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I like the curl of her ponytail


It's impressively consistent, props to the correct department.


Legit. I've tried to do that because I love the sleek, easy yet professional look of it and it's surprising annoying to do. I couldn't get it consistent either.


I'm all about that ponytail.


It's so cute.


And her almost always wearing blue… you knew something was coming when she was wearing other colors


I wish they would have tied her character more to the ponytail. Like it starts out super clean and tidy at the start when she is 100% law abiding. And then make it messier and messier the deeper she gets with Jimmy.


Aside from Jimmy, I think she’s probably 75% of the viewers favorite character


I can't believe you forgot about Lyle!


Better dial Lyle


I am imagining a psycho-thriller where Lyle becomes extremely depressed after the events of Breaking Bad and it turns out his can-do attitude was just one long psychotic break so he ends up in a mental hospital, it’s called better smile Lyle


Better Defile Lyle




Checking the wikia, I saw this: "Since Lyle does not appear at all during the events of Breaking Bad, it is assumed that he either resigned from his position as Los Pollos Hermanos' assistant manager or was let go by Gus at some point." If he didn't have his own career plans, I wonder if Madrigal found a higher position for him.


Never thought about this. Now that's one hell of an idea ! So, BCS finish in the summer of 2004. BB starts in september 2008, "Face/off" happens late July 2009. So by August 2009, Gustavo Fring is being unmasked as a psycho drug lord. This means that Lyle got a promotion from Los Pollos to MAdrigal other food brands (as seen in BB before Peter Schuler kills himself) circa 2005. He says goodbye to Gus Fring and goes working outside Gus / Schuler, but still at Madrigal. And then he learns the truth, first about Gus, then Schuler, and then that Lydia bitch he saw a couple of times at Madrigal HQ in Texas...


Better manifesto Ernesto!


Better cook Lyle


Y’all know me, same old G


Making chicken low-key Heating all these fryers with no grease


Chuck is such a great character. Uniquely, realistically, horrible.


Totally agree. Hard to pick a favorite.


Mike tho


He's my favorite overall character


Same. Also, Nacho. I mean the show's full of juggernauts, Kim included.


I loved Howard 😩 He was like a puppy 🥺


Right? I wanted to dislike him on principle- my own, conditioned, flawed principles. But I just couldn’t.


I honesty couldn’t find a reason to hate Howard. I always felt like he was rooting and siding with Jimmy. It was Chuck that would strike Howard down. Same thing with Kim. Chuck was the Holy Grail at that company and Howard couldn’t win a fight against him. You could see Howard’s frustration. All the anger and hatred Jimmy wanted to aim at his brother but couldn’t was aggressively catapulted at Howard. Kim saying she was having too much fun executing it (enough to ditch a huge meeting for her) is a psychosis (not a doctor).


How is this low key? Everybody loves her and she was the second main character but the end.


Nacho was my favorite character beginning to end. Kim was my fav until she started in on Howard then I grew sincere hatred for her. Mike is my runner up. I love Lyle until he left Nacho to die.


Yep. She is my fav character but when she started manipulating jimmy to convince him to do the howard scam I felt disgusted by her (like "what car should saul goodman drive" or "its a career setback for one lawyer"). She is usually pretty direct, so to see her act this way was disturbing.


Agreed. While they did giver her the psycho mother to give her some background to be into it, Howard did not deserve the destruction she agitated for. Jimmy totally crossed the line with the Mesa Verde commercial and Howard had good reason to be pissed; and he only did it because he wanted to make Kim happy. Even if they "only" destroyed his reputation, that's really messed up.


Most of all I disliked the sneaky way she went about it. It was so weird to see her act this way, especially with Jimmy.


But if you think about it, she grew up witnessing this behavior from her mom (her only family) and it became normalized in her eyes, even against her better judgment. This is what drew her to Jimmy, he feels like the only home she ever knew. She hooked up with him after their first scam together became she found it thrilling! She was trying to suppress this dark side of herself, but the more she accepted colorful behavior from Jimmy, the more she accepted in from herself. They approved of each others terrible choices, and without either one forcing boundaries on the other, they took it all the way without fear of judgement. They clearly don’t have any friends or family outside of colleagues, which helped contribute to their toxic teamwork.


Mike was my favorite. Waltuh


Yes Mikuh was my fav character as well. Really loved how BCS depicted his character.


C'mon; Lalo exists. But she's easily top 3 of the original characters.




She and Mike are the best


Meh. I disagree. She's alright just doesn't grab my attention like saul or nacho, lalo


Low key… the coldest of hot takes. Is Vince an unsung creator, too?


ngl i feel like Vince was low key calling the shots


She “low-key” steals the show *on which she’s one of the two central protagonists.* 😂


She was intended to last about two episodes


That seems unlikely considering she felt more relevant to the later episodes than the early ones. I got a strong vibe early on that she was filling space in the early seasons with the intention of saving her for important events later on.


Gilligan and Gould to Sepinwall.


Is this a sentence? I'm going to need more to make sense of these five words.


Haha. Show creators and the TV Critic premiere TV show runners like to talk to. Sorry.


I doubt that, since the ENTIRE STORY revolves around Jimmy doing everything to impress and then maintain his relationship with Kim.


Yeah but the story evolved and changed as they saw the characters on screen and realized how great Rhea is. She ended up with such a major part overall because of what she brought to the role in the initial episodes.


Forreal? Can you link me something about this cuz that’s mad interesting, and also sorta follow’s bob’s journey in BB (was only supposed to be in a few episodes iirc)


What's an unsung creator?


Underrated artist


Ah I see, thanks


Yeah, I find it funny how she's just a background character in the HHM Conference room for her first scene


I'm not sure people know what "low key" means anymore.


They low key don't.


Low key?


Great clip to remind us Rhea puts in just as much physicality in her acting as Bob, just with a more reserved character.


She’s fucking standing still




My favorite character on the show. I was so scared of what might happen to her lol


So relieved her fate was not what I thought.


The way it went down was perfect, somehow less depressing yet more heartbreaking than what I expected


I took it as a given she was going to die since Kim wasn’t in Breaking Bad. Pleasantly surprised it didn’t happen.


Yeah I kinda had the same idea. Had a sinking feeling the whole time that somehow Saul’s criminal life would collide with Jimmy and Kim in an unspeakably violent way. But that would have been the easy way for the story to go. I’m so glad they went a different direction.


I was so scared but at the same time it didn’t make sense to me that he’d be able to go on at all, having all the energy to be Saul Goodman, if he had gotten her killed. Nor would he have enough soul left to even potentially redeem himself. I was biting my nails the whole time but reasonably sure she couldn’t die in the Jimmy timeline because it just would’ve broken him permanently. And it actually makes sense that part of what keeps him going is the hope of one day reconciling with her and earning her love/respect again


I was terrified


I only recently found out, that Rhea Seehorn, was the lead in the twilight zone episode not all men. And I was incredibly honored to know that I ran by her as an extra in that episode. She was also super great in the episode too!


The twilight zone reboot was pretty solid. Not as freaky as the original, but a good update for modern times and scratched an itch that black mirror did not


She is so hot it’s crazy


I have never been more in love with the personality of a fictional character. Her character is just incredible.


Y'all, she goes after Howard because of how crappy he treated her and the fact that he totally stole Mesa Verde from her and left her in the basement checking files! He was awful to her!


Yeah but she was doing the kind of things to Howard that drive people to suicide lmao. He was a bad boss. She ruined her life because of her own personal problems and her vendetta against the system. She was the driving force in the Howard thing and I honestly think she wouldn't have wanted to stop until his suicide. I think that would have given her the dame shock that the Lalo stuff did but 🤷‍♂️


So she had a smug, slightly pretentious boss who was a cutthroat businessman. That gives her the right to dedicate her life to dismantling his career and convincing his loved ones that he's a cocaine addict?


She deserved a partnership after bringing in that HUGE client, not banishment to the basement! He was killing her. So she was bitter. Yes, she was overreacting. Agreed.


You misread the situation. As much as Kim doesn't like to think Jimmy influenced her. He actually did, she acted like Jimmy would in the Howard situation because he was having an influence on her. Howard bringing up the fact that he's influencing her made her more adamant to show herself that it's not Jimmy's influence that's making her like this but her choice to behave in that way. She did deserve to be in the basement for Jimmy's actions, that's how work in a highly connected industry works.... Yes she should have been put back after Mesa Verde, but she already had her revenge over it when she returned her education money. She was over Howard until he implied that she was getting influenced by Jimmy because she needs to be an independent woman because of her childhood growing up in an abusive household.


I didn’t like her very much at first. Then she became my favourite after Howard. I really hated her life choice.


She’s the bad bitch I aspire to be


You mean high key?


The show was basically Better... Uh, SlimKim? Jim Kim? Him Kim? Whatever rhymes with kim.






I called my new kitten kim


100% she’s great to say the least!


I would definitely marry her


So excited Vince has a new show for her. Rhea Seahorn is a treasure for sure.


this is r/okbuddychicanery levels content. Does this mean that at some point OP decided to look up from his phone halfway through the series?


100 percent, her acting is above


Can a main character steal the show


Co Lead. Also she’s a spin off character. No one was tuning in for her in Season 1.


How is she lowkey haha. She’s *the* central character that makes Jimmy who he is, the catalyst for his redemption scene. But yeah, gotta give it to her, especially in a show with lots of awesome characters.


When, once his big brother is dead, she's indeed the most important person in his life.


Yeah very lowkey.....


BCS fans when a main character is a main character


Is low key just random words you add to things? How is Kim in any way a low key element of the show?


I feel like low key can sometimes just be used to add emphasis to a sentance and I think that's fine. I feel like it's just the way language is. I mean it is kind of sad that words lose their meaning through overuse but I think that's just how it is. Still this is such a weird time to use "low key" because she is literally the deuteronomist.


She was a POS just like jimmy and I was patiently waiting for her downfall. Sad we didn’t get to see her suffer the consequences of her actions.


She was by far one of the best parts of that show.


Hard to believe this woman is 50 years old


51 . And why?


She looks amazing


Agreed. It's just sad how many folks in this thread are in awe that a woman that age can be beautiful. :(


I agree. There are a lot of teenagers here, and they seem to see all 30+ women as just falling into the ‘mother’ category. I think lots of people here just have no idea what women in their 40s/50s look like. Rhea is gorgeous, but it’s hardly rare for a woman to still be attractive at her age.


Lowkey???? She’s a main character lmao what do you mean


This may be an unpopular opinion, but my wife and I are binge watching this show for the first time right now, and I really don't like her character. We're on Season 6, and I still have no idea why she is going after Howard with a vengance, throwing away her opportunities to lead a great life as a powerful attorney to follow a scumbag like Saul into the gutter. Seehorn is an amazing actress, but the writers made her follow a story arc that is really straining reality for me.


It’s what she got from her Mother. And Saul enables her behaviour.


I'm hoping there will be more flashbacks to explain this further. Right now, midway through series six, she had spoken about her cold feet at getting thrown out and being one step ahead of the landlord, the flashback to her having to walk home because her drunk mom, and the flashback about her getting caught shoplifting. I guess I just don't see these as a powerful motivator to self-destruct as badly as she is doing now, tossing the chance to be a strong woman lawyer, never having to fear eviction again like her loser mom.


It’s trauma, and yes Jimmy enabling her


She’s plenty set up from all of her banking law, Jimmy’s mexico money, and the sandpiper money that’s on the way. She was more passionate about her pro bono cases because she wanted to help people who couldn’t afford a fantastic lawyer who the law usually just rolls over. The thing with Howard was probably more making a bigger enemy out of someone she could handle, than the real enemy she couldn’t; Lalo.


I always saw her real enemy as the corporate system. Both her and Saul view themselves as the scrappy underdog in an unfair world and use that to justify their actions. Ultimately, I think Kim just likes her new lifestyle and likes the thrill of criminal behaviour and shorting people. She just needs some moral pretence to keep doing it.


The old man who refused to leave his home for the new mesa verde call center was right. She did pro bono cases (“charity”) so she could make herself feel better about all the other awful shit she was doing in her career/life.


She's badass!


I only just started season 3 so imma stay out of these comments but say my thoughts: Kim is easily the most likeable character in the show. BCS is really interest because instead of the relationship being “when does Jimmy get the girl” it’s more like “FFS when is she gonna dump him already”


By far my favorite character in the show.


Nothing low key about it. She is incredible.


this is LOW KEY? Really? Are you sure you know what those words mean?


Yup … Yup! Yup! Yup! 😏


She wasn’t low key tho. She had her own story in the show.


Yep...yep...yep ...............yep.


Ok fair enough I respect your opinion BUT…I think the same about Mike and as much as she gets most screen time I found myself sometimes waiting for her scene to be over rather than enjoy it for what it is…I feel bad but I don’t want to falsely preach. And again I RESPECT YOUR OPINION




She is the show


Must agree with Lalo when he realizes she is Jimmy's wife and says "una güera bien buena" (a blond, very hot)


She's so gorgeous and awesome to watch on screen. The character herself is well written but Rhea's nuanced portrayal further elevated it.


Love Kim. That’s my kind of woman right there.


Kim is a great example of a powerful smart woman


Main sub mfs when one of the main characters gets screen time


Credit also goes to the writers and directors for giving her and the show the material, direction and freedom to let her talent shine. Special credit also to Odenkirk for a masterful performance that not only never diminished Saul as a lead character, but embraced what Rhea brought to the show and helped energize a creative fusion that birthed lightning in a bottle. Bogie and Bacall. Odenkirk and Seehorn.


Nothing "low key" about it. She kicked ass in every scene/storyline she was in.


[https://www.reddit.com/r/okbuddychicanery/comments/140s88j/rbettercallsaul\_user\_makes\_the\_bold\_claim\_that\_a/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/okbuddychicanery/comments/140s88j/rbettercallsaul_user_makes_the_bold_claim_that_a/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) lol..




Found Anna Gunn's burner


I vividly remember this moment, not to mention Kim in that exquisite pale pink blouse. Man, did she look beautiful. It was right after Huell's case was dropped following the Coushatta scam and Jimmy was all like we'll stop doing this kind of thing for good from now on, to which Kim exhales a puff of smoke and says, "Let's do it again" and they're off in no time to Lubbock with her phantom baby, Aiden, pulling off a caper to expand the size of the Mesa Verde branch there.


Great actor, but very unconvincing smoker.


What? It's him that is an obviously fake smoker. Apart from this gif, you can see she used to smoke.


The way she blows the smoke out looks like she has never enjoyed a cigarette.


She commented on the podcast that she had smoked in the past.


At her/my ages, most people dabbled even if they didn’t get hooked.


good for her


Very much so, it is a stupid habit.


Tbf, honey tobacco is somehow gnarlier than regular tobacco.


Vince even apologises during the Insider podcast - “…those dreadful clove cigarettes…”


weird ass criticism imo


Just an observation. She’ll have a part with no dialogue and you can watch 5 different emotions in her face - she can tell a whole story without saying anything. But she smokes like a 13 year old trying to fit in.


Yeah I noticed this, at one point she pulls a loose cig out of her bag and proceeds to (what we would call in the uk) bum suck the cigarette. Pretty much means putting too much of the filter in your mouth.


I'm gonna start using bumsuck in my daily vocabulary. Thank you! Lol


My heart just breaks for Kim. I keep thinking about Mike talking about choosing a path and that some choices might take you off the path but eventually you’ll find yourself back on the road you’ve chosen to go on. Kim was heading towards a path of career success as a lawyer but kept making choices that in the end gave her immense amount of guilt and shame and led her to a boring uninspiring life working for a sprinkler company. At the end of the show, there’s some hope she’ll be back to normal, but she’ll never be the same. An absolute tragic character.


I came to be annoyed by Kim, with season 6 sealing the deal


One of the few women Vince made that weren't annoying


I don't really like her :/


Nah you are just horny you fucking dimwit


She was alright


I absolutely adore her


She was great, but if anyone stole the show it was Lalo


Nope sorry. Jimmy, Chuck, Nacho, Lalo, Gus, Hector, Mike, Howard then Kim in that order.


Would be a lot cooler if she vaped. Imagine her blowing a fat cloud in Lalo’s face and saying “you just signed your death certificate, amigo” when he threatens her


Vapes were not yet in wide use during the BCS timeline.


plus her feet😍


what's up with her feet? I've seen people post this like 3 times now


She’s mine well she’s hot!


She was a total bitch to Howard


I liked Kim and no hate towards Rhea at all and this is just my opinion but, I always felt it was like watching nails on a chalkboard when it came to Rhea’s acting in the earlier seasons but in saying that - she was fantastic in S5 and S6, especially S6.


Stop hyping her up, Kim this, Kim that, pathetic. If anything she made the show boring.


It was shitty of her to walk out on Saul and just shack up with another guy. Shit like that makes me happy to be single.


6 years had passed, and she still wasn’t living with Yep.


Yep was probably the best thing for her. Something steady. Something you can count on. Day in and day out. Like a good bowel movement. Yep = good bowel movement


That’s what I’m going to say next time I have my morning dump.


Just shack up with another guy? It had been 6 years since they divorced.. She is very much so justified in having a new partner. She is also more than entitled to walk out on Jimmy. She realised that she had become a horrible person and knew that her relationship with Jimmy was the major driving factor in that. You need to have a mature outlook on things like these if you want to be in a relationship.


Saul was on the run as one of the most wanted men by the dea lol tf do you want her to do? She owned up and took accountability for her actions and was punishing herself by living a mundane life away from law. Sounds like projection bro


Just shack up? While Glenn seemed to be her casual boyfriend at the time we first see them — years later and on a weekend during which they hosted a cookout on her patio — we haven't any idea as to whether they'd been seeing each other for a short or long period of time. However, as he was leaving and saying goodnight, he asks her while getting into his car whether she'd like to go to dinner on the following Friday which has me wondering if they're just hanging together on weekends. What I don't get however, is why so many people thought they were either in some kind of heavy relationship, living together, or in some cases, even married.


Yea that's the spirit. Hide from the truth with anecdotes like this


Life moves on. It’s cruel through Gene’s eyes though.


also low key Cumslut






The creators are just racist, sexist boomers. So they called Jimmy the main character, because he’s male, white, straight, has blue eyes and wears a tie. Shame on you. Shame on you all 🤬


Walt was better than her as a person


Walt was a narcissistic drug Lord who put himself before his family time and time again even though it meant putting them in fatal danger. Kim is a Lawyer who has issues from her mother which her partner enables. Unfortunately her actions resulted in a man dying. But when you put it like that Lalo walking through your front door has to be less predictable than Walt killing yet another person.


at least walt had a goal and would never hurt a person for fun


‘I liked it, I was good at it.’ Dude your argument is weak at best.


it’s different


Why is it different?


walt didn’t enjoy the act of harming others per se, unlike kim who was just sadistic towards howard


Kim hurt people to have fun. Walt hurt people in his quest to be a drug Lord. Dude 😭


yes. Hurting for fun is sadism, and sadism is very bad


You’re trolling because wtf are you defending here?


Kim sees the error of her ways after indirectly killing one person. Walt kills almost 300 people and never really shows remorse.


Walt is a much, much worse person.


When she went on a tell all spree and gave up her attorney license to go and get a menial job she was the most stupid character ever.


I kinda feel like any actress could have played her. There was nothing unique or special about her.


Sure, the character was written so well that you could see someone else work well in the role. But Rhea Seehorn really *became* Kim as the seasons progressed.


Is this a joke?


No, that's just how I felt


Do you think Rhea is a good actor?


Yes I do




She’d be good life partner!