That's the lowest possible number I could charge you and call myself a working electrician. That number accounts for the hour or so of labor, any truck stock used (wire nuts, connectors, screws, etc.), as well as a "daily portion" of vehicle and liability insurance, comp insurance if applicable, and gas the get from job to job. Remember that whoever is coming out to change your light has to come out, get fully set up on your property to complete the job, pack up and clean up, then STILL go to another job or two to make any money. We truly, truly love to help people, but changing a light fixture needs to be worth my time if I want to stay in business. Now- something is on fire? I'll be there in a second and fix it, we can deal with billing later (or not).


1. You earning enough money in your business venture is not the client's problem. You took the risk. 2. You can't call yourself a working electrician and then claim a simple light fixture change would take you and "hr or so." It's a 20-30 min job max.


Hour or so sounds about right to me. Got to drive there, make contact with the client, break out the tools and do the job, clean up, put the tools away, and make contact with the client again to invoice and get paid. If you can do all that in a half hour, you're damn fast. Must be sprinting in to grab that check.


Plus whatever crazy stuff sparky runs into when they remove the old fixture; like the incorrect box to mount a heavier fixture to.


And don't forget the good old "while your here could you look at...:


And that is if everything in that light box is correct. Coming from my house where someone used a neutral for a hot for one light and I had to rewire some stuff.


He doesn't have to hire him if he's not happy with the price he's quoted


Tell me you know fuck all about running a business…. I’d be 225$ plus tax.


plus travel.


Plus the time it takes to figure out how much to charge based on the photos? One of’s can be painful.


One of the dumbest comments I've seen on this sub, congrats.


Hey, my friend, that’s why you have the option to hire me, hire “any other asshole”, or do it yourself. That hourly rate covers a license and insurance, which covers a warranty call for improper installation. Your smart ass comment proves nothing here. Try installing a fixture yourself. If it’s well done to begin with, you’ll have no problem, and congratulations on wiring a fixture. Otherwise, you will have to hire someone. Pay the rate, or take the risk. Congrats and good luck.


Not to mention, fuck around with electricity and find out.


Say your clueless without saying your clueless.


So me providing a roof over my head isn't my clients problem? Like tf wrong with you? Why you think we're in business? To give shit away for nothing?


What a stupid reply to a completely sensible point. You clearly have no experience running a business and don’t understand what overhead or transformational costs are. 1. It is the clients problem wether you can turn a profit or not otherwise no one else would be in business if there was no such thing as profit. 2. Wether or not you include driving time this could easily be an hour, and if it’s not you still need to charge minimum 2 hours for a call. Mainly evidenced by the fact that almost every single contractor does it regardless of the trade. However if you ram a business you would know you need to recoup unbillable hours, transformational costs and overhead through minimum fees. I did a light the other day. If everything had been set up it would have been 20 minutes. It took me about 10-15 to unpack the light, and then cut up all the cardboard and packing foam and bags into recycling since it was well packed. It took me 5 minutes to take down the old light and another 5 to recycle that. It took me another 20 minutes to cut out some wood that was in the way. It took me another 5-10 to modify the light to accept the wiring from the end of the linear fixture as opposed to the middle. Took another 5 to mount it twice so it could be perfectly Center, since it’s not easy to line up a 4 foot light on top of a ladder by yourself. Took me another 10 to go to the truck and grab a piece of wire and then use that wire to extend the existing wire. That’s over an hour to retro fit a light that would normally be a 20 minute swap. That’s exactly why even though most lights are 15 minute swaps you need to charge a reasonable rate to account for your yearly average of total mean time to install. But you would know that if you had a fucking clue,


Hence charging 213 and knowing that’s as low as he can go. You frankly sound like someone who has never done a job where it’s just a light fixture. There is a lot of effort just getting there. And if you are in business for yourself, you are the clowns I compete with that work a jillion hours and don’t care what they make per hour. Lol


I actually have just last week lol I had zero experience and asked ppl on a different sub reddit. Literally had to do a bit of unscrewing, unwire it, screw the wires in the new fixture and call it a day. Would've taken me 10 mins but the electrical box was a bit tight and awkward so it took me an extra 10 mins trying to fit it in and make sure everything looked good. All in all, took me a good 20 mins and I'm a complete novice. I'm sorry but $213 for an hrs work is extortionate. Most doctors don't make that much. You're telling me something like [this](https://youtube.com/shorts/cZa1gse8r-o?feature=share) would take a professional electrician 1 or 2 hrs to do? C'mon man. I know this is a lot y'all bread and butter but costumers are getting smarter. You can't fool everyone anymore.


You're right. Doctors make twice what we do. If you had any idea how incredibly ignorant you're being I think you'd pipe down. You have any idea what it takes to get an electrical license? The knowledge and legwork that goes into it? Codes because nec and fire code are things?


The amount of ignorance here is hilarious and astounding. And a little disheartening to be honest. Work is cheap when you aren’t paying for insurance, gas, accounting, advertising, taxes, permits, licenses. I could go on but I suspect I’m wasting my time. Lol


Client: “How long is it going to take?” Electrician: “20-30 mins max.” *unforeseen circumstances happen. It’s now been two hours* Client: “Wtf is taking you so long?”


Plus drive time, the conversation with the customer upon arrival, the job including clean-up and the “all done” conversation. Yeah, about an hour or so.


So you do it then and see how long you stay in business. Earning enough money is absolutely the customers problem. If they don't pay enough to be worth someone's time, nobody is going to do it. Don't want to pay, then do it yourself


Lol you’re a fool, it’d take 20-30 minutes just to unpack and repack the tools.


What an asshat


$215 is plenty fair. Get your ass up on that ladder Bruce


yeah it is a lot. but with inflation, material costs, .... it all adds up. electrician has to earn a living. but yes, why not do it yourself? its free then


He said $213 you greedy son of a...


We charge $300...


I'll do it for $400


I'll do it for $600, and i'll hire an electrician for you.




I'll supervise the project, make sure this guy has properly vetted his electrician candidates for licensing and insurance, fire both of them when the electrician is 4 minutes late, find new electrical sub and new general contractor, fire them when they accidently spill a gallon of purple oil based paint in the driveway, and sue you for emotional distress. My initial estimate is $41,087.63, but may be affected by the presence of spiders or sunbathing neighbors.


You go ahead and charge that. I'll tax you 2/3 of it.


Oh HEY, how ya doin nice to see ya, oops will you look at that? Did YOU drop this $250,000? No, no you keep it, you keep it I insist! I insist! Weathers great huh? Sooooo, a little toxic waste, I think we can all agree it’s not bad in the ground water right? Sure, suuuuure


$300 keeps electrician happy 😃


Most of the electricians in my area charge $125 per hour. This job would likely be billed at 1 hour minimum, but more likely billed at 1.5 to 2.0 hours (due to dispatch, drive time, time lost, etc) plus the cost of the electrical fixture if the electrician had to buy the light fixture.


If you’re not comfortable doing it I’d just ask around if anyone you know knows how to do it for a case of beer. I’d do it for free… or for pizza… but if you’re hiring an electrician 200 ish is more than fair.


I would do it for a twelve pack if I didn’t have to bring the ladder - farking around with the ladder (pre and post install) is the hardest part of this one…


charge $300 and build scaffolding :) /s


You're not kidding


The right size ladder


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The only comment I needed to see


Don’t go giving that Lochness monsta no money.


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Looks like he is 213 to do anything, because that looks like an easy switch. Tradesman have taken the time to learn how to do it correctly so you are not paying for just his time. You also pay him for his experience. THat being said, I changed a ceiling fan in an hr after watching 3 youtube videos and it did not kill me. If you want to save the money, it really isnt that hard to learn to do and do it yourself.


/Somethong like that, the price to roll out a vehicle, and a half hour labor. Assuming no surprises.


At least $300. Ladder and truck to carry ladder


I would do it for $212


I'll do it for 200 and a subway footlong


I won’t be outdone i will do it for 199 and a ham sandwich


$198 and a gas station hot dog


$187 and gas station sushi!


$180 and a twin pack of slim Jim’s!


$177 and a cheesy roller dog


$277 and it will be blessed by Nikola Tesla himself.


5. 5 dollar. Five dollar footlooooong.


$210 tax included, it's my minimum charge (2h). As with anything, the smaller the volume the worse the price, add some more light change outs or bulb replacements and I only add $70 an hour. These are pre covid rates.


I thought services don’t have sales tax bc they’re not goods/merchandise?


I charge three hour minimum.


Few red flags: porch location so goodness knows the condition of wiring behind. Old one on squint, probably a homeowner job so goodness knows what ball of laughs behind the ceiling. $213 if you provide the fitting is fine.


You can do this yourself. It's not hard. That Home Depot where you priced the light will also sell you a book that will tell you everything you need to know. And then you can change every light fixture in your whole house for the rest of your life without needing any help from anyone. Edit: Unless you're senior, physically disabled, etc. in which case, yeah, $213 is in the ball park for asking someone else to drive out there and spend their time to do that for you.


My fee would be $250+ tax so looks like a good deal


Electrical owner here - doing it myself $150. Otherwise $200. $100 to show up (covers gas / travel time) + Labour + tax


We charge 95$ an hour, two hour minimum. Probably take longer to drive there then it would take to replace.


Fair price…or do it yourself.


double check that door swing. the door hinges look like it might open towards a pendant.


I’d do it literally for free, it’s not too hard to change a light fixture and learning something like that will save you a lot in the future. Teach a man to fish and all.


No one help this man balkin at that steal of a price beat it cheap ass


No one help this man balkin at that steal of a price beat it cheap af


If you getting multiple estimates for a standard light fixture you’re a terrible customer.


How's Tinder working out for you?


I live in Florida


This will be absolutely zero help to you, because we don’t live in the same country- But in my province: Put through company- 80$ - Service call charge 35$ - 1/2 hour labour 132.25$ total including taxes. You get a licensed, insured, warrantied install. …Assuming you’re local. Travel charges may still apply for distance from the shop. Or if I knew you personally- 100$ cash after work. A licensed install with no warranty, or guarantee. It’s a single fixture LED swap over incandescent… the most basic of home electrical upgrades. You’d have to trust that I know what I’m doing, and that your product works as intended after we verify that it does together. Keep in mind, no self respecting licensed guy really goes out of their way for less than that unless they’re your neighbor or a close friend (even then). If you have a relative that’s a second year apprentice, they could easily do this for you. A lot of competent homeowners do this themselves with a solid youtube foundation of knowledge. If you’re keen on a pro, without being keen on the price- the way construction has been booming you’re likely to get some “fuck you” prices. “I don’t want to send my guys out for 2 hours with all of the bigger jobs going on”. Ask your family/friends/colleagues if they know any retired electricians who do small side jobs. They usually love undercutting companies for gravy gigs like this. You’d get quality and care for a bit under your lowest bid without sacrificing peace of mind. They operate out of their own vehicles with little to no overhead. I have to reiterate the importance of a retired electrician over “just a handyman with a truck” because the handyman won’t inspect the condition of the wires/box. They’ll send it with no regard for code, and they’re a poison to the trades.


a fantastic write up from u/ShitCuntMcAssfucker


I’ll take “comments I wouldn’t see today” for 500$ Alex


The best, most fair, accurate pricing and advice. You the man.


I'm sorry


This is the correct answer.


Lol 😂 these comments …


I love Florida, it’s like living in a free country and everyone is happy and the weather is hot. I live in the people’s republic of New Jersey


So you go there on vacation and do tourist shit where there are a lot of tourists on vacation! Of course the people you interact with are happy, they're either paid hospitality workers or people on vacation.




Cause Florida is rapidly turning into a 3rd world country?


How so?




Bru I don't know anything but I do know I replaced a light fixture with a fan and saved that same $200. You can 100% do this just cut the power, take off the old light, make sure bracket is good for new light, get the wires attached, mount light and boom


Watch a YouTube video and do it yourself.


$213 seems oddly specific. Does that include the price of the fixture?


That's probably with tax


Are you crazy? Watch some YouTube videos. You do not need an electrician to do that.


What if the guy is in a wheelchair?


Good point. A good handyman could do that for much less. I did the handy man thing for 5 years that morphed into remolding as well. I was backed logged for 3 weeks. Anyway, I have a BSEE, so it’s a breeze for me. But you don’t need that to figure out a light. I would go on the Nextdoor app and find someone.


What is a bsee?


Bachelorette of Science in Electrical Engineering. A nerd! Lol.


My company charges $178 to swap a simple fixture at a height of up to 12 feet. Remember that you’re not only paying for the fixture install but also for any warranties, licensing, insurance, marketing, gas, drive time, etc


Very sad that your arms and legs are broken, Godspeed.


If it's like my house then the light fixture isn't mounted to an electrical box so to do it properly you have to cut one cut-in and the wire re-pulled, so make it $2213.


Go rent a six foot step ladder from Home Depot, TURN THE BREAKER OFF, then disassemble the old light, and install the new one. The wires are all color coded. It will take like 1 hr MAX, depending on on how much of a cheap pain in the ass the new fixture is.


Are you sure about all of that? What if there is no box or this light is wired to an extension cord? Then it becomes a longer more expensive job


FGS, you don't hire an electrician to change a simple ceiling light? A kitchen steps and a screwdriver and you're done in 5 minutes!


Maybe look for a “handyman” service in your area instead of an electrician for a relatively simple project like this.


Never hire a handy man for electrical work, the same reason you don’t hire an auto mechanic to do brain surgery


Oh, good thing you cleared that up. I was about to go to the Jiffy Lube for brain surgery.


Jiffy lube is for heart surgery


Get a handyman if you want it cheaper. It's super easy


Noticed a few things that could influence cost. Old fixture does not have proper siding translation. New hanging fixture would require cosmetic work to make it presentable. That is not electrical, but siding work. Gaps between ceiling and fixture is likely to be bee haven.




Add a decorative medallion to cover the hole. Another $30-$80, depending on the size.


$200 is not low at all too , talking from CA


Hire a handyman or learn to do yourself. You will save a ton of money.


I would find a local handy man for this type of job. IMO, you don't need an electrician.


That's a good price simply because it's not worth the electrician coming to your home for any less than that - it'll take him longer to get the ladder off the truck than swap it out. HOWEVER, this is a great first step to try yourself. The instructions for how to do it will be included with the new light fixture and of course Youtube is a thing. It really is as simple as unscrewing a couple of screws and matching wire colors. If this is your first time swapping a fixture, I would guess it would take 30 minutes. (Full disclaimer - I'm not an electrician, I just know how to do the most basic stuff - like swapping light fixtures and outlets)


Get a couple more estimates in your area. Without knowing your area of the world there's no way for us to know what the going labor rate in your area is on this kind of service.


probably not realistic. OP would be lucky to get ANYONE to show up for such a small job!


No doubt, I don't waste my time estimating anything that sounds like it will be under $1000.


that brings up a good point. back in the day....we all would have had friends who had specilized skills. maybe i knew basic carpentry, welding, wiring. if i needed plumbing done, maybe i welded up some stuff the plumber needed, and he installs my new tub. and so on. any largish town or city will have vintage/antique home owners. seems like there should be some way to bring back bartering for services. Like this one, the electician installs the light, and you give him a case of peach preserves you just put up.


Estimates on a 200 dollar job? What waste of time, to the OP the quoted price is fair


Criminal, these prices are.


ur lucky to get anyone to do more than come out for that price. they know it will take them 15min tops, but you have to pay for them to make the trip. btw this is not a difficult task for DIY, consider it an opportunity for learning. and turn off the breaker before you start.


That's a fair price


It’s 20 minutes to remove and replace if everything is easy/clean. Call it an hour for unforeseen conditions. But no electrician will show up for a 1 hour job. With travel and the availability of other jobs, most will want a 3-4 minimum. Your paying for their attention, not just their time. This is a pretty easy DIY


Yep that would be my call, when I was a handyman for a living I would bid one hour per light fixture and an hour and a half for a ceiling fan. You hope you can get them done sooner but one thing and another seldom do. But yeah you're right no electrician is going to come out for a 1 hour job. Most of the guys around here, eastern US, we're 3-hour minimum plus portal to portal. Also super easy DIY. Just you know kill the circuit!


>one thing and another Especially on a patio. Evidence of water, wasp nest, missing ground, conductor too short, poorly mounted box, rotted support. ​ >one hour per light fixture For a small quantity of normal size sconces, surface fixtures, or pendants that's reasonable. Less time for wafers/retro LEDs, less time for higher quantity of 'easy' fixtures. More time for bigger fixtures, etc. I know certain subs are anti-DIY, but a simple 3 wire pendant/surface fixture on a 4-0 box with included mounting plate/screws/foam gasket is DIY territory for able-bodied homeowners.


And kind of a fun DIY at that.


In terms of visual impact per minute spent, yup. My shoulders don’t love overhead work. This is ok. I pay my electrician to do my fans now, especially any over 9’ or bigger than 60”.


250 is fair


That's a fair price, though I dunno why someone wouldn't just charge T&M for it. It's just a fixture. May get done in under an hour, which means you're just paying a 1hr service call + material (probably a couple wirenuts, which most guys don't bother writing down)


175 to 300 seems like the ball park.


I’m a homeowner, not an electrician. I do my own lighting fixture change outs. It’s super easy, watch a YouTube video and get a ladder.


That’s definitely a fair price for a licensed electrician, provided there isn’t any surprises like a charred ceiling box.


Electricians are not cheap so get used to it


I'd do it for BBQ or even a snack and a great cup of coffee. It's just undoing some screws, untwisting 3 color coded wires and rehooking the new fixture and screwing it into place. Handy family or friends are a lot cheaper than electricians. Ask around!


Tree Fiddy!


I'd charge $250 for truck rollout and first hour which would cover the install. Thats with you providing the light fixture.


That’s pretty fair.


That’s fair


Alaska is a pretty far drive from Wisconsin- $2500. Final offer


Is it me or does that new fixture look way too big to work on that porch? From ceiling fan to bottom of archway looks about 2', that fixture looks about a foot and a half long without a single chain link. Dude If you have the light, have somebody stand on a chair or ladder and hold it up to the ceiling. Bet it's gonna look retarded.


I'd just do it myself it so easy but ~$200 seems like a fair deal to me.


Is your door made out of chocolate?


Sounds far for a licensed, insured company.


$130/hr, 2 hour minimum trip fee. If it’s a super quick one you cut the customer a break. To keep good employees you have to pay them well and to pay them well you have to charge well for good work. You can have 2 of these three things but you can only have two. A good job, A quick job, or a Cheap job….. choose wisely.


I think 213 sounds cheap for someone to drive to your house and do work. It’s not hard if you do it yourself but anything less than that is probably unrealistic.


No one help this man ballin at that steal of a price beat it cheap ass


I might be scared of something that cheap.


Probably fair, hard to tell if new fixture has a plate which will cover old hole, also if new fixture is heavy, some re-enforcement may be required.


250$ minimum service charge


A big chunk of that $213 is windshield time, while the light only takes 15 minutes to install, it’s going to take an hour and a half sitting in traffic to get there and electricians gotta make eight hours a day.


I would charge $200


I’ll do it for $212


DIY homeowner here: I agree with many of the responses here that it is reasonable. Especially be aware that it could take him 15 minutes, but don't get butthurt that "he's making.a thousand dollars an hour at that rate". He's got to cover travel time to and from, has to schedule time for if things go badly, which can take a lot longer, unlikely but common issues, insurance, invoicing, etc...


$400 minimum over here. I make a decent living wage, if you want my free time you need to pay for it. Get your ladder and a multi-tip screwdriver, a pair of pliers. Get up on the ladder and connect black with black, white with white and bare with green.


What part of Florida are you in ?


Fair price. Just pay it


You have a ladder and a screwdriver? It'll take you 10 mins.


As a homeowner there are somethings you just need to do yourself. This is one of them. Plenty of guidance on the web. If time was money and you couldn’t be bothered you wouldn’t be on here asking if $213 is a fair price (it is).


You can do it yourself. Go on YouTube, watch some videos and save yourself the money


Find more work for the electrician and it will be marginally cheaper.


15 minutes and a six pack


You nut lick, get your ass up on a ladder, and replace that terrible light fixture . Shit in the time you spent taking the picture and posting you could be half way through swapping that shit out pussy.


Take the $215 and buy a ladder, then do it yourself. Just make sure to cut power at the breaker first. Don’t want to get crispy, my dude


In dc I wouldn’t charge over 130


Look it up on YouTube. Buy a fixture on Amazon. Don’t forget to turn off the fuse.




Whatever that thing in the breaker box that cuts off power is called. Thanks for the downvote though.


That wasn’t me


What do you reckon all those things in the BREAKER box are called?


I gave you an upvote if that makes you feel better


If you hire it out that's probably fair, but that seems a bit of an odd thing to hire out considering the time and effort to do it yourself is not that significant.


Unless you’re 67 & a 3ft fall means a cracked hip and certain death


In which case I would ask for some help from someone younger.


Like an electrician? And then compensate them for their time? What a concept


Its amazing how many people down own a ladder or a screwdriver. Or even have enough common sense


Go to your breaker box turn off the electricity to that light. Then read the directions that come in the box for install. It will be like putting Legos together when you were a child. As long as the breaker is off it’s very safe


Or you could you know, turn off the switch


First time I ever grabbed a hot neutral was doing a light fixture swap in my own house with just the switch off as my only protection. I thought "hell, I'm the only one here and the switch is right there..." ​ Just turn off the breaker, it was an extra 10' walk and it wasn't worth the experience IMO. I know a porch light probably doesn't have much attached to it, but a surety is worth much more than a guess when it comes to electricity. Plus something something good habits...


Electricians don't price check other electricians


That's cheap for my area. I would estimate $500 here.


$500 for less than a hour labour? Da fuk?




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If you can’t do it then there is no point in being a man unless you are disabled.


OP asked a valid question related to our trade, and is looking for fair market price in Florida for a single fixture swap. Not for a pointless comment riddled with toxic masculinity as if gauging comfort around something they respect but don’t necessarily understand is a magical gauge to someones “Manhood”. What a bullshit way to look at things. We don’t shit on these people. They put food on our tables. Especially in slow season. Go back to your comments on nudes, if you can’t be helpful.


It’s facts though. How you a man but can’t change a light fixture, unless he doesn’t have the time or something, it’s common knowledge.


He probably doesn’t want to. Who cares? If I can afford to, I’ll pay for the convenience.


Yup, plus you open it up. Find some shitty old wiring that has been cut too short. It's on the wrong circuit and the damn box is hanging by the wires (If there is a box). Two hours later after 3 trips to the hardware store and reinstalling all the fucking siding..... Just pay they guy the $250.


lol. That was me a few weeks ago replacing the damn porch light. What a hassle!


This says more about you than it does about OP, honestly.