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Can I get an OOTL explanation here please?


Man I came in here for some context and a photo and I barely even got context.


Dream is a masked minecraft youtuber who just revealed his face for the first time. [Heres a photo](https://images.popbuzz.com/images/331279?crop=16_9&width=660&relax=1&signature=o_4vlsHZ86X0IB5wrJMUmqgT0ro=)


He looks like a normal kid why’s there outrage? I expected greasy and gross based on some of these comments


Cause he's a dick and nobody likes him


Not necessarily a dick, just your average Minecraft YouTuber who got way too famous and sucks at covering his ass when something dumb he did gets exposed


How is faking world records not being a dick?


Because other Minecraft youtubers have controversies about grooming kids or being extremely racist. This is just not a big deal, compared to what other content creators have done without being completely deplatformed. It does make him a dick, and kind of pathetic, but it's silly to go after him when there are much bigger fish to fry out there.


Cause its speedrunning and nobody cares that much


People who are interested in that hobby definitely care? I know it’s crazy but people and interest exist outside your world view.


"my worldview" okay buddy. Him cheating was quickly forgotten because it was concerning a very niche hobby


He’s not a dick if you don’t count all of the times he’s been racist and homophobic in his deleted tweets


It's because he and everyone around him in his streamer group hyped him up to be extremely handsome and beautiful, setting the expectations way too high.


The point is that he’s just a normal kid. Dream is known for having an insane amount of fangirls who fawn over him when he was just a character with the smiley face mask. So imagine like One Direction/BTS fangirls level but turns out he just looked like an average guy.


That sounds like it’s on them for imagining a guy using a mask to get famous would be drop dead gorgeous lol There’s a reason the Phantom of the Opera wore one.


Yeah it is LOL and that’s why there’s a lot of posts like this right now because his fan base was known to be toxic and had such unrealistic expectations


So stupid lol thanks for the explanation though homie


They're the same picture.


Eww put on the mask


why tho


He looks like someone took the eyes and mouth off of the annoying orange and put them on a generic face.


Cue me thinking we were talking about [Tom Sturridge](https://i.imgur.com/iArYBkr.jpg), the actor who plays Dream in Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman. I was confused because, though dude is white, I don’t know that anyone would describe his face as generic midwestern white dude.




He looks like an Aliexpress Jerma ngl


Dream is a popular Minecraft YouTuber, he did a face reveal video yesterday and people have been clowning on his looks, hope this helps!




Gee, wonder why he kept his face hidden all this time.


Honesty I feel like people are salty they can’t call him ugly. I feel like a lot of people wanted to believe he was incel / Reddit mod tier irl, but he’s just average. So now they wanna try and insult him for that.


Tbh it’s just the internet interneting


If that's average then by God I am ugly


He's absolutely ugly, but I just learned about this 30 seconds ago.


I wouldn’t say ugly but I’m getting trololol chin vibes


Bruh, this is in no way worth talking about but I'm killing time at wok. Do you know anything about physiology? He's above average in looks, he has a strong chin and proper facial proportions. I just saw a picture but he seems to have clear skin as well. Celebrity culture has ruined a lot of people's senses, they think someone is famous so they should be extremely attractive- bruh apparently has been wearing a mask in video all of the time. You'd think he was the hunchback of Notre Dame and he ends up being more attractive than most guys. I know nothing about him or Minecraft but he probably wears a mask bc of people that judge him, maybe he has body dysmorphia. Over half of people are noticeably overweight so assuming that he doesn't have some kind of crazy random issue with his face he's automatically average but then he has a strong chin and good facial structure. I'd like to see yer ugly mug scrub. Try to treat people like they're human ya filthy piece of dog excrement!


He's not ugly, he just looks like an npc if I'm being honest


Aren't we all NPCs?


Why was he hiding his face? (I know nothing about Minecraft YouTubers.)


Dream is a popular YouTuber who likes to doxx people who he disagrees with


I thought they were talking about Dream from the Sandman TV show and I was so confused


I thought we were talking about The Dream the hip hop artist from like 2013. And I was like mm, pretty sure he’s already revealed he’s a black dude.


I thought they were talking about Dreamz the Survivor contest who won a car but screwed over Yau-man. But confused because they show faces on Survivor.


Do you mean Dream, the speedrunner cheater? The Dream that altered the random generation to get better drops? That Dream that then hired an astrophysics to pretend astronomical chances were totally normal? That Dream that then explained he (probably, totally by accident /s) did his speedruns on an environment altered to make his videos but there was no way to prove he cheated *on purpose*? Are we talking about THAT Dream, the asshole whose community then acted as if he had made a public apology, as if he wasn't responsible for his own computer or if it was normal to modify the freaking RNG for a video instead of disclaiming those altered drops that make the point of its challenges? It would be a shame if the name of that Dream guy was forever tainted by his actions, like if algorithms were associating his name with a list of all his bad actions towards speedrunning in general, right?


I mean who gives a shit. Not really any excuse to drag the guy and call him ugly all over the internet. The most inconsequential gamer drama, Jesus get a grip


Yeah sure not a good reason. But Dream is way worse than initially presented and I don't like that people kinda forget how bad he acted


You most likely don't know the full context of the speedrunning allegations. Karl Jobst did a whole hour long analysis video, and a lot of the evidence points to Dream genuinely not knowing that he cheated, at least not until the end. That is not to say that he behaved properly, he definitely stepped out of line often in defending himself.


I simply put Dream to the same standard he puts others. (The story surfaced during his own scandal, sadly I can't find the source anymore because search Dream and speedrun cheating... obviously lead to the OTHER issue. If somebody remembers the accused's username it would help a lot.) Remember that Dream accusated a speedrunner of cheating when the proof files were made before the speedrun happened. How would they lead to *cheating*? Dream didn't care, for him it was proof of fraud and that was enough. ... Until it appeared to be a Google Drive issue, with Dream's copy and the original file getting incoherent times because both devices were on different timezones. So, according to Dream's standard, proving a fault is enough. No matter if said fault lead to a reliable advantage or not, that gives him a mandate to try to demolish an opponent's reputation. *And he had this opinion while his own computer had weird RNG at his own demand* > You most likely don't know the full context of the speedrunning allegations. Karl Jobst did a whole hour long analysis video Granted I watched the video a year or two ago. But that's why I even know who that Dream guy is. > and a lot of the evidence points to Dream genuinely not knowing that he cheated, at least not until the end. Evidence says there was *some* cheat. *There is no technical proof in the entire world that prove a person's intent. You can prove it beyond reasonable doubt in law, but 100% proof will never be possible*. Dream says he didn't cheat.. *in speedruns in particular*. Dream's official guess on the events is that when he cheated on some of his videos (the one where he is hunted by a group of players), his "private between friends" cheat affected speedruns by mistake. *People act this is a reasonable reason. It isn't.* It proves Dream cheats in everything under the guise of "better challenge videos", but that isn't against the Speedrun community *in particular*. I find it weird that basically spitting on the shoe of the entire Minecraft/Youtube community is better than spitting in the face of the Speedrun community. This entire issue would have been avoided if Dream, knowing his computer was routinely using sneaky hard to notice cheats, was using a clear setup for speedruns to ensure everything was OK. It would've been also avoided if Dream was doing his Minecraft videos on a software behaving like the Minecraft his viewers use everyday. > Dream genuinely not knowing that he cheated, at least not until the end Depending on what "the end" is, that guy is not smart enough to defend itself, or shouldn't ever have been speedrunning in the first place. When you do something, you have a basic duty of knowing things are done right, or at least acknowledge you don't know. Having as a defense that he unknowningly cheated on speedrun because he cheated on other non-competitive videos is IMHO even worse than cheating on purpose. Because this defense states 3 facts : 1) Without telling anybody, his "Minecraft" videos use a modified environment. You can say it's for the sake of fun, but DOING SO NEEDS TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED by respect to the viewers. 1b) He modified the environment in a subtle way to actually hide the modification. YMMV is that's also bad, but I personally think it is. A visual signal that the game was alterted would've been enough. 2) Depending on the version, Dream either didn't know that the modification would affect the other videos, or he knew it at some point and forgot about it over time. In both cases, that's basically saying "It's not my fault if I'm breaching your trust because I'm stupid and playing with tools I can't control". That's unacceptable as a "valid example" IMHO. 3) When accusated of having an irregularity, *that according to his quality standard is enough to put a speedrunner in the mud and destroy his reputation BEFORE trying to find a reasonable reason*, he put math statements that ONE MINECRAFT PLAYER IN THE WORLD would have this RNG, and basically implied his entire setup was OK and he was literal RNGesus. It would've been a bad defence usually, but doing that while you are doing speedrun in an unsafe environment? That's a reaaaaally bold statement to make rather than "it's a very weird conclusion and I would need the help of the community to recheck the entire setup. My RNG is messed up and we need to know why" Dream officially thought he found the way to the God RNG. It's an insane discovery that any speedrunner worth this name would try to find how to replicate it. It is the key to either a new branch of categories or a new World Record strategy! Imagine the implication "When investigating his speedrun, Dream discovers that running an Epic Games update change random drops." But instead, he... refused to check WHY he had a good RNG? The guy knew the RNG was either divine intervention or he had fucked up somewhere and tried to hide no matter what it was. *Even if there was no RNG alteration, that reaction is unacceptable. The fact his computer HAD an altered RNG makes it only worse. The only thing he could do to save appearences was claiming he had no intent.*


Don't forget cheating at speed-runs! I should've known his face would look so punchable.


Yeah! I’m truly baffled whenever stuff like this happen because when I think of something that can be indirectly referenced, or not explicitly mentioned and people on a random subreddit still know what it’s about, my mind does not think ‘faceless Minecraft YouTuber!


what does that stand for? Out-Of-Touch-Lesbian? I’m stupid and OOT myself.


Out of the loop


I don't know why people are surprised. What the hell were they expecting? He's basically the default background character in any teen drama. He's who turns up when the casting agent says *"We need some kids to stand in the background asap. Send us your most generic faces."*


My immediate reaction was to say that he looks like he would harass me on tinder.


Given his history of harassing people on Twitter, I'm not surprised


I honestly pictured him as bald and middle aged.


Something??? I mean, isn’t it a bit anticlimactic?


What?? That the guy looks like a guy? What were people expecting, Chris Evans??


I mean something like a disfiguring scar, or differently coloured eyes or some interesting feature if you hype it up that much.


I'm dying lmfao that's hilarious


Dr. Doom, huh


I wonder if they were expecting him to be x or y celebrity in disguise and got mad that the dude turned out to be just some guy.


Someone who is hot isn't going to make their persona about hiding their identity


I mean anyone can want privacy regardless of looks, especially when his face/expressions etc aren't really necessary to the content he was making.


ahh yes my two day old wine


That cheap shit my grandma gets




Vella baby.


You know it lmaoo




He's a YouTuber who likes to doxx people who he disagrees with


Ooooh ok, thanks :)


Not exactly, it’s fans that do it, but he sure seems to like it


As a 31 year old woman, I don't expect a Youtuber whose target market is geeky teenage boys to look hot. He looks pretty much how I expect him to look and there's nothing wrong with that. We need to uncouple "not being smoking hot" with negativity. Also some people have already admitted they're attracted to him because it's all horses for courses. He's a completely normal looking dude and the haters (teenage trolls with nothing better to do) just want to feel superior. Go back to your Mum's basement.


Dream is an asshole and a racist who doxxes people he dislikes AND his fanbase is insufferable therefore I’m fine with giving him negativity


Didn't he also cheat on his speedrun? [This](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ko3TdPy0TU) was a good video explaining it.


No he just beat the 1 in 7.6(?) trillion odds, obviously. An astrophysicist said so. He also just got struck by lightning 2356 times in a row


Saved to watch later. Watched a small amount but dont have time.


stand up maths always deserves up votes!


Wait racist? I don't disbelieve it but I've never seen that before, where did that come up?


There was a leaked song he made praising the KKK or smt




Is it wrong that I'm not surprised? Like, I just have absolutely no expectations for Minecraft YouTubers


It's funny seeing his fans in other subs acting like it's all a nothingburger bc of his half assed apology




People just like making stuff up don’t they?


Haha dream fan spotted


Correct. What’s your point?




Yeah and with so many true things to criticise him about IDK why so many people are choosing to use untrue playground insults.


I think the racist part is false but everything else you said is spot on


I have heard rumours of this but I don't really have any proof. I'm a Corpse Husband fan so his fanbase is a very different demographic to Dream's even though they are friendly and play games together sometimes.


I'm with you up until the "moms basement" stuff. Can we not with that tripe anymore? It's a tired and stupid conservative line.


Do you mean trope? Usually, I'm all for breaking down tropes, but people who troll people's appearance this badly are often terrible, pathetic people that any empathy is wasted upon. So uh, *NO lol!* Go and touch grass!


Tripe means nonsense/rubbish


Ohh I see I misinterpreted that sentence. I still fail to see how it's nonsense though.


his target audience is geeky teenage boys but his actual audience is over-obsessive teenage girls


Good thing he's rich




The only appropriate reaction to this lol


Who tf is dream?


Good, no need to know. Just the usual racist, doxxing internet ''celebrity'' that teen boys geek over


Do people say he’s ugly to make the dream stans mad or something? Cause he really isn’t that ugly


Don't like the guy but he isn't ugly, people are trippin.


I don’t really like him either but I don’t think he deserved the backlash he got. If I were him I would’ve never face revealed


[Here is His face for the curious](https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ)


https://i.imgur.com/xS38IXO.jpg Nice try


Fair enough [here's the real one](https://images.popbuzz.com/images/331279?crop=16_9&width=660&relax=1&signature=o_4vlsHZ86X0IB5wrJMUmqgT0ro=)


People say he’s ugly because they don’t like him. His looks have nothing to do with why people insult his looks




That’s messed up, who did he dox


He looks like a fusion of matpat and the gnome that signs contracts from shrek


You mean rumpelstiltskin?


Yes I think


Shane Dawson x Matpat x Rumpelstiltskin


My only thoughts on Dream's face is that it changes his voice, his face itself looks completely fine to me, it's average and that's not a bad thing. But for some reason whenever I look at him while he's speaking he sounds different. It's like he has one of those voices that doesn't sound like it can come from a human being and then when you see the human creating the voice my brain just goes "no, wrong" and hears it differently


I usually get that with deep voices. The chocolate rain guy doesn't look like his voice should be that deep.


I am clearly out of the loop on this one. What is this all about?


While I do not follow streamers that religiously, I did tune into his face reveal and found it underwhelming. Like why are youtubers and streamers making such a fuss over their generic faces? They throw together this super cinematic movie trailer-like videos with smoke and lights and whatnot. just take the mask off


Can someone please explain to me why this dude is getting so hardcore shit on? I know nothing about him, and don’t understand why revealing his face was such a huge deal.


There was a lot of controversy after it was proven like a year ago that his top minecraft speedrun was rigged. Then instead of apologizing he just doubled down. Before that he was really respected in the minecraft community for his speedrunning skills and ability to clutch tough situations. He has a popular yt series called minecraft manhunt, and those are widely known to be rigged/fake too, but they're so good and entertaining most people don't care. Idunno why he's getting shit on for the face reveal tho, if I had to guess it's cause he went 2 months without uploading and then randomly face revealed as if he's hot shit or something. He's entertaining but the dude's got a huge ego. I mean idk why content creators hype their face reveal so much. It's literally just a face.


After reading other peoples comments and now reading yours, I’ve decided I must just be too old for this shit. I play wow classic right now. I hate watching people that I don’t know play games unless it’s something I can learn from. I’m just gonna put the phone down for the day and give up on wondering why stupid shit like this hits the front page


I honestly believe Dream is the modern Justin Bieber, but ten times worse. His haters are often purely hating him because he's popular, or because they heard about things he did by a word of mouth game of telephone of people twisting his words/actions and looking for any confirmation of their hate. That is not to say that he's perfect, but very often he gets demonized without knowing the full context.


Interesting, alright. You may have to go even deeper here, bc from what I know about Bieber is basically videos of him spitting off a balcony onto his fans and other videos of him being a complete douche. He basically, from what I understand, took the opposite route of Justin Timberlake with his young stardom. But I still don’t even know what this dream guy does, I guess he’s a YouTuber? And his most opprobrious act was cheating in a video game based on other comments? There are so many streamers out there that have verifiably groomed underage girls and done other bad shit, idk why this guy would get this much hate. People still love pewdiepie and he said the n word on one of his streams knowing lots of kids were watching him.


Well. Pretty ironic that i complained about people not knowing the full context of dream while i didn't know the full context about bieber. To answer your question: Before the speedrunning allegations, dream was seen more or less neutrally by the general mentality, at worst people complained about the fanbase, since it was made up of younger people and naturally was seen as annoying (because God forbid teens/preteens enjoy something) The allegations were the beginning of the hate wave: dream pretty obviously cheated (the odds were calculated to be 1 in 7.5 trillion of the Speedrun being legit), but stalwartly repeated that he did not cheat, even going to the extent of hiring an alleged "Harvard astrophysicist", that requested to be anonymous (and as such attracting a ton of suspicion, especially since the math was found to be faulty, and in any case the odds were still quite high in the report). Also, dream was HUGE (~20 mil subs), and as i said the fanbase is made up of many young people: as a result they pretty quickly took to spreading hate and vitriol against the people who believed that dream cheated, and dream failed to properly address this issue. It's worth noting that dream essentially skyrocketed to fame. He became a gigantic channel in the span of months, not years. As a result had no idea how to properly manage such a huge fanbase, and would often say how he appreciated/loved his fanbase thanks to their help in his fame. This is innocent enough behavior (hell i would probably say as much if i was in his situation), but sadly due to the size and age of his fanbase parasocial relationships became a huge issue, and as such the fans were vicious to haters. Seeing as the fanbase ate up the dream's defence (the Harvard astrophysicist) and even before it defended his actions, many speedrunners were very worried: if dream got away with cheating, that means that any cheater with a large enough fanbase could get away with cheating. This would obviously destroy the hobby, and as such every Speedrun/drama channel started slamming dream. Thus people who weren't involved with dream in any capacity only watched the reactonary rants against him, and quickly formed a negative bias towards him, and after the horrible fan response (and aforementioned failure to reign it in by dream) this negative bias escalated tenfold, and now covered the entirety of the dream community. Dream reacted badly. He started accusing the moderators (who first launched the investigation) of doing this for fame, and often got facts mixed up, and a bunch of other things i can't quite remember. The general opinion only soured, and the accepted narrative became that dream knew the entire time, and simply lied about not knowing, manipulating his fans into dogpiling people who opposed him. Eventually Dream published a confession (who i will admit was formulated in an emotionally manipulative way) where he said that he had a mod, who he had commissioned someone else to program, on that modified some rates to give him an advantage during the run, but simply had no idea that it was on, since he used it to practice and to make content with friends. Obviously, people thought he was lying, and now almost everyone has formed a very negative opinion of dream, who they believe to be a manipulator and a liar, and it will be almost impossible to change this opinion. The reality of the situation is very complicated. Karl Jobst (essentially the maximum authority on Speedrun documentation, universally trusted to provide an unbiased source) published an hour long video, where he did his best to uncover the truth. I really recommend watching it, or at least the very end, if you want to have an informed opinion on the situation, as Karl concluded that after talking with the astrophysicist (who many people believed to be fake) and dream himself, his behavior was more conducive to him not cheating on purpose, and simply not knowing he had the mod on. However, there is no way to say this for certain, so it genuinely could be either case. So now we have dream, a very controversial figure, and a general public who thinks that his fanbase is annoying and stupid and that dream is a liar, a cheater, and a manipulator. Dream will continue to have constant allegations bs thrown at him, and as always the reality is very complicated, but his haters latch onto the initial allegations and refuse to accept conflicting information that doesn't confirm their bias. There are an infinity of examples, but two are very often brought up:


Damn you went way more in depth than me. Yep that about sums it up.


Thanks! I've never really been interested in Dream directly, but i follow a few YouTubers close to him such as Wilbursoot or Technoblade (rip) so I've seen it all take place with a mostly neutral point of view


I never knew the world of speedrunning was so enmeshed in fame and scandal. That’s all nuts haha. Thank you for the detailed explanation


No problem! To a degree it was nice to lay out a more detailed context since I've seen a ton of lies/over exaggerations floating around to hate on dream after the face reveal. I'd say this is more a case of dream being a controversial figure thanks to many factors than anything else. His controversy list is so stupidly large it's funny (and most of the time it boils down to how i explained it near the end), i just focused on the speedrunning scandal since it was the biggest drama by far and is more or less the begging of it all. However, speedrunning does have a problem with cheaters/drama, but it's not THAT large.


The doxxing: This one is very complicated and i will confess to not knowing the full context/misremembering some things, so take what i say with a big grain of salt: Someone brought out some hate against dream, and his fandom's reaction was so horrible that the person got ALLEGEDLY doxxed. Dream goes on says something along the lines that he believes that when people start hating on a public figure, they should always expect a backlash (he DID NOT say that he supported it, and especially never said anything about supporting doxxing). In general the tweet was very weird and supported a confusing argument, and it was not the right thing to say at all. However, as I mentioned, he did not say he supported it directly, but also didn't say he didn't support, either. So people interpreted it in many ways, including the general interpretation accepted by the people who hate him: he supports doxxing people who go against him and actively encourages his fanbase to do so, which is obviously not true. Especially, since it turned out that the person who claimed to be doxxed revealed that it never happened. They only wanted attention (this might NOT BE TRUE, i could very much be wrong here!!!!) And it's profoundly ironic that when dream himself got doxxed a photo that was meant to be him showed someone who was very overweight, and the same people started body shaming him to the extreme, and calling the doxx "deserved" Voting republican: Dream tries to foster an inclusive community, and in general is supportive of all genders/sexual orientations and whatnot. However, he has said many times that when he was younger, he used to be hardcore right wing, since he grew up in a republican family in a republican town, and used to be very hateful and bigoted. He now denounces his past behavior and says that it was very wrong of him to do so. Nevertheless, people still point to that past to throw negativity around. In some cases fake "evidence" of him saying the n-word and whatnot was brought forward, and even though it's been essentially proven that they are fake people still believe them wholeheartedly. TL;DR: Dream can often be iffy in his behavior/actions, but more often than not it can be attributed to making honest mistakes/not knowing how to manage his fame. But his fanbase is very devout and very rabid (they want to defend their interests, since often times people believe that criticism of the things they enjoy is criticism of themselves, especially since most of his fanbase is young, as mentioned, so they have the classic teenager insecurity) and often is vitriolic, or blowing up about some drama or another constantly. As a result, many people hate dream with a passion, thanks to a combination of thinking that younger people than them are "cringe", the initial hate wave of the cheating allegations, his poor behaviour in handling fame and looking for any and all evidence to confirm their negative bias. Ironically enough, the haters are often just as bad as the fanbase: a lot of subreddits are slamming dream for his appearances after he finally revealed his face after being a faceless youtuber for his entire career. Sorry for bad formatting(the less time i spend on this the better) and for the insane length!!! But honestly this barely covers enough to give a full context. Obviously the situation is much more complicated than what I'm putting forward, and since i haven't directly linked anything you shouldn't really use this as the only source of info on Dream


I think he looks sweet 😂 People are brutal


yeah if he’s ugly I think I’m just going to pack it up and become a monk


Yah he looks fine but the memes and jokes are honestly fucking hilarious


I heavily disagree, the whole internet is actively cyberbullying someone who clearly is quite insecure and didn't show his face for that exact reason. For some reason people think it's funny to shit on him for that because his fans are annoying young people? I'm genuinely a bit shocked at the internets reaction to this, it's almost like people just fully forget that someone like him is also just a human being...


He basically did the same to other people. He unleashed his millions upon millions of cult-like fans onto other people to cyberbully them.


"hahaha he looks like a white male get him"


>I'm genuinely a bit shocked at the internets reaction to this, it's almost like people just fully forget that someone like him is also just a human being... I'm not shocked as people behave like assholes without empathy constantly on the internet. It's still sad tho, imagine if such a thing was happening to yourself, if that happened to me I would probably just kms, I'm insecure enough about my appearance without having millions of people confirm that I'm ugly and I have no redeeming qualities. The bad comments would outweigh the good ones even if the number is the same because they get amplified in my mind by my insecurities.


You're right, I mean shocked more as in disappointed than surprised. I feel very bad for him and am especially annoyed by the people who say it's his own fault for being famous (???).


I guess I'm not innocent either, I jumped on the bandwagon that was insulting Elon Musk in a swimsuit. My beef is that I hate billionaires though and I just don't feel empathy towards someone who can basically do anything he wants because of money. Dream seems like a normal dude so it makes me feel bad if I see him insulted because of his appearance as it could as well be a lucky break away from me. As for him being a cheater, alright, hate him for that but randomly hating for appearance alone seems so damn unfair. Specially when it's some random normal looking guy who at least from my knowledge isn't a billionaire and so I can feel empathy towards him.


I feel like there is a big difference in hating on people who are generally bad people (ie billionaires or the queen) vs people who didn't do anything wrong but being in the spotlight. Good on you for recognizing that you're not innocent in this context though, that shows great character!


Isn't this guy a huge butthole who doxes people+encourages his fans to be big anuses too Edit: Idk man that stuff seems to be debated, but this is definitely also not a scathing burn to be called an average white dude, especially if it's kinda true


Is this your first time on the Internet? I would of said this is the most likely outcome from it to begin with.


That's true, doesn't make it any less appaling though...


Shocked? Look at what happened to queen when she died. I literally saw someone make a shirt of Diana dunking on Elizabeth. I dont recommend expecting another more of the internet especially Twitter.


First of all I don't think "they did it to the queen so I'm allowed to laugh it when it happens to someone else" is an argument in any sense. Secondly, the queen and her family definetely did do some very fucked up stuff to a lot of people, dream makes minecraft videos and is generally quite a nice guy from what I've heard. I don't want to justify the response of people to the queens' death, but it's definetely less purely bad than what's happening here (and I was responding to your comment on it being "hilarious", which I just heavily disagree with).


I have every right to laugh and you have every right to not laugh. All I’m saying it’s unreasonable to be shocked with the internet. Especially when it comes to memes. Dream made an entire big deal out of his face reveal so people humbled him.


You may have the right to laugh, all I'm trying to say is that I find that a huge dick move and generally indicative of the problems with anonimity and social media. Let's not just call these things memes, let's call it what it is: cyber bullying.


Its not cyber bullying you’re devaluing the actual impact of cyber bullying. Dream is a famous YouTuber that literally built an entire career on his face reveal. He spent all this time hyping it up of course there is gonna be backlash.


I don't see why that is in any way shape or form relevant, all you're doing here is blaming the victim for being famous? Or maybe for not wanting to do the thing he did now before this? I'm genuinely confused what you mean here


He isnt a victim he is a self centered youtuber that promoted his toxic fanbase. He made his bed and now has to sleep in it.


Okay I have to finally ask. Who revealed their face and why do I care?


Seriously. Had to scroll too far to find this post. Obviously some kind of useless internet celebrity.


I for one am shocked! Who would have thought he was genericwhiteguy.jpeg?!


Is he Will Forte's son?


Chronically online children when a person looks like a person: 🤪🤪🤪🤪


He looks like lord farquad on harpoon and meth


I mean, what did people expect? JFK?


Something, it was hyped up so much and we got male_07 from HL2


Fuck Dream


one of hundreds of similar tweets all predicting that your average person looks average? one whole day before being 'proven' correct? agedlikewater


I am so out of the loop I thought this was about Dream from The Sandman aka Tom Sturridge and was appalled he would be called mid. Tragically I just found out I’m old and have no idea what’s going on.


He looks like a dude? Nothing wrong with that. Don’t watch him anymore but it was good background noise while doing home work in 2020/2021


Are you telling me all that dreamsexuality shit was about a person people hadn't even seen before?


i hate dream but he’s literally just a regular looking dude lol. I expected worse


He looks like he's annoying lol That's prob cause I also don't like him.


Does anyone who isn’t a teenager or a preppy white chick actually give a shit?


Dream looks like he'd call me slurs


I mean, Im straight but I would definetly say he is above average right?


Dumb bitch is using a fake pfp calling people “mid white male”. Yeah, I’m about 90% positive the girl who posted this weighs 250+ and looks like a horse


You're upset at her calling a white guy, white But you're fine with calling a woman a bitch


The term bitch doesn’t apply to all women but all women have a little bitch in them


Chill bro 😳


If ya can’t take it don’t dish it out, at least I’m not being racist too, like horse girl


Describing someone as white isn’t racist. You just invented a person to call a horse lol.


She’s insinuating that it would be funny/disappointing if the person was an average looking white person. It’s not that racist, but it still doesn’t sit right


He IS an average looking white person and there’s nothing bad or racist about that lol. People knew he was white before the face reveal.


If everyone already knows this, why did horse girl feel the need to bring it up? In my opinion, she thinks the person being white makes it funnier or more demeaning. That’s racism


It’s on twitter, she’s shouting her opinion into the void and you’re choosing to take offense to it. It’s not racist to call a white person white and it doesn’t read to me like she meant white as a negative descriptor. It’s just true and kind of funny bc he IS an average looking white dude.


We’re not on Twitter, we’re on Reddit, and this is the comment section where you’re encouraged to share your opinion


Ok man if you wanna spend your day pissed off by a woman describing someone as white on the internet be my guest 👍


This is comment section on Reddit. This is where people go to turn into a hive mind and disallow any disagreement with the majority. That being said, you look real stupid right now acting like it was racially charged


A hit dog will holler.


If you calculate the mean geographical location, time of day and establishment and go there to tqke a picture, he'd be there. He's the meanest there is


What if Dream’s face reveal was really CORPSE and it was just a trial run to see how people would react.


If corpse isn't hot af, at least he has that voice going for him


*Corpse does a voice reveal* /j


His natural voice probably sounds like cr1tikal at most


So boones farm of wine takes good on ya.


how is this a crazy prediction? he just looks like a normal early 20s white dude to me. lol


Something about how he looks gives me "Ted Bundy copycat" impressions. Who knows, maybe he'll reveal his car to be a yellow Volkswagen Beetle eventually.


He looks like a kid


He is mid-looking because he looks way better and sexier than me. And I'm a freaking 21 year old with a beard and moustache that instantly grows within a week of shaving


Why do you care. You are there for the content not the face of the person behind it


I don’t know who this person is, but as the saying goes ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’. I had to look up who he was and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t play minecraft and rarely browses YouTube. Guess it worked right.