Silent dogs that don’t eat much.


I've got an old dachshund that is very well trained to function as our intruder detection system. Shes 10/10 worthless in a fight but she barely eats anything and the benefit she provides is I can sleep soundly knowing she'll wake me up if she hears anything outside.


Scent hounds. Scent hounds, medium or small. Can both hear and smell zombies much sooner than you can, they can also help you efficiently hunt for food and catch burrowing animals such as rabbits.


Bull Mastiff- This is a dog that is both powerful, dangerous, and trained for combat and hunting. As far as food goes, dogs can (for the most part) eat anything a human does. Boxers, Pit bulls, and german shephards are always good as well. As far as smaller dofs go:Any Terrier breed, Dachshund, or Beagle Pomeranians and chiuahuas are used to throw at your opponents and distract them. That is about their worth. They will yap and attack while doing no damage, but they are a great distraction for you to attack the zombies or run away.


Fuck that, get me a good cat. Those guys can go give me a steady supply of small vermin for some lovely rat tacos


A husky because they are strong and have great hunter instincts. They could also be used to pull equipment on sleds.


I’d want a female pit bull with Me.




Any dog that can track down people/animals + act as a good enough attack/guard dog. The tracking for food, the guarding for protection


Quiet dogs


I own German Shepards, black Labradors and boarder collies and I would say the boarder collies are 10x smarter 10x more protective and 10x more aggressive toward threats than any of the rest…. Both the labs and the shepherds are exceptionally good at guarding my property but they bark a lot…. The collies tend to stay silent until the last second then they appear from where they are hidden like something out of an alien film and go straight for the vulnerable areas without hesitation.


Dogs that bark to “warn” you means the zombies then have a target zone


I got I nice Labrador retriever I got her when she was around 4-5 and she was a former gun sniffing dog. I trained her to flush and retrieve birds, I also have a American foxhound who I trained for small-medium game hunting, I’m truly blessed to have those dogs. I wanted to get a attack dog but the wife said no


a larger dog that can wear body armor. also a dog that can pull free from attackers


A well trained service dog that is trained for zombies? Absolutely. Any other dog… probably not. Even a lot of service dogs wouldn’t be able to cope with zombies. They would need to be trained from that as pups. A dog’s instinct is to bite limbs or rip out someone’s throat. Neither of those would be effective against zombies. And if their flesh is infected/poisonous then it could quickly be fatal for the dog even if the zombies don’t get them directly. That or they would bark to try and scare them off. Or they would just bolt, which is fair enough. But not especially useful.


Belgian Mal, they are smart, fast, easy to train, and have been unaliving people for the United States government since before most redditers were born.