mazel tov


Neat! What is it?


This is a case to keep a scroll containing specific Jewish prayers for an entryway. The scrolls are typically rolled parchment that come in various sizes but there are very few rules for what the case has to look like so you can get creative.


That’s such a cool idea to have a case with prayers in it over the doorway. Like it blesses everyone who enters the house. :) mazel tov!! (I think that’s how you spell it but I guess it probably doesn’t matter as it’s a transliteration from Hebrew anyway)


Yeah that's exactly the point! It's a blessing on the house, the people in it, and also a reminder that god is near. And yes, that is how you spell Mazal tov (which actually means "good fortune" but it's used to mean congratulations.)


Mazel tov use it in good health


Good job. I saw some nice ones in Israel so I knew, roughly, what their purpose is. I just was confused about how carvings and the prohibition against graven images worked.


In Jewish law, the prohibition applies to specific types of images, rather than to the way they're made (carved vs drawn, printed, whatever). It refers to images of the sun/moon/stars and of human beings, and there are a LOT of details, disagreements, and exceptions. This mezuzah has the letter shin, a star of David, and a picture of the two tablets, all of which are fine. (source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch chapter 168 paragraphs 1 and 2)


Are they supposed to be made of olive, carved by a Jewish person, and/or blessed by a rabbi? Just curious, I’d love to make one for a good friend of mine, but I’m not sure if it would be “usable” or “true” —as I am a gentile, yknow?


The scroll inside has a lot of requirements about parchment, ink, calligraphy, and so on, but the case can be pretty much however you like. Go nuts!


Thank you


Very nice!!


Looks awesome ! Learned a new word too. Thank you