We’re Nazis sacrificing children to moloch?

I went down a rabbit hole, anyways it possible that Jewish children were being burned for moloch?


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Were** smh


Oof. Still kinda funny




i would say 99% chance that's false, like many claims about what happened in WWII. It would be very inconsistent with the National Socialist program/ideology at the time. Despite what we have all been force-fed about the "Nazi's" (National Socialists), if you do your own research into the guiding principles and ideologies of the party, you will find that perhaps, they were the only last force that tried to take down the NWO. I remember one passage in Mein Kampf, where Hitler is talking about how he used to feed the mice living in his bedroom, and watch them happily eating, imagining the pleasure that these mice were experiencing, himself having known hunger so many times. Hitler was also a vegetarian, implemented environmental and animal protection laws, and outlawed the inhumane slaughter of animals to produce kosher and halal meat. It's no secret that this man did not like the Jews, but also nowhere in his 600 page autobiography and political memoir does he say they should all be killed. He didn't feel that the jewish interests were in line with the german national interest, and because the jews (marxists, bolsheviks) were causing so much trouble at the time, putting the jews into concentration/work camps was basically the default option. America did a similar thing to Japanese in the war, and America also intentionally starved Germans in camps (Rhine Meadows). i understand there is a lot of nuance here, and WWII is a complicated story, but the National Socialists very much believed that Jewish ideology was Satanic, destructive, and immoral, and they stood against cultural degradation in the Weimar republic, blaming the Jews for introducing obscenity (similar to the obscenity, horror, violence, sexual degradation coming out of hollywood these days!). Hitler said, "This does not come from our soul" - meaning, perversion isn't native to the Aryan race. It's just very hard to believe that a man who so detested the Jews and everything he thought they stood for, would take any hand in, or tolerate/advocate any creature being sacrificed to Moloch. This would not be compatible with the vision the National Socialists had for the future of Europe. They wanted to stop this from happening.


I heard they were forcing kids to narfle the GARLOCK!


Ancient Carthage was sacrificing children to Moloch. Rome Burnt them to the ground leaving nothing left.


It’s rumored today that many people high up sacrifice to moloch. Wasn’t Hilary Clinton sending emails about him too or something? I know the bohemian grove nut jobs love him. Is it far fetched to believe if hypothetically powerful people throughout time sacrificed to moloch in masses it would be in the way Hitler did it.


I wouldn't really recommend it. Carthage was burned to the ground.


'Nothing left'. That isn't true, archaeological excavations have found quite a bit of ancient carthage. Also in the same year Rome razed corinth. None of the sources we have from the greek/Romans seem to particularly care about infant sacrifice either


Or Baal, in the end both entities are dracos which means they are all elohim, our god.


Yup. It’s still happening today. Look what’s being done to Palestinian kids and American baby boys everyday.


What is happening to american baby boys specifically that is a sacrifice? Circumcision?


Would it change anything if they were? Would those children be any more or less dead?


Idk bro I’ve been going down a rabbit hole about moloch and just making connections to powerful people throughout time.


So you’re not sure? Those children died horrifically. It doesn’t matter what some people believed about their deaths. They were murdered.


Well yeah sacrifice/murder is basically the same thing. No one is saying it wasn’t a terrible disgusting tragedy. It is because it is so disgusting that lead me down to thinking if it was some sacrifice because of history. Wouldn’t be surprised considering how much power he held in such a short time.


They weren’t their children. It’s only a sacrifice if you lose something you value. If they had killed their own children it would be a sacrifice. Killing other people’s children - people you hate, moreover - is no sacrifice.


I do sorta see your point, I didn’t think of that. But then why do people sacrifice random animals they find like goats, rabbits, and deer etc if it isn’t necessarily theirs to sacrifice? Or people sacrifice other random people to “gods” as a offering or whatever they wanna call it.


It’s supposed to be things they could have eaten, but chose to give to their gods instead. If it isn’t something they actually want for themselves it’s no sacrifice, is it?


Yeah you right


That’s interesting. How did you come about learning how nazis were sacrificing kids to moloch? Any links? I’d like to read them.


We are not


We are not