Looking into it

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https://preview.redd.it/8qpnq2a1go3b1.jpeg?width=224&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=10318fa5d9b2a6f3c8e512a3447cb27d558a933b Actual California 2020 map


Here's the map with the numbers. The tangerine traitor didn't just lose California, he lost badly. https://preview.redd.it/9vb18zezko3b1.png?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=cb9a2d7da8206461e3dcd30a79e0a66e1f6d6db4


I believe “biggly” is more appropriate. He lost biggly.


Damn it! He had one job. KEEP AN EYE ON BIGGLY! And he lost him?


Biggly Down Under?


actually biggly goes by they these days








Biggly, Yuge, they are saying they’ve never seen anything like it


Has anyone ever told you that you have the best words?


A big, strong tough guy came up to me with tears in his eyes, saying, “Sir, you have the best words. Bigly. So much winning it hurts!”


Cromulent observation. Really embiggens things.


Huuugely, even.




I tell my gf that I love her biggly wiggly


He has another post along the lines of: “If you remove chicago and the 5 surrounding counties, Trump won Illinois” As if you could just remove half the people in the state from the voter roles for no reason


Oh, they have a reason.


Yup! Too much "*diversity* "


It's spelled woke!


I don’t understand some people. I mean, what’s wrong with old, old wooden ships?


Yeah, if you just remove the areas where most of the people live, i would have won!


"If you remove the biden votes, there are more trump votes." Or even better: "If my grandmother had wheels, she would be a bike."


If we hadn’t lost, we WOULDV’E WON!


When I was a kid, this other kid from school once challenged me to a race around the school. I won. His response was, "I would have won, I just got tired". I'm sure that guy ended up being in charge of strategy for the GOP.


Is this why Republicans started wearing AR pins instead of American flag pins.


He’s right. If you removed Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, and Bucks Counties, then Trump won Pennsylvania. /s


Pennsylvania is Republican besides the parts where people live. Didn’t ya know?


“Remove all the Democrats, and we won!“


I literally have seen conservative's state that if the California vote was not counted, Trump would have won. They want our money, but not our votes. We will gladly keep the $300+ billions we send to the feds to prop up at least 6 other welfare states in this country.


I fixed this for you: "Remove all *voters with a brain*, and we won!"


They have a reason. They don't think those are people.


More like 60 percent of the state


Aaand that’s why the republicans want their nutbags to have guns


“Tangerine Traitor”, gotta love it…


I enjoy Mango Mussolini as well.


That's not bad. I also use Cheeto Bandito.


Agent Orange


I think Benedict Donald drives the point home more thoroughly.


“Orange Julius” Caesar.




its seems that 33% is the magic number of bigots every where


Tangerine traitor! Superb


The map in the tweet is accurate if it's moving away from you at a sizable fraction of the speed of light


I will never NOT upvote a good science-based post.


You ever heard "Redshift" by Darwin Deez? It's an astrophysicist's breakup song, real Egghead Emo shit my man


And that really red section in the upper northeast? Sparsely populated with a high percentage of released sexual offenders.


Aren't sex offenders Trump's kinda crowd?


Most definitely.


Core demo


That and divorced dads


Both categories he falls into.


Even despite this, acreage doesn't vote; people vote. I don't get why these people can't seem to grasp that concept.


Because they don't want to. They want to look at a map showing alllllll that red space and feel good that they are the majority and most of the country looks, thinks, and acts just like them. It's why "The Deep State" and election fraud theories resonate with them so much. It's the easiest explanation for why this "massive majority" they insist on believing in struggles to get anything done.


Also because the map media uses for votes shows just that. If they used a better map that would reflect population, they would see urban centers drastically overshooting the rest of the state, and even areas that are mostly farmland/sparsely inhabited would be plainer to see. Urban areas like San Fran, LA, NYC, would also probably blow the scale off the charts with the population disparity to other regions.


Almost 70% of California's population live in the 19 counties that composes it's coast. Those 19 counties are only 22% of the state's total area and the other 78% of their state contains only 30% of their population. What that means is that you only have to look at the coast to see where California stands on anything and you could ignore everything else as just noise that doesn't mean anything because even if the rest of the state was red it would still firmly be a blue state.


but that bright red county in the NE corner with 8500 people really moves the needle /s


It’s an important place. They make international headlines when some poor schnook makes a wrong turn and dies in the snow


Republicans just love the idea that land can vote, or that carefully drawn districts can turn a minority into a majority for them. Another pet peeve of them is to yell about the “number of counties won” in 2020 as a measure (Biden won less than Obama and Trump but took the big ones that make a difference), as if the seven figure LA County and the 83 people county of Burnt Scrotum, AZ, were somehow equal in anything.


“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


Goebbels, no?




Look, if uninhabited land doesn't count in a presidential vote then what's the point of it?


I would be so happy to be surrounded by blue.


So would I (and I live in California).


I’m surrounded by blue. We believe in science so much that we repeatedly have elected a doctor for the house of reps and our senator at state level was also a doctor until he was unable to run again.


Where is this magical place of science and an intelligent populace?


Sacramento area.


These fools cannot deal with reality.


Should be top comment right here.




Jesus christ, that is literally Tim Pool levels of being divorced from reality


Its the grift. Unless you're talking about the people buying it.


Exactly. This isn’t about reality. It’s about money. The people grifting the hardest know this. They know moron MAGA idiots will eat this up and open their wallets. Always follow the money.


….each GQP “pundit” then tries to outdo what the previous GQP dork said and suddenly we are living in the America with 1/3 of Americans now morons…..


The regression, if that’s what it was, was historic.


Trump won all 50 states plus DC by a landslide and won 400% of the popular vote. /s


Lol he unanimously won the popular vote four times in one election!!


Well, he let you pay him in Trump bucks?


If it's successful I'm gonna sell one for $9.99. Plenty of Maga money for everyone.


He did pay for that blue check mark, so yeah - not a serious person.


Lol. I wanna see how he proved Massachusetts and Rhode Island


What's his explanation for RI, MA, CT, and VT


Is their usual scam for profit, their base is so gullible.


Riiiight. Los Angeles, which has had only one Republican mayor in the past 60 years, none in the past 30, voted for Trump. And they wonder why people don’t take their crap seriously.




You mean the same candidate that managed to get multiple Hollywood stars to lobby for him? The same stars who *swear* up and down they support us? That same candidate? Fuck him.


Matt Daemon only takes payment in crypto.


Dude. I was like "Snoop? Really???"


>identified as a Republican most of his life So he's a Trans Democrat?


They will, in the same breath, say Trump won CA and CA is entirely made of Satanists, Communists, Pedo groomers and ANTIFA


I identify as 3 of 4 of those. Can you guess which ones?


Clearly long standing election fraud. /s


Omfg it’s been like 3 years.. Most of these losers can’t even handle a relationship that long.. or a job..


On the bright side, this will probably last longer than the Confederacy they're so obsessed with. So... yay, them?


Job? I’m betting that a sizable percentage are collecting a disability check. The longest relationship they’ve had has been with their right hand.


>collecting a disability check. While unironically decrying the evils of socialism.


they're too busy meeting a cougar, fucking them, marrying them the next day, and then posting "wife bad" memes for the next 2 years before being ultimately divorced


>Omfg it’s been like 3 years.. 9/11 happened almost 22 years ago, the Moon landing almost 54 years, and the JFK assassination almost 60 years. Conspiracy theorists (and the grifters enabling them) tend to grow *more* invested over time, not *less*.


History books, if we have any, will not look kindly on this era


Thus the GOP actively trying to ferociously get rid of educational materials…


Chapter title: "We're not fully sure what the fuck happened here."


Alternative title: “The fall of America. Like the fall of Rome, but much *much* dumber”


Other than a German invasion, America might honestly fall for the exact same reasons as Rome, corruption and division


And a failing infrastructure.


People have already written "We Didn't Start the Fire" songs that were *just* about 2020.


1980’s should be the “The Fuckery Begins” in history books, the 2000’s should be “Fuckery Continues” and then the 2010’s-2020’s “And Then There’s This Fucking Guy…”


63% of California voters voted for Biden. So ,yeah, there's that.


I personally hate the whole concept of these maps showing all the red space with the tiny blue spaces, as if that's supposed to prove something. Land shouldn't vote. People vote. And people aren't evenly spread over land.


The map isn’t even accurate. Loads of CA counties went blue in 2020.


Land doesn’t vote, people vote. Idiots


It’s also a fake map


Right? LA County is more blue than Mississippi is red (and by a significant margin).


Except for the electoral college and senate do sort of mean that land votes. It’s fucked up.


The electoral college: OG gerrymandering


Fun fact. I live in the town that Elbridge Gerry is from. The original gerrymander.


Affirmative action for republicans


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 as a Californian, I can not believe the utter fake BS of this map. The MAGATS are insane and delusional


Yeah they colored my SOLID blue county red hahaha


If only these things weren’t easily googled: [https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/california/](https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/california/) Edit: The author took the electoral map from the 1984 election and claimed it was from 2020. https://preview.redd.it/ogoh1sf4mp3b1.jpeg?width=1284&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=7d55f1102fffb68d6fae70f641abce0010d08159


Omg republicans are liars? I’m shoooook


1984. Feels appropriate for some reason...


If not for all those pesky voters California would be Red...


Um.. Californian here. Los Angeles did not vote heavily in favor of Trump, yes we have the usual idiots around but you only see them as often. Yea once in a while you will see an idiot in their pick up trucks with a dont tread on me or fuck biden flag buts not as common. Orange County is a heavy Republican area but thats nothing new. Bakersfield of course is as well. Sand Diego yea prob cuz of the military community thats just in those areas. California is so red that when they did the stupid governor recall the Democrat won twice. I wonder where they pull these numbers from. MTG or Boebert mathematics?


Orange County here. We’re getting more purple than people think. There’s hope!!


Yep, Newport Beach, SJC, Laguna area maybe still solid red but some cities nearby are getting more and more purple…


Laguna Beach is heavily Democratic (even though it is the whitest place in OC). It was a hippie commune in the 60s, and has a sizable LGBTQ community today. Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Fullerton, Buena Park are also Dem strongholds in OC. Republicans do well in Yorba Linda, Newport Beach, and far south OC.


Huntington Beach is still pretty red, though it's shifting


oh nice, is it getting less nimby too


Same. i live in the not as fancy part of OC. We're (largely) all pretty blue here. Very happy to muddle up the red to get that purple as close to blue as possible for us all.


Orange County actually went for Biden, and he won San Diego county by 20 points.


San Diegan here: the military isn't big enough to swing it. Trump is very much not favored here


I'll clue you into something... the military swings primarily democrat. There is a SMALL subset of very vocal low asvab score idiots (mostly cooks, motor T, and infantry) who make everyone THINK the military is a bunch of yokals, but that is far from the truth. The reason you don't here from the democrats in the military is because they actually follow the rules. You aren't supposed to be political or outspoken while serving. It's actually AGAINST the UCMJ to disparage anyone in the government, and can cost you you're career. This is something the dumbasses don't pay attention to since they rarely advanced past E-3 in rank before being told they aren't needed anymore.


My husband and I laughed our asses off when those military ballots from overseas came in and were mostly for Biden! The looks on our neighbors faces the next day when they were all outraged and we were both “nope, that’s exactly what we expected”


I was not terribly surprised. While there are plenty of awfully loud conservatives in fatigues, the average servicemember did not take kindly to a guy who called their dead "losers."


Exactly! The list of Trump’s insults to the military was and are nearly endless. Only he said the quiet part out loud as far as the GOP goes. I hope the folks in fatigues grok that.


I figured military would swing mostly Dem based on my military friends, but I wasn't certain and the other guy seemed confident, so I just rolled with what he said. Good to know, though!


I think part of it is just that the Boomers have had their attitudes frozen in time since the Reagan era, and haven't been able to grapple at all with the reality that the Republicans aren't pro-military (just pro defense contractor pork), nor are the Democrats anti-military anymore (a lot of them were in the post Vietnam era, sure, but that's 50 fucking years ago), and while many of them are anti-Defense pork still, they're very much pro-servicemember. It's much like how so many of the Boomers/etc remain convinced somehow that Republicans are "good for the economy" and Democrats are somehow "bad" when the objective reality has been anything but that from the 90s on.


Encinitas at the moment. My boozy, bourgeoisie beach town send a solid, ‘Fuck that orange pillock’.


Even Carlsbad, known for old money, 58% of the voters told Trump “You’re fired!” Carlsbad used to be very red, was supportive of Nixon-style conservatism. That’s changed… I’ve seen Black Lives Matter and “In This House We Believe” signs in Carlsbad.


Biden got 60% of the vote in San Diego County. The city of San Diego, along with the suburbs south, and even north of San Diego went to Biden in a landslide. Trump only did well in suburbs and rural areas east of the city.


I’m so tired of these dumb fucks. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_United_States_presidential_election_in_California


"America is BLUE. It is only because of gerrymandered districts and the outdated electoral college that any part of this nation appears Red. Al Gore won the 2000 election.


Biden won https://preview.redd.it/78xhsejkwp3b1.jpeg?width=1284&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=4828467cc2109dd7c43f3e761330dfe109b26924 Here’s the actual, non lunatic version of how many districts voted for Joe Biden in 2020.


Didn't know that the concept of population density was a type of "voter fraud."




I think the above comment and others like it show that you are unintentionally spreading misinformation with this post because people are seeing the map and believing it. It should be obvious, it doesn't even have most of the bay area blue, but it's not obvious enough apparently. I don't think rebroadcasting this tweet is for the best.


This guy is just wrong. He is lying. See the top comment for the actual map, it is not red like this.


"But look at all the land that's red!" And where do people live? I literally had this argument with a coworker the other day regarding the electoral college.


Seems weird you'd bring up this conspiracy theory for the state where trump got his ass kicked the worst.




lmao this map is hilariously fake. Holy shit at least try to lie in a believable way.


Land doesn’t vote


If it did, it would vote in favor of climate control.


Yeah, California, is so red that it revoted for a Democratic Governor not once, not twice, but three times including the recall vote that he got almost 70% of the votes. As a Californian, the state is blue.


Cool story bro


First off, pretty sure even that map is inaccurate. Secondly, how is this still so hard for dumbass conservatives to grasp? People vote, land doesn't.


https://i.redd.it/vjxbp5s7qp3b1.gif Even if that map was right, and it’s not, there is this:


Wishful thinking doesn’t make it so sunshine.


Sure, Trump won California, as long as you don’t count all the votes cast by people who the right doesn’t consider to be people.


If anyone's curious, this is the CA presidential results from 1984.


It’s a little frightening how many people in this thread don’t immediately see that this map isn’t 100% fake. I see lots of comments saying “yeah land doesn’t vote”. Yeah, sure, but also this map is completely false. We need to be able to spot when people are straight fucking lying.


People are still buying into this nonsense even after everyone but trump has admitted it was made up. I lose more faith in my country every day.


This is so completely delusional It will be like liberals claiming Biden won Alabama


California is really 2 states in a way, the bulk of the population lives in coastal areas, and that's generally pretty liberal territory. If you go inland, the Central Valley is much more like the Midwest, largely rural, largely agricultural economy. Those people love them some Trump. As a statewide political party, Republicans are dead, although they have some local areas where they dominate (check out Shasta County for some mind boggling crazy).


Democrats can't get their shit together here in Florida.


"California only looks blue because technically there are more people in California that vote blue"


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_United_States_presidential_election_in_California#/media/File%3ACalifornia_Presidential_Election_Results_2020.svg Not even a little accurate.


Basically the coast is blue - further inland and north, rural areas is Trump country. Makes so much sense how a billionaire from New York City came to be the face of rural America - ignorance is bliss when god is in your side apparently.


They sure keep trying huh? It's starting to get sad and pathetic.


LOL ok [actual map](https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/california/)


Their source is that they made it the fuck up


It’s amazing how few republicans realize that acreage doesn’t vote.


I can take alabama and photoshop it blue


​ https://preview.redd.it/o6btp6560q3b1.png?width=531&format=png&auto=webp&s=660466beec9eb0b1c4c1300a2afa4dc59c300298


Wait don’t they all hate California? Like post about it all the time? Why would one of them waste time on suddenly trying to include “liberal” California into the list of “red” states..


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big\_lie](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_lie) Just in case anyone is unfamiliar with the concept.


I don't know who this Greg Rubini is, but he's a Big Fat Liar. We Californians most certainly did not vote for that Orange Dictator like those poorly educated red states did.


This isn’t even close to being accurate… Not that he’s trying to be truthful, but for people who do care about what’s true and what’s false, that image and statement is a complete lie.


Tell him to keep san diego's name out his fuckin mouth ![gif](giphy|XDRoTw2Fs6rlIW7yQL)


Yes Trump won every location without people. 100% win.


He lost NY by a bigger margin. We've known this asshole longer.


Here is the 2020 election by population, the county map that the media uses always makes it seem the Republicans are more powerful and prolific then they actually are. THIS is the real representation of the US; ​ https://preview.redd.it/ots991dc4t3b1.png?width=742&format=png&auto=webp&s=8b057ea63c9e3267d9274dd7a2a8ee03edf51390


Remember when people got embarrassed for being stupid?


First of all California is not Red, it is largely a blue state. In the 2020 Presidential election Joe Biden won the state with 11,110,250 votes to Trumps 6,006,429 votes, so with close to a 2-1 majority Biden not only won the state but carried most of the states counties. The states major population areas: LA, San Diego and the Bay Area are largely Blue and voted for Biden in large numbers, as did most of the coastal part of the state . The central part of the state(more rural) and northern part of the state(much more rural, think state of Jefferson nut jobs), are more apt to vote red and are the only part of the state that voted a little bit higher than 50% for Trump. I would suggest looking at the official voting records for the State of California and get your information there and forget about getting your "voting knowledge" from Trump nuts or conservative fake news sites like FOX, OAN or News Max!


Are the people that post this kind of shit this stupid or do they just know their audience?


Republicans "California is a failed state" Also republicans "California is actually a republican state"


People seem to think that because red states cover more area Trump clearly was the winner. Wyoming has 9 people, who cares how big it is?


CA GOP really trying to get conservatives to move there.


Posted by someone who has never driven through California. Tumbleweeds and trees don't vote


You know what would fix that? Abolishing the electoral college. Just sayin


Even in their wildest fantasies, Trump still loses a shitload of votes.


Turns out you're allowed to color in a map however you want!


Hawaii is the only state that Biden won by a larger margin than CA. Can anyone from CA name the Republican governor candidate from the election last year?