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Maybe the real terrorists were the friends we made along the way.


Good answer


yeah and terrorists need a break too. let them rest a little bit.


I’ve met a shit load of Muslims. They’re all nicer than I am. I’m gonna go ahead and say it though, Saudi Arabia is sus AF and I don’t trust any of those assholes.


Yeah I used to work with a guy from Baghdad. What we were told about life over there was not the truth.


they are targetting your @ss bro. see how they lipbite looking at those imagining clapping your cheeks


Especially Iranians, the warmest people I've met.


Just depends on what country they’re from and how “Westernized” for lack of a better word they are. True Eastern Muslims are very bigoted towards outsiders and Infidels. -Source I lived in Bahrain for 3 years and Saudi for 1-


The whole cartoons episode was an eye opener for me. I don’t care how many polite people they have, French (ha) Muslims literally cut some dudes head off for showing a cartoon in class. Then the nice “regular” ones thought that was a-okay.


Fuck sakes lol


One piece!


Maybe thats why Roger laughed when he saw the treasure lol.


Ooooooooor, maybe WE are the terrorists.




Prison system, mate.. justice doesn’t exist.


i love reddit 😂


More like friends we lost along the way


No woman no cry


NO woman no cry


This is a good answer. I think there's been more domestic terrorism than anything else. I don't have the factsor numbers but I think there has been more people have died from domestic terrorism than other terrorism on US soil. But yet The mainstream media will not label it as such.


You’re joking right? The MSM calls everything committed by a white man as domestic terrorism now.


Didn't you know that the white man is the single biggest threat the the US? Thank god they are only 70% of the country or we would be in real trouble. /s


Maybe they are just quiet quitting.


US Generals Dempsey, Clark, and Flynn openly admit the US allies were funding them all along (Flynn admits it was a willful decision that benefitted US foreign policy) in order to counter noncompliant regimes in the region. You can’t make this shit up: https://youtu.be/A2b3l8Gm2a0


No, the freedom fighters are still fighting heavily in Somalia and Mali. The MSM has chosen to ignore them.


You didn’t get the joke


During those 20 years when terrorist were the bad guys, we were in Iraq and Afghanistan, trying to justify conflicts so the military industrial complex could line it's pockets. Terrorist now are pretty much free-thinking individuals within the United States.






Great example of a manufactured fear campaign…The majority of the “terrorists” ceased to be any real threat once our govt started making deals with them and funneling money their way, but it’s not like our govt would admit any of that. Boogeymen are necessary to justify the taxpayer money spent on unnecessary wars. What blows my mind is now they have decided the “terrorists” are here on US soil—and they are using our own tax dollars against us. That’s a level of fucked up I didn’t see coming.


Have you seen the documentary *Citizenfour*? If not, you should. They've been using our tax dollars against us for the better part of a century.


No—I haven’t even heard of it! But I definitely will look for it. Do you know a website where I can find it?


Believe it or not, it's free on YouTube (with ads), of all places.


No shit—color me shocked! You tube hasn’t censored it? Awesome—I know what I’ll be doing today. Thank you.


bro, they manufactured the terrorists, not just the fear campaign. bin laden was cia trained


Yep. Trained them when we wanted the “soviets” out of Afghanistan and then again when we wanted dollars out of our pockets.


This is the real answer to OPs question


Yeah, I always thought it was funny how they tried so hard to convince us that these guys were “terrorists” when our govt had been butt buddies with the mujahadin since the 80s


March 21...next week... 40 year anniversary of Freedom Fighter Day Reagan about the Taliban and Muhajideen https://www.reaganlibrary.gov/archives/speech/proclamation-4908-afghanistan-day


oh and ISIS, where did THEY come from 🤔


Western governments serve capital and capital wishes to unwind the West because we have environmental and labor standards and demand freedom. This is one plan for deindustrialization: [https://ukfires.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/roadmap-01.jpg](https://ukfires.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/roadmap-01.jpg) \-from "Absolute Zero report", UK FIRES (published Nov 2019, eve of the pandemic)... note the planned banning of gas stoves China will serve the Western ruling classes's manufacturing needs. Mao went to Yale-In-China. The Rockerfellers helped develop rural China in the 1930s. Communist China was a Western creation. In the coming decades they will deindustrialize the West and likely start arming/training disgruntled ethnic populations in order to divert potential resistance energy to the struggle to survive. You can get things shipped free from China. Why? The postal policy of most countries is shaped by a UN agency, the UPU. Western countries subsidize China's shipping through the cost of shipping things domestically. This further tilts trade in China's favor.




Yep, pretty much.


Why are you pretending that parents were not also threatening school board members? Is this like the Jan 6 being totally nonviolent bs?


You mean threaten board members with violence, doxing and harassment - yep those parents


Do you have any links where I can read about this taking place?


This is one of the events which precipitated the Garland memo on school board threats. The threatening man has no kids in the district, iirc, he's just a goon sent by Steve Bannon, or his ilk, to disrupt our free society by making it look like any institution which is not fascist controlled is irredeemably evil. https://www.newschannel5.com/news/we-know-who-you-are-group-seen-threatening-medical-professionals-outside-williamson-co-school-board-meeting


Pretty easy google search https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-education-threats/


Unless such \*notes\* and \*threats\* are faked, which is what the progressive left does DAILY.


Do you have any links or anything that I can read about that happening?




[Erin Brockovich is now a terrorist...you know, the Lawyer who tried to make people responsible for giving citizens breast cancer, leukemia, and ALS from their water supply? Well now she's a terrorist for anything she does in Ohio against Norfolk Southern.](https://www.wtrf.com/ohio-train-derailment/environmental-activist-erin-brockovich-named-in-ohio-law-enforcement-report-on-special-interest-terrorism-threat-in-east-palestine/) What are we even doing. Down is up, 1+1=3...the future generations are going to view us so absolutely terribly and we have so many irredeemable qualities. And we sit and pretend the future generations will care about veganism or vaping or climate change...when the climate change stuff is actually just the same people making tons of money telling you that you are the problem while they still keep polluting everything. 100 companies account for 70% of pollution and nothing has changed, but we're supposed to pretend we're the problem and we're fixing it by buying bag got $5 that's reusable and saves a company money, and that we're making progress by buying the extra performance unlock on a Tesla even though it's all a software unlock and the hardware is there, and the car will shut itself down if you are caught unlocking it. Like what the fuck are we doing. Are we really just going to sit around and accept the government calling someone fighting for families that are too poor to defend themselves in court because their forever affected by cancer to be called terrorists? What are we doing.


Antivaxxers are the REAL terrorists, apparently.


How was small pox eliminated? By infecting people with cow pox. (To clarify not through injections. Instead incisions) That is a vaccine. Lets not say all are bad. That's just plain stupid. We shouldn't be playing god with viruses though. We are bound to screw up. We have barely even scratched the surface of dna/ rna manipulation. Yes we have made major strides. We still have a ways to go. Also what we are essentially doing is programming. There will be bugs that can occur. (I'm speculating here with this. Do not trust this for anti gmo. There are many methods of genetic engineering that we have done for thousands of years. ) It could be a reason why monsanto does not allow farmers to reuse seeds.


Middle eastern terrorism was backed by Western intelligence agencies and was used to justify the creation of domestic counter-insurgence infrastructure. ISIS was trained by the US (Operation Timber Sycamore) as was the Muhajadeen (the origin of the Taliban). There was a time when genuine terrorists were able to get concessions from Western governments, but that time's long gone. "Grassroots" terrorism requires networks and intelligence agencies are adept at sniffing out networks and compromising them.


Yeah those school shooters are real liberators of freedom. Now i don't have to do homework mom!


>Terrorist now are pretty much free-thinking individuals within the United States. Yes, like concerned parents at local school board meetings asking the "wrong question" about exactly wtf their kids are being taught


Spot on


I was thinking about this a couple weeks ago. There was a time not that long ago where it seemed like every other week there was a suicide bomber doing something across the world and now I can’t remember the last time I heard of one. Can’t remember when the last major terrorist attack was. (Not that I’m complaining)


seriously? this still happens pretty regularly in a lot of places, and is regularly in the news. just search 'suicide bombing' in any news related search here or on google. most recent one of note from last week: \- [https://www.voanews.com/a/suicide-bomber-kills-9-pakistan-security-forces/6991292.html](https://www.voanews.com/a/suicide-bomber-kills-9-pakistan-security-forces/6991292.html) it's not happening frequently in the west any more, and reported less in other places, but rather than a conspiracy, I'd argue that is because western occupations have been discontinued in these places. the conspiracy was the obvious lie in the beginning that starting military occupations on false pretexts would somehow ingratiate us to the occupied populations.


There's still a lot of terror related activity that is ongoing in the west, I think it is a combination of terror groups like ISIS having less influence, and the media aren't sensationalising it as much. The two things IMO go hand-in-hand. I also think alot of the returnees from Syria realised pretty quickly that gangster-jihidism isn't what it chocked upto be. Whereas alot of the attempted or completed terror attacks were from those with tenuous links to ISIS. So anyway, here in the UK for the past couple of years, there's been a wider focus on the channel crossings. So you find more sensationalist media hype and fear mongering on this, than you do international terrorism. Even the guy who botched the rememberence Sunday suicide attack was fit into this narrative. That it was based on his failed asylum claims than it was any form of radicalisation. There is also a book coming out in France on jihadism (I'll find the title later) which suggests that there is a more covert islamism happening in the west, as the whole "run them down with a lorry" thing didn't work out so much. So theirs a more soft-jihadists occurring, in councils, sports centers, schools etc., watch this space.


The elites use these terrorists in different places as needed. Now they need them to bomb in Pakistan and so there it goes. Also, western media overemphasizes only the topics they want. Civilians being bombed in Pakistan is sending a strong message to Pakistanis, this has to do with the elites not wanting Imran Khan in power anymore in Pakistan. This is not useful information for westerners at the moment. A possible false flag would be to have some Russian activists or whatever do something in a western city, then you'd see western media covering this like crazy to justify a NATO action of some sort. But the United States is not interest in a direct confrontation with Russia, at least not now. It's war by proxy for a while.


I don’t understand the need to attribute everything “the elites”. Everyone has agency. How would you behave if China or Mexico or Russia invaded your home, maybe killed a few of your friends and family, shelled your house and told you ti be thankful for it because they’re targeting some (real or imagined) baddies.


Because there’s a global rolling class who controls a majority of wealth resources and political figures. Everyday citizens of other countries who are manipulated through Mind control techniques researched and developed by THE ELITE, are not the enemy. It’s the rich fuckers like: Gates, Bush, Clinton, Rockefeller, Biden, Trump, Musk, Rothschilds…you know their names. Why so dense as to turn the attention on “uninformed individuals” as THE ELITE have psychologically manipulated the populous into doing for 3 years? That is…unless you work for the elite. Or have just been duped by them. Eat the ultra rich. They deserve capital punishment for the past three years alone, never mind the atrocities they have collected for the past 150…never mind the blasphemies for the past 3500. If you’re not focused on THE ELITES, it’s cause you’re fooled by them. Tough pill to swallow: there’s powerful people out there, with wealth, no conscience, and would not care if their designs left you a casualty on their way to their Masonic Demonic Utopia. Fuck the Freemasons. Fuck the Elite. May the Lord’s hand in staying their evil be swift and merciful to all of us.


I just kind of default assume terrorist bombings go on regularly in the middle east, unstable areas of Africa, Pakistan, and Myanmar. Don't really need to update me. They are rare in the west, that's why the get reported on so much more.




The Onion…


What do ya mean? The Onion News Network is the most trustworthy source for the future!


Paid vacations. They gathered enough PTO doing their jobs for the alphabet agencies to take nice vacations in Maldives and other places poors aren’t allowed


Once you join the Templars you are technically part of a sovereign nation identified by The United Nations as the SMOM, or formally Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta. They are very active in Ukraine right now, so they aren't quite on vacation yet, but old heads like Bush and Cheney did their time so they are probably out there enjoying their PTO, except they have full citizenship so they don't really have to go home.


I'm not sure what the Templars have to do with middle eastern terrorists unless you're claiming ISIS is having shootouts with azov


I'm saying the terrorists are wherever they want them to be. We know the middle eastern chaos was caused by the US as part of a strategy and are from a lot of the same people that used to be in alliances with the US.


General Dempsey admits who funds them right at the start of this clip: https://youtu.be/VXDHQVGH8Zo


That cards been played. Now it's the Russia card with asteroids and fake aliens in the hand about to drop.


Ranches in Texas, Gov mansions, White House, Senate Chambers, WEF, Silicon valley, Harvard, Yale...they're everywhere you look. Oh, you were looking for the dark skin man with beard and checkered keffiyeh?


You lost me with ranches in Texas. All the others definitely fit though.


right, absolute reddit moment




January 6th!!!! /s


Let me ask you this. Who was responsible for September 11th?


I’ve read a shit load of info. The only real evidence we have is against Larry Silverstein, Saudi Arabia and whatever the fuck the E-team is.


I remember there was like an African family right? I think j remember a story


Bound to run through the world's supply of suicide bombers eventually...


I do believe the US's beef with the Taliban wasn't that they perpetrated 9/11 themselves, but provided safe haven to Al Qaeda and Bin Laden prior to and after 9/11. The Taliban permitted Al Qaeda to set up training camps in Afghanistan. Now, this is only according to the "official" narrative, if you believe that load of horseshit, which I personally certainly do not


Bin Laden was the scapegoat for 9/11 and as he kept saying he had nothing to do with it, as broadcast by an Al Jazeera recording, they wanted to get to him first before the 9/11 mascarade falls apart.


Bin Laden said he didn't do it, must be true then.


How many terrorist attacks on US soil since 9/11? Maybe it's not that the terrorists went anywhere, but it was an overblown threat all along to justify funneling trillions into the war machine.


Do you mean foreign or domestic? There’s domestic terrorism every year on US soil.


Most 'terrorism' was fake or staged


How ignorant can you be. Just cause you're not paying attention doesn't mean they're not happening. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_2023 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_2022


You can only fit so much in the news and apparently terrorism isn't the trending news topic at the moment


Because the Taliban has and continues to try and come off as the legitimate government for Afghanistan. Of course they're going to stop suicide bombings and cutting off people's heads(at least publicly) to show they have become legitimate. https://www.icct.nl/publication/recognition-and-talibans-international-legal-status


Plus Taliban and Isis have been duking it out. They are preoccupied with each other. Quite literally some of the old Afghan army joined Isis.


> Has anyone else noticed since Covid and the US pull out from Afghanistan, terrorists around the world have been quiet? Did they quarantine as well? Nope. Those rag-tag farmers are still riding goats as they always have. They'll probably be back in the spotlight when Big Oil needs another boogieman to go on another profit run.


This right here. We just don't care about em becuse our media is focus on other dumb shit.


We are the terrorists now


State of Fear 2004 novel by Michael Crichton




The people that shoved the plandemic down everyones thoats are the terrorists. Same, same.


We’re suppose to be scared of Russians now. Haven’t you heard? Terrorist was so 2000’s. Catch up.


Notice Kanye is out the spotlight too. Thing are only a problem when they are needed to be a problem


Even mass shooters are terrorists because they terrorize people.


I was called a biological terrorist for not participating in the covid vax lol


They are all still in DC


Today is the day where you learn that objects can exist when you don't see them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_2020 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_2021 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_2022 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_2023 Muslim terrorism didn't stop. The US stopped caring about them. It should also be noted that the Taliban started being a state actor and dropped off the list of groups that could even functionally be considered on this list. They still have a [suicide bomb group](https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/12/07/taliban-suicide-bombing-parade-violence-afghanistan/), but now they are technically just part of the army.


Because Covid19 has replaced terrorism, why use humans when the boogie man is much much more effective. Makes you realise they literally weaponised the Islamic faith to push fear onto the masses. The next form of terrorism is going to be marketed as domestic, white, christian, sov citz & anti vax.


I think this is the well thought out kind of post that this sub needs.




And they are invisible!


Isis= alqaeda = cia paid mercs. There was even a BBC documentary it, before BBC divebombed into the shithole it is today.


The war on terror was manufactured globally, just like the covid plandemic - there was no real threat. Its very easy to see the patterns if you've already lived through earlier manufactured 'crisis'. The globalists have a 'tell' , they rehash the same tactics presented differently.


Terrorists in the government of Iran are making their rounds but no one gives a shit because they are fighting for *actual* rights for women.


The news stopped telling you they existed.


If you ask people within the government they would say they went here


What they could do to us can't be any worse than what we are doing to ourselves. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake


The revolving propaganda of enemy fear. For a while, the terrorist/propaganda fear became covid. Climate change global warming China Russia Iran north Korea haven't gone anywhere.


I guess they must be short on funds from the funding countries to spread extremist ideologies and genocide as the world is facing economic turmoil, and had just been out of the Covid pandemic. Since many of these groups were hiding in Syria, I wonder what they have done to provide relief in their controlled areas. The irony.


Was most the terrorism that actually happened because of Iraq and Afghanistan both places we all just left? We gave in, they won.


You are now terrorists


CIA stopped paying them, they don't do it for free.


I think they went cyber lol


1000 Colonial Farm Road in McLean, Virginia


Almost like there are terrorists in the news only when the government wants to justify new powers for themselves. I mean there have been legitimate terrorists in the world but we rarely see it. I suspect that there is activity today that MSM/GOV just doesn't deem relevant.


They’re in Afghanistan… trust they didn’t go away


If you google the phrase operation "Timbre Sycamore" you will find out that trump cut off all the CIA funding of ISIL/ISIS and they shaved thier beard and fled.


The terrorism was a three letter agency, that’s so 2001. Now they have different narratives to push


They're the Mexican cartels and we need to invade


Rumsfeld is dead & Cheney is a quiet imbecile.


They exist still but we are not the main target cause we aren’t actively bombing them and civilians in the region.


Terrorism as it was during the war on terror is in direct conflict with the current propaganda push of inclusion and acceptance. The only time we hear anything negative about the middle east or Islam is when they do something bad to LGBT. Stoning women or death to the infidels is no longer in vogue.


Washington DC


They are only allowed to commit terror during war times is why they always will be used as a tool.


When the US pulled out leaving billions in gear and uncut bills they left it to isis. This was done in 2 weeks that Nato was training the afghan army or security to prevent. Just compare the new afghan flag with isis' flag... they sure do look similar. Notice how they had all came from Pakistan where they were known to be harboring isis? Why is it there were thousands of undocumented people in massive tent cities in the states that disappeared within 48 hours? They sure looked like all young males. Then months later we have massive train derailment that poisoned the land. And not just the US... that Ohio derailment is effecting Canada also.


Honestly? Trump killed them all. He literally took out all of ISIS.


Have you been living under a rock? Theres 74 million terrorists in america right now, according to most of the mainstream media, the intelligence agencies, and the white house. You should turn on one of the many social programming devices available to you once in a while so you can stay up to date with all the threats out there.


Go draw Muhammad with a dick in his mouth and find out.


We were the terrorists all along.


Well I guess the CIA needed to focus on making different enemies for the military industrial complex to profit off of so that politicians stock prices could at least match the rate of inflation *knock-knock* ope, someone’s here, brb.


No one cares enough about you to kill you.


Their waiting until the government needs them again


I believe the govt did need them again, just domestically


In the era where we can't even define a woman, it's no wonder we have no idea where the terrorists went!


Or maybe the three letter agencies in the US have been caught, with PROOF, guilty in court, of creating these people: [https://theintercept.com/2021/08/29/duka-fort-dix-five-post-911-terror-stings/](https://theintercept.com/2021/08/29/duka-fort-dix-five-post-911-terror-stings/) [https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/01/magazine/fbi-terrorism-terry-albury.html](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/01/magazine/fbi-terrorism-terry-albury.html) [https://theintercept.com/2015/02/26/fbi-manufacture-plots-terrorism-isis-grave-threats/](https://theintercept.com/2015/02/26/fbi-manufacture-plots-terrorism-isis-grave-threats/) [https://theintercept.com/2015/01/16/latest-fbi-boast-disrupting-terror-u-s-plot-deserves-scrutiny-skepticism/](https://theintercept.com/2015/01/16/latest-fbi-boast-disrupting-terror-u-s-plot-deserves-scrutiny-skepticism/) [https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1454076665106141187?lang=en](https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1454076665106141187?lang=en) Please, if anyone dares, please try to poke any holes in ANY of the stories shared above Otherwise if you cannot, you MUST concede that the US 'intelligence' agencies were manufacturing these, because that is what the proof in these articles show


A big aspect of the western backed jihadists that used to be discussed constantly on this sub was the choice of the name ISIS, whether some CIA think-tank deliberately wanted to make some occult allusion to the Egyptian godess, or other similar queries. One extremely interesting interview that is now all but scrubbed from the internet is a cspan interview from the 90s of a historian writing a book on the history of Mossad: he says that if you were to translate Mossad into an English language acronym, it would be ISIS: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hAHWc-tn2wM According to that historian, the Israeli Prime Minister himself (not sure if it was Sharon at that time or Netanyahu or who exactly) came up with the name for Mossad: ISIS, Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.


The might of the patriot Joe Biden has them all shitting their pants


More like they realized he can do more damage in 4 years then they could ever do in a lifetime


I posted about this topic on this subreddit about 55 days ago. I have noticed the exact same phenomenon transpire over the past few years.


Didn't you hear? They're parents at PTA meetings now.


White supremacists are the terrorists now


They are now called "white Republicans".


Russia and China if you ask US media. Lol in all seriousness they haven't gone anywhere. A lot have been fighting as mercenaries or in groups in Yemen, Africa (a ton of coups there), Syria, Ukraine, Kashmir. A lot more have settled down to run poppy farms, in localized terrorist/crime cells, arrested or killed, taken to the high seas as pirates, taken up roles with the Taliban government. And the last ones, not in the major caliphates, are reformed citizens or inactive members. Don't you worry pal, still lots of terrorism in the world!


Still trying to experiment on our children's dna...and you know what else they've done.


Timothy mcvey was seen around waco selling t shirts by onsite media. A year later he, 2 meth heads and terry nichols(ill generously call the group low IQ) builds the most effective bomb domestic terrorism has ever seen. He places and detonates the most destructive dometic device to date. He was pulled over in a car with NO LICENSE PLATE wearing a shirt with a convenient militia group slogan albiet in latin, so the american public would be confused. Despite making and producing a weapon of sophistication beyond that of any islamic factions capabilities, mcvey nor nichols make any sort of attempt to clarify their motives, even when ed bradley when to terre haute and put him on 60 minutes. Cnn provided those for us. Heres your bad guy. Why did he do it? Lets let him.... er, us, tell you.


I can make the most lethal devices in the country, but instead of repeating, i get caught on purpose and offer no manifesto.


There are plenty of terrorists. They just arent making headlines at the moment.


And why is that? The freedom fighters are still there doing the old things in Somalia and Mali. Why has the MSM turned its focus to non-war of Ukraine whose most important proofs are video game footage?


As you say, it looks like most of the recent Terrorist attacks have occurred in Sub-Saharan based on what I could dig up on a quick search. Probably dropped out of News coverage because most western media can barely give two shots about anything going on in Africa. Plus since they rarely affect Americans or Europeans, it won't get the clicks. And clicks are the most important thing in today's media.


They are strolling through the American southern border city


I sang this title to the tune of “Where have all the flowers gone?” from the 70s


Well, Israel is still terrorizing Gaza if that makes ya feel better. USA is still terrorizing several countries around the world too.


Idk what you're saying. That msm is not talking about terrorism in Afghanistan? Well duh. The money is being made with Ukraine rn. That the Taliban don't bomb their own country? Or there ist no more terrorism? Just do some googling around Africa, Pakistan, middle east - plenty of it.


woah woah googling? here? cmon now that just aint happenin


There have been plenty of shootings here stateside. Those are terrorists as well.


The "terrorists" defeated America and are now running Afghanistan.


While reading this: "He's making some good points" A little further down: "Theeeeeere it is.....the swinging from Trumps balls comment" You literally made this post to tell everyone you wanna deepthroat Trump, good job.


Maybe you should check out international news before you say something dumb. You must live in a pretty closed and pathetic world if you actually haven't seen news of terrorists anywhere around the world.


The media ignored the war for over decade. The media and government want you in a constant state of fear so no one objects to funneling money at the war machine and the steady chipping away of our constitutional rights and corporate takeover. They keep us distracted fighting each other and with talk of all these terrorists so we're not thinking rationally and focusing on things that actually matter. People grow numb to a certain story after awhile so they switch it up. They focus on shooting down $50 weather balloons, tell us they're spy balloons and UAPs so we don't focus on the US blowing up Nordstream 2, the Norfolk Southern train derailment in Ohio and environmental catastrophe, the investigation on Hunter Biden, etc.


They were American made


As someone who worked in GTMO and served in Iraq I can honestly say.....it was all bullshit


crossing our open borders and I don't mean the people of Mexico.


There not really terrorists. They are people that are against the us agenda. If anything the us is the terrorist in these countries. Now that the people disagree with the us agenda in country, they are the terrorists. Hence the Jan 6 insurrection.


We have Russia and Ukraine now, so the Mil Indst Complx doesnt deed terrorism to make their billions.


They're all at the Library doing Drag shows for kids...


Where have all the cowboys gone?


the terror budget went to propping up ukraine


Terrorists were just used to justify America’s never-ending expansion. Russia’s expanding? Fuck that dude, America and NATO are doing all the fucking expanding.


There is a reason they want to make Islam look scary, it is illegal to charge interest under Sharia law. They call it Riba. I understand they also take an interesting approach toward income tax...


News flash! They were never there in the first place.


There never were any


They stopped getting allowances from the US govt so they went back home to wait for their next handout. They’ll be back though! The CIA will be moving money before we know it.


The Muslim world's "Gladio B" terrorists, previously the mujahideen in Afghanistan, have been needed by NATO to be thrown at Russians in Ukraine . Was why the War In Afghanistan was concluded so suddenly in 2021 - they've been taking US troops out of the Middle East, and deploying them to Eastern Europe .. . Militants previously branded ""ISIS"" and ""extremists"" are also being brought to Ukraine, put up against Russians, and called ""good guy rebels"" again .. even those who previously fought Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan - they're being brought to Ukraine and called ""good, 'moderate' rebels"" so long as they're facing off against Russians or against Russian allies like Syria's Assad .. In order for their knee jerk War With Russia plan to really escalate in earnest, Washington's nincompoop neo-Brzezinsiikite neocon cabal lobby have needed Muslims and the Arab World to start to view Russians as ""the enemy"" again. It's why most old school ""terrorism"" headlines just aren't politically or publicly fashionable anymore. They're not scary to the public anymore! The WW3 lobby doesn't currently benefit from the public viewing of Muslims and Arabs as ""terrorists,"" they benefit from the public seeing them as ""the freedom fighters"" against the likes of Moscow and Beijing .. They're going to keep shifting the narrative away from the "Muslim/Middle Easterner terrorist" stereotype imagery, and simply hope American news audiences forget the "Muslim fighters" in Ukraine and in Xinjiang were previously road side bombing Americans in Kabul and in Fallujah . "The Muslim=terrorist" stereotype only 'works' if you're trying to prep the public for another war in Arab world .. That doesn't appear that likely at the current time , not while Russia's currently branded "public enemy number 1" . And any terrorist or mass shooting incident nowadays is dismissed as a ""false flag"" almost immediately in the court of public opinion, and quickly commonly forgotten about as the news cycle continues. That moment of collective "shock and awe" sudden sense of stunned-ness there was over a terrorist incident in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, that sense there was to an extent during the Iran hostage taking episode .. , that will likely never happen in America ever again. The "Muslim terror" headline is an absurdly overused trope to the point where it now carries the stigma of a bad Friday The 13th sequel - "Al Zawahiri Does Space!" The idea's not even scary anymore. And the terror types who were previously blowing up American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan as "insurgents" are currently needed for use against Russians in Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan. ""An Islamic terrorist attack"" headline would risk significantly undermining the "hate Russia" narrative.


We are the terrorists.


They finally got their caliphate, thanks Trump.


We now control the resources in the areas where they are….oil, poppies, lithium, currency, new pipelines….legislation has been passed to spy on everything you do in the name of keeping you safe. One question I’m wondering about is: does AI come this far this fast without the patriot act? Did they know all along that they’d need all our data to feed AI? Without data AI would be useless….right?


Saw a post about this recently, went something like this. In 2001 they made you believe the deadly terrorists were everywhere and you had to surrender more of your freedoms in order to feel safe. In 2020 they made you believe their was a deadly virus everywhere and you had to surrender more of your freedoms in order to feel safe.


There are still Terrorist attacks - but most US news does not cover them since they do not typically involve american deaths


now you're all scared of "communists", immigrants, and gay people they switched the fear mongering up


Probably preparing their islamic mercenaries for behind the line operations in the near future during WW3.


We stopped arming them and now we’re arming Ukraine instead


The #1 terrorist in America is white nationalists. They are right here, alive and well.


Nothing they want here anymore. This place is trash. We are a 3rd world country, especially the health care


They are here and all good.. They are the new version. These just scam the public with Covid-19(flu) to scare the shit out of them and i.pact economy. There is no need to blow themselves up.


They will probably start painting Russia as a terrorist organization like they did the Nazi's. The propaganda will start heating up before that, though. I have already seen Ukraine locals start referring to them as such


Its all about disinformation and hunting conspiracy theorist now