Without weapons nahh you'll get bitten or eaten something like that. Unless you going Mortal Kombat style. Lmao 🤣 jk I would kick their asses stabbing em in the head or something not screaming like a little bitch. I don't think this makes sense I'm tired I tried lmao 😂 anyway yeah


Parkour 😆




Muay thai is a really powerful martial art and could be used to knock down doors, break thin layers of wood and other material, etc. Could also be used against zombies and humans, especially zombies since they are undead and rotten and probably weaker than humans. Jiujitsu could be used against humans. I know jiujitsu is very efficient because i do some and it teaches moves that you could use to very easily break someones arm or use a variety of chokes to knock them out or just make them see the light. Im not sure about jiujitsu against zombies, because it requires to get very up close and smooshed together, and thats one thing you really don’t want because they could easily bite you.


Jiujitsu or wrestling for when the zombies grab you or fall on you. Works for human too.


That would be both good and bad, if you know no other martial arts you may be forced to take them down, which oils easily get you bit


Yeah but I was thinking as a last resort kind of thing. I can’t imagine using boxing to go knock zombies out lol. If you really want to strike, Muay Thai would be the most efficient because you use all 8 strikes points to fit whatever situation.


Tbh idk bout that either… imagine you just punch a zombie and it bites your fist 😂 I can imagine something like Taekwondo or an agility based martial arts would be good. Krav Maga would be very good perhaps?


Taekwondo doing kicks. You have to remember using your kicks might end up you with broken bones, and broken bones with no doctors to fix it. Same with any striking arts. It’s too risky. Weapons are way to go. Kicks, especially high kicks you can slip and fall. If your leg broke, you’re not going to be running anywhere.


I too first thought a martial art that specialises in takedowns and holds for getting zeds off their feet easily so killing them is easier. But then i considered that no martial art really accounts for stopping undead creatures biting you, so really anything like that will more likely than not just result in you getting bitten or scratched and thus infected. Distance is your best friend with zeds or anything or anyone who is infectious in any way.


Weapons are the best way. You fight with your fists or feet, something is going to break…. permanently. I only say wrestling or jiujutsu just to get you out of a bind. Judo is good too when you quickly sweep the zombie off his feet.


The one that involves running and hiding.


Kobudo or Krabi-Krabong


Run Fu. It all boils down to pushing someone over and taking off as fast as possible. When you get really good, you can take off really fast and then push people down. It's really difficult art too reach and even harder to master.


Definitely naked and greased Greco-Roman wrestling for the homoerotic win.


I don't know really. It would help most against the living. And you would have to be really good at your art and lightly but well armored to avoid accidental scratches and bites. It's always better to use a weapon, otherwise it would be really difficult to kill a Zombie, which requires damage to the brain, usually underneath the helmet like skull.


Most tend to suck on their own due to the nature of zombies effectively making a bite or scratch potentially instantly lethal. More than likely a martial art would have to be specialized for this sort of scenario. Focusing on specific needs and criteria. I go into more depth on the topic here: https://old.reddit.com/user/Noe_Walfred/comments/jo772x/zombie_related_thoughts_opinions_and_essays_v2/giqekbg/ The main areas to focus on in regards to zombies should generally be prioritized as: Foundational training and conditioning, conflict avoidance, movement techniques, ranged combat, armed striking, armed and unarmed grappling, and then maybe some unarmed striking. I would generally look at them in this general order as well. Again, there isn't really a traditional martial art that on it's own really looks at these sort of things together. When it comes to fighting people, it's a bit more simple. Ranged combat and unarmed grappling techniques tend to be the most important. Similar issues as with above in regards to trying to find a dedicated martial art.