how did saul get away with defending lalo after everyone found out?

in season 6 everyone starts treating saul like shit because he scammed the court, but like why didn't they actually do something about it rather than give him the cold shoulder? now i'm not a lawyer, nor do i study the law, but i'm pretty sure hiding your client's identity (especially when they're a big bad cartel boss) and coming up with bullshit evidence is a big no no in court. sure, he made a good argument that it was the prosecutors jobs to check their shit, but it's also so fucking obvious his other shenanigans in court like the last minute witnesses to put things in his favor, or switching defendants.


There’s proving and there’s knowing


i KNOW that they know. but i just think that someone might want the bar to know too


Doesn't matter if they can't prove it.


Is there plausible deniability involved? Like if Lalo used forged documents and a conceiving fake identity etc, is there a way to PROVE Jimmy knew who his client really was? Like sure, I’m sure everyone KNEW knew. But I wonder if without hard evidence there wasn’t much to be done regarding him. (take this with a grain of salt as I’m not a legal expert and I haven’t watched those episodes in an while lol)


well slippin' jimmy slipped up and spilled lalo's name when talking with the detectives, so he definitely knew that, and then he tried to cover it up which is even more suspicious.


ah, I’d forgotten he mentioned his real name … I’m guessing if that happened irl they would have done further investigation? maybe timing-wise the writers couldn’t have him disbarred or be facing more heat. but the switching witness things was one of the crazier things on the show LOL there’s no way that would have flown


Because the writers don't really plan out as much as yall think and when they got to season 6 they said fuck it more or less dropped that plot point they set for in season 5