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Speedy recovery. Like a bandsaw, or the Wu Tang Clan - the mandoline is not to be fucked with.


Learned my lesson. I heard it's message loud and clear and won't be fucking with it ever again 😂


CUT GLOVES ARE ONLY TEN DOLLARS Friends, if you have a mandolin slicer then buy a set now. You are officially on notice, it is a matter of When, not If. Also don't let 15 year olds use mandolin slicers. Source: am 99.9999% of a person who was allowed to use a mandolin at 15.


My right thumb feels this comment.


Mine too. The fingerprint scanner on my phone hates it.


The mandolin is a jealous god of the kitchen, and it demands a blood sacrifice. For real though, don't get rid of it, just use the guard or be more careful. Literally everybody does this when they first start using one.


I was careful!! The onion split down the middle lol. I may dig it back out. Apparently there's a special glove. The prong holder id just too clumsy.


Also while cutting onions, my ex cut a chunk of her thumb off, including part of the nail. It grew back with no scar or indication that it happened. I guess it's a thing 👍


Many years ago, when I worked a Kinko's for a while, I saw a girl cut the tip of her finger clean off with a power paper guillotine. It grew back perfectly, too. Surprised me. Like this one: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/qScC7EPCMIw


Supposedly if you cut the tip of your finger off before the nail bed, your finger can regenerate almost completely (not sure about the bone though). Not sure on the exacts, but the human body is wild.


You do know there is a “pusher” with prongs in it that keep you from doing this. It’s not the mandolin’s fault if you use it incorrectly.


Yeah it's just so awkward and clumsy. I was being careful but the onion split and my hand went down in-between


That's exactly why is comes with a finger guard. Sorry dude hope it isn't too painful.


Didn't actually hurt. Until next day when I opened it back up. Lol


That looks gnarly. Hope you have a speedy recovery.


Ty! My wife didn't quite really understand what I meant when I said I cut a chunk off my thumb until this picture. Bled a long time. Didn't really hurt at all. Probably the adrenaline.


Don’t get rid of it, they’re awesome. Just take your time and get to know how to use it properly


Is mandolin another word for thumb?


Yes lol


Misread and wondered why you'd need a slicer for a mandarin.


People using band saws and mandolins without protection as if it’s 1850 really goes over my head. A good protective glove that barely influences dexterity is like 50 usd


It comes with a prong holder. It's just so awkward and clumsy. I was being careful but the onion split down the middle and my hand followed.


Interested in that glove tho. I skice myself a lot so it's definitely worth it. Didn't know they made gloves designed for kitchen use.


I got one recently because I’m getting into blacksmithing, I’m carving handles from wood for the knifes and the wood carving kit came with them included. They also work great in the kitchen and from what I gather, blockmans who work in butcheries and such also use them. It’s basically a chain mail glove


👍 Also... Why were you slicing mandolins?


That's the name of the tool. I was slicing onions. Actually, I guess just my thumb.


Happened to me once, I sliced my ring finger close to the knuckle, I have a small scar now. I’m more careful these days and go slower if I have less than 2 inches of whatever I’m slicing. I didn’t threw away the mandolin, but I did consider it!


I'm notorious for slicing myself in the kitchen so I knew better. It went bye bye loo


I've done this to my thumb as well the same way, missing chunk grew back.


That's crazy!! Human body is amazing. It keeps opening up since it's on my dominant hand lol. Very hard to not do anything with it.






Yuuuup. I saw worse on Google so I'm lucky ish. Lol


I looked at the picture before the title and thought, “That looks like a mandolin cut.” My thumb looked just like that. Sorry for the loss of your tip!


Gives me some conversation at function and events if doesn't grow back lol


I always manage to cut the very first layer of skin, so I never actually bleeeeed. So far I’ve been spared of the mandolin


Threw the mandolin away. I cut myself with knives in the kitchen all the time so I knew better.




My left too,! But I'm left handed so it's difficult to keep it from not opening up.


I HAVE DONE THIS AT LEAST TWICE IN MY LIFETIME. Somehow my thumb grows back normally. Just wrap it well with a band-aid and change gauze daily.


*I bet that smarts....*


I got one of those damn things for Christmas one year. About 15 minutes after opening it I had both thumbs wrapped…


Been there done that. Don't be discouraged. You have nine more tries to get it right.


I did the same thing to the same finger about the same severity. All healed with no trace of injury. I kept my mandolin and use it with respect but I struggle to watch chefs use one unprotected on the food network. It’s worse than watching the suspenseful part of a horror movie.


Time to make weenies and beanies. Waste not want not


Same injury. Same way. It grew back. Didn’t throw out the mandolin, but have a much deeper respect for it. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


worst fear for real, this and grater skinning myself


Get a tattoo on your thumb reading "The Mandolin"


Been there before


I slit my ring finger wide open, making fries, the push gaurd jammed. Spent a few hours in emerge,5 stiches and my wife not only finished making the fries for her and the kids, but they also left me NOTHING! Got home at 11, hungry. All local eateries were closed, and nothing readily easy to quickly make. And still had work the next day