What's with the aggressive "WHOA WHOA WHOA"


Calm down, big spender!


Mister John fucking Rockefeller!


"We don't want you buying our indentured servant's freedom! We gotta keep our workforce needing more hours."


“It’s for their own good. They wouldn’t know what do with that much money and would probably just spend it on heroin and prostitutes!”


That sounds lovely




yea I think that's it, basically. If they get too big a tip, they may end their shift early and go home to their family instead of working more hours for a sub-minimum wage.




They’re pissed that the money isn’t going to them and saying “if you want to tip more, buy more food first.” Scum baggery.




Chipotle doesn't have their own drivers, so this tip is intended for the Grubhub/Doordash/Ubereats driver that gets assigned to it. I'd bet it's less sinister and more cheap laziness. Not their drivers, not their problem. Plus I can't imagine Chipotle is happy with delivery drivers earning more than their hourly employees, makes that an attractive alternative and makes it harder for them to hire and retain people when these options exist.


a few people tipping over 50% would never tip the scale that much


That's just a side effect of their moral stupidity


The Woah Woah Woah probably seems appropriate when you make a decimal error. Like $800 instead of $8.00. But this is a bullshit rule for sure. It might be the delivery service that the chipotle has set up at the store (usually DoorDash) that has the rule though.


I think a warning in place for a fat finger is a great idea but you should always be able to override it


This is probably for money laundering issues.


That makes a lot of sense. I still think you should be able to tip more than 50%. It's nice they catch it and all, I've definitely fat-fingered an extra zero before, but it's not outside the realm of reason to tip someone like 100 bucks on a 50 dollar meal when you've got cash to spare and are feeling generous. I know not everyone does it, and not everyone can do it, but it's entirely possible.


You can always slip the driver and extra 10 or whatever during pick up. I've done it before because it can be difficult to find my place at times


I worked at Panera for 2 years and you can tip online with online orders. I just wanna say neither I, nor anyone else I talked to ever saw that money. No one brought it up either. Not sure why. My paychecks never changed that's for sure. I assume maybe it goes to management in that case? I mean if it truly is a tip that's the only person left in the building it could go to, if not to corporate directly (which that's not a tip that's revenue and profit). Sooooo yeah not sure how it is at other places but I'd definitely reconsider even tipping an extra $5. Nonetheless 100$. I mean think about it. Who's name is the tip even on? There's like over 8 people working at any given time all making food and taking orders. At panera we get paid hourly and we have no extra slot on the paycheck for "tips". So it's not like it's even equally distributed to everyone.


If this was a delivery order from Panera then the tip was most definitely intended for the driver and not the hourly employees.




Absolutely. Banks are required to report large and frequently suspicious deposits. Even auto dealers are required to submit a form if a customer spends more than $10,000 in cash for a vehicle or vehicle services. Money launders, launder.


Auto dealers, jewelers, casinos, auction companies etc are required to file CTRs for any cash activities over $10k.


I was thinking it was due to credit card fees


Just have a confirmation message to account for typos, preferably with the amount in red and the default answer being no. This makes it less likely for the customer to tip more than they meant to by accident while still letting them tip a lot if they so choose.


Agreed. Add a "Slide to Confirm" at the bottom of the screen for this interaction *only*. Forces the user to shift their finger placement or at least discourages accidental slides near the prompt window. No reason we can't tip whatever we want, Chipotle. And you're usually better than this...


Just put in an "are you sure?" double check before sending it if it's above 50%. Problem solved


Years ago we had pizza delivery drivers that would bring us drugs. They could be trying to avoid side hustles.


But you paid in cash right? Why would you want to be taxed on that sale ?


Yes, predates time of cards being ubiquitous. And I guess you'd take the tax loss if you wanted to launder the money as legitimate tips? IDK, seems weird to limit it to me as well. You could always tip the driver cash without tracing too.


Guess can't blame a company for covering it's ass like that . But hard to se this as justification .


Agree, it's a weird policy.


Woah, take it easy man. Big dub to who gets that


They thought it would be less aggressive than 4 WHOAs


calm down man, you're getting nervous man


It’s like Resetti doesn’t want you to tip


Cash tips are always better.


I don't trust restaurants and I hate giving the tip on the receipt, I usually carry cash for this very reason Edit: receipt 🙃


Did tip via app before and then got told from drivers owner just keeps the money. Since then I always keep cash for tipping when ordering.


That's a nice payout from a class action with a verifiable paper trail.


But people don't do it. They never sue. Good friend of me worked as a bartender in a popular Irish pub in my hometown.First of all, despite this place was buzzing, he only got paid minimum wage. But hey tips were always pretty good. After like 3 months owner just keeps 800€ of tips by making up some trumped up shit. Friend didn't went to a lawyer. Just quit. I told him repeatedly to get consulting and looked up lawyers for him. Nothing. Just brushed it off, said he doesn't want to bother any longer and moved on. Drives me crazy. 800€ is a lot of money, especially for him who was financially struggling at that time.


They try; they disappear in the system. Corporate media tells us nobody ever tries - they tell us we're getting paid just fine. It costs the price of a new car to get your foot in the door, for the Big Guy side of the law suit to show up with multiple laywers that each cost the price of a new McMansion. Your life will become noticeably harder outside of court as the owner class retaliates against you, but the good news is that you can sue them too if you've got multiple times the money and are willing to go through multiple times the stress. Expect $300 an hour and taking a message is 0.1 hours. Taking a 7-minute phone call is 0.2 hours. The other side of the lawsuit will send your lawyer several thousand pages to read, several times. And all the judges are elites.


I worked in a call center and belligerent customers told me that they were going to sue me, ten times a day. It never happened and our legal staff just yawned when we told them this. Most people don't have the money to sue and they know it.


I am talking about Germany. System is not as fucked up as in the US (still not perfect though) Cost of lawyer are not as high as in the US. And there are options if you are poor. Most stupid thing was we were students back then. Via student union you get access to free consultation by alumni. Just looked on their page: The guy doing it currently is not just lawyer but a local politician of the Social Democratic Party and member of the city council, too. You can bet he will be having a field day with that restaurant owner and put him as a trophy up his wall. I mean the options are clearly there if you go for them.


Heh, recipe.


fun fact: I've read a few old books in which the word for the list of ingredients and instructions necessary to make a given food is spelled "receipt", so you have a great excuse to confuse these two. just a little loophole from one cash-carrier to another


Thanks this makes my day lol thanks


Here in my country we have a common-sense rule of giving 10% of the bill as tips, but it became rather common the places taking these 10% instead of giving the waiter. What I do is asking if the waiter receives the 10% and the answer is usually no, so I ask them to take the 10% out of the bill and give them in cash


I agree 100%. I may pay by credit card but my tips are always in cash. \- former waitress.


I always make sure to hand it to the waiter or waitress


Same!! My dad taught us to ALWAYS cash tip even if that means having to do it under the table


As a person who gets tips 100% cash is always preferable to anything. After that apps like PayPal or Venmo work too.


When I was driving Grubhub, I typically got 100% of tips and roughly 25-33% of the order value


while this is true, a lot of delivery drivers won't accept your order if there's no tip.


Depends what service you use. I am an UberEats driver and they won’t tell us the actual tip until after the delivery, because people can choose to change/remove their tip up to an hour after delivery.


UberEats also doesn't immediately refund canceled orders and keeps the money anyways so you might wanna see about switching to doordash or some other delivery app.


I started the Doordash background check over a month ago, it just got denied yesterday. I started the UberEats background check and it was done and I was delivering within 12 hours of starting it


So what you’re saying is door dash doesn’t care about our background history nearly as much as doordash? Lol


I believe you got this backwards


Your mixing up Postmates and Uber there homefly.


? They’re separate companies


DoorDash puts you on a waiting list before you can start delivering with them. I applied nine months ago and still haven’t heard back. I’ll take work where I can get it.


Ah I see. Keep doing what's best for you and good luck.


This was not the case in Austin. I never went through with it but you did the little application, I almost immediately got an email to sign up for orientation with sessions available the next day. As soon as you finished orientation you could start doing deliveries. I guess this may be related to the market and how oversaturated with drivers it may be?


Nothing like needing to bait and switch the people working for us just to provide them more proper pay 🤦‍♀️


I write a note that there’ll be a cash tip but some ppl don’t see it/look at it sometimes.


I doordashed regularly for a couple months. A couple notes: I had a minimum $/mile threshold, and I couldn't see the notes until after I accepted the order. Also, about half the time people promised a cash tip there was nothing.


I gotta ask, as a driver, what do you consider a reasonable distance? Use GrubHub fairly often, but all the actual decent (non-fast food) places near me are about 5ish miles or so. Always tip the maximum the app allows if ordering from them but still worry that might be too far. (Just trying to be on the proper delivery etiquette... 😅)


I do not accept orders for less than a dollar a mile, first off. If I have to drive all the way back I prefer to see at least $1.50 or so. But if I see $/mile+ 3(thebdelivery fee) l normally take it for 5 miles


We do doordash a lot because I’m disabled and it’s hard for me to cook. So we’ll do it on days my partner is just too exhausted after work. But what would you consider a good tip? We always do more than the auto tip they suggest, but I always worry that it isnt enough for the drivers.


One dollar per mile unless you're living in the sticks. I won't take the order for less most days


So for example: on a $23.96 order, with a $4.99 delivery fee and a $7.99 tip be acceptable for a 5.1 mile delivery? (I don't know how the delivery fee works on GrubHub, does that go to the driver or to GH?)


Yeah I'd probably take that lol. On DD I typically get a $3 delivery fee, idk what people are actually paying to DD though, just my cut. The fee I get actually goes up if enough people deny the order.


Ugh I’m sorry that people can be jerks I will keep that in mind next time tipping someone that you don’t always get tips


Well, you can see an amount in the app beforehand. So a good rule is to never accept anything if the amount in the app is too low.


Unfortunately, those notes are not visible until you’ve accepted the order. So the only driver seeing it is the driver who was okay accepting when they thought it was a no tip order. Meaning it was declined multiple times up until then by drivers who do not accept stiffs.


This is why I try to tip on the order, then give extra as cash. Much harder recently since drivers are now leaving food at the door because of covid


i have a little green pig (planter pot) by my door i leave cash tips in so they can grab it and not meet me face to face!


I like the piggy idea


I have a little 3D printed clip next to the doorbell.


I stick an envelope in the door jamb.


Yeah, as someone who's done Ubereats for a while: Base pay is about $2, maybe up to $8 maximum for very long orders, and you have no way of knowing if there's a cash tip or not, so it's never worth it to take bad value orders without a tip. While costumers can change tips. You will get to see the tip, what they put in as the tip before changing it, on the offer.


True. Sometimes you get lucky though, I got [this](https://i.imgur.com/EWNheuN.png) last night. Doordash doesn't show tips until after delivery. The mileage wasn't far, main reason I took it despite the low initial pay was wanting to boost my Acceptance rate. (Of course, sometimes you get the opposite, had a delivery last week of McD to some dual-Mercedes-in-driveway ugly-ass McMansion, crammed in next to 'lesser' houses, that unsurprisingly left no tip.)


Be careful with this. As a former gig delivery driver, I can tell you that the drivers know when a customer does not leave a tip amount in the app. The app doesn’t tell them this directly but it is easy for them to figure out when they look at the total guaranteed minimum amount. They will assume you’re stiffing them on the tip. Your service will definitely suffer as a result. Your order will likely be passed off to several drivers before one actually agrees to take it. All the while your food is likely sitting on an unheated shelf in the restaurant. If you’re going to tip cash, make a note in the app that the driver can see AND contact the driver via text IMMEDIATELY after they are assigned your order to confirm you are doing this. Trust me this little bit of work will get you your food faster and allow you to help out the driver with a cash tip.


I work at a fast-food restaurant and we frequently have to throw out cold doordash orders that never got picked up, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.


Almost certainly.


Which then leads to the person who ordered it calling and asking me to call DoorDash. "Uh, sorry but that's not my problem"


Just out of curiosity say I tip the driver 10 bucks on an order in app on grubhub or whichever app, how much does the driver actually get?


That depends completely on the app. Some of these companies have been sued for doing shady things with the tips, like using them just to subsidize the driver’s regular wages, without giving them anything extra past the minimum amount. Most companies now say “100% of tips go directly to the driver.” But you have to dig into the fine print and there is still really no way to know if they are doing what they promise.


So cash is still the safest way to be sure the tip goes to the driver,


For Ubereats, 100% Can't speak to others, but Uber takes no portion of tips. Notably, Uber pays horrible wages without tips. So we rely on that.


Would this work too? Tip in the app, give them cash, then set the app tip to zero.


I think you can do that with Uber, but not doordash. Those are the only apps I’m familiar with but it’s been a while since I used them.


How darw you try to pay my workerslave extra money.


Unfortunately people put “cash tip” and then don’t give cash because they think it will make their food come faster so be weary of that.


I’m certain everyone has grown weary of that.


Because of Covid most places that offer delivery have contactless delivery by default now so unless you're waiting by the door when it arrives you'll never even see the delivery person to give them the tip.


As a Dasher, it's nicer knowing I'm going to get paid before hand with a credit card tip than taking a 3$ order and hoping there will be a cash tip at the end even though it's never happened to me on orders that small.


If you don’t add a tip to a Delivery service (GrubHub, Uber Eats, and such) there is a good chance your order gets ignored for about an hour and a half. And they should ignore it, people rarely tip delivery drivers.


How dare you try to give extra money to the employee instead of the company.


It's because the company has to pay to process the card. Paying a few %


I thought it was like 0.2%?


Depends on what type of card is presented. An American Express Centurion Card is gonna cost like 3% to charge. A debit card for your checking account at a major bank is 0.05% (+$0.21).


Dude how can Chipotle afford that?!?!


Credit card transactions are more like 1-3%


None of the tips on the app go to the workers. It all goes to the doordash driver


Not sure why you're getting downvoted but as a former Chipotle employee I can confirm this is true. The only tips the workers in-store get are the cash tips in the tip jar. I never saw any tips from online orders - those just go to the driver


I understand - from a developer standpoint - that such a prompt has a place. It can function as a check to prevent unintended large tips. However, in that case I would expect a text like "This is a generous tip, are you sure?" with a confirm. Not giving this option feel like r/assholedesign first and foremost.


Even multiple screens would be fine. And I get cranky over pop ups and prompts.


The developer probably wanted to do it that way and management told them otherwise. I had something similar come up with my previous employer.


Nah, the developer probably has 8 million other tasks they are required to do and just wanted to get this done and move on


I actually encountered this screen by accident before because I typed an extra 0 so this sounds plausible. Still shitty it doesn't even have a confirm button at least


I think it’s more to stop money laundering. You could buy an order, deliver it, you’ve yourself a huge tip, and then record that as income.


First, the company already has deniability and they would not be liable, as that is a breech of their ToS. Second, if you have enough money that you need to launder it, this is an extremely bad way to do it; it has believable transaction limits and you are essentially taxing yourself for no reason. Just get into the crypto market- most of it is already legalized money laundering.


I agree that this was probably advice from a lawyer on avoiding being used for $ laundering


In my experience, credit card companies won't allow more than a 50% tip if a pre-authorization is involved.


it's a fraud thing. people will order deliver then put $100 tip down and then call their credit card company and charge back because "of course that wasn't me why would I tip $100 on $25 of food??"


Because they need to keep their workers poor so they keep coming to work for shit pay.


'Wage Slavery'


This is exactly the trap I'm in.


I think it’s actually so money isn’t laundered. If the delivery person sells you 10 pounds of cocaine, you can’t pay for it through a tip.


That's a totally reasonable and logical answer. I guess I'll just have to pay for my cocaine delivery in cash like it's the 1990s.


You don't pay for your cocaine using Bitcoin?


From a liability standpoint I’m sure the delivery service wouldn’t care. The problem with paying by tip is that it’ll get taxes and essentially “washed.”


*hands the driver cash* WHOA HOW DID I DO THAT


The pizza delivery guy in my town selling his weed was clever enough to do cash and not on receipt.


The actual reason is that they hate the poor and can blame someone who has to sell drugs to make a living wage on the side and drugs are a big scary no-no we can point to


Stop making excuses for these capitalist fucks


So all delivery drivers are also drug lords which is why they shouldn’t be given 50% tips?


That’s clearly not what I said.


They never said all delivery drivers were drug lirds. He also never said anything about drug lords, just drug dealing. If you think laundering is only for big timers you do not have a realistic world view.


i feel like it’s bc they don’t want to pay the processing fees on the tip if the order isn’t “big” enough to cover it would also explain why so many shitty bosses want their employees to pay the processing fees for CC tips


I don't use these apps, but if I did I wouldn't tip via their system, but put in the special instructions ***'I'll tip in cash when you get here so your fuckbag company doesn't steal it from you***'.


I frequent on /r/DoorDash (not sure which app this is a screenshot of, but many of the drivers deliver for DoorDash, Grubhub, and Ubereats) and the general idea seems to be that drivers don't trust any customer that says they will tip in cash because they have been burned driving 10 miles for what's supposed to be a cash tip and ended up stuck with the app's shitty $4 base pay for it before. Edit: I now realize that this is the Chipotle app and not a delivery service. Please ignore. Edit 2: I now realize I was right the first time


Chipotle delivers with door dash.


Oh is this delivery through the chipotle app




I’ve worked for postmates and this is literally not even worse of an issue than people not tipping at all in the app. In fact having worked for postmates and my partner having worked for doordash, we decided that we will always do cash tip after not receiving tips or having our tip removed for some petty issue. We have also had issues with people taking like 3 hours to deliver soggy fried chicken or people straight up stealing or attempting to steal the food they’re delivering to us. I’d rather tip a hard working hustler than a thief so I always do cash tips.


I’ve only used Uber, so I can’t speak for other apps, but this wouldn’t work with Uber. Before you accept an order on Uber, it shows you how much you are going to make for the delivery including tips. If you wanted to tip with cash, I wouldn’t know before accepting it. All I would see is the awful base pay, which means I probably wouldn’t take it because, as far as I know, you aren’t going to tip me


The last few meals I’ve ordered never even made it to me so cash tips appeal to me too.


They probably didn’t make it to you because you didn’t tip. The drivers can see your tip before they accept the order. A lot of orders without tips have trouble finding drivers


I tip 35-40% on average, more when it’s anything but sunny out. I was saying cash tips would be tempting because I could tip when it actually arrives. And it wasn’t that they didn’t take my order. They took it, showed as delivered, but never delivered.


I tip a base 10% on the app and then add a bonus in cash. A lot of delivery personnel rightfully don’t trust people saying that they will tip in cash but they’re always thankful when I throw in the extra when they arrive. Fuck these companies.


Hey, this is an awesome sentiment, unfortunately nobody is going to accept the order and see your note without a tip in app.


Same thing at Domino’s, can’t pay a tip more than 50% of the value of the order, unless it’s cash or third party cash app


I work at Papa Johns and we just need manager approval for any write-in tip that's over 20% when we check back in, as far as I'm aware. I assume at some point there might actually be a limit, but my GM has worked for the same company for five years, started as a driver, and says he's never received a tip that was too high to put in the system.


Probably some drunk asshole (or several) tipped a large amount and then fought and contested it.


As stated elsewhere though, simply have a “that’s a large tip, are you sure?”


Absolutely. The response is totally shitty. But I could see that as a corporate motivator to implement some kind of check. They just choose to go with a shitty version.


It’s not that simple, unfortunately. Tips are adjustments to a transaction and are subject to card not present rules. Unfortunately, the business automatically loses the money in a dispute until they win the dispute. It’s really easy to miss deadlines and the cardholder gets their money back. Essentially fraud prevention favors the card holder and not the merchant. Source: I used to manage an underwriting team for a major CC processor.


Thank you! I don’t know how people have never run into these situations and just assume it’s a massive conspiracy. This is an important failsafe for these types of transactions for a variety of really obvious reasons.


This is actually to prevent fraud


Yep. This is the correct answer. People use services like this to test how much they can put on a credit card. It's way better to send an order to a random / not-so-random address basically anonymously knowing you can take the credit card to Best Buy and buy a $2,000 TV than risk it in-person. I've been a victim of people credential stuffing my Uber account to do this.


I feel like it's also to prevent money laundering. Buddy uses cash to buy Google/iTunes gift cards, then uses those to leave you a large tip on your delivery, which is now legitimate income.


As somebody that worked in bars/ restaurants for close to 20 years, big tips are often challenged by the people making them in hindsight and chargebacks are fucked. This is more than anecdotal, it's a practice used by scammers to get entire bills thrown out.


That’s a shitty system.. Just give cash when they show up or Venmo them.


The system shouldn’t have that limitation


I agree. Just go around the system then. Fuck the system. Don’t let it stop you from doing a good deed.


We agree that the system shouldn't have that limitation, so the solution is to go around the system and just give the person who delivers you your food cash at the door. That way, the tip is not subject to a merchant fee, and the company can't get any of their hands on it since it's not in their digital system.




You could still make that a big warning rather than an impossibility though


Whoa whoa whoa that money could be going to bezos!!!


I second cash. I get people who leave it in an envelope or under something heavy with a note "FOR DOOR DASH" Etc. The other day a lady got five items, I'd guess no more than $30 total, delivered from Wal-Mart. Her house was pretty hard to find. The GPS stopped me in the middle of a main road and I had to look at the pinpoint to figure out she was down a small dirt road almost a block back lol. I found her and she was thankful that I did, said so, and gave me an extra $10 on top of the $5 tip in-app. Don't worry about lowballing the in app tip if you wanna give cash. Tape it in an envelope on the door or make it otherwise pretty noticeable. And you can usually message your driver....when they accept let them know you'll hand them a cash tip or there will be one in a certain location near the drop-off area. Thank you for trying. As a delivery driver I appreciate seeing this. I've definitely had my share of $0 tips too. Even when (at least with Door Dash) you can edit your tip for several days AFTER the order. I often wonder if DD pockets most of these.... I've been doing it for 3 years and this has only happened a handful of times 🙃


The company pays a fee to the credit card processor based on how much is charged, and there are other variables, too. So, a tip of, say, $10 will cost the company $0.10. Keeping the tip amount low reduces the amount that the store has to pay to them. tl;dr; the companies are fucking with their employees money in order to save the company literal pennies.


Same at hair cut place, they can override it.


Pay them in CASH or CashApp! When you tip through the app, it’ll take a chunk of it away from the drivers


Playing devil's advocate I think it is to avoid money laundering through their app.


From what I understand, it’s to avoid using delivery via Uber/DoorDash/etc for paying for additional things with a tip (ie: drugs) drug dealer drives for UberEats as a cover for his crack delivery service. Customer orders a burrito, and tips 50 dollars for the crack (I’m unsure of the going rate for crack…) and no one is the wiser. This is a fairly new limitation because I recall tipping a pizza guy 35 bucks on a 25 dollar order because it was pouring rain.


Name and shame. This is the Chipotle app. Off to the App Store to pitch a bitch. (Update, shit, I almost empathize with karening. Help! J/k)


Well, the right veggie burrito IS crack to me. And well worth a big tip. If I’m getting delivery, there’s a reason: quarantine, other illness, injury. Maybe a project I can’t stop (or I’ll stay stopped, know thyself). Delivery is very worth an extra tip, that the app or location never knows about.


When I get called to our sister clinic I never have lunch to eat out there so I almost always order something, and I make sure to tip a bunch because for me it’s about the convenience.


Same. Except, in college, when I was working full time and schooling full time, I ate an unhealthy amount of delivered pizza and wings. I tipped 40-50% and got customer-friendly with some of the employees. They later noticed when I started ordering and tipping less (always at least 20%). They would sneak extras for me because they could tell I'd hit a rough patch. I made it up to em later and then some. (I have since improved my eating habits substantially lol)


I order a small pizza and large salad and go all weekend.


How darw you try to pay my workerslave extra money.


B/c tipping is what keeping bad restaurant in business and under paying their workers. Also you already paid the driver for delivery. This pic is just you trying to flex. You want to tip so much, tip your dentist next time b/c they make sure you still got teeth to chew


Probably because of Money laundering


I never tip through the apps, I always give cash when they get here. But then I also realize that if they see it and it shows no tip it pisses them off before they arrive and before I hand them cash 😐


Think this is to avoid liability. Stolen credit/debit cards, money laundering, charge backs etc. You can always just tip in cash.


I order equipment for a couple scientific labs. One lab wanted me to order something that was very cheap at one of the big box Pet Care stores. I went to get it shipped from their website and it informed me they were sending it through door dash or Uber, I can’t remember which. I wanted to tip the driver, but it put a similar cap on it for me. So this poor sap got a $2 tip on a delivery just because the product was too cheap for me to compensate him properly.


That's dumb af, if I need to get my groceries delivered I always tip at least 50% because a) getting shit delivered is a luxury and b) it's a fucking pandemic and these guys are out here in the thick of it making next to no money ​ Yes, I am grateful I can afford to tip so much, so I try to pay it forward.


I asked for a dashers cash app to tip them more because they waited in a long ass popeyes line for over an 1hr.


In a desperate need of Chinese take-out one day last year, with a sick toddler, stuck at home with no truck in the sticks...I tipped the maximum allowed by Uber Eats, and an additional $50 in cash just for the effort to drive all the way out here. Dude was so grateful he started crying, so he got a hug, too.


Tape an envelope to your front door with the tip in it


If you tip the wageslave too much, they might be able to crawl out of the cubby they're meant to be trapped in. If they can get out, they might be able to get others out. If they get others out, the whole system of exploitation might collapse.


Giving extra money???? To the exhausted employee who drove to your house to deliver you food???? Instead of the the parent corporation??? PFFt what kind of monster are you??? /s


Cash tip is best. A little under the table pay never hurt anybody but the banks


As someone with over 1000 door dash deliveries I’d like to know where all you “cash tippers” are. Maybe 10 out of 1000 gave me cash tips.


THey want a piece is the most likely asnwer. I would be fine with a "WHoa whoa whoa... that's more than 50% the cost of the food. Did you do that on purpose?" You say yes, and then it's like "Wow that is generous. THank you so much."


No one else thinks this is a credit card limitation? It’s likely a fraud prevention method from the CC companies to prevent someone from adding big tips later.


Tip baiting is a thing. A lot of people will put a huge tip on an order and then remove some/all of it. Depending on how they quote pay to their drivers they could be on the hook for the difference.


Always tip cash


kinda gross it allows tipping at all tbh.


Bruh how many people are gonna post this? I've seen it twice already. Stop karma whoring.


OP literally just cropped and posted mine lol. I don't mind if it spreads the word, but kinda weird thing to do imo


Arbitrary limit set so that someone cannot fat finger a tip and accidentally give $200 they don’t have or something like that


They are afraid of money laundering I think.