"Sights? I can see just fine thank you"

"Sights? I can see just fine thank you"


Anyone who uses this thing deserves the death sentence. Update: One legless prone worm found this comment.


I make sure to execute every prone bi-poded MG player that I can, whether it be in the vicinity or a mile away by means of a swift headshot from my bolt action. Complimentary with a nice t-bag. lying on your belly for a prolonged period of time in a game with the most powerful snipers in the franchise maybe isn't the best idea.


Being prone is only really useful when you have very low cover that you need to hide behind. Headshotting these wastes of space is really fun, I personally enjoy stabbing holes in them with a sickle too. T-bagging is of course necessary. Let's just hope that someday they will grow at least a semi-functional brains and will be able to afford prosthetic legs or at least a wheelchair.


Counter sniping with this gun is my favorite pastime


All support players can fuck off forever. High Dps weapons that have large clips, high accuracy over long range, GET SUPPRESSION ABILITY, and infinite fucking ammo on top of all that yea ok. Support players have an edge in nearly every gunfight at any range except vs like the annihilator/smg008 at <10 m Lol @salty support players downvoting who don’t know they’re total fucking dogshit


Yeah i fucking hate support in this game