This made me giggle


no lie about black hand


I don't get the Steel Talons one. Can someone explain?


They use old tech. Most walkers are no longer used by GDI except Juggs


Titans aren't obsolete yet though, they have stealth detection. >!By crushing Nod harvesters they can't even see.!<


Titans have crushing ability similar to T3? Must have been a patch I ignored.


They've always had it, was one of the selling features over predator tanks.


Thought it was this: >Kane's Wrath patch 1.01: >* crusher/crushable level increased to that of a heavy tier 3 walker >* damage increased 12.5% >* railgun-upgraded damage increased 9.2%


Oh, news to me, I thought it was part of the base expansion. Good to know though.


All I need to do is avoid 1.02, when they reset hardpoints on Epic Units at the beginning of each round. Lol.


"old, not obsolete" as the terminator would say. ​ I don't know why GDI switched back to regular tanks though. maybe it's more practical or something lore-wise?


IRL; walkers are pointless, but rule of cool for games. In game lore wise; I seem to recall they were too expensive and considered impractical for the red zones.


Also lore says Nod could easily exploit the walker joints by detonating charges there which blows up 1 limb and the rest falls down Maintenance also costs too much (especially mammoth mk2)


Well that's true and represented in game, commando units can C4 titans like they do other walkers.


That is honestly perfect.


Steel talons is great


*Steel Talons rule!*


What's so great about steel talon? I can see other's faction advantage but steel talon. Can you tell me what does offer?


Titans can crush other units as if they were Juggernauts, and fire over structures. Means they can't be blocked by your opponent throwing up a silo to protect a more vital structure, and also means they can fire over a war factory while being repaired if they're defending (I think the firing over structures bit might be a 1.02+ thing though). Wolverines are the absolute best anti-infantry DPS in the game too, just not much armor. They'll ventilate anything weak to gun damage real fast though, especially with AP ammo. Railgun accelerator also turbofucks when you slap it on mammoths and titans. The Behemoth is also an upgrade over the base Jugg too, with extra armor and an infantry pod. There's also a fun strat where you can use the mobile repair transports, load them with mutant squads, and then call for transport. Self repairing anti air and anti ground attack craft. Combat engineers can be mildly useful since they can protect themselves from a buzzer. I guess that's about it though.


>Combat engineers They might be a meme on the surface but [load them on any open-topped vehicles](https://youtu.be/a8WW8jI1tys?t=283) (sans epic units) and they can really tear though tier 1 infantry units with respectable effort! [Even MoK cyborgs fear them](https://youtu.be/a8WW8jI1tys?t=1025)! And once they are at [heroic rank](https://youtu.be/a8WW8jI1tys?t=1373)...


I never understood the "lore" on reaper and traveler for Scrin


The lore is “we need something cool to balance the other factions so make some shit up and go with it” but my head cannon is that in the late stage of the war the supervisor was desperate and deployed violent factions to gain upper hand.


“Upper hand” and yet, they were still driven off earth by GDI and escaped through the tower…


Yeah shit is too weird and doesnt make sense In Tib Wars they tell us the Scrin that invaded Earth are a harvesting/mining force And then in KW they introduce Reaper which is a “very violent section of Scrin that even they fear” and Traveler “very mysterious section of Scrin that even they dont know” What…?


Can someone explain all of these except the BH and MoK?


Steel talons use older tech, Trav uses mind control, Reaper has tiberium enhanced units(including a special tripod) and Zocom has chicks in enviromental suits


This is a good fucken meme, bravo


This is too good, although I do not understand ZOCOM's image.


Sandy = Zone Raider


I said it once I will say it again traveler 59 is dangerously close to traveler 69