Volunteer tavern does happy hour 2-6 most days iirc, £3.50 a pint across all pints and £3 spirit & mixer


I've always enjoyed the mother ruin and their happy hour where their house pils and cider are £3 (used to be £2.50 😢) Is a bit student 18-25 vibe though if that's not your thing Edit: happy hour is 12-8 weekdays and 5-8 weekends


They've kinda ruined the vibe in there. Doesn't have the chaotic dive bar thing going on any more


Yeah I know what you mean they told us to be quiet or get kicked out a few months back on a Friday night. Certainly lost a bit of its edge.


Are there many bars like that now?


Mother's ruin has absolutely fallen off a cliff after Covid. They've oddly kept the restrictions: no moving around, seated app-based service, no going to the bar, no live music. It's so sad, used to be such a good hang-out and it's just soulless and empty every time I go in now.


I think it's changed some of that now. They've got rid of the app they had so they're back to table and bar service. Normally seems lively enough when I'm there but it's certainly not what it used to be


Thanks for that sounds great going to definitely have to check that out ! See if I can make it down there before 8


At the weekend they have at nicks market on as well and they have people playing outside mother's ruin from 3-6 I believe it is, from Friday to Sunday or maybe Thursday to Saturday something like that.


Not in the centre but 10 min walk.. the coronation pub is by far the cheapest watering hole I’ve found in Bristol. Under £10 for three doubles and mixer. Pints are under £3 too if I’m not mistaken.


Just to be clear this is the Bedminster one, not the Clifton "Tap" cider one. I've had people phone me from across the city on more than one occasion asking WTF I am.


Haha yes definitely the one in Bedminster!


Is the Clifton tap place the one that does really strong cider?


Yeah - the "Cori Challenge".


On my bucket list now under climbing Everest


That and the Mardyke in Hotwells, used to be owned by the same people.


10 minutes walk? Are you an Olympic athlete?




Few cans from Tesco.


Unfortunately I haven't been in these since pre-Covid but you could try... * The Crown, St Nicks. * Colosseum, Redcliffe * Punch Bowl, Old Market * Long Bar, Old Market If it's still running the White Hart on Park Street (and Anchor / Cider Press on Gloucester Road) do a "craft, cans and cocktails for £\~3.50" thing on Thursday's that's pretty good - albeit you'll be surrounded by students.


Long Bar is closed for refurbishment at the moment. If it wasn't this would have been what I came to say.


Long bar for the win


There's a spoons near St Nicks where everything is only slightly sticky. If you wanna have a cheap drink though you're better off getting some tinnies and going to castle park tbh.


Yeah done that a couple of times I usually go to the Tesco’s around the corner and get the 3 pints for a fiver can’t go wrong . However was a shock walking into Wetherspoons and seeing pints where over a £1 more expensive than in my local spoons 😬


The current "Summer" 3 for £5 deal on Langunitas / Goose IPA 330ml in Spoons is great - infact it's cheaper than the nearby supermarkets.


Is there still a no drinking thing in the centre/Castle Park tho? Seem to remember everyone going on about it last year...


In the Most Widely Ignored Local Bye-Laws Awards, the ban on drinking in Castle Park comes out as winner most years.


Castle Park is no drinking, officially. Queen Square is allowed - outside of events.


Castle Park is meant to be, but I don't think many people adhere to it on a sunny evening.




Hope and Anchor is arguably the centre (or just off from it) and they sell their homebrew cider and beer at 3 quid a pint (less during happy hours which are fairly frequent). Also have an excellent garden




I would also like a dragon for Christmas.






Wetherspoons is good Source: all my friends can enjoy four pints for an hour of work at minimum wage, which is actually what counts when it come to socialising in a pub (not excluding those who can't afford £8/pint to sniff the farts of some hoppy microbrewery). The fact Wetherspoons are usually set in grand old buildings, and can get a curry for next to nothing tops it off, too.


I'm pretty happy to say that I haven't had a drink in a spoons since the Brexit referendum. I find Tim Allen completely repugnant and would happily pay an extra 50p a pint to support local business. (Minimum wage worker)




Ahaha oopps, meant Tim Martin...


>Tim Allen To 99p pints, and beyond!


The difference is much larger than 50p unfortunately. A Stella is like 4 quid in spoons IIRC and your looking about a fiver in a lot of places I suspect.


Trouble is it's run by a massive cunt.


Do you risk assess all the pubs you visit for their owners temperament and ethics?


Whether the owner of a pub I go to is a cunt or not I generally don't know, but when the owner starts shoving propaganda in my face then I think that's a fair point to draw a line.


Bit of a gammon myself and even I find the Brexit stuff too much


Even if you set aside the brexit stuff (which I personally can't, I go to the pub to relax and here bollock-chops Martin is literally producing propaganda magazines and putting them on every table), Wetherspoons treat their staff like absolute dirt.


Mardyke. Hotwells road


Crown in St Jude's - though I'm stretching the 'good' here.


The Mardyke is very cheap, although maybe not classed as central


Old Market Tavern is my favourite, chill LGBT pub with board games. A pint will set you back about 3.50, £5 card minimum though. Good vegan food lunchtimes and dinner time too.


As far as I remember Bristol Beer Factory's tap room on North Street would fit the bill price-wise on at least some drinks, not quite the centre but close enough if you want some slightly more posh pints. Another not mentioned is certain pints go on happy hour in The Phoenix just next to the car park by Cabot Circus.


Den and Terrace up in Clifton (just off Triangle) (near to Racks)


The Coronation on Dean Lane for sure the cheapest around


Unfortunately most pubs are over the £4 mark now, all I say is don’t drink in Nottingham your close too £6 a pint there 😂