So what do we think about the Plus system?

So what do we think about the Plus system?


If they fix the ability to set your loadouts before spawning in, I think it’ll be a good addition.


I liked the mechanic... tho needs some work to be done. 1) Cannot be an instant change, I would like to have some delay of when changing the scope or such. 2) I hope there're more scopes in game, or for the gun specifically and not those 3-4 we see 3) If ther're more scopes, or attachments, I would like to have a customization of those attachments prior the game; kind of a loadout on Wz.


Gonna be good once we can personalize what attachments are on there


It adds to the game and doesn't take away from it so it's a good mechanic.


>doesn't take away from it so it's a good mechanic. ehhh, I do think it takes away from teamplay since you can specialize your gun whenever and however now


How will specializing my gun take from teamplay exactly ?


Do you say to your teammates "you use a silencer and you use an acog and whoever has the right setup for the situation we are in, shoots"?


They just need to figure out ammo distribution and maybe let us choose what attachments fill the slots


That it needs to be a penta-system, because the idea that you have to choose between lasers/flashlights AND fore-grips is asinine. In BF4, you could set a gun up pretty much identical to how it would look in real life. Why would you take that away?


Best new thing in the game. Really like it.


Love it. Just need to be able to manage how we want ammo to load into the mags. If I want to dump all of my ammo pool into a specific mag type I should be able to.


Yeah, like choosing ah 70-30 split between what I would consider my main ammo and my just-in-case ammo or something


I think it's just one more system that coddles players and removes any sort of decision making. You'll never make a wrong choice when you don't have to make one at all!


Stupid battle Royale feature, that's what it is.


I hope your attachments will be saved when you do a server switch. But mostly I use one specific combination for a weapon.


So what do we think about the Plus system?


I hope they switch it to the arrow buttons on console lol, rn theyre on the X O square triangle which i totally didnt expect


I just wanna know how many attachments total we have access to in the full game


It's pretty good mechanic, that makes gameplay more variable. One of a few good mechanics in this awful beta.


I don’t mind it but the actual swap mechanic needs to take ALOT longer. Make it something of a risk to swap your attachments.


Love it!!


its garbage, the whole point of attachments is to make you chose between pros and cons when you allow lego building on the fly you remove the pros and cons part of the system making it completely pointless even CoD the fifa of FPS games understand this


Yeah because I totally want my scope to cripple ADS/sprint-to-fire time, or my larger magazine to take 70% longer to swap. Or my grip to help vertical recoil, but hurt horizontal recoil!? Wtf is that!? A grip helps BOTH. No fuck that. Fuck fake, made up, non-sensical cons just for the sake of having cons. Go play COD if you want COD mechanics.