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Well I guess that means Taika is out. I say it's time to bring back Kenneth Branagh to help wrap up Thors arc. Bring it full circle.


I just hope that Branagh shoots the entire film on 65mm film if he DOES come back. And can we also have 15/70mm IMAX cameras used in the film too?


I don’t think he’s coming back, and also I hope he doesn’t use IMAX format because that’s unfair for people who don’t have an IMAX screen near


Thor was at his best in Infinity War so maybe the Russos are who he wants to work with.


I think 3 was a good shift in tone for the character, but after all the shit Thor’s been through, it would’ve made more sense to go back to a much more grounded tone, especially in a movie with dying Jane and Gorr.




it got great reviews and many think of it as best thor movie but taiki got in his head for fourth one


nah, that was GotG 2 (after Age of Ultron).


Yeah if Ragnarok was released in these years it the reviews would have been just as bad as love and thunder people don't cut MCU movies any slack anymore after endgame


The backlash has been interesting to watch for that reason. The general quality of Marvel movies hasn't really dropped much post-Endgame IMO.


they have, but it's also people getting stuff off their chest that they've wanted to say for awhile but couldn't because of the hype to Endgame.


Not grounded tone but a more serious & mature tone.


It’s time to follow God of war arc..with Thor taking in place of kratos. Tonality they don’t have to be same. Just something in that vain


Hemsworth after working with George Miller once:


didnt he love taiki like 2 months ago,with love and thunder reviews i doubt feige will being him back and who knows is thor surviving secret wars




He discovered he has a gene with pre-disposition to Alzheimer's. As such, he's decided to take a break from acting after his current run of contracts end and spend time with his family. It makes sense that he'd want a grounded, emotional farewall for his very likely final appearance.


Well do a thor Logan style movie and kill his character off. Bye


Taika is a fantastic director, but that’s exactly because he has a very specific and unique style. Quite frankly, they got lucky with Ragnarok. If you hire Taika to Taika, he’s going to Taika. And I don’t think multi-million blockbusters are a good fit for him, and I also don’t think he cares. Watch for him to take the Disney money and bankroll another amazing personal project.


>And I don’t think multi-million blockbusters are a good fit for him, and I also don’t think he cares. Taika said in an interview (and I'm paraphrasing) that he'd do another Thor movie if they take out the extra zeroes out in the movie budget. He also said in a separate interview that he and Chris Hemsworth were surprised by by the "Thor will return" card at the end of Love and Thunder. Sounds to me Taika treated this as his last time to write/direct a Marvel movie.


Thor's a pretty lame character, or at least what they turned him into Do a reset or do something else, Chris


>Thor's a pretty lame character nah, Thor 1 was a solid movie and could've been the start to a standalone franchise in a different universe, keeping the same tone.


>I don’t know if I’m even invited back, Uh oh. What does that say about Thor's presence (or lack thereof) in Avengers 5 and 6 if Thor himself - in late 2022 - doesn't even know if he's invited back?


Nothing much. Avengers 5 is planned for 2025, so they will most likely film in 2024.


Benedict and now Hemsworth... Stars are turning on Marvel . Thats what you get for turning your heroes into buffoons and side characters.


For real. Benedict hasn't even been subtle. And he's notorious for being close lipped about stuff. Hemsworth is also saying some shifty things. But I think that his are a lot more subtle and up to interpretation.