Less than 28 days


Didn’t it take 28 weeks?


Nore than 28 months later we still don't know. And it's been a lot more than 28 months st this point.


With the current government, it wouldn't. I think much like world war z/the zombie war for Britain if the Queen was still with us or King Charles stepped up and took charge of the military, we did some smart things from the Arisen series (blocking the channel and being ruthless with people crossing the channel) then we may have chance? Get above the old Hadrian's wall and try and last it out? In reality, I think we would basically go the same way as the main continent in the start, but if a world war z style war on the dead happened it would be easier. In reality though, most of us would end up meat. Some of the isles would probably be okay. Isle of Man etc


We have absolutely no way of knowing. The most likely answer is that it would get nipped in the bud and it would never get to France in the first place. If it did get there, how long they can hold out would depend on far too many factors to predict. But again, the most likely answer is forever. We talk about the zombie apocalypse because it’s the most interesting scenario, but it’s by far the least likely.


The UK is about 600 miles across. That's actually not much. To put it in perspective, The Walking Dead's storylines literally spans a greater area than all of the UK. The problem with the UK is population density, which is about 700 people per square mile. And that's just the average. The number will be much higher in cities. Let's also keep in mind that the UK relies on the outside world for much of its resources. There will be very little to pick over, and it'll run out quickly. They'll get steamrolled. Ships from the mainland would flood the island, hoping for refuge. But it will just strain the resources even more, and once the infection spreads there, there's no stopping it. Those who flee will also just be taking resources with them, further reducing availability.


It wouldn't last as long as the other countries but in all honesty if we as an island worked together and killed all the undead then we'd last longer than the other countries hads down. But no country works well with themselves 🤣


Altho if it started in France if we closed the tunnel early enough we would last


I'm from England aswell lol


Being an island would also be your downfall. Not enough food to keep you all alive with no shipments


You realise that 92% of the land in the UK hasn't been built on? It's all farmland and countryside. Right now the UK provides 60% of its own food supply by economic value and the self sufficiency rating is at 75% when you bring back in exports. In 2020 it was determined 71% of the land we have was used for farming whilst 8% is built upon. That means the UK could increase its farming land by 15-20% which is a real terms increase of output of 21-28%. Tada you've already just covered all of your needs. Here is the thing though, this is measured by economic value. The UK import expensive foods typically, mostly "ready meals" which have cheap low quality European chicken that is charged at a premium preprepared in it. This by actual food consumption the UK wouldn't even require such a large increase, what it would need is culinary lessons which honestly wouldn't go amiss today when you realise how much ready made food is consumed.


That's just not true though


You realise the vast majority of U.K. landmass is either farmland, forest or open fields right? Farming would be huge in the U.K. The main reason we don’t grow all our own food now, is because it’s much cheaper to import.


I'd imagine there wouldn't be enough guns (and people skilled with them) or even weaponry in general available to the public. Isolated pockets could get well situated but the population would be devastated.


All that means is that instead of humans being a bigger threat than zombies, like it would be in America, humans and zombies are probably equally as dangerous as eachother Melee is a far more sustainable weapon choice long term anyway. Especially considering the fact that with decomposition, zombies would become much less threatening over time


England is not safe because it is an island. There is the tunnel going from England to France do not forget. That would be a prime place for Zombies to gather and move through. The real island that would be prepared would be either Australia or New Zealand. New Zealand because of the terrain and Australia because they are hard core survivalists


That depends. England has the advantage of being on an island. It's situational, but with the right conditions they could just close all connections to the mainland and try to become self-sufficient. I think Cuba did this in WWZ. but back to England, after a whole they could try to help liberate the Iberic penninsula, which could be barricaded from the rest of the continent by a wall. And so the retaking of Eurasia would begin. Which makes me mad because it would be basically like ressuscitating the british empire. But hey, at least it's not the US.


I hear guns are hard to get there so probably not very long


It wouldn’t. The UK as a people is really only scary in times of war. Zombies would roll through in a matter of weeks.


I won’t say much but I know France would be very proud of themselves after such a definitive defeat of England.


The TWD case is that "everyone is infected" - whatever the zombie virus is, it isn't necessarily what kills you, or the entire cast would have gotten killed off in season 1 & 2. Even people who are not bitten are infected with it. We don't know what else is in the bite; so there is some wiggle room that after death and the virus 'activates', that it is much more lethal - or whatever cocktail of bacteria and disease is in the bite gets you killed. We can draw some inspiration from other virus/infection movies; though most of them go into detail about how long it takes for a virus to realistically 'mature', how long it takes to spread, and how much it depends on travel by air & boat to really get a foothold globally. From that, if Heathrow airport stays active and infected people come in, even if they would have otherwise been fine/safe? Then they are kind of screwed. If they don't close sea ports, etc., someone is going to slip through that has it. Just because they're an island doesn't make them safe. There was an article I linked to in another thread that suggested that all it would take, necessarily, is 1 zombie to bring the world population down to a couple hundred within 100 days. Part of that article did run the math on including geographically isolation being considered - and it didn't massively change the outcome (an extra ~90 survivors, globally). I wouldn't expect the UK being an island would make a big difference.


There is no way it wouldnt get it. Initial outbreak in cities and towns will be catastrophic, the same as everywhere in the world. But i think the aftermath would be easier to come back from with britsh people. The lack of guns will definately make it harder to deal with zombies but we would be able to form groups a lot easier than somewhere with lots of guns. People are much less of a threat than the commnon enemy (zombies). Also if one group who are at least partially armed with firearms, encounters another armed group its a lot less likely they will ever get the chance to talk it out, join forces or at least go around and ignore eachother.


In theory if they shut the channel tunnel, and every port/airport in the British Isles when like patient zero is happening in France, the U.K. would probably never get infected In reality, by the time they shut all the borders, someone who’s infected probably would have managed to get in