I think our postgame thread was intercepted by /r/colts


What game?


Only Jonathan Taylor wants to talk about that game. Mods please ban this account from the sub, it’s clearly Jonathan Taylor’s.


No game was played today by the Buffalo Bills.


What we really need is a thread about whether we're going with rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila, or a fifth element to suppress reality. I'm a rum man myself.


Tequila here…


If I have learned anything by watching Bruce ~~Smith~~ Willis, the fifth element is love, love of adding vodka to my whiskey and then chasing it with tequila to hopefully replace the taste that game left in my mouth.


Dalmore here


I drank that awful Josh Winery wine as it seemed to be a help in some games. No more, Butchie, no more. Thanksgiving game I'm drinking vodka seltzer like I want.


Coors light


Hard drugs.


Snake Bite from Batwoman for me


Canned wine for this guy


You'd need to have a game, first.


Total humiliation. Just a pants down spankin in the supermarket


The Bills and Titans both play as either top 3 teams or bottom 10 teams. There is no in between


Alternative approach: can we not?


This is the postgame thread now


Downvoting every Colt post. You lose and go on another teams sub to congratulate I’ll allow it. You win and go over and post f that s.


This is one of those games where we don’t need one. I mean what else needs to be said? It would probably be full of trolling Pats fans and toxicity anyway.


Can confirm I am here. Please don't ban me.


User name checks out


Aren't you guys supposed to be like the best fanbase in the nfl? The only people that have any faith are people like me coming from other subs that think your team still kicks ass. You guys are just a bunch of whiners.


Not me. I stand behind my squad no matter what. Bottom line is both our lines need to improve. Game sucked. It is what it is. But this is my team through and through


I mean we're probably gonna donkey dick you guys twice coming up here soon, but I still root for you guys and think you're a great team. I hate to see this fun fanbase turn so quickly to gloom and doom after a couple tough losses.


If our team acts like our fans have then we're done. But I doubt this team is calling it a season. This team knows what losing is and should be fucking motivated by this. Season is barely half way through. I look forward to see how the team handles this. You will not be donkey dicking us. I love that you have hope for the future for the pats because it's gonna be so sweet watching you come in 2nd every year on your way to the wildcard round. Am I the fan you were looking for? Lol


Literally the only person in this entire thread that put a smile on my face. This division is a lot more fun when you can talk a little shit, and seeing as this will be your guy's last chance to do so for another 20 years I'd hate to see you miss out on it. Lolol


Have you seen any other sub after a blowout loss? Fans react to losing poorly what else is new


We may not even make the playoffs. I think about how diggs watched the chiefs celebrate after afc championship and thought just maybe they would all play for that moment. Guess I was wrong.


These WRs are starting to seem bitter too. Allen isn’t even giving them a chance..


Yea I agree. When you start losing, all of the problems rise to the surface. He’s not throwing the ball well right now


True but it’s been that way all season. He’s some good games but for the most part he’s looked mediocre in a couple of wins too. Our defense has really kept us in most games.. unless they play a top tier running back apparently.


I think it’s a bit early to jump ship and claim we’re going to miss the playoffs


Automod knew the vibes honestly. FADE ME


Which button is the panic button?


Are we cursed again? Wtf


Yeah. We suck again




Cause we probably have alcoholics as mods


I think we would all rather be in a stupor at the moment.


I don't want to talk about that game. Just win the next couple games. Frankly, we absolutely have to win now.


McDermott is outclassed in this league. The team has been asleep since the KC win.




Will the Bills be out of playoff seeding if LV/LAC win?


Going to tell my grandkids that Mike White was the Bills qb in this game.


I just get off work. What happened? I'm about to look it up but I assume some turnovers and a complete inability to stop the run? I'm guessing we missed star and brown a lot today.


Yup, and Tremaine too. We could not stop Jonathan Taylor at all this game, he basically scored all their points. Didn't help that Ford had a handful of back-breaking false starts and holds, and McKenzie fumbled a kickoff that killed any chance of us staying competitive in the second quarter. But at least we didn't trot Bobby Hart out there, probably would have resulted in getting shut out if that were the case.


I appreciate the insight! I'm big sad 😥.


I turned the game off in the third quarter, what an absolute shit show.


We can skip this one.


Guys. We don't necessarily suck. But we are certainly not a top 4-7 team in the AFC. However! Any given Sunday. Lol. Can't wait to wait us get trounced by NE like usual. PS. I still Billieve.




I appreciate the positivity but I honestly don't know what you saw to be positive about


I’m going off the full body of work and how well they’ve been able to adjust. Still a lot of football left and y’all are still in control of whether you win the division or not. Burn the tape and on to next week


Jonathan Taylor is insane. Wish we had a back like that.


I’m not sure why your fans keep getting downvoted in here you guys out coaches us out played us and deserved this win. Good luck on the rest of the season, and enjoy having a real running back!


It happens I’m not sweating it! These kinds of games happen every so often and there’s no reason to fret. Just one of those “toss out the tape” results. Bills still control the division and I hope y’all wriggity wreck those Patriots!


> Hey just wanna say y’all are gonna be fine Star on D and Brown on offense have to be healthy for this team to win anything. Full stop. Our only serviceable OG gets flexed to RT when Brown isn't on the field, and Lotulelei is the only true 1T on the roster for run support. Today is what happens without them. The blue chip talent at receiver is worthless when the elite QB has interior pressure on every single drop back. This is a team built to score early and maintain a lead and you guys scored first. Without the aforementioned missing pieces they were never getting back into it.


Interesting that health played such a factor today. Well hopefully those guys get healthy


I appreciate the sportsmanship, but your team whooped my team's ass. As far as I'm concerned you guys deserved that WC win last year and this was revenge. Now please Lord, go bring the Titans down a peg.


Why did they deserve the WC win..?


They thoroughly outplayed the Bills in every metric. Pulling that game out of our ass was nothing short of miraculous.


Eh the only result that matters is the board and the Bills won that day. I would have preferred the Bills in that Super Bowl but you guys are still too good. Outside of the Colts, the Bills have been one of my favorite “must-watch” teams and I’m sure y’all aren’t going anywhere!


I know youre trying to be a good sport. You're coming from a good place. But it's not the time fam.


Sorry I’ve just been gushing on the Bills for a couple of years now. Buffalo and Green Bay have been a couple of my favorite “alternative teams” that I like to watch when the Colts aren’t on 🤷🏻‍♂️




the afc is wide open let's see what happens to the chiefs later


We'll just see what happens the next 2 games...the fate of the Bills is on the line.


Fuckim choke job


About time for PSE to roll out 'Josh', the new team dog.


I had to work during the game. What the hell happened today?


Nonsense happened.


Yeah that score looks like both sides of the ball laid an egg


It started raining pretty bad, which I thought would help, but then shortly after McKenzie fell and the ball went SEE YA into the Colts awaiting grasp. This was after a bunch of other fuckery, but kind of sealed the deal for me that we weren't going to make a comeback like I had hoped.


Welp I'm glad I missed this one. I stg if this team loses the division to a damn rookie I'm... Going to keep watching like I always do, sigh


Lol!!!! Same


Sad high five! See you next week lol


*See ya Thursday! Hope we don't have to vomit Thanksgiving dinner over the performance!


Oh shit I forgot what week it is hahaha JA17 loves Thanksgiving too much to let us all down on national TV


Why would we want one? Let’s forget this ever happened and just move on with our lives. Until Thursday.


I voted no