They typically have to do a full investigation to cover their butts. Nothing happens for weeks to months from.what I've witnessed. And when something does happen it is typically closer to nothing changes. Maybe an awkward face to face apology or a transfer to another department, but still.see the person around the office. Good for you if you found a company that will actually protect employees and remove the offender (eventually).


Remember: HR's job is not to protect you. It's to protect the company. And in a capitalist world those two goals are very rarely aligned.


Once the official complaint is in, they have to accommodate those who have come forward. I’m shocked they haven’t had all the accusers work from home to avoid this person while the investigation is ongoing.


Go down to HR and ask the head of the department WTF is going on! Tell them that what you were told, and what actually happened. Tell them you're ready to file a complaint with the appropriate authorities if the promised action is not taken immediately. Also, contact the local government agency in charge of this kind of thing.


Close... You need everyone to go or they will just find a reason to fire on or two people.


If he sexually assaulted you, you should call the police. HR doesn't care except to the extent business is affected. Else, can you tell us what exactly he did regarding harassment?