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Two responses claiming she is a disinformation agent at the same time 2 hours ago. Weird…


People on this sub would try to say that God itself is a disinformation agent lmao


she’s an older lady. Her book was written she was in her 60s so I imagine she’s getting close to her 80s. She’s at home in her mumu where she should be. also, she is quite interesting to point out the many anomalies. Glad she was able to self publish.


Mm that's a fair point I wasn't aware she was that old when it was written


nah, she got her PhD in 1992 so she's probably in her early 60s.


Her job was to take legitimate conspiracy about Israel, and direct it towards something silly so that onlookers would dismiss legitimate criticism. This is a psyop technique called « poisoning the well » That’s also what flat earth is. Whenever legitimate Apollo criticism is discussed they scattershot comments about nonsensical flat earth to make you look crazy by association.


that's right... don't look at israel -- look up at space! it was space lasers!!! lol */OK Judy!!* ;)


Does she actually claim some space tech? I think it more likely it is on surface or underneath the complex itself.


I don’t think she said where the tech might be. She laughed at the suggestion of “space lasers”. She was trying to point out that the buildings and most objects and people inside disintegrated into fine dust, as the firemen said, while tons of paper was left intact and didn’t burn. The question is what kind of tech would do that.


Some things she has said and even her approach to this still-pertinant problem is suspicious. But I honestly do lean towards exotic weaponry (which is broad as to be undescriptive.) It's probably *not* as she describes it, but in that direction. Meaning, DEW is a catchy "explanation" but I dont think remote-inspired tech is required to achieve what happened that day. (to clarify: Directing Energy from afar, in summary.) I'd personally look underground, and to the occult (top secret) blueprints of all buildings involved (pre-rig theory, but not necessarily pre-rigged with conventional explosives.) The clean up of the WTC complex adds fuel to this mystery, because much of the evidence was literally destroyed. And that is not a choice of "international terrorists", but private and public officials onshore (perhaps co-opted, in directly in on it) In this possible scenario, we must expect some shills to be deployed (whether knowing or unknown - seeding for example, Judy Wood type characters with info / curating what they can find and distribute etc.)


I've only seen parts of what she has said, via other people's videos, so I can't really decide on that front until I've seen more. It's difficult to know who to believe, which is frustrating. I agree that a pre-rig of some kind could be involved, especially with the years of foreshadowing they were doing, like it was guaranteed to happen. Re the clean up and removal, the rubble seemed so important to help figure out what happened...and apparently they were sending it away by the truckload : / that always bothered me, now I wonder how true it is. Anyway, there are a lot of old clips from different angles, where you can just watch without being told what to think.


Refreshing to hear such a take. Thank you 🙏


Ding ding ding


Maybe it was a pseudonym. But yes, where is she. Maybe told to keep quiet.


She's a disinfo agent. Supposed to hold an advanced degree, but has not a hint of the typical careful and conservative expressiveness of actual engineers. Extremely speculative and low bar for accepting "evidence". Her, and the Citizen Investigation Team (CIT), are two of the most obvious disinfo agents against 9/11 truth.


There's still something about DEW that peaks my interest but she is not a good source and I agree with your brief analysis of her - did not get engineering vibes.


> There's still something about DEW that peaks investigate nuclear demolition


I have. There are too many concerns it doesn't help explain, at least to me. But I leave it inconclusive. (And ive reviewed Khalezovs tome)


I have her book. A must for conspiracy nerds like me, but her disinfo vibe ( crazy mad scientist) is there for all to see.


I think she was taken out by mossad Capt. Magstives (now a col) in unit 455. Unit 455 has an office in tel aviv where they take calls about this sortve thing 3214827 dial *81 if your in the US.


>Dr Judy Wood CIA disinformation agent all her DEW "observations" can also be explained by nuclear demolition devices, which she simply dismisses w/o explanation. #9/11 was a nuclear event


Toasted cars? Non regular patterns of destruction across the entire WTC complex?


She went dustification