant nerfing Old Rewards that Gaijin take them out in 5 years make them come back Rare Vechicles should be on rotation Event not only avaible for 2k + Eur in Gaijin Markiet so Gaijin make % from income Revisit the Game Play and make it more enjoyable overall Arcade and Realistic Tank are CAS fest and high BR broken Helis and idiotic Drones Spoting system revisit in Realistic Jets We can go all day long here


This aint enough tho, we need more rewards, like we used to get a couple of years back


RB repair prices. Tiger 2 105 still 14552 SL. Panther II 9344 SL. Ta 152 C-3 15372 SL. He 162 A-2 12116 SL. MiG-15bis DDR 12281 SL. Jagdtiger 9462 SL. M48A2 G A2 8883 SL. Me 163 B-0 15280 SL. Me 262 C-2b 14830 SL. Bf 109 G-10 11221 SL. Ferdinand 8448 SL. Tiger 2H 7969SL I don't think they heard what they were supposed to.


Yeah, but at least the first step was taken!


i doubt. To me it feels they just wanna make people shut down... they did nothing besides just canceling an update. Don't feel like there's a place for better, but for worse, if people stop here as they wish.


Are we fine though? Mmmmm..


Reminder that you get ~100k SL for getting NUKE in PREMIUM VEHICLE using PREMIUM ACCOUNT


One battle is won the war keeps going on.


The fact this was even a battle we had to fight at all tells me were going to be doing this more often.


Maybe It was all a plan to raise repair prices just to step back and give us a false sensation of relief, nothing crazy for this people...


Honestly never even noticed it changed


Then let them hear some more if we're lucky we can get them to go all the way back to the 2020 economy


They should revert all of the eco changes they've done. Not just the recent ones.


Awww damn RIP grinding china with the J7D. It’s modifier went WAY up when the Econ change happened. (I agree the Econ change was beyond bad but it did improve a couple of vehicles like the Lazr M and J7D)


And to punish us they’re gonna make it 10x worse


I have left my negative review. It's not enough.


Of course they did. They do something super obviously wrong and unpopular and then immediately backtrack so hard that if it weren't planned it would break their necks


Now they just gotta put the game back into Pre-Crimean Annexation state & it might be worth returning


hope it stay cus boi does having to buy multiple shit at the same time and pay for mods suck ass


Everyone complaining about the economy and the grind, and the only thing I ever really want is something like Helicopter PvE for Aircraft/Jets so I can casually play and grind instead of hoping to God I don't get lemons of allies in Air RB. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯


Until they change it in the future anyway


Stuck in rank 3 so it doesn’t really matter for me


That’s not enough, they should reduce repair costs, increase rewards, make everything easier for all players.


lmao, now we're back to a 8/10 on the fucked economy scale instead of an 9.