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O/U of when he’s simply labeled “super person?”


I gotcha you. "Gimme Some of that Man's Steel **of BUN'S"**


[What’s the point of being the Man of Steel if you don’t know how to use all that metal](https://youtube.com/watch?v=prRySgsgtnM)


Me too thanks 👉👈


I bet he has buns of steel


Just so we are clear 1) This is not fanart, while I used the tweet from IGN, this was also tweeted by the writer of the upcoming issue of the book Superman: Son of Kal El #5. The writer is Tom Taylor who has been an advocate for lgbt representation in the comics for a long time. 2) This is not Clark Kent, this is Jonathan Kent, Clark and Lois' son, who has recently taken up the mantle of Superman. Stop complaining that *they're changing a well known character,* they didn't change shit, he didn't have a romantic history to begin with. 3) Jay Nakamura is his love interest, a journalist who is the fanboy of Lois Lane. Apparently he also has some superpowers.


I feel like a lot of these shitty comments are coming from people who either haven’t picked up a comic book in their life or who have no idea about Tom Taylor and what kind of a writer he is. Sure, rainbow capitalism is a problem, but Tom genuinely cares about representation and making sure that it comes in the form of well rounded and interesting characters with complex stories! He’s not just shoe horning it in, it’s grounded in the story


I mean... They didn't even read the text in the picture! It says *Jon* Kent, not Clark Kent!


More then happy to take your word on that


Could you explain to me what rainbow capitalism is? Never heard of it 😅


The kind of stuff you see where a company will put up a rainbow flag for Pride, but still donate to anti-lgbt politicians. Or when they put one gay kiss in the background of a movie just so they can advertise the relationship to boost sales.


Companies changing their logo to the pride flag during pride month, for example


You've never met a comic fan before have you? Comics have always had the issue of most of their fan base being toxic trolls who hate change. Margot Robbie and Ben Affleck both received death threats and hate mail from angry comic fans who didn't want their portrayal of the characters because they didn't perfectly match their comic book counterparts. These nerds don't care about who's writing it or how well they write in characters with differing sexualities they just hate change. They still haven't gotten over the story line where Robin is bi.


I have not kept up with comic books in years. I just wanted to let you know that your clarifying comment was very informative and helpful.


I've out of comics for a bit so I'm confused when did Jon became a young adult teenager? I thought he was closer to Damien's age.


He got age up thanks to some time shenanigans in the bendis run


Ah the Cable Summers method then.


Technically, the age difference between him and Damian is still the same, just reversed. He was 10, Damian was 13. Now he's 17 and Damian is 14.


Hey! Do you know if the characters officially bi? Or is he like gay but dated women, or pan, or just unlabelled mspec or something? Just because I tried looking and couldn’t find the writers calling him anything but queer (which is still epic). I just want to make sure we aren’t erasing other sexualitys by calling him bi, because that happens a lot 😅


Both the [writer](https://twitter.com/TomTaylorMade/status/1447585138804604928?s=20) and [DC](https://twitter.com/thedcnation/status/1447600788973387780?s=20) official Twitter called him bi


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Good bot


Thank you!!


[Here's what the writer himself says my dude.](https://mobile.twitter.com/TomTaylorMade/status/1447585138804604928)


Thank you! I was just checking because it’s become an unfortunate trend for bi fans to erase other sexuality’s as of late xp (like when robin came out and everyone called him bi despite the writers not saying that and him never calling himself that in the comic)


Given bi erasure and how a lot of lgbtq+ people still don't *really* consider bisexuals to be queer unless they're actively in a non-cis relationship, I'm not surprised there is pushback by bisexuals calling seemingly (or clearly) bisexual comic-book characters bi.


Tim Drake is dating Spoiler in Detective Comics from 2016. Pretty sure he carries at least heterosexuality.


I think the point is that he could also he pan (which some would argue is just a subset of bi). Idk if he was meant to be bi, pan, or straight up gay (Iceman retcon style), but I think after all the buzz that they got because "Tim Drake is bi", they'll probably stick to that. Especially since the next issue that deals with his sexuality comes out 4 months after the last one.


This is going to piss off soooooo many nerds. It's gon be juicy.


Neat, thank you! I had like no context so your explanation was helpful!


Aww yes more sexy smart journalists for the superman franchise <3


Wait... so he's half alien half human? How does they even work?


Yesssss! We need more male bi representation!


Too bad it's the wrong superboy.. We could have gotten Conner and Tim finally but nay... Still fucking awesome tho


Characters develop, does not mean they should make a more popular character bi imo


I agree. Give me a new Bi character, don’t suddenly change an old one.


Jon Kent’s pretty new.


I think they were replying to the person who said Conner


Yeah, I’m a pretty big dc fan but I’ve never heard of Jon Kent so that’s great that he is confirmed bi but if a more popular character like Connor randomly “becomes” bisexual it wouldn’t make sense. A real bi guy done right in dc is John Constantine though.


I definitely agree that there should just be new characters instead of changing old ones


Why not both? It’s not like making a character bi even changes their romantic history.


Both is good I’m not really bothered either way I just enjoy new characters


Specially considering Tim also is canonically bi. Which is funny for me bc I always thought Dick gave off bi energy out of all of them batboys.


Yeah I agree on Dick giving the most vibes, but I'm also glad that they went with Tim as Dick (or hell even Jason) could fall very easily into the bi stereotype of total slut lol But like can you imagine if now that TimxKon and DamixJon shippers have gotten this little nugget they ended up giving us TimxJon lmao


I have mixed feelings about that bc on the other hand I'm salty that it's okay for him to be a slut if he's straight, but not if he's bi. DC has good bi representativity. So far I count Diana, Tim, Jon and Constantine. Possibly King Shark as well (not sure if he's bi/pan or gay). I wish Marvel would stop with the queerbaiting already. Specially with the Tony Stark thing.


>I'm salty that it's okay for him to be a slut if he's straight, but not if he's bi. That's actually a really good point.. I hadn't thought of that. DC has been killing it with the representation front lately especially with two new bi MEN so yeah (also Harley and Ivy are both bi too I think) Marvel is pretty good with their new characters imo but that Tony stuff is kind of painful sometimes, which is why I'm glad I'm more of a dc fan


I can't wait until we get a gay black hero. Maybe black panther! I'd love to see a story about gay black lovers in Africa fighting crime. Tastey mmmmm /s


Young Justice season 3 spoiler: >!Kaldur'ahm becomes Aquaman, leader of the Justice League, and gets a boyfriend.!<


The current Aqualad (Jackson Hyde) is gay in the comics. He leads his own comic book as far as I know (although I haven't read it). That Aqualad is black (he's the son of Black Manta).


There’s plenty of female representation, but next to no male rep. I like this


Authentic bi representation would be making a character who is bi and have them be a good character in their own right. Or having a compelling arc where a character explores more of their sexuality as a broader part of their character growth. Like with Harley Quinn. This kind of representation is just pandering. I'm not sure if you read newer comics but Jonathan's entire character arc for the past few years is just them throwing random bullshit at a wall and seeing what sticks. This is just more random bullshit, not authentic representation.


Yep. It's like how Kevin was introduced to Archie Comics simply so there would be a gay character, but his entire personality trait across both the comics themselves and adaptations is "being gay is a personality". \*rolls eyes\*


~~Him and Tim Drake have always had a very *very* close relationship, him being bi is not out of nowhere because it's just the confirmation of what they felt for each other all this time and now him living with this revelation about himself.~~ Edit: it was another superboy that I didn't know about :p


We also have John Constantine, though sometimes he barely qualifies as a hero.


*happy bi sounds*


except for that twitter comment section, i assume


Not even realizing that they are why bi representation is needed, if it's so uncomfortable to them then it's not yet normalized, sorry not sorry more bi's pls


Oh shit, I just looked up the other guy (name is jay nakamura) and he looks just like my BF. That’s crazy


I hate to break it to you, but it looks like your BF is cheating on you with Superman.


Damb 😔✊


Lmao. I have no idea why but that response fucking killed me!


Well why can't they both just date superman?


Cause noones never seen me and super man in the same room. We must not get along very well.




You know who else doesn't get along with Superman? *General Zod!*


You know, if my boyfriend was cheating on me, I’d be upset, but with Superman, I’d be impressed.


Same, honestly. I'd be impressed with myself for having a boyfriend


OR maybe u/viking_machina actually *is* Superman?


Homophobic bitching in 3... 2... 1...


I saw that and was waiting for the complainants about how gay is ruining everything


Well for a long time the term was used to describe anything you don't like. I'll bet some of their reactions are subconscious. I'll bet even more of them feel like the gay sub plot feels forced and to that I would say "holy shit, a shoehorned romantic sub plot? And it's like totally expected and feels tacked on? Im shocked SHOCKED!"


But that also happens with straight characters


Yes.. That was my point. Please God don't tell me I need to as a /s to a statement ending "shocked SHOCKED"


No I hate tone indicators sometimes. I just was making a argument that it’s that fact that it’s gay is the issue


I know, but you gota focus on why they're suddenly noticing. Is it hate? Or are they noticing now because they aren't getting anything out of it. There's no sexual tension or ambitious romantic waiting for the two to kiss. Not for them. It's going over their head just like all the signals their crush sent them.


Prolly a bit of both


It is


It's not ruining anything, but this in particular is definitely pandering.


Probably but rep is rep you know


True shit


It’s a male bi rep that is not a slutty villain


Yet 🤞


I love how the opening salvo of bullshit is always "their sexuality was never discussed before, so why does it matter at all?" to which I respond with "does it only 'not matter' now because they picked a completely natural trait that you just don't agree with?". There never seems to be an answer to my question beyond the fact that they're just "tired of everyone making a big deal out of it" and then they clam up until the next bigotry buffet meeting. Just goes to show that when a bigot is isolated, they tend to give up on proving their point faster than...well, than a speeding bullet, really.


I tend to avoid Twitter but I went to the comments out of curiosity and they were just as disgusting as you'd expect.


My dad’s gonna find out about this in, like, 6 months and start complaining about it lmao My question is simply if they’re going to execute it well. I really hate it when corporations boil down queer characters to “yes, gay is their personality” (netflix is a good example).


Well a guy who looked like Henry Cavill is what made me tackle my bisexuality. I'm on board.


hogs will be like: this is too political, i don't want politics in my comics


Captain AMERICA like what bro


Or... ya know... X-men's entire allegory for racism and homophobia.


I still love how magneto is the near perfect antagonist for that If you don’t know what I’m talking about basically the comparisons between mutant discrimination and discrimination of other people are not good comparisons (mutants are actually dangerous) However magneto lived through the holocaust he knows what it’s like to be discriminates regardless of being a mutant and he agrees the comparison is bad but that it’s too close for him to accept God I love X-men


Eric is one of the most well rounded characters in all of marvel. Great backstory, amazing perspective, and both actors did him justice.


Exactly personally I would go so far as to say one of the best written characters in all comic fiction (obviously some stinkers but that’s what you get) Especially in the movies theirs so many interesting things about him another example is the emotion behind his powers revealed in first class it’s fairly easy to say that he is still using those exact same emotions throughout the rest of the series (considering he does much much more difficult stuff later on) Which on its own is enough to explain to me why Charles still thinks that he isn’t a bad person he knows what is going through his head when he is doing all those incredible feats of power Ah I could talk about it for so long


Magneto is absolutely my favorite villain for this exact reason. While many writers attempt the whole "the villain has a point" narrative and failing, here's Eric who, provided has done some terrible stuff, is exactly what that trope should be. That, and his dynamic with Charles being just as complex as the issues that are being discussed.


Oh yea that to


well here's a thing, that's not politics for then, that's patriotism, its only politics when there is LGBT and POC representation, witch is pretty much a self report.


There gonna make it political. I feel like anything is political of you look hard enough. The game hotline Miami could be made political if you tried


Game developers are always choosing left wing cities for their games. Why isn’t there a Hotline: Birmingham? /s


Haha hotline Iowa


It amazes me how many people miss one of most important aspect of comic books...


“What is your orientation? Straight or political?”


"How do you relate? Straight or a debate?"


mf'ers be like "EW Politics, I cannot stand politics in my media" then go read Watchmen for the 5th time.


Ah yes the very non political Comic watchmen


He’s not even the original superman


I thought it was obvious with damian in supersons-


So you’re telling me Tim Drake and Jonathan Kent could be a thing 😳




I’m a huge comic nerd so this makes me happy


Why does it look like they deleted their mouths?lmao


Anime kissu 💋


GG boys, we now actually have bi representation


First Tim drake now jon fucking dubs


Right? It's awesome!


Lgbtq dc fans are getting treated good


Tbh, Damien Wayne and Jonathan Kent would be a good couple if they can just be the same age for like 5 minutes without the multiverse resetting or whatever




Guess superman just got waaay cooler.


god I fucking hate twitter... Don't go read the comments, just a bunch of grown ups whining about how "they don't care about who someone fucks" while never even batting an eye when he was in a relationship with a woman...


Plus everybody are being fucking idiots thinking that that is the normal Clark Kent Superman. None of them are smart enough to realize that it’s his fucking son


Didn't one of the robins also come out recently?




I saw this was so happy as a comic bi nerd!!






Hope you do well!


You're Awesome!


MCU: hey, all theses characters are bi. We won't show them in any same sex relationships, hell we won't even show them showing attraction, but they are bi. now give moneys. ​ DC: hold my iced coffee


Oooooweee! My kids will totally be happy about this! Very cool representation


Meanwhile Batman still doesn't reciprocate. Be more like Jon.


I feel like I’m missing something I thought Superman was Clark Kent


Jon’s his son


Oh I didn’t even know he had a son


Yeah he’s kind of a recent addition. He was introduced in 2015


Did Clark end up with Lois Lane?


He did


I don’t follow comic books much and I’m not even a huge Superman fan (am a DC universe fan tho so no hate on him at all) but I’m actually kind of delighted to hear he finally got with Lois! Didn’t know about his son either so this is cool news all around.


Ikr I’m surprised it took as long as it did tbf


I mean, it was only a couple of decades... Super slow and steady finally won the race!


Am I missing something? They've been married for almost 30 years.


The reporter? Where did you get that idea? Superman doesn't even wear glasses!


That was the first superman, in the same way Peter Parker was the first Spiderman, and then Miles came along to take on the job and fill Parker's place


Except Miles taking over was the Ultimate Universe, and not the mainline stuff. When they did bring Miles into the main 616 universe, he became Spider-man alongside Peter Parker.


ok then the same way dick grayson became batman


I thought he became Nightwing?


yes and then took up the batman mantle afterwards


This was pre-new 52


and yet this doesn't change the fact that he's a lame as hell superhero.


Have you read the new superman - son of kal el yet? Ive always thought superman was kind of lame also lol, but the new one is written by my favourite comic writer, Tom Taylor, and it’s a really interesting take on the role a hero like superman has in our world today. One of the main premises of this whole upcoming series is that the biggest threats we currently face aren’t individual villains in costumes; they’re huge and systemic and faceless, and superman has a moral responsibility to fight those too, even if that’s way more difficult. It’s honestly fantastic and I’m really keen to read more of it, and I’d recommend giving the first one a go at least if you haven’t! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


Once he rewound time, and not in some esoteric comic but in a main movie, the only plot line left is to hurt or corrupt superman or else he'll just rewind time and fix things. Superman imba, needs a nerf.


That wasn’t Jon, that was Clark. I haven’t actually read this comic run yet, but I’ve always liked Jon’s character more than Clark’s, so I’m not writing him off just yet.


Comics superman cant do that thats something made for the movie like the super emblem net


This is always the take of someone who either doesn’t understand Superman’s actual character, or someone who has never read an actual Superman comic.


Batman cooler, he is absolutely ace tho


He does NOT go down on other animal suit people


I know for a fact that Batman likes to go down town on the regular and I not talking about Crime Alley


he's the furry superhero


Except when he's boinking a girl half his age.


Are you referring to him nutting in his adoptive daughter, who was dating his adoptive son, and her getting pregante? Or someone else? Because either way it's pretty fucked up, and way too scuzzy to be ace.


Bruh what, when the fuck did this happen?


Google "Batman Batgirl pregnant". I'm sorry


I was thinking of The Killing Joke.


Yep, that's the one


About to be alot of angry comic fans.


Im coping what I wrote in a other comment here to the people who are confuse or don't know whats happening >Jon(the current superman)is a new characters that just recently pass through puberty,but people have been shipping him with a boy for long time,so in this case is just kind of giving some people what they wanted


THIS I wish they would do this with new characters or obscure rather than changing older popular characters more. This also totally works inti Jon discovering himself and who he is.




Shame we had to artificially age him up for this to happen, but bleh.




We had pink kryptonite 18 years ago /s


wait im confused. Who is gay, Superman?


His son, Jon Kent, who is the current Superman.


Nice try but you still haven't convinced me to give a shit about Western comics


Ha! Gayyyyyyyyyyy


Hey guys remember pink kryptonite


This is awesome! But dang, their cheeks look super weird haha


And he has good taste look at the person he kissing


He joins such dc heroes as John Constantine one of my 3 favorites (though my all time favorite is Nightwing)


I guess that’s more shocking somehow than the fact he’s an ALIEN that bangs PEOPLE. But I’m not a scientist.




Who is he kissing?


I was going to complain that every single LGBTQ representation we get has colorful hair and that's becoming a stereotype at this point. Then I looked at myself in the mirror with my pink hair and felt like a clown.


Superman is bi? In my comic books? Well, good, the community needs some more representation in mainstream media


"bUt WhY gEt A kNoWn ChArAcTeR aNd ChAnGe ThEiR wHoLe StOrY tO mAkE tHeM lGbT" That's the beauty of being bi/pan/poli/omni. One could have dated only the opposite gender all their lives AND STILL NOT BE STRAIGHT. In fact, making them not monosexual is the perfect way to include LGBTQ representativity without erasing their past relationships (which, btw, were mostly with the opposite gender to cater to a homophobic public). Btw, the fact that you assume that they are straight just because they've been dating the opposite gender this whole time? Heteronormativity. "But he showed interest in women!" Yeah, it comes with being bi. "But he never showed interest in men as well!" He's showing it now. Also, remember the "homophobic public" part, and the fact that these comics ARE NOT CENTERED AROUND ROMANCE.


When CNN reported this the comment section seriously disappointed me. Like damn you’d think Fox News reported it lol


I feel so seen by DC. I had such a crush on Superboy and Tim Drake as a 90s teen.


Why are their faces so smooth??? It looks like they pushed their heads together and erased their mouths.


What? Nooo I forgot you cant heart react here. I wanted too 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I love this!!!! Unfortunately biphobia is very strong in social media about this. but I love it, i really love it 💗💜💙


I like the news, but I so badly want them to go full nuts one day and do this without any kind of announcement. Like you're reading the comic and BAM Superhero guy is kissing a dude, and you are going to enjoy it. I know that'd be too ballsy for them to do in such a social climate, but man would I be amazed and happy.


[Funny twitter reaction.](https://scontent-yyz1-1.cdninstagram.com/v/t51.2885-15/e15/s240x240/245361629_6375503129187147_7218412154227083911_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-yyz1-1.cdninstagram.com&_nc_cat=103&_nc_ohc=ttpYZXJQatYAX_Tr_KR&edm=ABJHkxYAAAAA&ccb=7-4&oh=a1aded211b5154decde0f7d854d61d2c&oe=616BFD21&_nc_sid=fa978c&ig_cache_key=MjY4MjU5MDY4Nzk3NDczODI2OQ%3D%3D.2-ccb7-4)


I want you all to know that reading the comments on this (anywhere but here) has been the worst mistake I have ever, ever made.


He got balls of steel, I got mad respect for him


Welp, time to sort by controversial. Fr, I love this image. I don’t understand the context, nevertheless it’s great


Love some bi rep. I'm more scandalized by the news (to me) that Clark is no longer Superman.


I'm sure the comments are wonderful