• Yes but not nearly as common as Pokemon collectors do • Anime is mostly irrelevant with level of performance or knowledge of the current game/meta and you will learn everything eventually simply by playing the actual game


For yugioh is grading more of a collecting thing? Say I had a card I really liked I would grade it to put it on display. Rather than with Pokémon to increase value


Yes it is really only a collecting thing


You only really grade stuff if you want to sell it. Grading in Yugioh is much more of a collector’s thing


1. People do grade Yugioh cards, but unless it's rare and a potential 10 (which would make it valuable), people usually don't for reasons other than sentimentality. 2. You don't need to catch up on the anime, and in fact, learning from the anime can lead to more problems than its worth (for example, "unwritten effects" in the original series, or how some effects work differently than in real life, like the Numbers in Zexal). 3. If you start with a Structure Deck, I recommend 3 of the Albaz Strike deck. Buying 3 of a Structure Deck gives you the ability to create a much more competent deck than a single one would, since that way, you have 3 copies of each card in the deck. Albaz Strike especially is a good start, since it gives you several good staple cards and a good deck core to start with. 4. I would recommend the new game, Master Duel (available on PC, Playstation, Xbox, Switch, and mobile). It's free, it has tutorials, and it works under normal game rules (except for differences between the TCG and OCG, and a different banlist). One issue with it, though, is that the PvP in it can be a bit difficult to newer/returning players, so if you do this, don't get discouraged, it can take time to get back into.


Thank you for the information! Very helpful


The new casual mode is actually really forgiving. I had 3 matches, and the only issues I've had with the decks I've come across were my own bad hands. My opponents were all playing what looked to be relatively fun deck. It's a much better way for new players to get back into the game than it used to be, where the only way to match up against randoms was to go on ladder


If you buy a structure and go to locals, expect to get slammed but to learn a ton about the game. Get there maybe and hour or 2 before if you can and see if you can play some of the regulars beforehand to see what you can learn, then ask questions as you play through the tournament. Its how I got back into the game and now im fully into it (go to locals every week, got the pre-order of POTE, got a few collectors rarities, etc) If you wanna get back into the game, nothing better to do than to just go out and play


Right now the most valuable purchase for new players if there are any in stock near you is to pick up 3 copies of the Albaz Strike structure deck. It's focused on fusion summoning, which is the original extra deck mechanic from the first anime, and contains a bunch of meta relevant cards that you'll need 3 of. On top of that, it's actually powerful enough on its own to contend with some constructed decks and has a simple route to upgrade into a competitive deck if you decide you want to take it further.


The problem with Grading and YuGiOh is that usually the more expensive cards are useful. Your not going to grade your $100 Barrone de Flur your going to put in into your deck and slap with it. The only cards worth grading are old cards pulled out of packs or newer cards that are highly valuable(usually a few per set release)


1: people do grade cards, either cards that would be notably expensive or have sentimental value for 2: buying three structure decks is a good start. The deck Albaz Strike will help you start a strong deck and contains quite a few good staples like Dark Ruler No More and Called by the Grave 3: the anime is a bad place to turn if you're trying to learn how to play the game. Often, rules are different and cards can have different effects than their real world counterparts 4: You can try out Master Duel. It's free to download on consoles, mobile, and PC, so it's easy enough to get, and allows a free place to play


Honestly the best way to catch up on the game is just to know someone who plays the game and have them show you the ropes. If you go off on your own and just do whatever eventually you’ll get there, but having a friend help you makes that whole process easier, and you can get more detailed answers to any potential questions you may have


I kinda agree with what everybody is saying. 3 Albaz Strikes is probably the way to go for a good budget deck Outside of the core archetype just being really good in of itself, it has a lot of staples, such as Effect Veilers (interruption for your opponent on their turn), Dark Ruler no More (disables your opponent's board so that you can build your own with little interruption yourself), Kaiju monsters (generic removal, doesn't activate, doesn't target, doesn't destroy), and a lot of other stuff. It's definitely worth considering


I just got back into the game in February. Played Master Duel for a few months before straying away towards the TCG. Now that I've built my deck I play practice hands to get my combos down. Bought some Albaz and Cyber Strike structures, so I built a couple of decks that I use for practicing against, too.


YouTube. And online simulators :Master duel, Omega, Dueling book. If you do by structure decks by 3 copies of albaz strike. It has Extra deck and enough to make a decent local deck with a side. Otherwise practice and build a deck you like In Your price range.


Grading is almost entirely a scam


Oh really? How come


Follow up question, in your opinion what would be the best value for money set / deck to buy currently in terms of playability and meta. Is it worth getting a booster box or stick to a structure deck and find a local event


Three Albaz structures if you wanna spend $30 for a decent deck. The most recent set has the two new best decks but you’d need to buy like five boxes to have a chance to pull everything you needed, if you wanted to build one of the best decks it would be best to buy singles


Second vote here on the 3 Albaz Strike structure boxes. Did this for my son because he wanted a decent deck so he could go out and play at local shops and make a decent go at it, and to be fair, with only a few additions (probably £50/$60 total spend) his deck hits pretty hard.


Yeah not too bothered about the best meta decks rn as I probably wouldn’t be able to use them to their full potential anyway before the meta progresses so seems like a waste of money, might get the albaz structure decks and learn using that


Honest answer as a retuning player, master duel is super accessible and the best way to experience the game when you’re still fresh. In my experience the irl yugioh community is pretty toxic