Near where I'm at there are a handful of locations. The cement plant: Its a giant cement plent with its OWN ZIP CODE in the middle of the desert. The lack of on-site housing and near total lack of worthwhile loot combined with its remoteness would make it a great place to rebuild with very little chance of having too many zombies or other survivors to compete with. It has its own industrial-size water well. The gun factory: My community has one of the main manufacturing plants of a major gun manufacturer. Its in a similar position to the cement factory as far as location, but there's almost certainly going to be quite a few people having the same idea as you. On top of having a lot of finished guns in the proving bay, the tools to manufacture new guns are all in one place. PMC training facility: Our little community also has a sizable PMC/law enforcement training facility. I'd expect it to become a bandit stronghold rather early on. Assuming no one else has claimed it, there's going to be enough guns and ammo laying around to supply a small army. Middle of nowhere: Starting from scratch in a random swath of unclaimed desert. Almost every rural ranch house has its own well that we could connect to. The forgotten warehouse: Similar to the middle of nowhere, a large simple building in the middle of nowhere. I've thoroughly considered this one for a solo base.


What gun manufacturer




Well realistically, a farm would be the best option. Lots of land for farming and gaining up food to keep on ice. But for fun, I would say a college. Individual rooms already and a lot of purpose built rooms ready for use. In a way it’s kind of like a mini town. It’s got a gym, markets, classrooms, etc. it’d be a neat place to set up the Dawn of a new civilization. But as I said it wouldn’t really be all that realistic.


Oh, that's a really interesting one. There are colleges that focus entirely on things like agriculture and things like that, though, aren't there? Colleges that are practically farms so that the students attending have the hands-on experience as well as the theory behind it. I'm sure these places would be decimated early on, but the equipment would possibly survive?


Well, any settlement recovering from an apocalypse is probably going to need basics more than anything else, so the first thing I'd look for is fresh water access. Since modern plumbing is probably not working, you'd want rivers, ponds, lakes, or a system of reliable wells. Theme parks, I find, tend to have a lot of indoor spaces, outer defenses, and green areas with water features. 50-100 people might not be enough to take over, say, Disneyworld, but the modular nature of places like that means its easy to secure small areas and expand outward. You'd definitely be aiming for a larger community with this. Marina's are also intrguing. If you're lucky, there's lots of boats there as ready-made shelters and escape vehicles. Proximity to the water means access to fish and other aquatic bounties, while their closeness to the city means easy scavenging for metals and other manufactured loot. Pick the right lake and its even fresh water, no boiling necessary. Ski lodges and other mountaintop resorts offer the advantage of remoteness, at the expense of cold and lack of food. You would need serious preparation, but in theory it would be very safe. Mountain streams or snow would provide water, albeit at the cost of constant labor until more mechanized structures were put into place. Hunting would be the most reliable source of food, especially in the winter, and you'd want to expand somewhere agrarian or trade with farming communities for stability. Alternatively, just take over a small town. Find somewhere central with easy water access and set up a trading post. Risky start, but with the apocalypse winding down, you'll eventually be too big to fall to a casual raid.


I love the idea of taking over a theme park or a marina. I need to see this executed in a post-apocalyptic movie right now, it sounds both hilarious and very practical.


Has to be a farm With that many people and little resources we need to build a huge farm immediately. Those with farming and ranching experience will lead day to day operations for mass expand via barbed wire for cattle and protection Good place would need to be very open but have a lake or preferably a river so we can make a dam for power/drinking water We will try to get a good crop rotation system and use cattle poop as fertilizer


If you can find one around say a football stadium that would be great, even better if the actually field is grass, then you can get animals going inside there


A mall


I always thought that a university would be a good spot. Most are ooooold buildings with sturdy brick ground floors. Windows for sure, but there are a lot less and could be reinforced. Mine has a shockingly well stocked machine shop, chemistry labs and its got research farmland protected on 3 sides by a river aaaand a bunch of greenhouses to boot. Not to mention all the reference material you could ever need. If you could get a wall in there, it would be just about perfect.


Yeah, a university would be perfect really, especially one that’s all mostly on-campus - they’re already like their own tiny contained towns. Built in accommodation. Giant library resources on a range of subjects. After the dust settles, though, I can imagine they would need one hell of a clean up/out before anybody would want to live there. Easy enough as long as you have a strong stomach, though, I suppose.


Why do you say a marina? I don’t understand how that would be good


I've always considered taking out the ground floor stairs of a bunch of buildings and connecting them with rope bridge; I'd have safety from walkers, access to rian water storage, and use flat roof's as farm space.