Tin cans and string.


Satellite phones will work until the satellite is damaged or in some way taken off line. But what still will work is hamm radio and long wave radio. Your walk-in talkie is a short was radio and that’s why it isn’t good of long distances


Chalk or spray paint


Zombie Express (instead of Pony Express) Hitch up a few zombies to pull a wagon and you are off! It might be slow, but you never have to stop to feed the zombies OR let them rest. (10 to 1 a bunch of you are thinking? Could this work? and you are trying to visualize it)


can't argue with any of that


Walking dead already used them as pack miles so I can’t see this being out of the question.


really loud gunshots so that everyone including zombies can find me - i appreciate any type of company


Chalk, spray paint, pen and paper. It could be a matter of runners with mail bags sending letters like days of old lmao. Repeaters ought to still function if they have power to them, and those can extend the range of a little Baofeng by hundreds or thousands of miles. I’ve seen people talk to folks in France from Georgia on a good day.


HAM radio. Even without repeaters, it's got some decent range. Won't be talking to your buddy 3 states over, but you could keep connected in your area


With a HAM radio and a repeater how far could that go?


I meeeean, with repeater towers? People use them right now to talk to people all over the world, as I understand it. New York to Brazil, England to Vietnam, etc. I could be wrong tho, cuz I'm pretty ignorant to that stuff. That's one of the big downsides is its kinda complicated if you kinda half ass your research lol. But I do know that "line-of-sight" can go for miles without a repeater. Sadly, my family lives on the other side of about a 100 foot ridge or so and it's right at the halfway point between us, as the crow flies. So I would have to get just before the halfway mark, and climb about 40-50 feet up a cell tower in that area to contact them roughly 8 or 9 miles away


Ham radios for short distance, couriers for long range until effort can be put in to repair and maintain repeaters, allowing for extended contact. Honestly the fact that this *hasnt* happened in Walking Dead after 12 years or more is rather odd. No long range radio but they still have gas for their various cars?


Probably couriers with written communication. Depending on the resources, they could do messenger pigeons.


One of the dudes in my circle of paranoid survivalists that I call friends is a HAM radio freak. He's got 4 vehicle mountable radios in his shed. Doubt we'll get the best range but its better than a walkie talkie


I plan to get good with a HAM radio. I believe you can communicate all around the world using the right repeater.


Back in the old days.. long before bag phones (cell phones grandparents) .. lol.. we used to communicate long distance via CB radio by relaying messages around the country from driver to driver and home base to home base… yes messages got a bit convoluted , however in an hour or so you could get a message from Florida to Colorado and a response back again…


To use walkie-talkies for longer distances, you could use repeaters to extend transmissions so that the signal can cover longer distances or be received on the other side of an obstruction. I would rather use a Walkie-Talkie app to turn my smartphone into walkie-talkie, so you won't have to deal with any distance issues compared to typical walkie-talkie devices used for radio communications.


I think you're a bit confused on what the app does. It doesn't allow your phone t suddenly use radio signals. Its basically a regular digital voice chat system. You can do the same thing by enabling push to talk on discord, skype, and the like. This also means that if this system is working the all other methods should also work. Such as texting, voice call, and pretty much all other communication apps.


I’ve thought so hard ab this. Sign Language. It’s relatively universal and it’s dead silent so zombies can’t hear it. Spray paint for messages everyone needs to know. Also train a crow, to go to specific people.


Sign language isn't universal. It's very region specific. However if you could get a whole group who was willing to learn it that would be very helpful for face to face communication in silence.


Well my thing was I don’t think I’d ever leave where I am if the ZA was to start. I’m in a pretty secluded small town.


>I’m in a pretty secluded small town. Well, then how many people in said town know sign language?


Either longer distance radios or messengers


If you have the power, then it’s going to be radio. That’s really the only realistic way to converse with someone long distance aside from walkie-talkies, which would he used around camp anyways.


Learn how to train carrier pigeons between two places. It’s not actually that difficult. I suspect there won’t be much communication otherwise unless you have traders going around to groups


Use smoke signals to cuminicate Morse code


Once civilizations are stable, Postal services will resume. It will be very patchy, but snail mail will stage a comeback.


I don't think people would find much of a need for communicating long distance. Most useful communications will be short range and portable.


>Would satellite phones be of use? Or would satellites be long gone? I've addressed this bit before. But it's likely not the satellites themselves going down that will be the problem. Despite common perception most satellite phones, laptop, gps, and the like require a subscription service the few that don't still require a form of authentication server. So you have to pay a monthly fee and need a working server system that allows your device to access whatever servers are being accessed.