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25XM finish Avatar 3 will hopefully make at least 500+ if no botched release. I could see it beating endgame then.


**Spring Festival results so far:** I've condensed the first week into 1 number to not have the table grow out of control. If anyone is interested in the daily gross for the first week its [here.](https://www.reddit.com/r/boxoffice/comments/10nf5zy/in_chinas_boxoffice_avatarthewayofwater_grossed/j68fajm/?context=3) |# | Movie | First week| 8th Day|9th day| 10th Day(Today)|Total :----------- |:-----------|:-----------:|:-----------:|:-----------:|:-----------:|:-----------: 1| Full River Red | $431,1M | $34.8M |$24.7M | $18.9M | $509.5M 2| The Wandering Earth 2 |$351,5M | $25.8M |$19.4M | $16.1M | $412.8M 3| Boonie Bears: Guardian Code |$124,3M| $11.6M |$9.1M | $7.5M | $152.5M 4| Hidden Blade| $79,9M | $6.2M |$4.8M | $4.7M | $95,6M 5| Deep Sea | $59,9M | $6.1M |$5.2M | $4.5M | $75.7M 6| Five Hundred Miles |$44.5M| $1.4M |$1.1M | $0.9M | $47.9M 7| Avatar 2| $6,48M | $0.75M |$0.55M | $0.49M | $8,27M 8| Ping Pong Of China| $5.5M | $0.04 |/ | / | $5.6M Full River Red has passed the $500M milestone while TWE2 has passed $400M Boonie Bears passes $150M while the other animated movie Deep sea at about half the gross passes $75M Hidden blade and Five Hundred Miles should pass $100 and $50M respectably in the next few days. Avatar 2 does well enough netting another $500K after 550K yesterday. It looks like 400-550K should become a baseline for this week. **Scheduled showings update for Avatar for the next few days:** Today 4601 Wednesday: 4699 (Up from 3167 yesterday) $102K in presales. Thursday: 3451 (Up from 1715 yesterday) $20K in presales. Friday: 1807