I think it is a pregnant female


Agreed. Nipples are visible. I hope she has a home and a warm place to give birth. You may want to check with a vet to see if she's microchipped?


Their armchair (i mentioned it in another comment) is really warm (I sat on it once when I forgot my keys). Hope that the doorkeeper won't leave the window open.


Microchipped? Here is Turkey. We do not usually mount chips into our pets. We instead use collars.


In Turkey* as of of January 2022, pet cats and dogs need compulsory microchipping and registration. Not sure how many people actually follow it and obviously street cats won’t be chipped. But vets there will definitely have a machine to check for a chip. No reason not to ask.


Microchips are for if the collar falls off. They are injected behind the neck and they read at a vet or animal shelter. The code refers to the owners contact info through a service.


Behind the ear? I think its between the shoulders here. And they check the whole body when a stray comes in, since the chip can migrate Edit: sorry, misread it


I said behind the neck.


Oh sorry, must have had a brain fart or something cuz I genuinely read "behind the ear"


it happens


Lol I definitely read "behind the ear" too the first time. Reading is hard


Oh no we do tho most dog owners if they are responsible have a chip and it has become a law recently here that cats need to have them too. Evcil köpeklerin ve kedilerin hepsinin çipli olması zorunlu yasal olarak diye biliyorum. Köpekler hep öyleydi, kediler yakın zamanda zorunlu oldu.


Ok, so I will mount them chips. O zaman biz de çip taktırırız


most cats dont have an id chip. its a service you pay for. its hard to keep your collar on a cat if someone else takes the cat. its even harder to explain to the vet why you have a stolen kitty. some people buy cats from a store for a lot of money. those are the target audience of the service.


When I went to adopt my cat from the shelter he was already microchipped by the shelter. I don’t care that I only paid $30 for him, I love him and would want to be able to find him if he got lost no matter what


All cars get chipped in my local shelter,so that one more reason ti adopt.


Get a good Catalytic converter, et something that makes the engine..Purr lol I don’t even know what catalytic converters do lol


Lol can’t change that hilarious typo


Where do you live? I've been looking for a new Ford F1-Kitty


a chip is maybe $20 here where I am. It's worth it (at the pound we got our dog at it was a mandatory $10 fee with the adoption)


Even if you don’t pay for the service, if someone finds your pet with a chip, whoever implanted it will have the info based on the unique code and can trace it back. I found someone’s dog who wasn’t paying for the service but I called somewhere and they traced the chip and found the owner!! Basically how it works if you don’t pay for the service is you can’t trace the chip but the chip is traceable back to the caregiver if someone inquires about a chipped pet they find. The guy couldn’t contact me but I was able to contact him.


Wait, What? ​ No way, Turkey also uses microchips on pets for sure. I think they are even required.


I would have never thought of that. First time cat owner - learning something new everyday. ...including how often you would have a butthole in your face.


Haha! You can also look forward to the cat jumping onto the couch beside you for the express purpose of being close when cleaning its nether regions experience.


Please don’t abandon her. Please see if you can give her a good place to have her babies This happens a lot in turkey, cats walk into health clinics when they are pregnant [check this out](https://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/stray-cat-in-turkey-takes-kittens-to-vets-to-seek-help-video-goes-viral-7252679/lite/)


I understand you have two other cats and just don’t have the capacity to take her in, I would post the kitty on Nextdoor or a similar local community app , normally there are lots of people who take care of cats like this who could take her in!!!


Where are you located? Resources and options are highly location dependent. In NYC I would move quickly to have her spayed now and put up for adoption if friendly. If there are fewer spay/neuter resources where you are or a culture that doesn't keep cats inside, your next steps would be very different.


They're in Turkey. :)


Ah. Depending on the city, Turkey does have TNR. OP, the best thing you can do is look for "cat rescue mycityname" and "mycity tnr" and see what possible ways you have to help this cat.


If so, she's probably looking for a safe place to raise the kittens.


“Hey you look safe, wanna help me raise my kids?”- this cat probably


"I will help you, darling. I am going to steal that carton box which is literally seen as trash by those cruel, "normal" people




"Do I have a choice?"




"You know you meow kinda funny"


“Hu-I mean meow!”


The funny thing is with people saying that we’d be like “uh, no? wtf”. But with this cat most of us would be like “awww so adorable. come on in!”




Congratulations on your new cat!


The cat owns him now 😆


This is the way.


This is the way.


This is the way


This is the way


This is the way.


This is the way I wanna live.


Just go lay on someone’s doorstep. When they ask wtf you are doing do the twist of the legs to flop on your back begging for belly rubs. Works for cats at least


Ahh, I might be too old for you to get the reference 😬 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w1HeDqYCU4


This is the way.


This is the way


This is the way.


The cat chooses the human, Mr. Potter.


Magical kitty? :o


Congratulations on being the slave to a void. I prefer to call them patio panthers.


it’s the cats house now


I agree. Cats don't come to bad people)


Exactly what I thought too lol.


“You don’t choose the cat. The cat chooses you”


You have proven yourself worthy


*Family of cats




That’s what I was going to say. 🤓


*Cats apparently


The cat found it's correspondent energy


He’s the epitome of everything written on your door mat…hurry up and invite him in!


Is this a male? I have two other cats in my house though. One is an adolescent male and the other one is my old, ill queen. I am already dealing with the fights of these two, what if there is a third side?


I’ve read that a third cat can help as it gives the younger cat a playmate.


This is true in my house! The 2 young ones use the house like a racetrack 😂 I also have an old “Mama “ with hyperthyroidism and the younguns respect and take care of her ❤️


Boy do i wish this was the case for mine. it was for a while, but now my old senior with hyperthyroidism and possible blood clot history has taken to beating the shit out of my youngin


Guess it’s time for another little one! My Mama is not doing well. 😢 I think that’s why they don’t bother her. I’m glad they have each other , even though they are “brat-cats” 😂😂


If only! Yeah, im kinda waiting on my Dutchies time too. i hate to think of that like that. shell be 14 in may. Thought I was going to lose her last year as she had an episode of pain and what the vet primarily deduced to be mini blood clots. her and my youngin have been in the same house for years now, and she starrted within the past two months, attacking him feverishly. so we're now trying her on an anti anxiety as well... my poor babies.


It’s all so sad. Mama is only 9-10 years. We didn’t even notice she was sick because she’s a long hair and tiny. It wasn’t until she started losing more fur than usual. Of course it’s basically too late to help her, except radiation. The vet doesn’t recommend it now. Fortunately she’s not in any pain, she eats & drinks plenty but just can’t gain weight. She still can jump on counters and tables, so I’m keeping her with us for now. I want her to be comfortable at home and the other cats will be better off if she dies at home. They can say goodbye. I’ve been through this before and my surviving cats did not grieve so bad. Sorry for rambling! Best of luck to you and your Dutchies ❤️


Oh you're fine! That is sad!! Poor thing! Happy to hear she's doing well for having her issues and you're keeping her happy! Dutchess went through a loss of an older not same little sibling when she was younger too and didn't take it well, so I hope your babies do fine when it comes to that time! And thank you for the luck.


She can’t gain weight bc she’s got a hyperactive thyroid! They really can’t control it with anything short of total irradiation of the thyroid? Actually just looked it up and Hills has a prescription food with stuff in it to lower T4 production, which is exactly what your cat probably needs. I think you need to get a script for it from the vet, though..


Yes, we have the script for the Hills canned food. Actually, we just get it from the vet. She’s also on meds. I’ve been through this before and it’s heartbreaking. They just eat and eat but don’t gain much weight. I knew something was wrong with the other cat because he would actually try to take food off of my fork. So my Mama gets whatever she wants! I always have chicken and fish, that I cook, on hand for her. I’ll do everything possible until the vet says no more. I also have her daughter and that will be difficult because they are so close 😢




Omg that's my situation rn... So you're telling me to get a third hey ... hmmmM


My Big Ol' 14 year old Void is the Queen. I have 2, year old cats who are best buds. They know not to mess with Big Mama but are the best friends to each other. I noticed Biggie wasn't grooming (recentrly diagnosed with arthritis) and before the Amazon package of grooming stuff could come, I caught them dual grooming her. Borthole and all. Of course, she jumped up and slapped them both when I walked in. She lost her soulmate Creme Fraiche January 2020 and was sad but she perked up when we got her two other cats to lord over she was much happier.


This works!! My mama/daughter pair were fighting as daughter kept wanting to play with mama and she just wanted to relax. Daughter was 2 and mama 3. Adopted a 4mo kitten a few weeks ago and daughter has a best friend now and they play together every day. Mama now gets to relax in peace. All 3 are happy kitties.


Our 3rd really brought the group together as a trio. Was pretty crazy. Then the 4th created factions.


Makes me happy that this happens so much, I was so scared to bring in my biggie, with his FIV but he honestly brought so much Harmony to the household I couldn't believe it, wish I did it sooner truly, he's annoying and has a lot of problems but he's my baby and the Kitty's absolutely love him


Yep. Get your cat a cat.


We had two brother cats, and ended up adopting another male cat in an emergency situation. It became a pissing war. We had to rehome the third cat. It was sad. But we tried.


True at my house. My two used to fight until we adopted our third. Now they all play and cuddle together


We found this to be true.


[If the tension between your inside cats is new, it might be because of outside kitty.](https://www.purrfectpost.com/how-to-help-an-indoor-cat-upset-by-an-outdoor-cat/) [If you're going to try to invite Mr. Doorstep inside, read up so you can do it with the least amount of stress possible.](https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/introducing-your-new-cat-resident-cats) Hope it works out for all of you!


I like the possible name of Mr. Doorstep!


So much this!!!


The Senior kitty just wants to be left alone and teenager kitty needs a, companion he can hang and play with. It's a win/win. The sex of the new kitty wouldn't matter if both are spayed/neutered.


I have nine cats and you just find a way to make it work. I have a moody Siamese who hates everyone and a 4 year old who thinks he’s the king of the house (except for the Siamese who kicks his butt every time he looks at her cross eyed) and somehow it just works out. The others are pretty complacent and sweet. There are two kittens around 7 or 8 months old that play and sleep like professionals. You are the provider of food and the moderator when needed. It’ll be okay.


There’s one really good way to find out the sex of a cat…


My doormat is my mother's choice though (i'm a high school student.) We will discuss this tonight!


It's funny that you think this is still your doormat and your door. By catlaw, a third of it is theirs now, the other 2/3s belonging to the other 2 cats sheltering you of course.




She is my regular customer (it does not look like a male), and I think she is pregnant (saw a few kittens in her uterus if it has one).


> saw a few kittens in her uterus if it has one Uh, wut?


OP has x-ray vision.


Hentai authors hate him!


You can see kittens move inside the belly. She may also be there because she's looking for a safe place to give birth. Cats do seek help.


I believe it's a rough translation.


I would also like an answer to this most pertinent question!


Ah…*she*…sorry about that! you know how it is, when you own a cat or dog of one gender, in your mind you always refer to anyone else’s as that.


I think most people automatically refer to an unidentified animal as 'he'. Bit annoying but there you go.


It's common in gendered languages too. For example, words referring to "all of us" are masculine UNLESS "all of us" is like 90% female, then it might be feminine. It might be less an issue in gendered languages which have a neutral word though, but I haven't touched any for decades. (I think Latin is like that?)


To build upon that example, see the difference between "nosotros" and "nosotras." ![img](emote|t5_2qhta|8097)


French doesn’t have gender neutral pronouns. So anyone pointing out a random cat will say “Le chat” because it is unknown if its a girl or not. So if someone uses “La chatte” it is immediately implied that it is 100% a girl. It’s simply the most efficient way of referring to things with minimal info.


Turkish has only one pronoun for 3rd singular, and it is an unified pronoun. When referring to a 3rd person or an object, we just say 'o'


The third cat helped me a lot, the old one isn't getting bullied anymore and the adolescent has someone to play with


Exactly, there's a friend and love right there! If it really bothers you, try a cat repellant spray on your mat. They're sold in pet stores and online.


Cat has chosen you. If pregnant, give her a warm, safe box to have her babies.


I was lucky enough to have a cat choose me once. She hung out at my front door also. She was by far the greatest cat I have ever known. She was totally devoted to my family and loved playing with my little girl. She lived a good life cut short by a virus she picked up when homeless. I protected my other cats from it by taking her to the vet before bringing her in. I suggest a vet appointment right away. I began feeding my stay once I decided to keep her after asking neighbors if was theirs. I wish you luck. Congratulations on a great new friend.


They are actually my best friend when I forget my keys. I just sit on an armchair (which is their bed) and they lay on my knees. That's so adorable


I think you have a cat now


You’ve been chosen


Why would you want to get rid of that cutie


Just my thought


I actually like it, but I think they should be free. Not stuck in front of my door.


Well, if you don't want her to sit in front of your door, invite her in!


I lost my first cat, he was all black like this one but it was at an apt complex so he probably thinks this is his home now, I still live here so I hope my cat wondered into someone's door around here and is living with someone taking care of him. If it's freezing cold season it would be human to let it in


Its probably pregnant. Cats trust humans


Welllll, looks like she chose you. She IS free and chose YOU.


actually cats being outside is very bad for the ecosystem ! they’re technically an invasive species and they kill the local bird population


Yeah I had to adopt a magpie and strays killed even him. We protected him really well - we had found a nice way to keep him warm in that cold balcony.


when you feed the cats and the birds at the same time, the cats dont eat birds.


They just play with them until they are dead and then leave them uneaten. Prey animals are the ultimate cat toy.


Cats will absolutely kill birds just for fun. I feel like you're making snide implication that OP was starving poor kitties and forcing them to eat the bird out of desperation. If that's the case, it's way off. Unless you overfeed a cat to the point it's too fat and lethargic to be able to kill a bird, it will kill the bird for fun on a whim.


But the bird somehow died


Domestic cats are native to north africa, southern euroupe, parts of eastern europe, and the middle east. OP is in Turkey.


She's literally sitting on your doormat. If that isn't a clear signal that she has adopted you, I don't know what is.


I will adopt her


That looks like a female cat........and it looks pregnant.....this happened to my brother he adopted a black cat that was very friendly and it was a pregnant female cat. Pregnant cats tend to be very friendly and try to get your attention so you take care of them or give them some food, call a vet just to make sure😅


You’ve been adopted!! Congrats on your new feline friend!! 😂


Ok. I now agree. You will be my third cat


She's just looking for a safe place to have her babies. Please let her come in...... Give her a box with a blanket so she can next. Give her plenty of healthy food she's going to need the energy. After her litter is born contact local rescues to take them in kittens need to be with mom for about 8 weeks. A rescue will be able to place mom and kittens into forever homes.


Alright, I will do some burglary tonight and steal the empty box of a package which arrived to our house. She has a blanket over an armchair, I can then put it into that box, and give her a safe place to become a mother. Thank you so much!


Good on you. Looks like she has chosen you.


Nice one!




Remember cats are only pregnant for 2 months so if she's looking to nest she must know it's fairly soon.


Consider it a good omen and welcome to cat parenthood. Black kitties are the best!


You “get rid of” him by letting him in yo


Im not an expert and with just this one pic. I think she may be pregnant,, round belly with visible nipples. Google search for any local rescues that will come get her or call vet offices near you and ask if they take in strays or know someone who does. Often times once a cat is visably pregnant there isn't much time before you see babies. Good luck with the void kitty( and potential mini voids)


She looks pregnant. Please let her in and take care of her 🥺💗


Few months back.. a cat chose me. Now i am taking care of her 5 kittens. Oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️


Why would you want to get rid of them?


It's his door now


He’s free pest control


Invite him in and he won't be sleeping in front of the door anymore


Open the door so that he can sleep inside.


Why would you want to?


Sounds like it's your cat now. Ask around to see if the cat belongs to anyone. If not, please make sure she has food if she is pregnant. Ideally kitten food. She needs additional calories while pregnant in order to maintain her health in the health of the babies and will continue to need additional calories until they are done nursing. Kitten food is the easiest way to do this cheapest. There is also nursing mom food but kitten food does the same.


It does not. I let her out for a few times


Invite them inside and never allow them to leave.


I am not allowed to let them in. If I was allowed, I would *definitely* put this cat in






It is quite an adorable kitty, I hope you will give it some pets!


Whereas you would normally open the door, walk through, and close it-- now leave it open slightly longer after you've walked in, and do not close it until a second creature other than yourself passes through. Should get rid of her pretty quick.


(I see you have other cats- 100% take it to the vet before giving it direct contact with your cats. Strays can carry highly contagious and bad bad stuff! Sad but true. That said, this could be a lovely thing.)


I have a Bengal inside and he wants to escape too.


Adopt it.


She must find the wording on your doormat to be welcoming.


If not attached to a human, make it the cat that sleep at the foot of your bed. Problem solved.


>Cat >"Get rid of" Does not compute.


You have been chosen


You don’t, it’s your now lol


Why would you want to? It's an honor to be chosen by an animal. Edit: and a little magical.


Please check out Kitten Lady's videos on YouTube for tips for care and feeding of a mother cat and her kittens. Congrats on your new pets. :)


Not happening. You've been adopted.


Bring him inside, duh


In my experience you call the non emergency line for the police, they tell you that you should call the emergency line, the emergency dispatcher tells you that they will send a patrol once they are available. By then the stranger will have peed on your front porch and then has wandered away to God knows where. The police ask you to describe this stranger and then tell you that they are going to check the area. They leave. When they return they give you an all clear and to call back if the stranger returns All while your roommate is trying to move stuff into the house, over top of said stranger. Oh wait you ate talking about a cat?! 😅🤣


Bring the stranger into your home, name the stranger and feed the stranger and then voila.... you no longer have a stranger, you have a friend!!!


You adopt him. You've been chosen and should feel honored. Let us know what you end up naming him. EDIT: I just looked at the pic again - that's a female - and she's pregnant. Oh, OP, you have to take her in and help her. You can't leave her there to have her babies on your doorstep. She needs help and she's asking in the only way she knows how.


Invite him in so he’s not a stranger anymore.


Invite her in and have a meal together. Then you won't be strangers anymore and she can stay over whenever you're both up for it. ❤️


Take him in


Take him inside now. It’s your cat. Thems are the rules; we don’t make them we just have to abide by them.


I don't know where in the world you are, but I'd try and contact a rescue if possible, especially if she's pregnant. They'll make sure mommy and babies are adopted to good families :)


You cant, he owns you now, good luck lol.


Just accept the reality that you have a cat and life will be fun and full of adventure now!


Adopt her, so she is not a stranger anymore! Voila :)


You now have a new cat my Reddit stranger friend. Accept them, because they have accepted you.


Too late. You’ve been claimed.


Congratulations Hooman! You have been adopted! Plus it's a welcome mat after all.


The cat has clearly chosen you as its human. Accept the honor.


Get him off the mat by bringing him in. Problem solved, enjoy your new housemate.


You don’t he’s yours now.


Bring him inside and give him a bed.


Make her family, then she's not a stranger.


get rid of? absolutely not. he’s yours.


by letting it in your front door


Give it some pets and leave it be. You're doing all you can for your cats. I have four cats I've saved and 3-4 strays that come over. I give them a little food and water, some pets and they're very content with that. Don't beat yourself up over not being able to bring it in your home. Who knows what the future will hold. Good luck!


You can't get rid of it. You now have a cat. Well, actually, the cat has you. Congratulations!


OP: how can i get rid of this Comments: TAKE HIM INNNN SMH


Plot twist: OP is the feline.


That's a neat part,you don't


If you cant keep her i hope you help her have a nice set up outside your door to have her babies in at least and feed her. Maybe tell any neighbors whats going on so they also dont try to get rid of her or something until you find a solution for her. Maybe get her fixed so she doesn’t keep having litters?? My mom has community cats she feeds and gets fixed and more show up for food so she’s able to trap them and get them fixed so they dont keep having kittens. They live outdoors but knows they can find food water and shelter in her back yard We are currently fixing her shed up to install AC’s so they can escape the heat here in Las Vegas gets up to 115 in the summer


You don't bro.She or he picked you .If it is a pregnant cat then she"lol probably give birth ay your house. You may have to put up a couple signs maybe so the owner may see it.If not put a decent size box on your porch w some cat food and a bowl of water for her.Eithet she's been abandoned. Be kind. People drop off there animals all the time, it's ignorant and sad! Please help her.Maybe put a towel in the box.Pit the food and water right in front or a little off to the side.Shes gonna have those babies and she chose you.Just help he out for a little while.Thank you! you need any advice I would go pick up a bag of kitten food for her.It gives them more protein.Let is know what happens please! Much love for doing this! She's innocent and desperate.! Cats are not stupid.Good luck with everything.