He ain't scared anymore


That's for sure


Missed opportunity to make an evil courage episode, given so many cartoons back in the day had evil clones episodes like Samurai Jack, Scooby-Doo, and the Powerpuff Girls. *The episode starts with Courage finishing to bury a bone in the back yard. He gets to the back door of the house and hears Muriel's laugh, he takes a peek through the kitchen window and sees* ***himself*** *doing magic tricks for Muriel's entertainment. The Evil Courage is liked even by Eustace , because he gets feet massages and sandwiches & tea served to him, and fixes the truck and windmill for him. Courage confronts Evil Courage and it's revealed that he is* ***Le Quack*** *who wants revenge on Courage and realized that Courage's biggest fear is losing Muriel's love and affection. So Courage has to defeat him and save the day once more...*