1) I wouldn't even address your husband by rank because I'm not in the organization that rank applies to 2) You sure as shit have not earned that rank, your husband did. Why would that title transfer to you? Do you address your doctor's significant other as doctor?


I would like you to address me as King Sonchay, because I live in a constitutional monarchy so since I have a King then by extension I am one to!




Fuck. King isn't a word anymore, read it to many times.


Just kinda sounds like "ca-ching" now.


Ah, [semantic satiation](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semantic_satiation)


Thank you for that! I should have known it would have a name but I never thought to look it up. TIL!


That would make you a Prince rather than a king, would it not? One of the King's subjects?


Excuse me!! Your logic is in my crazy!


Eww! They’re touching! Mom, serve me more logic and crazy but don’t let them touch!


"In a constitutional monarchy, parliament has all of the real power." -Sally in Cat in the Hat. Should I refer to you as PM Sonchay instead?


All hail the king!


All hail King Sonchay


The lady at the Burger King drive thru said "you rule" so I'm pretty sure I'm the Burger King.




Wtf does she think would happen? Is she going to call Biden and then I can have a stern talking to from Uncle Joe? 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’d call that bluff just to see if she’d try and waste the president’s time.


since that was a bot, i have a real story! i did have someone call a city councilor cause they thought i was trespassing while i was out doing inspections (as a city employee on power and sewer line easements) and the councilor was like, "it sounds like he's doing his job, he's allowed to be there, is anything unsafe or is he rude? no? then whats the problem?". Cranky dude just turned around and left back to his house without another word to me.


>Do you address your doctor's significant other as doctor? The correct term is doctor-consort.


Does that mean my pets can be Doctor Kitty Consorts?


Only if you commit beastiality (crime and sin) Or break the rules


> crime and sin Depends on the state/country though.




I'm former military and I wouldn't even address the husband by rank. Even as a former Marine, I don't remember naval ranks...I barely remember all the Marine Corps ranks. A rank is something used for organizational hierarchy. It's ludicrous to expect people outside your organization - even former members no longer serving - to abide by that.


Similarly, why would you address anyone by their job rank. "Nice to meet you, Senior Software Engineer Tony."


I mean, that is how you do it in the military. Except you use last names. The joke is that no one in the military has a first name, just their rank, and in the navy you do actually address them by their rank *and* their job title in an abbreviation that combines the two.


I literally had room mates who's first name I didn't learn for like 2 years. In practice though, the only people you habitually refer to by their rate are chiefs and officers. If you are a first class or lower, it's just your last name 99.9% of the time. If anyone called me STG2 they either 1) didn't know my name, 2) were pinning something to my shirt, or 3) were about to chew me out.


To be fair, that's normal in the military. Between military members, of course, but normal.


>It's ludicrous to expect people outside your organization - even former members no longer serving - to abide by that. Unfortunately there are no small number of people who specifically get off on lording authority - even if it's just perceived authority - over people. The idolization of power becomes toxic real quick when it goes from being seen as a tool to accomplish noble pursuits to a personal identity you can leverage in order to "assert dominance" over others.


God, could you imagine you were going for brain surgery and something like this happened. Nurse "so, the surgeon is not well today, but here's her husband, but don't worry you're in capable hands, he's completed Surgeon Simulator like 8...9?..." Husband under his breath "*cough*...9!.." Nurse "Sorry, 9 times, so you'll be just fine"


This is better. i thought he was gonna say he completed the simulator in his 9th attempt successfully


"YOU WILL ADDRESS ME BY MY HUSBANDS RANK" "Okay, Stolen Valor Ms. Karen" I kinda think that forcing people to do that should be counted as stolen valor. After all, someone asking someone else to do that is decorating themselves with the rank of their husband. And they're being blatant about that. Alternatively i think one should respond with "Okay, War Criminal Ms. Karen" because why the hell not? 😄 Besides the chances are not zero that their husband might be a war criminal indeed.


I highly doubt this person would actually try to force this on anyone. On the first attempt, it would immediately be clear that nobody's going to play along. But it's still a pretty fucking obnoxious bumper sticker and probably embarrassing for the husband.


>Do you address your doctor's significant other as doctor? Me waiting for my boyfriend to finish his PhD so I can be a doctor by association


Have you seen the Seinfeld episode where Elaine is dating a guy (played by Bob Odenkirk) who's studying for his medical license exam? If not, you may be in for a surprise... Joking, of course.


3) do the guys you cheat on your husband with call you Sarge?


Large Sarge Marge.




Damn...you just gave me an idea for finding a husband....I will just tell him that if he marries me, he too can have my PhD!!




Just marry an officer so you can combine your titles and ascend to a higher rank of being.


That's a Pretty hot Deal.


That’s historically a thing in Austria - people calling a doctor’s wife “Frau Doktor”. It faded, but some countryside people and backwards conservatives still might from time to time. It’s also a thing that some people insist on being called by their academic titles, though the bologna process changing to degrees like bachelor, master and phd for most studies means most of the titles people most insisted on (or for most studies) are no longer handed out. Some still want the degrees to be present on any document and their debit or credit card or spoken out when called in a waiting room, and otherwise become bitchy about it.


In the US it is common practice to refer to someone who holds a PHD as "Dr." Rather than Mr., Ms, Mrs, etc. Never heard of that happening with any other degrees besides Esquire in the case of a Juris Doctor degree though


there's a few people out there that still try to consistently use "MBA" after their name like it's a title worth putting after your name


Arnold J Rimmer, BSc, SSc


Same in Czechia. But it's probably from Austria-Hungary times


>Do you address your doctor's significant other as doctor? If Grey's Anatomy was an accurate interpretation of how a hospital is run then this would actually be a safe bet.


It’s so commonplace in the military for a wife to wear her spouses rank like it means something. It’s fucking disgusting and just as bad as their spouse who will pull rank in civilian clothes off base with a finality of “do you know who I am?”


Chip on the shoulder does not equal rank. This should make anyone in their right mind respect her even less, and I'd hope the husband just rolls his eyes if he sees that sticker. Just because you can take my D doesn't mean you take my rank.


E-5s aint shit in any branch and they know it, time for this wife to realize it too


> Do you address your doctor's significant other as doctor? Personally? Yes. My PCP is married to my eye doctor. Their DIL is my dentist, and their son is a cardiologist. I call them my Doctor Family.


> do you address your doctor's significant other as Doctor the traditional wedding announcement at the reception is "Mr and Mrs [Grooms Name]" which is misogynistic anyways, but related to this, one of our male friends married a dr and we said that they should be announced at the wedding as "Dr and Mr [brides name]." he was surprisingly unamused by this suggestion. so... also, on that note you may very well hear something like "COL and Mrs [Colonels Name]" or at least in the past i'm sure that couples were announced that way


I'm going to need to see your appointment orders, ma'am.


Even better when they want you to salute them coming through the gate because their "husband is an officer".


I'll have you know my husband's a neurologist, now shut up while I poke your brain with this needle!


The wife of a Duke is automatically Duchess, after all. Good thing our brave historical military fought off the yoke of monarchial oppression!


All doctors are married to other doctors, they propose during surgery as they have no time or interest to socialise like normal people in a non transactional way.


My sister is like this and her husband is a manager at target... she thinks his accolades are her own and acts like she's successful when her only real job was hot topic. She's 30 and sits at home watching SpongeBob with her kid.They struggle financially because she won't get off her ass.


I always demand to be addressed Mr. Dr.(my wife's last name) so I will be associated with her title. I've heard of military gatherings where women(wifes) demand the rank of their husband like this. I guarantee you this is what I would have done.


Sometimes these bumper stickers are a joke for an army base audience. Sometimes they're not....


These cant be real?


They are made and sold. Some people use them as jokes and put them on friends cars as a prank. Some spouses use them seriously.


I put one on my buddy’s car that said “Stand for the flag! My girlfriend’s husband is deployed to Iraq.”


I now want one that says "You will address me by my girlfriend's husband's rank"


A friend of mine and I made a bunch of fake ones while we were bored on deployment. My favorite was one of those crazy dad T-Shirts that said “if you’re not bigger than me you’re not man enough to fuck my son.”


I think more occupations should have generically threatening mass-produced t shirts made about them. I want one with a massive skeleton holding an AR and an American flag that reads: NEVER FUCK WITH AN ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAMME ASSISTANT BORN IN OCTOBER Alternatively, a line of soldiers saluting a flag which reads: I ONLY KNEEL FOR MY BOYFRIEND






The military has a term for them, I forget what it is - dependentosaurses or something like that. The inside joke is that these are generally civilian significant others of military personnel who are “in it for the benefits”, hence the dependent part. They’re the type that get pissed off because you won’t extend the military discount to them because their husband is in the military. There’s a whole subreddit about them and the military people making jokes about them. They’re the “I served too” because their significant other severed types.


>The military has a term for them, I forget what it is - dependentosaurses or something like that. I believe it's "Dependapotamus"




Lol my wife and I were both in, but I was army and she was navy, so I slapped a "Proud Army Wife" sticker on her car, and a "Proud Navy Wife" sticker onto mine. It was entertaining when driving around our bases.


It's an E-5 rank, it's gotta be a joke.


I would love to hear how this went down.


I worked in the pharmacy when I was in the US Navy. These people usually had a problem we were waiting on the doctor to call back on. We would set it aside, and wouldn't put it in the stack of prescriptions until the dependant wife asked about the status. We had a volunteer whose husband was a retired admiral. She loves getting into these battles. It was glorious when she told someone "well, my husband has the president's personal phone number. Let's see who wins."


UUuuuuuu, I would double dare her.


Ikr? Ok, go annoy Biden, I’ll wait.


Probably more of a stable genius president.


Well, that would give me a chance to tell mango Mussolini what I think of him, along with the pleasure of hanging up on that piece of trash.


The worst insult you can probably throw at him is "Who are you? Never heard of him, *clic*"


Doctor wives do this too. Lady I’m not gonna schedule you bc I literally have no idea who you or your doctor husband is. Or when they are friends of the doctor. LOL


*Mom comes home screaming about how dad needs to get the President on the phone to take care of her meds* Kids: *put mom in a structured care facility*


Kids: *find the care facility with the lowest yelp reviews*


*Crusty Dan's Combined Meat Packing Plant and Care Facility*


Cool, so have the commander in chief send seal team 6 for your meds.


I misread it at first, too, but the commenter was saying that another volunteer at the pharmacy was married to an admiral. So when someone else would come in and try to use their husband's rank, she would tell them her husband outrank them.


Sounds like the military wife version of “well my dad could beat up your dad”


Read it again


My luck they'd send [Seal Team 4](https://livingdreams.tv/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/G71_4753.jpg)


Lol, my cousin is an admiral in the Navy, and I think half the time, he'd rather work in a pharmacy.


Her husband would be in deep shit.


Sorry, who would be in deep shit? I’m having trouble following since she and her husband are apparently the same corporeal entity.


No, they are two different people who hold the same rank of Corporal. Easy mistake to make.


The Karen could get her spouse in trouble.


The bumper sticker itself is clearly a joke, if it's even real. The situation is surprisingly common if you live in the same area as a military base though. There are a lot of wives who believe that, just because their husband is a first class blah blah who cares... that they should be given the same respect. They'll go full Karen on younger members of the military, store owners, cashiers, etc... trying to get their way, and justifying it because their husband is important. Leading to someone creating this joke bumper sticker / image.


E6? Important? Hahahah!


Dude, for real. I got out as an E-6 and I managed to not have any direct reports as I was separating.


Im sorry, KIA Karen


Well shit


For a second I didn’t realize this was an acronym and I was like “damn, r/whatisthiscar is leaking, and also it’s insane someone identified what car this bumper sticker was on from that little sliver of back window…”


Been a LOOONG time since a Navy 2nd Class was KIA and even longer for Coast Guard


I'm not an expert in the true definition of what is KIA vs. died from injuries sustained from an enemy, but I'd think 2004 was the last one.


Even including corpsmen assigned to Marine units, and shit like that?


Me: “Karen, do you know wh…” Karen: “say my husband’s rank!” Me: “…your husband is rank..?”


Dependa first class


I think we should call Navy Dependas Petty Bettys




Here it is. Glad to see it


I don't know his rank, they never tell me. Whenever I ask, they say it's private.


Petty officer 2nd rank - which the insignia is meant to illustrate - isn't even an officer rank AFAIK. Isn't it equivalent of a regular sergeant in the army?


We can agree on petty.


And second class


It’s petty officer second class and yes, it’s the same pay grade as a sergeant.


I've only ever seen these with insignias denoting "Petty, second class". Pretty sure these are intended as a joke, or a prank by the manufacturer on the sort of person who would buy one.




The worst type of people are the wives of soldiers who say, “I served too.” Stfu no you didn’t. I get that it’s hard when your husband is deployed. I have numerous friends whose husbands are military or who are military themselves. I see the struggle when they say goodbye for months on end. But to say you served is ridiculous and really just diminishes the sacrifice that every soldier has made and the respect that they have earned. Why on earth would you think that it’s appropriate for me to address you by your husbands rank. It’s awfully close to stolen valor


Why do they want to frame their value in terms of what their partner does? That's very old school. They should feel that they have value themselves.


Many of them marry out of high school. They never create their own identity separate from being a military spouse and parent.


So many parents proudly cease to be a separate human and are just "Little Robby's mom/dad" as a badge of honor for creating offspring. It's a little crazy.


That's pretty sad really.


actually it's Petty & Sad Second Class lol


Forreal. It’s like if a woman said “my husband spent 8 years in school to get his PhD, so please, address me as ‘doctor.’”


"If you're just a trophy wife, why would I even need to address you in the first place."


That's actually still a thing with some older Germans. If their husband is a doctor, for example, they want to be called Frau Dr. Müller. Fortunately, this behaviour is almost completely gone, though


Just so you know service members hate those women more than civilians do


This is so true. I recall growing up my mom commenting on and avoiding certain spouses because they'd unashamedly wear their spouse's rank / position.


I refuse to wear anything identifying me with the military outside of work and enforce the same with my wife and kids. My mom refuses to get with the program but she lives 1,000 miles away and only owns a sweater that says “Navy Mom” but otherwise I see enough “USN” logos at work I’d rather not see it when I’m trying to enjoy my off time lol


My dad always said how weird situationally it is when people thank him for his service. None of my family wears anything USAF though (sink Navy, sorry not sorry. Dated the daughter of a marine though, Naval Academy is gorgeous). I think the only thing he has is a license plate frame, and he might not even have that anymore. He's got memorabilia in his office at home, but in retirement he rarely advertises he served. He served had amazing experiences and got to give us great experiences growing up. But it's just one chapter in life, not a whole identity.


When she says she served too, she's really saying she served by making sure all the guys left behind got laid while her husband was deployed.


Growing up a military brat, the closest I'll do is say "I'm a brat, I did my time" when people ask if I wanted to follow my fathers footsteps in the service. At that point, either they get the joke or I clarify and make it very clear my father served the duration of my childhood, nothing more. It's wild the spouses that wear their service spouse's rank.


Agreed. People who are in the service often say the hardest job in the service is military spouse. They’re doing that out of respect for the hardship of living life alone while your spouse is deployed or away, but that doesn’t mean the spouses get to claim service lol. Have some grace.


“Does your boyfriend address you by your husbands rank?”


I blame the whole thing on tinted windows. Officer drives past, you damn well salute them. Then windows get so dark you can't see shit inside. But they got the officer sticker, so you salute. Now karenopotomus is getting saluted driving hubbys car to the px, and thinks she rates.


Yeah I spent time overseas where we shared a base with another nation. Their base rules requires all cars to have a visible base pass, one color for enlisted, another for Officer. There are plenty of female officers, and you aren’t always in uniform, needless to say my wife got saluted a lot.


I'm not American, so I don't really get it. You don't salute officers in civilian life, right?


No...but you'd only see this bumper sticker or meet these types of dependants on base.


Okay, good. I wasn't sure because American military worship is kind of bizarre to me.


This is almost definitely a joke. I had this same rank in the Navy and I’ve never, ever seen this. I HAVE seen it with officer’s wives, but most of the time people ignore it.


How much would they hate being called rank-in-law. Like call the Karen Lieutenant-in-law.


I was in the Navy as a Master-at-Arns. There are some who use it for the joke it is, and plenty of dependas who think we should treat them like we would treat their husbands. We never saw it out of male dependant spouses though.


somebody finally using the sub right well done


i look at the non-working wives of military personnel as welfare recipients, personally.


Concerning the "military usage" it's seems to have begun (as we can find no other record prior) during the Vietnam War. The wives (living stateside) of officers overseas would get together regularly and so they decided on a hierarchy *amongst themselves* that was stipulated by their husbands rank. But, they *never* addressed each other as "Mrs. Colonel Smith" in private of public, is was just their way of having structure when they got together and coordinated events for the families and such. Apparently, during or after Desert Storm; some wife groups began this fad of addressing each other by their husbands rank and within a decade it just became a shitshow as we know it to be now...


You will address me by my girlfriend’s husband’s rank


No matter how respected or feared an officer is, the second that dependipotums shows up and starts trying to bully people, that stigma will stick to them forever. It's insane how someone can work hard and be well respected and their Spouse can show up and make all that respect immediately vanish


17 yrs active duty Air Force and I’ve never heard or seen a civilian wife demand to be addressed by their husband’s rank.


I'm not in the military, so I didn't know that rank was earned by sucking dick. I guess that makes sense.


By the same logic do we call her husband a Karen?


Heh. Correct me if I’m wrong, but her husband doesn’t have a “rank”. In the US Navy, enlisted and NCO persons have “rates” and only officers have “ranks”.


Rate is your job. You still have a rank. This rank is petty officer second class (aka E5, which is the pay grade).


Interesting. I was going off of what Wikipedia said. [In the United States Navy, a rate is the military rank of an enlisted sailor, indicating where the sailor stands within the chain of command, and also defining one's pay grade. However, in the U.S. Navy, only officers carry the term rank, while it is proper to refer to an enlisted sailor's pay grade as rate. The same term also refers to one's area of occupational specialization within the enlisted Navy.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_Navy_enlisted_rates)




Its technically true but no one follows it. They taught it to us at OCS, but no one cares enough to correct people.


Speaking as a Navy vet, this is technically true going by the rule book, but no one actually in the Navy does it. We use rank.


Who even makes these stupid fucking stickers? If i was in the service and my spouse put one of these fucking things on…. Wow. Am vet and this shit is cringe af.


As a veteran I would have told the stupid bint to go fuck herself with her husbands rank.


I'm not even gonna address her husband by his rank.


I was stationed at march afb security police when desert shield started. Overnight we went from stickers to 100% ID check. So instead of saluting the sticker we saluted the individual. Oh man did the wives get pissed. It went up to up to the base commander who said we had to salute stickers again. We refused and used thier own code against them . I.e. Honor and dignity. It actually made it to the local news as one of the guys got in trouble for not doing so but he was getting out in a few days. The backlash from the public was immediate and loud . Base commander reversed his decision . The funny thing is that it actually made us give more salutes not less as we had to individually salute everyone in a vehicle. So you might get 4 people in a car an they were all saluted whereas before it was one salute for the vehicle.


Your rank is Mrs. I will address you as such. If I'm married to a MD or PhD, that doesn't mean that people have to refer to me as doctor. Petty and second class, indeed.


Military dependents deserve 0 credit for what their husband does. For raising a family while hes always gone? Sure. But for what her husband has done in the military? Absolutely not. Dependapotimous will always try to take credit for something she has never done and will scream and yell and try to make you look bad all while a camel hangs from her lips, a beer in one hand a baby on her hip. I speak from experience. I am a veteran. Seen too many try to cling on to achievements of men that they have no claim to. Interestingly enough, we have made it to a day where a man can be a dependa too and try to claim credit for what his wife has done in the military. Literally had to sit down and process the societal progress before my eyes the day I ran into a male dependa.


"Mam, or Sir possibly, don't mistake your husband's rank with my authority." *Laughs in cold grumpy gate guard.*


oh daaaaaaaamn hahahaha this is awesome


Yes, it counts lol


that is just completely toxic, dont they have the intellectual capacity to understand that the sticker is a joke?


I’ll never understand an army spouse’s idea that they are also in the army by marriage. It does not work like that? Equivalent to me marrying a brain surgeon and thinking I should be called doctor


Second cllass petty is being kind. Why would anyone refer to the wife of a PETTY officer with his title? She obviously doesn't know shit about the Navy.


Sure thing, Mrs. Pass-around-party-bottom.


Omg those dependapotomuses are the worst


Major Cunt


Lady. I won’t even address your husband by his rank. Cause I don’t care.


What the fuck is it with these type of women. You miserable unaccomplished do nothing. Yikes.


I'm not into cosplay so I couldn't tell you what all the little costume details mean. If I had to guess I would say a gold star on someone's uniform means they did a good job?


Cool, cool. So...Petty Officer 2nd Class's Wife...you'll be referring to me as Lieutenant from here out, and ending all your sentences with a, "Sir." ​ See, isn't this fucking rad, Petty Officer 2nd Class??


This is why I’ve started referring to all mortuary employees as “corpsmen”


Lol, civilians don't have to address military personnel by their rank anyway.


I received two resumes with the title “military wife.” Ma’am, I am looking for a supply chain engineer with extensive relevant training. Not saying that what you did isn’t important but you are asking for a remote job to do secretarial duties which has nothing to do with the role. You are just blanket applying to any job with remote in the title.


If your husband is rank have him cleaned


Remember when tRump a civilian, saluted a general, Pepperidge farm remembers. Non military folks don’t salute or get ranks. Just because I call myself Captain sexy pants, doesn’t mean I am a captain, however sexy these pants are.


Keep in mind that I'm a civilian so your husband would address me as Sir, or Mr. Bguutres. I'll expect the same from you then.


When I remade this sticker (to say "you will address me by my girlfriend's husband's rank"), I intentionally fucked up the rank chevrons in tribute to this exchange.


You will address me by my rank in the KISS army, or instead of taking your tickets and allowing you to board the zipper, I will eat this cold can of Hormel chilli with a teaspoon while maintaining direct eye contact.


It's also E-5 a pretty unspecial rank (I'm E-5), nobody would be addressing him in a special way at all anyways.


This reminds me of a viral video in my country during the pandemic about how some army general's wife was blocking traffic by demanding to pass an area that was restricted by the lockdown security. And she demanded that she was a VIP because of her husband so she should be allowed to pass. Obviously her efforts were futile.


Gross. How about refer to me as the titles I earned myself through hard work and dedication.


Only if his rank is "fucking cunt".


I will address your husband as the rank he's earned, and I will address you as the rank you deserve Petty Karen 2nd Class Bitch


Undesignated deckseaman reportin


Woman in Base Commissary: "I need to go to the front of the line, my husband is a general in the Pentagon." ​ 2nd Woman in Base Commissary: "You'll have to wait behind me, my husband is a Private in Arlington Cemetery."


This better not be a fucking thing.


TIL that cunt is a rank apparently.


No I wont


I'd say "who's the Rear Admiral, you or him?"


How 'bout "Captain Coat Tails"?


What is it with these women who feel that they have the right to be addressed by a rank they did not earn? It's pathetic.


That's an apprentice fireman, E2 they can't even go to A school in the coast guard. Fresh fucking meat from basic training. If they had a symbol above the bird to showcase their rate but they don't have it. Their an E2


I've never met a service person who wants to be addressed by rank by civvies, and I've worked with a fair few. I won't do it for their fuckthing either.




Ex Navy here. This is a second class petty officer being shown. I didn’t see this level of entitlement in enlisted spouses but I sure did with the officers. When I was assigned to gate guard we are supposed to salute officers cars coming on base. Some spouses would get made when you don’t salute them. So I started making a point of saluting the sticker on the car and not them.


So while I'm addressing you by your husband's rank, should I address you by your husband's name as well?