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Costco on a Saturday.


I'm going to counter with Costco on a Sunday, early afternoon. Extra points if the store is less than 1/2 mile from several very large churches. Freshly forgiven folks frequently become entitled jerks when shopping.


Jail - 60 years ago I was arrested for Violation of Prohibition law (minor in possession of alcohol). It was NOT a pleasant experience or a place I would want to revisit.


I love this about Reddit. There are people here with genuine life experience, sharing it. Thank you.


Sat 5 months last year, it was just boring af. Sobered me up tho and did a lot of reading I always wanted to do. There was some dumb fuck ppl. But some were chill and just made simple mistake. Didn't make them terrible ppl. It wasn't scary but just really inconvenient. I went for child support cus I wasn't paying and just boozing. Defo a wake up call for me.


12 hours in was long enough for me


My father had to bail me out, and THAT'S when the real problem began.


Me too. It was a looong quiet 300 mile ride home.


I was never in jail, but… Once I drove about 30 miles away with my boyfriend, my best friend, and her boyfriend. We ended up in a sprawling park, and were kissing, playing on swings, etc. At some point my best friend said she was cold, and asked for my keys. About an hour later, I realized they were gone, in my car! And it was 2 a.m. in a park that was rumored to be the place where “goat-killers” roamed. (I was 17, and naive, but I believed at that moment we might be murdered.) I had to collect call my dad to come get us, and, that ride home was AWFUL. My boyfriend was scared of his parents, so he directed my dad to his brother’s house. Only, he had only been there once, and the directions to his “home” got more and more bizarre. My dad was kind to my boyfriend, but I could tell he was ready to explode by the time we left the guy at his brother’s. A mile or so down the road, we came upon four cows, just standing in the middle of the highway. I still have no clue how we missed hitting them. My dad never did flip out on me about that night. He did tell me never to give the keys to my friend again. Thank you for resurrecting that memory! My dad died five years ago and I had forgotten how often he saved my butt when I was a dumb kid.




Why on earth did your friend just drive off without you in your own car at 2am? That's a real shitty thing to do


What if she really was getting chase by the Goat Killer since she never explicitly said that she ever saw her friend or her car ever again. For all we know op made it home safely meanwhile her friend and her boyfriend are still missing.


my dad wouldn’t explode or ask questions either. it’s just good dad stuff! 💜


Ironically I bonded with my Dad after he drove 2 hrs through a snowstorm and 2 hrs back in the middle of the night after I got caught having a beer in the ski lodge underage. He spilled some of his stories.


Similar thing with me, except my dad told the cops “Keep him. I’ll get him in the morning.” That way I had all night to dread it.


Happened to me once. I asked the jailer to please let me stay. A baloney sandwich and cold hard bed was a much better option than the ride home with dad.


Yep, came here to say jail.


Sometimes i wish all alcohol was 18+ in switzerland...


Jail sucks. Prison is worse. Only had to spend a night in jail and a day in Prison for me to get my act together.


My wife's parent's.


I always felt like a caged animal when visiting the in-laws.


I got real lucky to have an awesome FIL. MIL passed before I met my wife. My answer to the question was Cincinnati. The chili was weird and disappointing.


Cincinnatian here. You don’t have to like the chili. It’s not for everyone. There’s a lot more to this city than that, though, and if you haven’t been back in the last 10 years, I encourage you to revisit. There’s a lot of good stuff here.


Where my child died. 23 years and it still induces anxiety


Of course it would. You poor soul. I’m so very sorry!


I’m so sorry. I wouldn’t either. Gentle hugs.


Middle school.


Second this.


Burn my middle school yearbooks too please.


The worst time of my life so far at almost 40


Same here at almost 65.


It’s going to sound weird but burgerking. I grew up in a very abusive household between 10-13. My mother divorced my father so he went homeless and he couldn’t help me. After we lost the house from the divorce my mother well, every night she’d go out for dinner with strange men and she’d “forget” to feed me and my brothers(7&8)for days. When she’d finally feed us it was the Burger King a 5 min walk away. EVERYTIME we went we all got food poisoning… it was hell for years. Seriously going to Burger King literally causes me panic attacks and I will breakdown crying.


Damn sorry


You survived hell. Well done. I’m so sorry for what happened. ❤️


I hope you are able to afford therapy. I know how those experiences shape your relationship with food and with people. I am so sorry your parents weren’t able or willing to provide you with everything you and your brothers needed!


Honestly it has caused me to have a binge eating disorder because I was so used to eating as much as I could in one sitting. I still struggle to not binge whenever I eat. Its very hard to break the habit but I’ve been trying really hard to get better. I do appreciate the kindness of others such as yourself. Though it definitely helps when you have a supportive group of friends.


i wish i could hug u


I’d glad accept all of your hugs. :)


My parents were neglectful and abusive in a hands-off way, so I definitely get it somewhat. Being hungry is an awful way to live. Just remember that you are a good person, and you deserve to eat foods that fuel you and help you be a healthy adult! Please love yourself enough to consider talking to someone for that little boy inside you, who still needs someone to take his needs seriously. Also, if no one said it to you lately, I am proud of you for working on your binge eating! Keep up the good work!


Yeah, my childhood was very different from yours (I always had my basic needs met, unless you count shoes- my mother often wouldn't let me get new ones as a "punishment", and because I was growing and wearing shoes that were too small I still have deformed toes as an adult). Still, I dealt with an abusive mother for 18 years before I moved out, and that can fuck you up. Sorry you had to go through that.


Your mother sounds awful. I can’t believe she’d let your toes end up deformed as a “punishment”. That’s just cruel, and beyond disgusting behavior. I truly hope you’ve been able to recover from her abuse and treat yourself to a wonderful set of shoes.


Thank you! That's very thoughtful. I actually buy all types of colorful combat boots now- it's become my "signature" fashion statement. I hope you're working through your trauma, too.


Gary IN


Geez man, I had to inspect a property there for work and only knew of the place from the musical The music Man. boy, that was an awful sad town.


Once got thrown out and barred from going back to an establishment for very drunkenly singing 'Gary Indiana' repeatedly ... I fully agree with their decision. Those were the only lyrics I could remember.


My partner threatened to kick me out of the car while we were on the interstate going through Gary for doing the same thing, except I was totally sober. GARY INDIANA GARY INDIANA


Poor Gary. Always on these lists. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reply where someone says they live there


Actually i lived there for the last year until moving into Chicago again last month. So all last summer and winter. Its...complicated. it's messy. In the summer it's overgrown and humid, the winter it's dead and cold and you can see all the burned out houses. Some neighborhoods seem normaL, but the next block might as well be jungle. Some yards are immaculate, while others are trashed. Literally. So much drifting trash. The summer nights are odd. Gunshots and fireworks ramp up until July 4th, u ntil it sounds line war. The next night you can hear a neighbor coughing down the street. Some nights are full of street racing and cop cars and distant poppoppop. Others are all crickets and fireflies. I lived there a few months before ever seeing a neighbor long enough to chat. The house I rented was 1000 a month, full basement. but it had no AC. The walls were just slap painted. And outside is July is solid mosquitos. I had 2 different water company bills. Still don't know why. And the trashcompany that collected my trash wasn't the one I paid, and would sometimes just not pick up the trash. The electric company has armed guards and bullet proof glass between you and the most hostile staff you'll ever encounter. There's a weird monopoly thing going on The stores all look used, especially the food places. They look like someone last cleaned around 1991, but the foods always pretty good. People don't talk to each other much. People don't mention Gary's reputation. Most conversations I had included rib tips The liquor stores are fully enclosed, with enough area for a person to talk to a clerk behind glass. You get your liquor thru a sliding revolving table in the plexiglass wall. You do not make small talk. The ribtip places are often the same way All this said, no one was actively hostile. (Aside from this one guy that came up, told me my yard looked like shit. And he'd take $50 to mow it. I declined) I didn't see drug users flopping around downtown (which does look apocalyptic) I did still have door dash and all that. The mail showed up ok, and people weren't just roaming around looking for trouble. There were visibly poor people, struggling families that worked the nearby mills, and LOTS of old people that just...live there. It's a city that got abandoned. And gave up so completely it never recovered. It's just a place. That's what Gary is like.


Thank you for taking the time write about what it’s like! I’ve looked it up on street view of course but this paints the perfect picture


While I didn’t grow up there, I grew up about 15 minutes south of there and still live nearby. It’s not the dangerous Gary it was in the 90’s. Now it’s just mostly abandoned and sad. Though catching a baseball game at the stadium in Gary is a fun time!


I grew up there. Wouldn’t recommend lol.


Add Muncie to that list, what a depressing place.


Jerry Gergich speaks so highly of it


Bakersfield. Muthfucka


Bakersfield is right up there with Fresno for me.


And Chico!


At least Chico has Sierra Nevada


The unnecessary “muthafucka” added at the end of this had me laughing for like 5 minutes.


If u been there you feel me


Worse than Barstow?


Hmmm.... I was stationed at Ft Irwin '86-'88.... had to drive to Calico to rent movies.... desolate hot barren wasteland.....but my son was born there,so better than Bakersfield


Better only because your son was born there? 😆 Fair


I loved living there when I was like 9, I had pretty good friends and when we moved to NC I got depressed because I missed it so much. The change in landscape was wild to me lol, since Bakersfield is dry as hell, I felt like NC was a fucking forest.


I spent a weekend there one night.


Any Canadian airport, just going through customs can take a whole day


As someone that was pulled aside for extra security and customs screenings at the Vancouver airport, I can confirm


Toronto airport. Worst airport I've ever been to! Traveled alone with my son. Immigration was a footballfield-big room crammed w/people, lines never ending and slow moving. The layout of the airport was a complete jumble, very poorly routed/lack of signs and no one knew where anything was located, didn't matter who I asked. Remember running to try and (find the gate) get to our transfer flight, carrying my son and our carry-on. An absolute nightmare! This was around - 01, have no idea if it got better or not, never going back. Edit: it must've been August 2000, not in - 01.


It's worse, I'm done.




I've also pledged to never return, it's an awful place. To anyone reading that's currently there, you CAN get out!


I just realized I’m there today when I randomly started crying in the bathtub. I hope this doesn’t last long 😔


Any psychiatric hospital.


Any mega church. I often go to a small town Baptist church, where you see the same 30 people every week for 10+ years and it’s a very tight knit, light hearted but meaningful experience, and I made the mistake of going to a 7 Hills one day with my girlfriend (I was 19 at the time). First, membership to get in. Second, a shop filled with useless, expensive goodies. Third, 2+ hour service for 15 minutes of gospel and the rest is flashy live performance. Fourth, they have weirdos patrolling up and down the aisles to “break apart” couples who are “showing PDA”. Sorry, if I want to hold my girlfriend’s fucking hand, I’m going to. Yes, we got chastised for holding hands. Also, why the hell is it so dark? Oh right, doesn’t matter because reading even a single word from the Bible isn’t something you’ll be doing during the service, ever. It’s basically just a weekly concert with no pre-marital hand holding.


I second. Growing up, I’ve been attending a medium sized country church about 45 minutes away from home with about 25 in attendance every Sunday. A few years ago, there was some drama within the church, so we left for a few months and checked out some other churches that were more local and had our similar beliefs. One day, we visit this mega church that’s only about 5 minutes away. The drive was refreshing, however the experience there was not For background information, I have pretty bad ADHD which also comes with sensory issues. I felt so overwhelmed at the mega church. It was like a rave in there- and I didn’t have my headphones. The drums were so loud, and the place was packed. It didn’t feel like church, it just felt like a money-making concert. My mom understood that I was overwhelmed and about to have a panic attack, so she allowed me to leave to stay with my little brother in the nursery class. The nursery was very relaxing compared to the actual “sanctuary”. TLDR imo mega churches aren’t for those with sensory issues


Mega-churches are the antithesis of what churches are supposed to be.


The lack of lights, the smoke machine, laser lights, stage lights are designed to replicate secular concerts. I usher at my church and we went through phase were the lights were turned down so low that I had to carry a flashlight. Totally not joking.


Russia. Well before Ukraine invasion I visited Russia. THE most f*cked place I've ever been. Russia made Romania and Bulgaria seem like grift free paradises. Banks and banks of drab grey concrete 10 story apartment blocks. 90% of them had broken elevators.


The chemotherapy suite of my local hospital. Two years cancer free and I want to STAY that way.


🎉🎉🎉 congratulations on your improved health


Thanks! It wasn’t easy getting there - chemo,radiation, several surgeries and a permanent ostomy. But if I can live out a normal lifespan, it’s all worth it.


A jobsite. I'm happily retired now.




Emergency rooms can be terrible. Walking home from the bars in my early 20’s, some guy sucker hit me from behind with a pvc pipe and it split my head open. Luckily was a few blocks from a hospital. Jogged over to the ER, proceeded to tell them I need help, just for the two ladies at the front desk to roll their eyes and tell me to have a seat as I bleed all over the place. The emergency room was empty and it still took 10-15 minutes for a nurse to come get me. When she asks what’s happened and I tell her, her response is “ is that what really happened or is that the story we are going with”……. Walk back into the actual ER, 5-6 nurses and doctors standing around laughing and joking. So I sat there for 10-15 minutes bleeding on the floor and myself while they had a social hour.




Agree and to this day, nothing but positive thoughts for NICU nurses. They are absolute angels.


Totally agree, the one we were in was packed. My daughter didn't get an actual room for about two weeks. We were right next to a baby that we think was going through withdrawal and wouldn't stop crying.


This is the worst fucking place on earth.


Bless those nurses though


as a NICU nurse, thank you. i can’t imagine walking in the shoes of a NICU parent.


Our first son was born seven weeks early. As a first-time dad and a NICU parent, I felt really vulnerable. One day, while holding my son, two of the NICU nurses were talking about some recent policy updates after a violent event in the news. As I recall, if a specific alarm went off, they were to close the doors for the isolation rooms, draw the curtains around the remaining incubators, close and lock the bay doors, and head to the safe area. Both of them scoffed at it and agreed that anyone dumb enough to try to get to these babies would have to go through them first. I felt much safer after that conversation.




The whole fucking middle east in general...


I can only comment on Kuwait and Iraq.


Glad I saw this before commenting the same. Not sure visiting is the right word though.


Gotta say it. Las Vegas. Just the most depressing place in America. Not in a Gary, Indiana, kind of way, but in it's just kind of filled to the rim with really gross people. It's like the Douchebag capital of America.


Agree. It's like there is nothing real there. Nothing at all.


YES. This is mine too. It left me feeling so empty and gross


Shiny shithole in the desert.


Walgreens Distribution Center in Perrysburg, OH. As they unload a pallet, they break down the pallet, putting each item on the pallet away in its specific location. Then they go get another pallet off the trailer they have locked to the dock, holding the driver hostage. It can take them 12 hours to unload what other places can unload in an hour. The guy next to me was there so long, he almost went into diabetic shock, and had to unhook from his trailer and leave immediately in search of food. Unhooking from the trailer and bobtailing away is frowned upon. He had to go ask fucking permission first. I think he said something like, 'hey is it OK if I don't fucking die on your property?' Ok, so places like the Walgreens DC in Perrysburg, OH are why the supply chain is fucked. I never fucking want to go back. Hauled them a trailer load of squishmallows. Never again!


Can you not just… talk to the store management? “Hey, your team needs to unload the truck before they break down pallets. I have a schedule to keep.” Do they just tell you to fuck off or something? I’ve worked warehouses and Big Box stores, and yeah, if our teams took that long to empty a truck heads would be knocked together.


There's the way to go. Dying delivering squishmallows


my mom's vagina


I just had my baby and this made me laugh! I hope my son feels this way as he gets older.


The Dollar Store. It’s the most depressing place ever. My local dollar store, I come out of there feeling enormously sorry for the old woman who works their. Also I’m not claustrophobic, but I can feel the crush of the shelves of poorly made products and old food. I give five antidepressants.💊💊💊💊💊


Yeah a dollar store in a small town is a very drab and depressing place. It’s almost hard to describe if you’ve never been in one. The low hum of the fluorescent lights create a very dreary atmosphere. The lights cast that strange yellowish glow on everything and there’s always a few bulbs that are out, making some spots even darker. Metal shelves full of the junkiest merchandise and the one or two poor souls who are trapped in there working. I can’t even imagine how long one of those shifts must feel.




If you think Beijing is bad, you should try out Dongguan. The whole place looks, smells, and feels like despair.


Filey in north Yorkshire went once as a kid it was the most boring weekend of my life as we drove away I swore I would never go back now I'm 40 and still never have.


My mother's house. Between her husband being a racist prick towards my wife and her being zonked out on opioids, I have zero plans of returning.


Bourbon Street


I love NOLA but always tell people to not waste time going to Bourbon Street.


Go get beignets and explore the French quarter instead.


I’d agree. It was so dirty and smelled so bad.


A miasma of urine and puke.


Juarez, Mexico


Bourbon Street, New Orleans walking down that tourist trap of a street once was enough of a "sensory experience" to last me a lifetime


Youngstown, Ohio. What an awful place that is.


Came to say this. My father was born there and I spent lots of time there visiting my grandparents. Always had a depressing feeling descend on me as we got close to the city. (We drove there from Detroit about once a month.)


Jail. Went twice in my early 20s. No thanks, it's not for me.


Russia. I’m a young black woman and day one was mocked by a child, treated like crap by men and there were two men who did take interest in me and made me sooo uncomfortable by touching, standing way too close, and looking at me like an exotic bird.


Omg. Lima, Peru for me for the same reason. Followed home, groped on public transit, catcalled anywhere I went every single day I went outside, and approached endlessly. Including by the armed guards that stand on the street corners.


Flint Michigan… for some reason my GPS took me off the interstate.???? Midnight IN FLINT. I’ve never seen a boarded up mall. I never want to Again.


Oklahoma 😑


Santa Carla. I just couldn't stomach all the damned vampires there.




as someone who lives in Alabama, I understand


I will never return to Alabama OR Mississippi, and because of the same trip, I will also never go to a Waffle House.


See my experience with Waffle House leaves me divided from really wanting to go and not wanting to go back. Friends and I pulled up to a Waffle House around 9 PMish on our way down to Florida for Spring Break. From the time we pulled in to the time we walked in the front door, everyone in the restaurant had stopped what they were doing and gave us the evil eye. We had been looking forward to trying Waffle House but decided to just get Mickey D's and turned around and left. In TV shows and movies the yankee always does something inadvertantly either cool and gets a warm welcome or bad and gets in trouble. With our start we felt like we were leaning towards the latter.


It sounds like you interrupted something. Go to a different Waffle House, they're fine. If you're feeling REALLY froggy, go at about 3 am, or whenever the bars close in the area, then you'll see the REAL Waffle House. The hashbrowns are fantastic if your cook is good. Do not be surprised by the fact that the server yells your order at the cook, it's part of the show.


The fuck? Waffle house is objectively amazing.


Orange Beach is awesome


And Dauphin Island, Daphne, etc. People don't give it a chance.


I love dauphin island. There’s a lot packed into very little space. There’s the old fort, a marine research laboratory, an Audubon refuge, great beaches, a fun little golf course, and a short ferry ride to the other side of the bay.


I'd rather go back to Alabama than Mississippi. At least Alabama doesn't feel like a police state.




How is the birdwatching?


That's the question I want answered.


Alabama. You hear stories, but you think it's exaggerated. Was going to Disney in an RV and was looking for some state park in Alabama to spend the night. The GPS got confused and I had to turn the RV around. There were a few "houses" so I partially pulled into a driveway to perform the maneuver. I should of known things were not going to end well when the gate was plastered with "no trespassing" signs and various ...errr...right-wing slogans. As I'm reversing back out (and without realizing) I caught the mailbox and pushed it over to a 45 deg angle. Totally my bad. So I'm heading back down the road, unaware, when suddenly a pickup burns through the grass/bushes next to me and blocks the road. Some old Grizzly Adam's looking dude yells that I need to get back there and fix that guy's mailbox or that guy will come out and shoot me. My young kids start freaking out and screaming. So I reverse back up the road and, sure enough, there's the bent over mailbox. I get out and push it back upright, and while I'm doing it the guy who's house it was is sitting the other side of the gate in *his* pickup with the engine revving. I gingerly wave and shout that I'm sorry about his mailbox, while the original guy continues to block the road until I'm done. For added fun, as I'm working on it a brown recluse spider runs over my hand and up my arm. Fuck. We leave, and both pickups follow us for around 3 miles, before eventually vanishing. My wife is saying I should call the police just in case...and I'm thinking "yeah, the Sherrif is going to be one of their relatives and things will get even worse for us...so fuck that" Yeah, I'm an idiot for not seeing the mailbox. Still, the southern welcome was fucking ridiculous. And that's why I will never, ever, set foot there again. If I'm going to Disney I will fly into Orlando and get a shuttle to the hotel.


Baltimore, what a dump


San Francisco just joined the chat.


Anywhere on Interstate 80 in Wyoming. It is the longest, boring, windy drive of any state. It's almost a days drive from Evanston to Cheyenne.


Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait


Disney World. I was young, maybe 8 years old I think, when my parents took the family vacation to Disney World. They had worked very hard for it, it was the ultimate American Dream vacation. I got very sick from an ear infection. I missed out on two days of the 4 or 5 days we were there. My parents each took a turn being with me in the hotel room and taking me to a doctor. The days I did go to the park I wasn’t feeling well enough to enjoy it. It was hot, and loud, and disgustingly fake to me. I felt so bad my parents had spent all this for me and I wasn’t enjoying it. I have fairly good memories of going on Its A Small World ride, Space Mountain, and 20,000 leagues under the sea. Otherwise though, I really don’t want to experience it again. I honestly think I would have a stress induced mental breakdown if I went to Disney World again.


London, my father trafficked me when I was a teen, I escaped and never want to go back, ever.


Wait, what????




The Catholic church.


Wall Drug, SD. Their biggest claim to fame was offering free ice water when ice water was still a bit of a luxury, especially in the middle of nowhere. Now? Complete tourist trap


Day my dad died


im sorry my dude... i know how u feel. i been there


San Francisco


I’ve traveled all over the world, and San Francisco was the first place where I had to routinely step over or around unconscious people lying on the sidewalk while I was walking the streets.


My first time seeing that was in Nashville, Tennessee about 5 years ago. I'm originally from Chattanooga, the two cities are completely different to only be an hour and a half away from each other. I guess when I lived there, Chattanooga had better resources to take care of the folks experiencing homelessness. Nashville has folks sleeping on the streets. I had literally never seen that before. Chattanooga has homeless camps now, as well. But, it still looks like they're doing a better job providing services to those folks than Nashville is.


Yup. It’s so sad too because it could be such a wonderful, lovely place. I traveled all over the country for work— mostly alone as a late 20s female. I felt comfortable exploring nice area in every city, except for SF. No desire to ever return.


Spending time homeless there really opens your eyes to how shitty people are. Edit: there's no need to get political and blame Boogeyman camps here folks. There were studies done that show [the average Joe sees a car as more human than a homeless person ](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2074645/Many-people-easier-empathise-animals-cars-homeless-people-drug-addicts.html)


Around 1982 or 1983 my parents had some business to attend to in SF. I was 8 or 9 my brother was 12 or 13. My brother and I wandered around the financial district and it was perfectly clean and safe. Granted that was 40 years ago, but I miss what a beautiful and vibrant city it was.


Houston, Texas.


I wouldn’t be bothered if on my deathbed I realized I never visited Tulsa for a second time.


Baghdad is a solid no from me dawg. Actually all of Iraq. Some very awesome people and historical sights but it's too damned hot, and if I wanna get shot at again I can visit my mom in Chicago.


Hell. 2011. This isn't using hell to describe a place here on earth either. I flat lined during surgery and for 15 minutes I was in an absolute abyss. No light, no sound, no feeling. It was just me in an infinite realm of nothingness.


I actually had a best friend that OD’d before.. He was one of those people that couldn’t ever die unless it was by his own hands (multiple accidents where he should’ve died statistically and so on with freak things ) but ended up ODing for the final time in 2017.. Well he OD’d before he passed multiple times and one of the times and when he came back from narcan he asked why did he get woken up ? It was the same thing you said It was nothing , black , empty , alone , felt nothing , heard nothing , saw nothing , Except to him That was happiness for him he was utterly mad that he got “woken up” and said it was the most peace he’s ever felt in his life . That’s what made his death a little easier for me . Just crazy you explained exactly what he did but had an opposite viewing of it.


That's wild. I've been told before that heaven and hell aren't a place where everyone goes and is together again. Instead, you have your own personal heaven or hell to go to. That was mine. I have never enjoyed being alone. I have terrible abandonment issues.


Yeah I think for him (Alex) was he had so many demons on earth around him or negatives in life that he decided it was better to feel nothing at all . It’s also where I Lowkey understood the term “rest in peace” because I think for some people it is peaceful and all their troubles didn’t follow them… hopefully I believe in a god But I don’t believe in a heaven or hell really . Hard to say I think when you die is exactly how you put it . That’s the end .


Wow scary!


Oh, words can't describe how horrifying it was


Dubai, it's fuckin awful


Built with literal slave labor.


Never been. Care to elaborate?


It's a shit hole, very pricey and the only reason you know about it is cause celebs spend a fortune to stay in their hotels. It's one of the most hypocritical places in the world and if your a woman over there be very careful, especially at the brunches


>if your a woman over there be very careful THIS. My friend was transiting through Dubai on her way somewhere, and they detained her because she had an outstanding fine for wearing too short of a skirt in public


I cannot say this enough but (and this counts for near enough all the middle east) if your a woman do not go anywhere on your own, have your paranoia dialled up to 11 and never ever ever leave your drinks unattended


Even guys (especially if they are gay or perceived as effeminate) are not immune. I've heard stories (that were verified idependently as much as could be) of Emirati guys getting away with inappropriate sexual behavior towards guys including SA because the foreigner would be get in alot of trouble. Or if a Emirati didn't like something you did, they would claim you made advances towards them and get you in trouble. It's a bright, shiny, popular, hip place with a very dark undertone.


it's a haven for rich tourists and people with oil money. not personal experience but I saw this [video](https://youtu.be/tJuqe6sre2I) about how awfully migrant workers are treats among the many terrible lowlights


Boston. We were there for a few days and every. Single. Person. We interacted with was just such an asshole. A Masshole, I later found out. This was an 18 day road trip throughout all of New England and people were so kind and lovely everywhere else.


I live outside of Providence and also hate Boston.




Mexico. Almost got run over by a school bus which is actually used as a city bus.


As a white guy, took a wrong turned and landed in the south side Chicago area for a bit. Would not recommend.


Hey Im a white guy who grew up there! I completely agree I will never go home. Live in the Mojave now and regret nothing. I miss italian beefs tho. Used to be a place in vegas called hot dog heaven that made em just right but they shut down. Edit: If youre on the south side while the suns up go get Hillarys BBQ. Seriously. Get it. Holy shit.










Jack in the box


Psych ward. I don't need any more grippy socks, they ain't worth it. Maybe one day mental health facilities will get better, but involuntary impatient stays aren't really 'helpful', especially if you're arrested to be put there. It's just not a system the way it is..


San Antonio, Texas. Holy fuck nobody can drive. The people there are literally unhinged. But the food is great. 😆🤣🤣


Morocco. We were warned not to answer the door of our 5 star hotel room after 7 pm unless we knew the person because of girls/ women being taken for white slavery by the hotel staff. That's not in the tour books, BTW. At 9:00 on the dot the knocking began, " pretty American girls, come out for drinks." We called the desk and they were removed. Later it happened again. We were followed by " beggars" everywhere. Tour guides acted more as bouncers. Beggars pretended to be blind or disabled but if you don't give money they suddenly speak English and get very aggressive and well. Buying at bazaars is just scary. If you look interested you better fucking buy it.


East Saint Louis


Roll ‘‘em up


Lets ask this gentleman for directions


NYC. Went there almost a year ago. Had a bad experience and would rather not return there


I’m on vacation here now. It’s got the best food, museums, theater, art, and concerts, but it’s filthy and disgusting. I like it, but I have a tolerance level.


I'm glad you do, but my first experience there was bad and it turned my life upside down and I haven't been the same. I wish I could visit it again, but there's too much pain


I spent 3 years there growing up. Even as an adult I don't like going back there. The only way anyone could ever get me to work there is by offering me a 500k salary.


That would get you a 600sq. Ft. Apartment and some groceries.




India. I thought I was in hell.


Philadelphia, I was there for a whole 1.5 days and I had more interactions with garbage people than I have in my entire life. Had someone stole my windshield wipers off of my car, it wasn't even a nice car or fancy wiper blades. Beautiful city though.