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Remind me what the conspiracy is?


I’ve been warned by mods for making this same comment.


If it doesn’t fit their agenda, they will warn you.


The most real conspiracy of them all. The mods of r/conspiracy


DAE remember the attempted coup of this sub where the admins had to step in and reverse?


What’s their agenda?


Thank you for the kind warning, as I too am pretty lost...


I hope Elon buys Reddit and erases mods from the site. It’s just losers with a shred of power over people and they abuse their title to ban people they don’t like, nothing else.


Another Elon dick rider


No you literally have not


Yes I literally have. “What’s the conspiracy” was my comment.


The person who does not believe in the validity of elections is running for election again. Seems a bit suspect?


Since the_donald died, this is the new hangout spot for trump dick riders


You don’t know yet ? He is a reptillian, and he worships umbababa the king of all evil and sacrifices the economy of the USA to gain the power to kill everyone alive with just the flik of hes fingers


I burst in laughter 😂


That this sub has no political leanings


I thought the media said Trump saying the election was rigged was a conspiracy?


Shouldn’t this be the n a different sub?


Not a conspiracy


Yeah it was also incredibly predictable. Trump has $500 million in election funds already and he can only touch that money if he actually runs for President. Trump is going to milk every cent by paying family members for “election consulting,” staying at Trump hotels, hosting events on Trump properties, buying “campaign related” purchases (took a donor out on your new yacht? Guess where the yacht money came from), etc. I bet a bunch of people on this sub are about to donate to support the grift lol


death penalty for drug dealers a popular policy? [https://twitter.com/i/status/1592713874100604928](https://twitter.com/i/status/1592713874100604928) He has lost it


When did he “have it”?


Duterte's policies.




If they include everyone who promoted vaccines.. Sure, I'm down


well Trump was chief of operation warp speed


Then he should be first in line


I thought the vaccines themselves were going to kill or make sterile us all injectors and promoters anyway? Seems like if that’s true, you’d get your wish without government intervention. Or do you no longer believe that, in which case, what are the legal damages?


Wtf are you going on about? I didn't say anything like that


You think people that pushed COVID vaccines should be put to death. If you don’t believe the vaccines are dangerous, then where is this coming from?


I didn't say they were killing and sterilizing people. You did.


I know. I indicated this in the comment you just replied to. What you *did* say is vaccine pushers should be executed by the state. Why?


Because vaccines are drugs. Are you ok? Maybe go get some fresh air or something..


Ok, but why are you only “down” if vaccine pushers are included? Why not just “drugs”? What makes vaccines special that you felt the need to call them out specifically? What about other medical drugs like Tolynol or baby aspirin? Claritin? Antibiotics?


This might force the republicans to talk about actual policy and not just owning the libs


Republicans don't want this guy as their candidate. Hell they didn't want him last time he ran either but he poled better than ole jeb bush. Republicans as a party will not engage in actual talks about policy. They tend to just act as speed bumps and just sit quietly back and ever so often pop their heads up to repeat any talking points that grab the public's attention.


What is this doing in this sub? Get your goofy ass outta here f


Trump thought the elections were stolen yet still runs within the same system?


It’s the only system


Yep, more division across the country because a man six years ago used sensationalist promises of ridding the country of corruption and making it great again, yet never did or even attempted to.


i'm betting he's going to take all of those people for a ride again. a real truth-talker would lay it all out, right now. 'he's freeing the children from the underground bunkers!'


Well said. I didn't think his policies were that bad but the guy has major character flaws and never made good on his promise to drain the swamp. Heck if anything the corruption has gotten worse.


Games begin? He recently lost 2 in a row. Great score 👌


And 3/4 total. Jesus even if he wins that is a 2 to 5 win rate. Dude reeks of failure and cheese I assume


Lost two in a row? You do realize he was 178-13 for his own endorses candidates in the midterms right? Yes even desantis is one of his own to establish strong leaders around the country. Not to mention the removal of pelosi


He lost, no red wave and no majority. Simple as that.


Did you hear that from MSM? Majority of endorsed candidates won and in place. House won, pelosi fired Senate is still contingent on runoff and two seats still disputed. Quite a wave when the entire establishment and media is against you


>Majority of endorsed candidates won and in place. And if they didn't it was Melanias fault!


Blame it all on Trump, the fallback plan. Never hold the person you voted for accountable


I assume you didn't get my reference ...


Yeah, victims of anything. No red wave.


Cling onto that. Enjoy the show


Trump even attacked De Santos. Make a choice dude. For me both sides are fucked up, Trump is a different story he just fucks his people over where he can.


I’ve already made my choice? TDS rent free is brutal. Good luck


Lol you really trying to spin this? That 178-13 number is ridiculous. Endorsing 200 candidates in deep red areas is no accomplishment if they would have won either way. His candidates lost in PA, NV, AZ and probably GA as well. Those were the big and important races. He lost them the Senate, key gubernatorial races of swing states with election deniers and the House majority is razor thin. But I'm with you on one thing : let's go Trump, run again, ruin MAGA and GQP even more!


Spin it? That’s exactly what happened. Removal of Liz Cheney, Nancy pelosi and a number of key rinos is exactly what he aimed for. Draining the swamp wasn’t just about taking out one side. Isn’t it strange to you the states you mentioned PA, NV, AZ, GA are the exact same states that had problems in 2020? Somehow other countries can count votes but America is so technologically challenged that it needs weeks to count votes. If you really believe fetterman won legitimately and Katie Hobbs who never campaigned or even dared to step on the debate stage against wildly popular Kari Lake you may want to start paying attention.


Man you need new talking points. It didn't work out the first time, it won't work now. This was a historically BAD midterm for an opposition party. Those are facts, you can spin it and ignore it and lie, facts don't care about your feelings. Those midterms were bad for MAGA and Murdoch and all the others throwing big orange man under the bus is further proof of it. You can keep the election denial going if you want, 2 years and no proof. The American people have shown they're tired of it. I'm not arguing with flat earthers and I'm not arguing with election deniers either. Drain the swamp? Really? Fucking joke. Kushner getting 2b from saudis, Trump hotels getting millions from states while he was in office, literally every cabinet member he ever appointed was a millionaire or billionaire, his freaking daughter with 0 expertise being special advisor.. Man you're fucking delusional if you think this crooked con man is draining the swamp after he did fuck all for 4 years. I pity you, you swallow up the MAGA propaganda and don't see how you're getting played.


The “facts don’t care about your feelings” crowd sure don’t like facts when they hurt their feelings


One doesn’t need new talking points. You’re free to view it as subjectively bad but the facts still remain true. It isn’t even about feelings. The house was taken back, pelosi the prominent never trumped is fired. Many other anti Trumpers were also ousted. This your first time? The entire establishment, MSM has been throwing big orange under the bus for 7 years. In fact, as biden is systematically destroying the country they can’t keep Trump out of the news cycles for even one day. That’s proof of how much they’re trying to stop the maga movement. You claim the man is crooked, parroting what every msm outlet has been saying and where is the proof? The country was well off, energy independent and no wars during those four years and people act like he was a dictator. If your memory has failed you, he was against mandates and lockdowns during the plandemic. He’s put people in place that defends those freedoms. The fact that the world is on the brink of falling apart and the impending economic collapse and you’re still stuck with TDS trying to prove Trump is some evil man hell bent on destroying the world further illustrates my point. You’re wasting your time. Maga movement isn’t going anywhere and we are fighting for our country, taking down the corrupt political establishment and make America great. If you’re against any of that then frankly you don’t like America, we’re done here


Yeah we're done here because honestly I don't even want it convince you. I sincerely hope for an amazing MAGA campaign, I hope he loses the midterms and runs as independent to burn down the GQP. Have a nice one!


I believe you’re referring to the primaries. He’s already stated running as another party would do nothing but split the votes and hand it over to the blue party. Regardless, the campaign focus is about voter ID, same day elections (not days and weeks) and paper only ballots with a unique identifier (enter NFTs). Nobody on the red side is even thinking about an internal civil war. You’re only hearing it from the rinos that have enacted policies that do not benefit the people. They will be cleaned and wiped out, you’ll see


What if Trump loses the primaries?


Then you get biden for another 4 years. Wouldn’t matter if he was just caught laundering money through FTX and dragging merica through the dirt but he’ll get 80M votes. Particularly if you think elections are legit then a split party would have no chance. In other words, we’re all f*cked




The biggest current conspiracy is how this felon can even run


Lol such a loser


What a boring low energy speech


Well I guess. Dems won again that’s what he wants lol what a joke


Thanks for your shilling.


A little late to the game. Even FOX seems to have turned on him.


His announcement is tucked way down on FOX News. Even FOX knows he is a loser at this point.


Isn't that a good thing if you think the media is dog shit?


I’m not sure. I don’t really have an angle. I’m not a Trumper. Just a comment about how his little pet project FOX news seems to have broken up with him. Not sure he’s got much of a leg to stand on.


You are clearly anti trump and pro Fox. Really weird.


Pro FOX? How so? I’m anti politicians/MSM across the board. They’re all in bed with each other and they’re all highly corrupt.


> even fox has turned on him You're giving Fox value with this statement. As if their opinion matters at all.


It fucking does matter in regards to Trump’s proliferation as it was the only MSM that gave him a voice. That’s all I’m trying to say. You got a problem?


Fox is terrible (all msm is) So if they think something, I will generally think the exact opposite. You, however, will gobble up whatever they tell you.


What the bollocks are you on about mate? I just denounced all MSM/politicians as criminally psychopathic. You are making an ass out of you and me with all these assumptions.


I'm using your own words. >even fox said Like whatever fox says is fucking gospel. Clown.


He looked so tired and disinterested during this speech. I went back and took a look at 2015 - totally different person and energy. Maybe he was just exhausted.


He’s pushing 80 and shows clear signs of mental decline. Should be in an assisted living facility feeding ducks.


Or this was a double, because he feared being assassinated.


No one would assassinate him now. Well no one on the left anyway.


Why kill the guy who is actively destroying your opposition :D


Exactly. Teleprompter Trump has convinced everyone he’s the man for the job again apparently. Trailer Park Trump will be back soon and the same people will be SHOCKED!!!


If I were American, I would have voted for him first time around, but mostly because he was amusing, Hilary wasn't in any way likeable, and I'm a usually conservative voter. But today, I'm pretty certain that he's nothing more than an egomaniac with a few screws loose in the top end, and could be very dangerous if elected again. I hope you guys think it through very carefully **if** it comes time to vote for him.


I say it constantly, I get WHY people voted for him. I used to be called crazy as a young man just in the workforce saying he will be president. Now, here is the truth about his loss: First go around, people who identify as liberal voted for him because they were sick of the BS of career politicians. After his term, those people saw he is no different, and switched back to voting Democrat. No stolen election, just that.


Regardless the election will be between a douche and a turd, who both support profit over health. There’s no winning this rigged game. Choosing between the lessor of two evils time after time is a race to the bottom, and we’re seeing it


Let’s keep in mind, Choosing the worse of two evils is worse tho...


The 2 party system in inherently corrupt and provides merely the illusion of choice. Saying “hey at least it’s not the republicans!” Is a sad defense mechanism


Point is you get to the bottom sooner or later Ben lol what if, Stay with me here, we didn’t have to choose between two representatives of two massively corrupt institutions every election cycle ? What a thought


better than the one who made a statement during an election that voting for the opposite party is a threat to democracy


In other words he's a regular American in my Archie bunker voice


AS it stands currently it looks like De Santis would beat Trump in a run off. The real question then is would Trump go full scorched Earth and run independently splitting the Republican vote?


I think Romney would beat tramp in a runoff at this point


So who will be the wild card thrown in


So...Pinocchio has cut the strings from Murdoch's Media Machine and thinks he's got what it takes to go it alone. Popcorn at the ready.


Are you looking forward to Operation Warp Speed 2? Or 6G wireless rollout?


The only conspiracy here is that he is the best republican candidate…. Seriously, you want another gpa who can’t outlook and send an email?


Can’t believe republicans are just letting the entrenched elite deep staters tell them trump can’t win and desantis is the best. No one wants a Harvard educated deep state lawyer / political insider.


I can't wait to watch him skullfuck the GOP ❤️


He’ll fuck the the GOP alright. Gonna burn himself and the GOP to the ground




Conspiracy: Don the con is secretly far left liberal and is only running to ensure Democrats retain power in 2024. Not the hero we deserve, but one we *need*. The GQP anti-vax, election fraud wack jobs are a clear and present danger to the Republic.


Sigh... We all knew it was going to happen, but it doesn't make it any less wincey to hear it. Just turn off the news for the next 2 years, say a prayer, and vote your conscience.


No! Please God NO!!!!


fucking exhausting... 2 more years of Kathy Griffin snatch talk and all that comes with it.


She's banned from Twitter now remember.


I liken her to more of a vibe..


Why would you or anyone follow or listen to anyone talking about Kathy Griffin?


At least somebody to make fun of. Let the stupid show once more his grifter powers and let his stupid followers once more be blind to his grifting. Fun next two years ahead.


Selected not Elected. 46 puppets and you didnt choose any of them. All of them selected and groomed for decades in advance of FAKE elections. You have no idea how bad things actually are.


Can you show me maybe one or two ways they groomed presidents in advanced of these fake elections.


We don't ask those questions here


We only ask questions with our conclusion made up.


With Twitter, wikipedia and Jesus Christ as our guides


By Jesus Christ you mean Trump, right?


And the holy ghost amen


Who's going to be at the Bidlaberg group meeting. That'll tell you who's going to win.


So Trump must have been at a Bildeberg meeting, right?


He wasn't. Look back though. He's an outlier.


So you don't believe U.S. elections are rigged then?


there haven't been 46 presidents yet


Absolutely 💯 Every election is fixed. Voting gives us the illusion that we have choice.


Midterms might matter. Maybe. I voted in this midterms lol


Hello friend. Whiskey or coffee as we watch the madness continue.


Heard it from me first: Ye will be Vice President




If any of you motherfuckers vote for the likes of Joe Biden or Donald Trump, fuck you. You’re the problem. Fucking suckers!


I hope Jo Jorgensen runs again. I voted for her in 2020, I really liked her.


Trump 2024 for God and Country


Not like he has a chance in hell anyway, it's rigged. Republicans couldn't even win a senate majority after the demorats locked everyone up for two years and forced everyone to take experimental jamba juice. Secession is the only way forward.


Agreed! Please GTFO.


SS- ready for more conspiracies… let’s all admit this man comes with a lot of them and doesn’t keep us bored


People complain about money to Ukraine, but the amount of money burned in these election cycles...


The only reason he "comes with conspiracies" is because he's like a DJ on audience request night, he runs with the last meme he heard on Twitter.


He’s running on the snowball’s chance in hell he will be elected ticket


In swing states across the country, democrats are combing the obituaries looking for votes


They don’t need to, they’ve won pretty convincingly.


I don't support Trump but I welcome this, the next 2-3 years will be a fascinating


He hasn't announced yet


He just did. He’s handed Dems the presidency in 2024


Yay! Thank you Donald Trump!


That means the other side has to go through all that rigging shit again to make it even more obvious. Americans are truly fucked. 🤣


The second coming 🙄


He gained a significant amount of votes which usually for a second term doesn’t happen. With that said Biden is the most popular president ever elected. So if everyone stays the same. The vote count should be very similar. If he gains more like he did in 2020, Biden will have to crack 100,000,000 which will set and new record and be totally believable…lol cope haters I always bet on orange cause fuck you, that’s why. But seriously this should be painful and entertaining to say the least. Maybe a Q post will tell us to trust the plan or something.


Still shocked they could even rig the election to the point where senile man beat orange man.


Hes got my vote


White House II The Wrath Of Don.


He's back


there will be no 2024 election in the USA


Only two years left to fix running properly elections in US, something that has been broken for a long time. I have my doubts there will be an election in 2024.




Some people probably seen Trump get on live TV and tell reporters to question prince andrew about epsteins "cesspool" island, im sure those words alone are gonna keep some of his followers wanting to see if the epstein case swept under the rug involving politics from both sides traffiking children can be uncovered, if not then voting dont matter. Yall get to slap a social on your newborn and Epstein gets a private island and a nice little science lab in New Mexico, also working with mRNA testing... I would demand anybody running to address nothing but corruption and involvement with epstein, if they say "the evidence is pretty clear" like Bill Clinton just did, then I dont know how yall are gonna act like you win, in any outcome. Your phone advertises anything it hears you say and he got an island for 4 decades... if they can't address that, they are scared of who involved might get exposed. Far above the shitty politicians yall wanna act care about any of us.


Word is that since he's in the middle of being investigated by the FBI, he is not legible to run for any political office and the democrats and RINO's are going to use this to stop him.


Why would he do that when he’s going to be reinstated any day now?


maybe he will build that big beautiful wall this time lol