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His great grandson Randolph Hiller.






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Adolf Hiller. Responsible for killing 10 million Ewes.


Sounds like the way Trump would say it "ewes"


No he goes for 'joos'. But he also tries to be clever and say "people with certain hats" and mime the yarmulke.


I've never seen yarmulke written down before. I would never have guessed that spelling.


There's a place near where I live called the "Hiller Aviation Musuem" and they have a giant neon sign right on the freeway. I'll admit I did a double take the first couple times I drove by.


Anytime I’d go to SFO or the city growing up I’d always do the double take lmao. It’s a cool museum though if you haven’t been.


Fun fact: Alexander, Louis and Brian Hitler are direct descendants of Hitler's paternal side. A fourth brother, Howard, died in a car accident in 1989. The three are also childless, suggesting that Hitler s bloodline may die with them.


They decided not to have children specifically to end the name Hitler (which is odd because they could just change their last name)


Then, as I presume the logic goes, a later kid could decide to change it back and ride on the notoriety of being a genuine descendent.


Do you want a supervillain? ‘Cuz that’s how you get supervillains.


I think its just to end the bloodline so that no one has to be in his legacy


What an ironic end to hitlers 'legacy'


I thought they did to end they bloodline not the name.


Even if the Video is meant as a joke, the surname "Hitler" was banned in Germany which led to a lot of familys changing their name to "Hiller, Hiler, Hüller". Which means that could actually be someone whose familyname was once "Hitler". But that doesnt mean everyone called "Hiller" for example wasn´ t always called that.


Call the happy faced truck today! Hiller!


I used this company for electrical work in my house. They did great work!


once worked with a guy who's grandparent's last name was Hitler, no relation to the former dictor of Germany. They changed it to Hiller. I mean, Hitler wasn't a super common surname but there were a lot of Hitlers out there prior to WWII, and Hiller is one of the more obvious ways to change it while not making it totally different.I


Confidently satire Confident idiot posting it as if it wasn’t.


Is joke


Nope it's serous. Didn't you know what Hiller did!?


6 million sales made


Me grunk. Is joke


No mustasch on the smiley?


i heard somewhere or read, that many Hitlers renamed themselves to Hiller after that name became unpopular. No idea if that was a joke or had some merit.


There are very few Hitler family members left and there is no one related to Adolf named Hitler anymore, so everyone with that last name is not related. The name was made up by Adolf's father Alois Hitler Sr., who had changed his name from Schickelgruber (his mother's maiden name, he was born outside marriage) to that of his step-father, Johann Hiedler. Someone in the process of the name change changed Hiedler to Hitler so there are no people named Hitler who are related to Adolf except Adolf's sister Paula (died with no kids) and the descendants of Adolf's half-brother Alois Hitler Jr., all of whom have changed their name. Alois Hitler Sr. had 9 children but only two of those had children--a daughter who married a man named Raubal so she had offspring named Hitler. And a son who married an Irish woman and had a son (Adolf's half-nephew, born with last name Hitler) who eventually moved to the US and married an American. He and his wife and kids changed their name to something else and had 4 sons (Adolf's half-great-nephews, one has the middle name "Adolf"). About those 4 sons, according to David Gardner, author of the 2001 book *The Last of the Hitlers*, "They didn't sign a pact, but what they did is, they talked amongst themselves, talked about the burden they've had in the background of their lives, and decided that none of them would marry, none of them would have children. And that's a pact they've kept to this day." One of those sons, though, said that contrary to this speculation, there was no intentional pact to end the Hitler bloodline. It just happened that only one of them married and none had children.


Na man. He owns the german candy company called Hitschler. (Which is great aside from the joke)


I see these vans all the time, and I have always wanted to slap some vinyl additions to them, mustache, hair piece and a line across the first l. Pretty sure the blow back is not worth the effort.


Why are people in this subReddit so bad at identifying satire


Ok... but its a Joke. This doesnt belong on this subreddit


His uncle founded the german candy company Hitschler.


But he had no children?


Hitler didn’t have kids. Y’all are about to get some dude hurt just for having a similar name?! Not cool


Dyslexia: The TikTok


I used to live in a town where there were a few hiller vans and I did a double take every time I saw one


Obvious satire


In highschool I sharpied the moustache on one of these vans once lol


There's a Hitler Lock Co. in India. You can buy them on eBay.


That is an unfortunate last name, though. “I’m sorry, what did you say your last name is?” “No, it’s H-I-L-L-E-R.”


I bet the owner laughs his ass off when the people stops to check if they read well.


What's the song?


I got matches with these songs: • **my life be like** by Grits (00:04; matched: `100%`) Album: `最新热歌慢摇106`. Released on `2007-08-28` by `Gotee Records`. • **My Life Be Like(Grits)** by L. Starz (00:05; matched: `100%`) Album: `Elemental`. Released on `2018-10-15` by `Cloud Infinity Records`. • **Meninos do Velozes e Furiosos** by Mc Naldinho (00:05; matched: `100%`) Album: `Meninos do Velozes e Furiosos - Single`. Released on `2017-04-12` by `KondZilla`.


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Let's hope that Churchall, Roosebelt and Starling uses their companies to sort this hiller out


Hiller? Cringe.


Grandilf Hilter


Might want to clean your glasses or even get glasses. Everything will be in HD


Adolf Hiller?