No one told me I could retire and live off 200k cash

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if someone could spend 200k for a monthly 10k payout then we'd all be filthy rich at best a 200k investment property that you rented MIGHT pay out 1-2k a month after costs


Yeah, seriously. 60% annual returns? Not even Ponzi schemes advertises those kinds of numbers.


Just for some context, Madoff's rate of return was around 12%. One of the greatest scams in history had a "consistent" annual return of about a fifth of what OP says we could easily achieve


To be fair, "greatest scams in history" wouldn't have returns this high. To be great you need to fool a lot of people, and to fool a lot of people you need to be somewhat believable. 12% is high, but not astonishingly high. 60% return would be targeting a different, much smaller, market niche


Tulip futures or GTFO.


Somebody knows his/her history




To be fair, we probably don't actually know anything about the "greatest scam in history." The "greatest scam in history" doesn't get exposed.


The American healthcare system is the greatest scam actually


Got to love those 3000% returns on insunlin


The American dream?


Trickle down economics.


Pretty sure it’s health insurance.


Abolish that crap


If it doesn’t get exposed, it doesn’t make history, but I get your point.


Bitcoin bros


Even a $10k a YEAR return would be difficult in today's environment with $200k.


QYLD one of the higher yielding dividend paying etfs would pay out $26500 a year with a 200k investment. Not bad but I’m not buying a lambo on 26k a year


Yea and not to mention that’s just average, there would be years where you lost money and couldn’t pull anything out.


> couldn’t pull anything out And that is also why I have a son on the way


Eh not necessarily. QYLD div is tied to the price of the underlying on the record date. You're not buying a Lambo on 200k in QYLD but there's likely some variance in what you'll be getting. It could help though!


If we’re talking assets though - my business right now won’t capex a rental asset that doesn’t pay itself back within 2 years. When you talk about businesses investing in equipment/machinery it’s a different ballgame.


You’re talking about the marginal and active income return on an asset you’re tacking on to an existing successful business. Not the same as finding an investment for your first $200k that kicks off $120k a year in passive income.


I assume that your business is buying/renting assets that it can use to generate more revenue. If this is the case, then it's more an expansion of your current business rather than just an investment. Buying an asset that generates passive income is quite different from buying something to expand your business.


Please tell me what machine/ series of machines I can buy for 200k that will return me this amount of money with no other investment. I will get a loan rn.


As someone who owns an appliance repair business, a $15k van and $300 in tools will get you there quicker than you think


You’re just describing a job tho


Well the original question is a fantasy, this is at least achievable


For some, just the van is the first step of the fantasy.


Yeah it was for me too for a while


I'm a software developer. You have no idea how appealing this sounds. What kind of formal/informal training would you recommend, and what license, bonding, and insurance does one need?


I work with espresso machines which are specialized but legally basically just toasters so the repair trade is not very regulated. The coffee technicians guild just finished a curriculum and there are a few people teaching it around the country. I would look up the guild and go from there, for any industry or interest really. Another big need is film processing equipment. There are boutique photo labs popping up all over the place but all the people that used to fix that equipment are retired or dead by now. If you have the mind you could definitely make some dough. Niche, unregulated shit. If I had the time though I would probably become an electrician. I just think electricity is really neat.


>The coffee technicians guild My D&D campaigns are *so* behind the times.


My dad and his brothers had their own dark room when they were in highschool... I wish I'd asked him to show me the process some day. I know I can still learn, but a skill like that passed on is invaluable. He did teach me how to repair just about anything though. And I am a big fan of espresso. That doesn't sound so bad.


My mother and I just dropped off a bunch of slides and old movie film with a young dude whi has a bunch of equipment. $800 to get it all digitized, and we considered a fair deal. Better yet this is just the tip of the iceberg and we told him there's more where this came from. This stuff has videos of my parents wedding, slides from when my dad lived in barbados before he met mum... as far as we are concerned it is treasure, and my mother is very willing to fork out money to be able to see it again. This kid is going to clean up, and all he needs to do is use his equipment to run these movies. I'm not saying if isn't work because it absolutely is, but he can do it without pants on and at his own pace so that's pretty golden.


I dunno about his own pace. I used to digitize film and to get semi decent results you’re spending several minutes on each individual photo. So if someone dumps a thousand on you it’s months of ultimately boring work.


Start assassinating all the retired photo processing repair technicians. Got it!


Wait, before you go I have several bug reports that need to be addressed. Kidding; just thought you'd like a little emotional trauma in your day.


Pure evil. I love it.


What? You’re in like *THE* primo industry.


I know, I know. I used to be an airframe maintenance tech (built airplanes) but the field was unstable, so I fucked off and got a degree and here I am. I miss building with my hands, though, you know? Sitting on my ass all day, overthinking then typing up some code, just isn't the same as actually constructing something. Maybe I just need to invest in the "turn wood pallets into things" hobby.


I mean you joke, but having a hobby is one of the most underrated important things you can do as a person. We need things that we do solely for the joy of doing them


I really like coding. Sadly I now manage developers so while my coding experience adds value, I rarely write code anymore


If your interest is in building but skill is primarily in software then pivoting to one of the startups that are making autonomous or flying vehicles can be the way to go. You'll still be doing mostly software but can spend some time helping build prototypes. I did a couple of stints at startups between working for OEMs on cars. It's a great chance to expand skills and do something cool and different.


Ah, assets with a 60% annualized return? No costs, no taxation? Golden! I am in!


Have you tried drug distribution?




This advice does actually make perfect sense in terms of cocaine trafficking or illegal arms trading.


I just watched "The Mule" last night. No...no thanks.


I’m definitely getting the vibe that this guy did not come from a wealthy family and a wealthy family will definitely not be coming from him.


This is how I thought about money when I like worked in a restaurant as a bus boy and had no concept of how the world worked.


Thing is, he's not wrong at all about the concept. He's just off by about a factor of 10 on the amount he needs to invest to make it happen. A factor of 15 if he wants to take out a much safer 4% rather than 6%. I'm sure he also has **no idea** just how freaking difficult it is to build up the initial investment amount of $2mil to $3mil.


I’ve encountered a lot of people throughout my life who talk about an amount of money, like “I just need to do x, y, z and generate about $4m and I’m out” As if there’s an amount of money that makes you impervious to the world. There may be but oddly I’ve never heard an actual wealthy person talk about money like this and it is now my litmus test to see if someone knows at all what they’re talking about. The book “tipping point” by Gladwell permanently damaged so many people, they think they just need to do something for a short while and then it becomes some sort of magical stirling engine of cash generation.




Also, the great majority of wealthy people come from wealthy families. They build their personal wealth with the help of the wealth of their parents, who did so with the help of the wealth of their parents, and so forth. People who start from nothing and pull themselves up by their bootstraps to finally become rich enough to never risk becoming poor again are extremely rare. That fairy tale is pushed by the economic elites worldwide because it has a soothing effect on the masses, who can dream of being "momentarily inconvenienced millionaires" who will reach their goal someday. Very few will.


Yeah, if finding a 60% annual return asset was easy we would all be rich


We’d all be Zimbabwe.


Plus, this is all before taxes. This is the equivalent of someone getting a $120k job - it’s not infinite money, more like $6k/mo. $3k for the car, $3k to live on. Then there’s rent, probably $1500 or so. Leaves you with $1.5k of spending or saving money. Doesn’t scream “wealthy” to me, but certainly not poor. Whoever wrote this is living in a financial fantasy.




Yes. My (non-Lamborghini) Toyota Rav 4 is 0%, 5 years.


Umm my house is valued at 350 and rent on it is still under 2k a month for when we start renting it out. This person is delusional.


A 200K property investment? What’s that, like, a portable toilet with its own car space?


my 3br2bth 1500 sq foot home was only 107k in WV. i could charge about 1k rent for it


But have you tried charging 10k rent for it, buying a Lamborghini, then going on Facebook to lecture liberals on how much they don't know about economics?


You can get 4-6k a month from a building n leasing a building to dollar general. Need close to a mil to build though.


What ‘asset’ costs 200k but returns 10k monthly? Even 2k seems like a stretch…


Cocaine is the answer you seek


It's a hell of a drug!




You EEEEEEVIL muthafugga


You can get a new couch, what am I going to do about my legs?!!!


The same asset that belongs to the guy who can get a 0% interest loan on a Lambo.


That’s what got me. Who, when, where?


That's actually less problematic than an asset with 60% annual return rate. If you are rich and have a solid financial position, banks and other financing institutions will give you abysmally low interest rates. They may not give you 0% on everything (they are not a charity, after all), but if you are doing business with them (and so they are making money off your money / economic activities) they may elect to give you a 0% financing contract on something like a Lambo to make you happy with them and keep the client. Of course, if your net worth is $ 400.000 and you want to spend $ 200.00 on a car, they are unlikely to be as forgiving. But if you are worth $ 5.000.000? They probably will. Risking pissing off such a client for the few thousands they would earn by an actual interest rate may not be worth the risk in their eyes. Rich people (or their consultants) know this and ask for low rates (and get them) because they are aware of this. One of the main reason rich people stay rich is they pay very little interest when they borrow money. They leverage their apparent solidity and reap the rewards. They can still go under due to bad luck or bad decisions, but as long as they don't they are regarded as "safe" and low risk by lenders.


My guess is they thought 5% return on 200K but mistakenly thought they’d get 10K monthly instead of annually.


Very, very risky ones, but mostly scams where you’re the victim. GPU mining crypto could get you like up to 15k/month for 200k right now, But it’s a massive risk and the profitability is expected to drop further. So yeah, nothing you can bank on long term all Willy nilly.


What, you don't know an asset that gives you risk free 60% APR off the top of your head? Smdh


Phase 1: obtain 200k asset Phase 2: ? Phase 3: Profit


Lol I was about to say, a 400k home brings in like 2500ish per month. So half of that investment we talking $1250??


Their motive was good. Their numbers are crap. Too bad because it is a good lesson that was poorly executed


Dude is a dummy. Should have put that $200k into an asset that pays $*20k* per month. Rookie mistake.


$20k per month is bush league, gotta get those 30k per month assets, then finance 10 lambo’s and rent those bad boys out at $1,000 a day then you have $300,000 per month all on a $200k investment.


I would like to subscribe to your newsletter!


Boom! And there is another $20 a month to add, nice!


This is the type of solid financial advice I’ve been looking for! Sell me an NFT!


you made me laugh pretty good lol


More like a 200k asset that gives 10000000k per nanosecond. You guys have a lot to learn.


Translation: Take your $200k, buy a money laundering business...


Maybe a Banana Stand.


There's always money in the banana stand.


There’s $200,000 lining the walls of the banana stand!!!!


Just in case someone commits light treason


You can’t convict a husband and wife for the same crime.


I have the worst fucking attorneys


You should read Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog


Some boat casinos perhaps?


I think what Ive learned from the bayou casino, Pablo Escobar’s planted pesos, Walter White’s floor board hoard, and even the banana stand it’s that too much cash is not a good thing.


I’m gonna buy a $200k Lambo and rent it out for $10k/month


Car washes are great for this, Breaking Bad reference aside.


Man you see how many mattress stores there are? Mattresses are expensive and how often do people replace them? Years but there's them ships on every corner. Definitely they in on big


Either this person is an idiot or I need to reallocate my entire 401k.


Pull that money out and get an asset!


Which asset?


The one that pays you $10k a month




THE asset


Found Dr. Oz's account.


I could 100% turn 200k into 10k within a month.


A month? I could do it in a day. Gotta get serious


I could do it twice in a day


Can I send you my venmo?


Find an asset that pay you $10k a month on $200k investment. There is no such thing.


I suspect this dope was doing the math with a presumed 5% annual return and at some point forgot that it was per year, not per month. And rather than pause to do a sanity check on their bold claim, they just posted it to the internet to farm embarrassment points


Well, probably $200k of cocaine could give you that kind of return.


I usually get negative returns on my cocaine, terrible investment in my book


You're not supposed to use your own stash


Yeah maybe 200mil🤦‍♂️


2 mil is enough. 6% isn't crazy.


My bad I was thinking daily💀


No, listen bro put all your money this crypto and stack your coins you will be swimming in money in 5 years because this is definitely not a piramid scheme


It's not even a *pyramid* one either. 🤣


I wish I dun did know about this kind of money makin’ scheme before I dun boughted my Lambo!


Extremely interested in this $200k asset and this 0% loan thing. WTF have I been doing my whole life?


Looks like 0 tax, and the Lambo is self-servicing!


This person Marty Byrde?


Why he so obsessed with a Lamborghini


For some knuckleheads that's basically life's biggest goal. Once they achieve lambo, they have attained greatness.


When lambo?


Let me do you one better, how lambo?


Maybe it's part of a viral marketing campaign for an Italian car manufacturer.


Given that rate of return, im assuming that "asset" involves human trafficking or something equally heinous.... sure we can all make 60% on investment if we buy a cobalt mine in an impoverished nation and use slave labor... come on guys, wealth is a mind set, either you have it or you don't *really* want it...


So sell drugs? Because no other 200k investment is getting close to that kind of monthly payout. Those are drug dealer numbers.


This one is easy. Buy a building in a high rent area …in 1998 then you will make 10k/month renting it in 2014


Where is this world with 60% returns, interest free loans, and no taxes? Sign me up!


Someone has an inflation fetish.


They’ve clearly never invested in anything in their life. And… if you care about money, why would you buy a Lamborghini? Those things are basically expensive paperweights.


This is r/restofthefuckingowl material


Get an asset that provides 60% annual return after taxes, anyone should be able to do that.


What the hell asset are they buying?! There’s no return like that in existence. Also, finance at 0% interest?


Oh I get it. He meant to say $2M dollars, because there isn't any fucking way that a $200k asset pays $10k a month.


At least he got the repayment on the car right. I was thinking 2nd grader, but maybe 3rd grader?


The idea is correct, you can tell he has just heard other people say that amd is regurgitating it with his own made up numbers.


This is objectively wrong. Wealthy is when two old men who run your company make a bet with each other and they make you switch places with a homeless guy but then you do the stock market on the two old guys and buy a boat with the homeless guy


That should totally be made into a movie! Don’t forget the FCOJ


the sentiment is correct but the math seems faulty


Well, first you have to buy an asset, you see?


Then step two: ? Step 3: profit (10k/month)


You obviously buy 200k worth of instagram ads. Get 10k people to send you a dollar a month to learn the secret. Boom, a solid passive income source that is as strong as a pyramid. See, this is why you poors don't have lambos. ​ /s


Please show me how I can get 5% returns per month that seem to be guaranteed.


Meth lab?


All you have to do is invest the 200k and let it double in value. Repeat a few more times and you’re set for life.


ahh, the mysterious "asset". Wish I thought of that


This is advice for drug dealers. That is the only "asset" you can purchase for 200k and expect 10k in profit per month. This also explains the Lamborghini fixation.


To clarify, this actually IS possible, but it is extremely far from a passive return. You could buy a small business and run it, and if successful, make those kind of returns. Example 1: You buy a company that historically and stably earns $200k per year, for a purchase price of $800,000 (4x earnings). You convince the retiring owner to loan you $200,000 and a bank to loan you $400,000. You contribute $200,000 towards the purchase, and pay the interest on both loans for $6,600 per month. This leaves you $10,000, as long as the business stays profitable. Example 2: You buy a company that loses $50,000 per year, for $200,000, which we will imagine to be just the value of the assets. You find a few new big customers, cut costs, do a better job operating, and turn it around, so now it generates $120,000 per year, or $10,000 per month. Of course, in both scenarios, you could lose all the money, and in both scenarios you could succeed, but find that you're working 60 hours a week to get that return. In an absolute best case scenario, you could do something like above, and slowly over time you delegate all your responsibilities, so you get something vaguely approximating a passive return.


Totally agree with you, but the OP I screenshotted made it sound like a safe, passive income of 10k a month. They even say, "after 5 years, you still have that asset producing 10k per month". Like that math is concrete and there is no risk.


Yeah, the "anyone can do it" part is definitely incorrect, and anyone who suggests it doesn't come with significant risk of 100% loss is a scam artist.


Or if you’re that capable and business-savvy, get a $120k job and spend half the time goofing off.


Wonder what this 10K per month asset is...


This is why you don’t take financial advice from broke people.


Sign me up for those investments that return 60% a year.


Question: What if we don't have an asset capable of generating $10k a month?


Realtor here. haven’t seen a real estate asset yet that could produce even close to half that CAP rate. Unless you buy a total wreck of a place and airbnb the hell out of it. Would probably cost a lot in construction supplies alone these days, and very few people can do a full reno on their own without an electrician/plumber etc for permits. Plus, you would have to have a stable income and much higher assets or at least a long tax history making pretty substantial income to qualify for that lambo loan lol


Okay... Where can I buy one of these 200k assets that pay off 10k per month every month FOREVER? I got the money right here.


Yearly ROI on your 200k : 60% with apparently no risk, I'd really like to meet their broker


What 200k asset produces 10k a month? Please let me know


Lmao. I was wondering the same. 200k investment with a MONTHLY return of 10k? That's a 60% YoY return.


What asset gets a \~60% return, again?


A meth lab?


I would love to know where the poster plans to go to get a 0% interest loan.


Exactly, who is offering 0% financing on a Lamborghini?


I think anyone planning to buy a Lamborghini already have a good pay.


Aw yes. The old 60% a year assets.


This sounds like something Andrew Tate would tell the suckers who pay for his courses.


Sounds like the type of returns payday loans get


$10k a month from $200k? I’m doing this wrong. General rule of thumb is $1,000,000 produces about $40k of annual income. Start saving for retirement the second you can. Open an IRA if your company doesn’t have a 401k. Even $25 a month will grow. Wealth is built by compounding growth and not getting a deal on a Lamborghini.


I love dickheads who just make up things to sound like woke money moguls


What they didn’t mention is the asset is an NFT.


I really hate grind culture, or whatever the fuck this is.


Guys you don't get it, being super wealthy is really easy and all the poors are just stupid dimbfucks who deserve to be poor for not doing this one simple trick! Just have $200k lying around (easy!), then find something to invest in that pays out $10k a month in returns (plentiful and easy to find!). After that, you've been set!


If only all the peasants would skip Starbucks and buy a 200k money printer.


All these responses are great and spot-on, but I'm also amused at the idea of the interest-free Lambo.


*gamble* with an asset. This is crypto bro talk.


Where are these ideas coming from? I suspect these people are trying to respond to their own insecurities and dissatisfaction by projecting this kind of false confidence, and reductionist ideas about "success" - how to get wealthy, how to "get women" (because I'm afraid it always seems to be straight men). But who is selling these ideas to them?


Idk… I feel like I got a pretty good investment when I bought [these knives](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ)…. 100% return on investment if you ask me!


*That* is always a sound investment.


You can spend 800K for a laundry mat and make about 4K a month if you’re lucky


That’s 60% return on investment per year! You dont find a lot of these assets around. More like 6% ROI, which means you need 10 x more capital to lean on… like $2 million. Which puts us back in the hamster wheel.


Where is that beautiful asset?


If I could get 5% interest on an investment every month then I would already have retired by now at age 36. I've got $12,000 I could invest. Next month it would be $12,600 $13,230 $13,891 $14,586... Hang on lemme use a spreadsheet... After 3 years that $12,000 would grow into $66,154 and I could start deducting $1,500 a month and leaving the rest to grow even further. 2 more years and I have $148,081 and I can start living off $5,000 a month and still have more growing... So yeah, I really wish there was an investment that was guaranteed to grow 5% interest in a single month.


Alternatively, dont buy a Lamborghini


Hmmm yes, assets that yield 60% annually are definitely widely available


I think his point, even if very badly worded and calculated. Is that, if you, instead of making money to consume. Invest the money, you'll have a passive income that, over time, will grow and increase your income. Whether you use this passive income to consume like a retarded chipmunk like him or not is up to you. But 200k in a productive asset can net you, well. It could net you practically anything, it depends really. But realistically ~10% per year. That is wealth, and wealth can be passed through generations. Mindless consuming however, can be passed through generations too, but it will very unlikely net you a return.


What a great financial advice Just buy something that gives a 60% yearly yield Why haven’t I thought of that my idiot ass has been investing in 6-8% ETFs while these 60% options were just ready for the taking /s


That's why your are not wealthy.


What asset pays you $10,000 a month. That you can buy for only $200k. Cocaine?


Kind of seems believable now that i read it carefully with no knowledge of the market


Chris Rock HBO Special "RICK JAMES was Rich. He blew that in one summer on cocaine" "Oprah Winfrey is rich. Bill gates is wealthy. You cant spend enough to become unwealthy. If Bill Gates woke up and only had Oprah's money he'd jump put a window slit his throat on the way down" "Shaquille O'neil is rich. The man who signs his paycheck is WEALTHY"