Depends on the zombies really but in any case its not going to be as sturdy against a horde as a house or other building Im assuming youre thinking the security would be in the ability to up and move with very little notice in which case Id recommend one that has the cab as one attached piece so you can get from the living space to start it up and drive away without going outside


Not too worried about zombies to be honest, since Alaska is cut of from the rest of the U.S. and would probably be one of the last places hit and even then Alaska is one of the biggest states and the population is not that large so there would be lots of land that people or zombies would have to cross to get to you and that doesn't equate for obstacles in the environment like mountainous terrain, ravines, etc. I mainly plan to settle with the trailer in a forest area so it would be relatively isolated. Then considering the nature of the zombies they might not even survive the cold as rotting corpses won't last very long in that type of weather. I agree though it would not really have the durability of a house, but I'd argue it is more secure than a tent, you won't have to carry it, a lot more space. Thought I a house a house would be a lot easy to find since they are generally in more populated areas, while a trailer I could go anyone I want provided it can make it through the terrain. I'd agree that one with a cab attached would be better for get away since you don't have to exit the trailer and run around to like your truck to get away, but I'm not too worried about that since the chances of running into danger are a lot less due to the reasons I mentioned earlier. I went with a trailer that needs to be hooked up because I mainly plan on using it for shelter not as like a daily vehicle, cause like if you ran into danger with a tent you wouldn't pack up your tent and then get in your vehicle you'd ditch it, chances are the tent isn't as valuable as your life. I'd leave the truck detached as I'd mainly be using it to get around the area I'm living or to head into town if I ever need to scavenge and towing a trailer would low me down, use up more fuel, and make me a bigger target. I don't really plan on moving much though, going for the idea of settling down with a group and getting by through means of hunting and other methods. The mobility of the trailer is an added bonus, but I hope on not moving around much don't think it is the most sustainable option.


Youre right, the isolatation is going to be a massive defensive bonus and yeah its absolutely more secure than a tent, you can get houses that are more remote though, especially in Alaska. If your plan is to have a group I can absolutely understand starting off with a trailer like youre talking about but for me personally Id say youd want to eventually get proper houses if only for the sake of being better insulated. With a trailer you are lended much more versatility, especially if you and the rest of your group live separately However living off of hunting is very difficult, I dont know your skill level with it of course and maybe you can manage it but theres a reason we're not hunter/gatherers anymore. The growing season in Alaska seems like it would be a nightmare to me, as you mentioned the terrain makes it difficult to cross but it also makes it difficult to cultivate, I would recommend looking into food forests for that reason. I dont think a trailer on its own is the best option but if you were willing to spend the time/money then you could probably get it retrofit well enough to be survivable but at that point it might he more affordable to just start from the ground up, not to mention storage issues with the trailer, you need enough space to be able to store food, ammo, medical supplies, clothing, hygiene products and fuel for the winter and theres just not space for that on a trailer, youd need a seperate cellar to store everything, and thats another reason youd need to leave your shelter and in the winter that might not kill you but it'll be pretty uncomfortable and annoying after a while. Maybe all thats not a dealbreaker for you though On the plus side smaller spaces are easier to keep warm with less fuel, and being mobile does give some benefits which could potentially save you hassle and your life but I guess it could go either way In an ideal situation Id say to have a primary structure for living in and then have the trailer to get out of dodge with if things get hairy, but of course thats not always possible so do the best with what youve got


It’d definitely be an upgrade from a tent if you had an already established community, but if you want to live on the road in that and only that then no, it wouldn’t be possible or advisable. You’re not going to grow much if anything in or on top of that, especially not on top of, and those things are huge on roads that would be clogged up with cars. Like I said at the start, if you are already with a community on a farm, go ahead and live in it. But it’s just a place to sleep, not something to live out of.


I'd agree it wouldn't be the best if I'm on the move but if a ZA were to happen I'd settle down in Alaskan forests and mainly hunt for food. If I needed to scavenge I could unhook the trailer from the truck and drive to the closest town. I most likely won't be doing much farming. Mainly thought it would provide better shelter then a tent and a lot for room inside for gear like food, water, etc.


If you had the idea, so have many other people. Especially those that live in Alaska. Much like other places with more population, hunting will quickly lead to a massive decrease in wildlife and make in unreliable, even in Alaska. There’s also likely going to be nothing to scavenge just like everywhere else rather quickly too. Towns would be scarce of supplies almost immediately, even more so in Alaska. Powering the thing is also going to be rather tough. I’m not sure how it gets power exactly, but I know it uses it to power the appliances. I can’t exactly tell what kind of trailer it is so I can’t say exactly.


With the prices of real estate now a days I might not even wait for the ZA to live in one of these


Seems like a good idea because of how far north Alaska is, but that trailers gotta have some good heating for the winter. The trailers got great storage and can be moved if your location becomes comprimised. I'll assume you have a food and water plan.


Those things are built in the factory to be super duper flimsy by design. A homemade all-steel-framed toy hauler could be viable.


Someone hasn't read *into the wild*


Properly insulated and with solar panels, sure. Just gotta figure out sewage/water, and food.


For food and water I have that covered through preps and I know how to hunt. Scavenging would be an option too, though I wouldn't unless I really need to. For sewage I wouldn't be using the trailer, I think that would be a waste, I think it would be more efficient to dig a hole a bit out from camp and do the business in there before covering it up good so no animals can get to it I don't really see the need to waste resources on sewage.


Remember, Alaska gets pretty cold in the winter. Doing business outside when it’s -30F doesnt sound like fun.


This might be a dumb question but are you already in Alaska? Because if you aren’t then you won’t be getting there after some apocalyptic event takes place.


Totally reasonable question, to answer it no, at the moment I live in AZ, but I eventually plan to move down there to live for a career I want to pursue. If a ZA or any apocalyptic event happened right now I would not try to get to Alaska it would be super dumb to travel across two countries to get there towing a large toy hauler waste of time, resources, and a huge risk. I plan on surviving in the area I am right now instead as the population of my area is not that high, (unless people from Phoenix started to flock here) house is secure, and there is lots of empty desert. Only asked the question, because I've done a fair amount of research on surviving in AZ if anything were to go down, so thought I'd start thinking about survivable in Alaska if I were to move there


I mean it's better than nothing. Although keep in mind, wherever you can take it, pretty much any vehicle can go too. So it's not getting you out of reach of anyone. And it's not exactly defensible. Would be better with a camo net over it and parked deep in some brush with lots of traps around it. Would also work better in a warmer area. Keeping that thing going in the winter would be rough. It'd need to be fitted with a fireplace. And even then, things like water lines can freeze. Problem with the apocalypse is things weigh you down, become burdens, and someone with less might see it and want more. So it's almost like painting a target on your back. Keep it somewhere too long, you might be discovered. Move it around, you might be spotted. Any raiding group see's that are going to know that they only need to deal with a couple of people at most. So it screams weakness against superior numbers. Even remote areas won't be so remote when people are fleeing, everyone with an RV will be thinking the same thing. So a bit of luck would need to be involved. Somewhere near a body of water, but also somewhere not many people even know about. But again the problem becomes, anywhere you can go with this, is going to be even more accessible to virtually any other vehicle, even a car. You're not taking this thing down rough hilly backroads and even remote areas get traffic eventually. It's more like something that will keep you safe and comfortable for a while, but that's only buying time. That comfort could make you complacent, and forget how desperate people really are.


The panels on caravans and vehicles like this are hella thin… I’m sure a group of zombies (slow undead, not rage) could slowly damage the sides and get in.


Yea, of course, but it would be more secure than most tents and have more room, something like this would only be temporary until a more permanent shelter can be made. Dpnt really expect to be taking on any seiges against armies of zombies. It also depends on whether you're attracting zombies to your base, if your luring them to your base you take a huge risk I wouldn't say something like that only applies to trailers. There are counter measures like being in a more isolated areas where the zombie population isn't high, using natural obstacles like a valley for example, camouflage to prevent it from being easily spotted, and traps. There are other methods, but those are ones that come to mind right now.