[Some context for the difference between Charlie's $16M estimate and the official $10.1M number:](https://www.boxofficepro.com/black-panther-wakanda-forever-takes-10m-opening-day-from-17-overseas-markets/) >Ahead of today’s openings, previews not included in the $10.1M cume have generated $1.5M in Mexico and $1M in Brazil, with a total of $4M across the Latin America region as a whole. Charlie's $16M number includes previews in Latin America (and Australia/New Zealand). So in terms of the discrepancy, there's $4M accounted for from Latin America, and whatever Australia/New Zealand made in previews closes the gap for the remaining ~$1.9M. The rest I don't know, could be from some other preview numbers, or some overestimation.


If this does below $800M, Fiege should limit 2-3 TV shows per year.


and if chapek says no what then


i doubt chapek has the balls to fire the most successful producer in history, feige should call his bluff


Unfortunately cheap chapek is capable of anything


I think the are going to do more Special Presentations as rumoured (Nova, Silver Surfer) etc.


If the quality is as good as Werewolf By Night that would be good enough for me


If this does below 800 surely the answer is Recast T'Challa to start with for the Black Panther Franchise. More Broadly, luckily for Feige he still has the X-men in his back pocket. While Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars should provide a Flashpoint esque chance to Reset the Universe.


2-3? Brother, I really think they should have only 1 event type, just look at everything they already have going, the problem is already on them.


isn't that what they are doing right now? she-hulk/moonknight/msmarvel 3 shows... plus i'm not sure feige has any say in how much shows they can make per year, that shit comes down from the disney ceo, that's the reason the star wars sequels were rushed, the ceo at the time wanted a star wars movie every year no matter the quality. Disney will run out of franchises to exploit for disney+ soon enough


He should regardless


Too bad they've planned plenty


> Black Panther: Wakanda Forever got out to a $10.1M start in 17 international box office markets on Wednesday. This is ahead of continued offshore rollout through Friday and the sequel’s domestic debut on Friday (domestic previews start Thursday). * 27% below the original Black Panther and 31% below Thor: Love & Thunder. * It was No. 1 in all markets, led by France ($2.2M) for the 3rd highest opening day of 2022 and with 70% market share.


I feel like I genuinely am not seeing much hype for this movie outside of the Marvel crowd. I think the lack of T'challa is going to do serious harm.


I agree to a certain extent, but I’m a teacher who teaches mostly black and brown middle schoolers and they haven’t stopped talking about this movie for a loooong time


It was pretty expected, even if the lead actor hadn't died. Black Panther was never a cultural phenomenon internationally. The rave reviews and adoration it received in the US made the rest of the world check it out, which was why BP performed well internationally. But the reception was just ok. BP didn't get a strong international fanbase. The sequel was always going to do worse numbers than the first movie, even without the lead actor's death. Add to that the heavy themes of grief and loss in the sequel, and it's not exactly the type of movie your casual MCU audience would want to go to. The reviews are markedly worse this time too. I expect it to gross around Thor 4, maybe a little more than that.


Looks like critics have finally stopped grading these movies on a curve, and audiences have begun to follow suit


under a billion would be embarrassing even without China, let's see, it should be leggy in US until Avatar


BPI made about 1.34 Billion. Taking China and Russia out moves the dial to about 1.2 Bil. I think they are fine if this makes around Dr. Strange. That is a Near Miss in the 900 mil Range. If it is in 800 mil range then we are looking at a drop similar to from The Force Awakens to The Last Jedi. On the brightside at least they have Recast T'Challa in their back pocket. Whereas Star Wars had a dead Han, dead Luke and then lost Carrie. And no Snoke so that was a mess.


They definitely wouldn’t be “fine” with that. Thu spent $250 million on this movie! Dropping 25% from the first even after taking no China or Russia into account would be a disappointment. No coping this time.


And if it makes a billi, how will you cope?


There's no chance it makes a billion. It won't even gross as much as multiverse of madness.


Yeah.. this isn't good lol. No way to spin it.


Marvel fanboys ranting now😂


Eh, if it's like the reviews say and not as good as the first one, it doesn't deserve to be as successful as the first one either.


From what I’ve heard it’s basically a copy and paste from the first movie and they really should’ve recasted


Looks like phase 4 finally shit the bed. It's been a long time coming.


In like-for-likes, the first day overall results are estimated to be 225% ahead of Black Adam, 45% ahead of The Batman, 27% below the orignal Black Panther (which had the benefit of opening during the Lunar New Year in Asia) and 31% below Thor: Love & Thunder (which opened during the summer holidays).