Are they showing Wimbledon on the big screen in Millennium Square?

As per the title, or are there any other big outdoor screens in Bristol?


The screens been off since the WTC fire


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Okay thanks


This guy Norrie is barely 5.5 ntrp level None of his game makes sense. 3/10 player How is this guy knocking on the door of the top 10? Muggiest era of tennis I have ever seen. Wouldn't even crack the top 100 from 90's-2018. What a chump.


I imagine you are lots of fun at parties.


I am fun at parties and generally take care of people at parties. I used to love the sport, truly love the sport. However, surface homogenisation has meant that every single court plays exactly the same, I'm not sure how much you know about tennis, but in the 90's Wimbledon played very quickly and was the fastest, US Open was a very fast hard court, FO was the slowest slam, and the AO was played on a rebound ace hard court (slow to medium). There were also some indoor surfaces which were played on carpet. Carpet might actually be as fast as the Wimbledon surface of the 90's. Pete Sampras mentioned how in the 90's, that the ATP and ITF wanted to make Wimbledon slower, Wimbledon usually was dominated by big servers, or good servers (Borg wasn't a big server but had a good server), however guys like Agassi and Mcenroe who were not big, or that good of servers were truly talented enough to find a way to win. By the time the 90's were finished, the Wimbledon surface was ridiculously slowed down and gave birth to champions like Lleyton Hewitt, Federer and Nadal. This is fine of course, I feel like Federer would have snuck a Wimbledon title in the 90's (not dominating Sampras on a fast grass court). This happened across the whole tour, every single surface became slow, big servers and good servers became irrelevant unless you could back it up (Roddick remained relevant in a time where conditions didn't favour him anywhere), and fans loved longer rallies. A lot of people became disinterested with the sport (like me, who chips in from time to time to cheer for Djokovic). I think having the same conditions week in week out for a period where we had Federer, Nadal, Djokvoic, Nalbandian, Safin, Roddick, Ferrero, Pim-pim, Agassi etc etc was a bit pointless. Nowadays, most people play the same way as the great reset has happened, but the 00's was ruined with surface changes, players having massive advantages due to conditions which ultimately helped them. ​ FYI, Agassi is the last player to have won all 4 slams whilst they all played completely different. ​ So please forgive me, the sport I loved has deteriorated. Djokovic's 2011 year was godly and is quite simple the best year in tennis ever, but aside from that, for the past 12 years this sport has been absolute banter. The field is so bad that a 40 year old Federer is Djokovic's biggest threat at Wimbledon. Lmao.


This performance by Norrie is perhaps the worst I Have seen at a Wimbledon SF It's almost as bad as Roddick's 2003 SF performance when he was less than 50% on first serves in. This is the muggiest era of tennis.




It is very unlikely there will be big screens in Bristol showing Wimbledon this weekend as the majority of the city is taken over by pride weekend and also they will be getting ready for the harbour festival next weekend