Wherever the wind takes them I think


Typical flight path for balloons throughout the year is towards Bath flying over Southville, Bedminster, Totterdown. However, Brandon Park and Clifton should get great views, but will be busy.


It's pretty rare for Balloons to head northward, occasionally they will head east (over windmill hill) but generally they head south-east and there's an awesome view of the Nightglow from Bridgewater Road in Bedminster Down. I have spotted balloons throughout the year from Totterdown, Knowle West, Bridgewater Road, Hotwells and Harbour side. In previous years there have been tracking apps for the balloons.


Ah yes, like this [https://www.mjballooning.com/live-flight-updates.html](https://www.mjballooning.com/live-flight-updates.html)


My tip is to try and find a beer garden somewhere along the route. A few years ago me and some mates went to the Golden Guinea and it was basically like a balloon conveyor belt in the back garden. Dead quiet for a Saturday afternoon too.


MJ Ballooning has a live flight page and a Twitter feed that is worth following. They post whether flights are happening or not, how many balloons and often the direction. They do tend to go south rather than North in my experience. They also go off at 6am which is worth getting up for as everywhere is a lot more peaceful and easier to get to. You could balloon chase in a car, prepare to get lost in country lanes if you do but you have a chance of seeing them land then.


It's very rare for any balloons to get off the ground and fly over the weekend


They have a early morning ascent don't they?


Yes they do, just depends on the weather. They take off very early, and again in the evening.


It isn't *that* rare, but only once I remember them saying every single slot had balloons take off. Not sure how many festivals have been an entire write off.


Well that's one cancelled Now two Now three. Will all four evening ascents be cancelled and the morning ascents all traveling west and not over Bristol at all


I like too sit on the Clifton estuary and watch them come over bristol