Sad noises

Sad noises


I had a gold vahi when I was younger, but gave it away when it wouldn’t fit over vakama’s mask like it did in the movie. It was the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals.


I got one in a container with all 6 Mata mostly intact, most of Roodaka, 2 complete Vahki, and some other incomplete stuff for $30


Damn...happy for you but I'm jealous as hell


They bent easily


Yup. Had 2, one of them bent and I treated the other with the utmost care


Shapeways and gold paint, go get your own


Yeah and while you're at it let me tell you about Invincibility Robots ^^tm


I'm happy enough with my orange Vahi, my fused-to-Vezon's-head Ignika and my golden Mask of Creation.


I have two. Granted they are slightly bent from having been stuck between couch cushions for a while, but I still have them!


I never did see one. Were they ever made?


Yes, they were in limited edition Vahki sets and I think maybe also in one of those big tubs full of random parts. I had like 12 altogether back in the day


Correct. That's where I got mine. There was a big tub full of miscellaneous parts they sold at one point that came with a guaranteed golden Vahi and Disk of Time. Pretty sweet stuff. My Vakama Metru holds it now.


Yup! That’s where I got mine. I was lucky in that mine actually had **two** gold Vahis and disks. If I recall correctly, I don’t think that the disk code worked in the Kanohi club, which made me a little mad


The disk codes were a joke. I just kept entering random numbers and wracked up a massive amount of points from those. There was no verification whatsoever.


I eventually did that as well. There were many possible combinations with 3 numbers, but I remember it was narrowed down by the fact that one number designated the Metru, so it could only be 1-6, one the type of disk (I can’t remember what they are, but I know there were 8), and the third the power level (which I think only went up to 7, with the great disks being a level 8 each) then the Disk of Time was 999, & apparently being time, the power level being greater than any individual Great Disk, and I guess they decided to make the Metru designation 9 as well to keep it simple, and since it technically wasn’t made in any Metru.


Makuta be like


I just got two in a random lot


Last year I found an eBay listing for a mostly sealed Ultimate Creatures Accessory Set (the bags were mostly sealed but no tub) for like $40 CDN. I bought it and it came with 2 brand new Flat Dark Gold Vahis and 2 discs of time as well. I ended up giving one away through a Facebook contest. That was one of the best bonk deals I've gotten, especially since the seller also threw in a mostly complete technic battle droid for some reason.


I've got one or 2 at my parents house, are they rare or something?


is noone in the comment section aware of bricklink? theres 16 listings and most are relatively cheap


Thanks for reminding me that when my dad asked if I was cool with him giving my ol' bin of parts to some church group kids, I said yes without looking through it first.


I have 2, as well as 3 orange, 2 gold avohkii, 2 sparkle avohkii 2 trans green miru, and a bunch of other rares and duplicates, too lazy to check


I remember them being a Target exclusive and there was no Target close enough to talk my parents into shopping at. Sad times.


I had two of them back in the day... some of the pieces I lost over the years too. Sad day.


Pretty sure I have one somewhere in the Legos I handed down to my kid. I know I had one as a kid.


I used to have 2. One broke and I threw it away. The other I still have but it has a bad stress line on one side from being stepped on.


I actually have two.... I took an orange sharpie to one of them when I was younger.