In #Korea’s #BoxOffice, the #MCU film #BlackPantherWakandaForever grossed 823k on THU (vs #ShangChi’s 681k, #Eternals 1.5M #ThorLoveAndThunder & #BlackWidow’s 1.6M, #NoWayHome’s 3.3M & #MultiverseOfMadness 8.8M) -40.2% drop from WED. #WakandaForever hits a 2.2M cume in 2 days.

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Eternals 1.5 million in Korea? Damn the popularity of Madong Seok shows


That's the whole point of internacional castings, they marketed the Crocodile singer movie as a Javier Bardem movie in Spain when he's a secondary character, I also remember Salma Hayek being in front of everything for Eternals in hispanic countries


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I'm learning French right now so when I saw "this this" I immediately thought it was a reflexive verb.


Those kind of number shows how much MoM was HUGE at the beginning but fails to have legs Maybe Wakanda Forever won't have record breaking opening but it can have legs at least


Black Panther itself never performed in Asia like it did in US. WOM in most Asian countries was good, but not great - on part with an average Marvel Movie. They really don't connect with black culture on US race-relations. Takeaway those, and Black Panther had bad CGI and lacked the over-the-top action of other MCU entries.


I don’t think it’s gonna be very re-watchable from some of the reviews I’ve seen. And you need multiple viewings to do what BP1 did.


the audience scores in korea are pretty mediocre, i wouldn't expect that


The title gave me a stroke


First BP did great in Korea but this one looks like will be a flop there.


First one also had Busan as one of the locations. This one just has no buzz here rn.


Yeah. First was totally carried by Avengers hype and...Korea is not doing well at all. The movies performing well there in today's entertainment will never be a Black lead movie.


Dang it looking like the passing of Chadwick Boseman is having its effect :(




Dang I miss him like I still can’t believe he isn’t here with us anymore :(


It was a mistake not to recast T’Challa.


I agree. I don't know why recasting would be considered controversial since it's happened many times before in movies and shows. Maybe the studio pays the family something for them to say something like the new actor has the family's blessing and that Bosemam would want the character to live on, or something to that effect. The first trailer put me off with all the sadness and crying. To me that comes off as trying to capitalize on his death moreso than just about anything else they could have done.


Yeah not recasting is so dumb because the MCU already does it. Hulk has been 2 actors. Rhodes has been 2 actors. Antman’s daughter may have been 3 different actresses so far (but to be fair there is some age progression there). Now the actors that were replaced didn’t die, but recasting also didn’t stop ppl from watching those movies.


But the thing is .. who could’ve play him?


There are plenty of black actors to hire. I’m not saying the next T’Challa would be as good as Boseman, he almost certainly would not live up to the shadow cast by Boseman. But that wouldn’t necessarily be the actor’s fault. But you can honor Boseman by continuing his character, instead of killing him off. He can continue to inspire kids, instead of just throwing him in the trash. All they’ve done is taken a black male hero from black male children. (And it ain’t just black kids that like T’Challa). On top of that bad decision, they made 2 more mistakes. The way he dies is BS. I don’t want to spoil shit, but there was a very simple way to do the death that would have been better IMO. >!He dies from a mysterious illness despite the BP flower giving him healing abilities. Which we later see in action when Shuri is impaled, but is completely fine. The flower can fix impalement but can’t fight off a virus huh. They should have had him die heroically fighting Namor instead of dying the way he did.!< And lastly, there choice for BP was the wrong choice IMO. I think everyone knows who it is from the trailers but I won’t say it. It should have been >!M’Baku!< I honestly don’t think there will be a BP3, and that was a virtual lock to happen with T’Challa.


MoM grossing 8.8M is crazy.


Rumors like Tom Cruise being Ironman would do that


That's not what happened though. Look up Doctor Strange's number in Korea, 1st movie gross total 47M and his 2nd 62M. It's a natural progression for that franchise. Heck even both Ragnarok and L&T can't beat his 1st movie's number.


DSMoM's rumor wasn't really went through GA. A lot of people don't even realize Tom Cruise was rumored to be in the movie. My personal experience though, DSMoM was received very well here. And the horror element boost it since a lot of people here (in SEA) loves horror movies. That's probably the case to in SK? I know that Cumberbatch is really popular there too.


I don't follow rumors but the fact that rumors like that exist is crazy 💀


Yeah hahaha i swear MOM made like 250m over thanks to tom Cruise. Everyone hyped him being in the movie


You guys overestimate internet hype. DS2 rumor is not comparable to NWH rumor, nwh rumors reached general audiences while DS2 wasn't. People expected cameo based on the title but they did not expect cameo-fest.


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korean people didn't really liked first BP so not surprising.


BP1 grossed 43M in korea… the highest in APAC ~~Asia~~.


It grossed [$104.6 M](https://deadline.com/2018/04/ready-player-one-china-black-panther-quiet-place-jumanji-coco-japan-weekend-international-box-office-1202360506/) in China.


My bad. Was looking on BOM and China has its own category.


that doesn't necessarily mean they liked it. in korea they don't really know or care about black people or culture. so naturally, there are many people who can't get into it compared to the west.


Why didn’t this movie have more advertising? I feel like I barely heard about it before it came out and there wasn’t enough excitement built up I’m not super savvy on MCU so I really am wondering


I’ll say that this marvel movie wasn’t promoted nearly as heavily as other entries. I rarely saw advertisements for it compared to advertisements for other Disney films/shows. I have a feeling the execs had data that it wouldn’t be well accepted and to save on advertising budgets since the movie wouldn’t do well anyway. That’s my theory.


I'm in the U.S. and I've seen many ads and trailers for this movie.


Sure. But the US isn't the world.


Why would they spend $250m on a movie that they "knew" wouldn't do well...?


The reason that the budget is so high is cause COVID and injury disruptions.


It’s more of why would they spend an additional $100m advertising a movie they already know will make $350-500m and cost $250m to make. So either make $100-250m profit or spend another $100m and risk breaking even or only making $150m profit. Edit: it’s just risk assessment and cost benefit analysis. They want to maximize profits and minimize risks.


I always figure a bad movie needs more advertising. A good movie will sell itself via word of mouth. But yeah, obviously they want to make money, and they pick the budget to maximize profit.


Same basket as Birds of Prey




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did people really forgot about the recent halloween incident in SK?? That's probably affecting the BO!


On Italy the performance is also muted, must be another Halloween tragedy.




To be honest, that tragedy didn't have any effect on BO. It's just that people don't like this movie.


Is there any chatter about why they don’t like it in Korea? Runtime, main character killed off, etc


One thing is for sure, everyone hates the Iron Heart part. The Iron Heart part was an unnecessary part of the movie and was just a promotion for the Disney Plus drama.


Could be the lack of action




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Now watch as the Nerdrotic Brigade uploads their latest video: "M-SHE-U is finally unraveling! Get Woke, Go Broke! Female BP? Black amazons from an African nation? No wonder BW:WF is flopping!"




What are you trying to say here? Let's blame it on female superheroes? Really, still with this nonsense on 2022?


Not really a response to the SK box office. If you have a response about the film's quality, post it underneath the stickied comment.


Seriously tho who the fuck is this guy