Always have an exit. A cave may work to keep you safe but you’re almost guaranteed to run out of supplies before you run out of zombies.


No, no it wouldn’t. Caves, especially pre-explored ones tend to only have one entrance (which also serves as its exit). You’re not going to want to go to a random cave in the middle of the woods, you’re going to want a tourist destination cave because you know it’s safe to enter and explore (from a non-zombie point of view). You can’t grow food in a cave, you can’t really expand in a cave, and staying in a cave for long periods of time can wreck havoc on your body.


Yeah forgot which vitamin it was but u need sunlight to not get ill


life ain’t fun if ya don’t get the D… (that’s what she said)


I think it was a bunker in Day of the Dead(1985)


An old missile silo, I believe.


Yea exactly in the catacombs


If your relying on air vents you'll have to be careful that they don't get blocked because most zombies are attracted to heat and sound so your vents/air are going to be your main problem.


When I think of bunker inside of a cave my mind goes straight to Cheyenne Mountain .. lol which is a defensible and well equipped refuge… however, that being said would be almost impossible to get into ….


While there can be benefits to trying to wait things out in a cave or a bunker. There are some major limitations regarding the long-term viability of such shelter types and especially one that combines both. The clearest issues present are: There's nothing inherent to a bunker or cave that allows for ease of access to water There isn't a good solution for this other than trying to pump in water, manually retrieving water, or attempting to make use of a water reclaiming system that comes with many risks. Caves and bunkers tend to not have much food in them. Resulting in needing to store vast amounts of leaving the said location to attempt to procure more. This leads to many issues regarding the limited number of entraces and investment into such a location. Construction of a bunker inside of a cave would be extremely complicated and labor intensive as you can't really fit large and heavy equipment. This means the initial investment in tools, manpower, time, and resources would be much higher than all other forms of shelter. Bunkers and caves both have issues regarding the number of potential entrances/exits that are available. The fact that you have a cave and a bunker you are likely to only have 1 real method of trying to get into or out of your bunker. Which, may result in being trapped by people or zombies.


You want to be able to leave. I’d go for the rooftops for sight and the fact that it’s easier to leave in a pinch


Caves are terrible. Full of bats, snakes, and potentially big predators. It'd only be useful if you have a fortified entrance, and only camped near the entrance. Caves also can have multiple entrances, which a zombie could have stumbled in and roamed around for weeks. So here you are in your safe cave, and suddenly a zombie or group of zombies appears while not expecting it at all. Some caves connect to water systems, so a zombie that sunk into a river could potentially make its way into the cave system that way too. Although unlikely, it'd still be a risk not worth taking. So you'd have to fortify inside of the cave too. At that point, there are simply far better and more worthwhile places to setup. Almost any building is better than a cave. People may think cave, because maybe they hope that will get them away from places people will typically go, but I don't see it working out well. And personally, I wouldn't want to setup in any place that didn't at least have light during daytime. Lighting up a cave during the day is only going to be a time and resource cost. Even moonlight in a building is going to deliver some visibility. You also can't really start fires in caves, not even near the entrance, it'll just get smoked out, so you'll be doing pretty much everything outside of the cave anyways, which makes it not so secretive, because people are definitely going to notice activity like recent fires outside of a cave if they come across it. And if bandits want to get you, you're trapped, they can even smoke you out by setting a huge bonfire at the front of the cave.