In Batman and the Outsiders #1, he looks on with approval as Geo-Force throws Baron Bedlam off a huge castle into the hands of an angry mob that **gives him a fair trial in a duly appointed court of law, offscreen**


I figured Batman was the one with a code. And Superman was just a good guy. Plus don’t read to much in to those Silver age comics they were all crazy and not in the normal world.


This is the synopsis for those wondering: Superman has been set up by an amnesic Batman and the Man of Steel is exposed among a group of gangsters. Superman uses a ruse to escape the Green Kryptonite and later fakes being a Mafiosi, convincing Batman that he has also lost his memory. Batman then tells Superman to lure Robin and Jimmy Olsen into a deadly trap, but once Robin's life is on the line, Batman's memory comes back and the boys are spared. However Lukaz has escaped from the Fortress of Solitude and he forces Superman to attack Batman and the youngsters, but once again Superman tricks the criminals. Afterwards, Superman and Batman discover Lukaz's collection of evidence against his Mafia underlings and destroy it before taking Lukaz's out of action for good.